Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope hugs Bo as he suddenly goes unconscious and dies in her arms. Hope screams for him not to leave her as she cries.

Chad walks through the town square and sits down where he has flashbacks to the fight with Ben. Chad wonders aloud what happened and what he had on Ben.

Ben paces as Wendy tries to help Abigail as her water has broke. Ben demands Wendy do something but she tells him to get her to a hospital for real help. Ben tells her to do her job. Abigail insists that the baby is coming too soon so he has to get her to a hospital or the baby might die.

John confronts Andre at the DiMera Mansion with the flashdrive that Sami hid. John offers to make a deal to get Sami back.

Chase sits at Hope's, playing with matches. Ciara tells him to stop. Chase talks about wanting to burn away the stain of what his dad did.

Kayla and Steve talk at the hospital about giving Bo and Hope time. A nurse delivers another letter to Steve. He opens it and it says "Just when you think maybe you've figured it out." Kayla wonders what that means.

Caroline cleans up the Pub from the party. Roman and Shawn tell her that she should rest and let them clean. Shawn asks if anyone has heard from Hope and Bo. Caroline notes that they left together which she hopes is a good sign.

Hope cries over Bo's body. Hope cries that he can't leave her. Hope kisses Bo and lays with him on the ground.

Ben tells Abigail that he hears what she's saying and the baby means everything to him. Abigail asks him to take her to the hospital but Ben yells that he's not that stupid to let her turn him in. Ben tells her that the baby is going to be born right here. Ben questions Wendy not helping. Abigail and Wendy try to sneak communication while Ben's back is turned.

Chad remains in the town square, thinking back to the fight with Ben. Chad flashes back to some of his last conversations with Abigail.

John tells Andre that they have Sami and he has all of Stefano's bank accounts so they can make a deal. Andre refuses. John threatens him with the bank accounts and figures Andre is dying to get his hands on it before Stefano figures out what he's up to.

Hope grabs her phone and calls Kayla. Kayla asks how it's going and where she is. Hope breaks down crying and drops the phone.

John says Andre needs the information to bring Stefano down which he believes is the whole reason Andre came home to Salem. Andre claims he came home for his love and loyalty to his father. John threatens to call Stefano but Andre says they can resolve this themselves.

Chad calls JJ and leaves a message, asking if he's heard from Abigail other than texts.

Wendy tells Ben that he's going to have to help her. She directs him to get a container of water. Abigail slips her phone with her and starts to text Chad.

Chase thinks Ciara must hate him as much as she hates Aiden. Ciara assures that she doesn't but he's scaring her. Chase talks about his mom being scared of Aiden at times. Chase regrets always believing in Aiden but admits he actually misses him. Ciara understands since Aiden never did anything bad to him. Chase doesn't know how he feels with nothing making sense anymore. Chase complains that life is a screwed up mess.

Hope cries over the plant that Bo had brought. She crawls back to Bo and lays with him.

John wants to give Andre the drive but not until Sami is safe. Andre tells him that can be arranged if he hands him the flash drive. John gives it to him but reveals it's a decoy as the real one is locked away. John says he'll go get the real one and then they will go get Sami. John tells him it was nice doing business and walks out. Stefano then appears and questions Andre going in to business with John.

Wendy tries to keep Ben distracted as Abigail tries to text Chad that she needs him and is in danger but she starts screaming in pain.

Shawn and Roman sit with Caroline at the Pub. Shawn talks about spending time with Bo again. Roman encourages Shawn to move back to Salem. Caroline asks if he's thought about it. Shawn admits he has but he can't commit to anything. Caroline encourages him but starts having visions of Hope crying over Bo in the park. Shawn asks if she's okay.

Hope holds Bo's hand as she lays with him in the park. Kayla and Steve rush to the park. Kayla worries that it's too late as she checks Bo. Kayla cries that she will always love him. Steve wants to get Hope out before the ambulance arrives but she refuses to leave Bo. Hope cries that Bo should've told her.

Ben catches Abigail and takes her phone. Ben sees that she was texting Chad. Abigail says she didn't send it. Ben screams that she's not going to as he smashes her phone. Ben warns that she really shouldn't have done that.

Andre thought Stefano had gone to bed. Stefano demands an answer. Andre swears he was thinking of him and the family. Stefano doesn't believe him. Andre tells him that by the end of the day, all his problems will be solved.

Chase tells Ciara that he doesn't owe her an explanation. Ciara says they can just talk. Chase doesn't think he can make any sense. Ciara asks how he feels but he doesn't know. Chase says he should since he's already been through losing his mom but she didn't hurt anyone else. Chase argues that Ciara wouldn't get it since she still has both her parents. Chase thought they were going to be a happy family and now it's all gone. Chase wants to know what happened to Aiden.

The ambulance arrives in the park. Hope cries about Bo leaving her and asks if this is her punishment for giving up on him. Hope cries that she doesn't want to give up on him. Steve and Kayla pull Hope away from Bo as she cries. Steve cries over Bo as he says goodbye and covers him with his jacket.

Ciara doesn't know what she can do for Chase. Chase talks to her about his mom shooting herself and the rumors that Aiden did it. Chase wonders since Aiden tried to kill Hope if that means he killed his mom. Ciara wants to get outside so they leave the house together.

Roman asks Caroline what just happened. She claims she's just tired.

Bo is loaded onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. Kayla hugs Hope as she cries. Kayla and Steve make sure Bo's tree is planted as they break down crying.

John returns to the DiMera Mansion with Marlena. Marlena demands Sami. Andre assures that she's unharmed but they don't trust him. John and Marlena exit with Andre.

Ben brings up everything Abigail said to him about working things out was garbage. Ben yells that she's still playing him and wants to run back to Chad. Abigail claims she just wanted someone to take her to the hospital. Ben asks why she didn't call JJ or Jennifer then. Wendy argues that she needs a hospital but Ben argues that she was calling her lover. Ben demands that the baby be born in this room. Abigail screams as Wendy tells Ben that he's going to get his wish and the baby will be born here.

Kayla and Steve go to the Pub where they look in the window. Kayla sees Caroline with Roman and Shawn then cries that they look so happy. Steve offers to go in with her but Kayla says she needs to do this alone. Steve tells her someone else needs to know tonight so he will take care of it and walks away. Caroline sees Kayla through the window and waves her in.

Andre leads Marlena and John to the cave where Sami was held but she's gone. Marlena questions what he has done to her daughter.

Stefano uses his computer and declares "Samantha, you bitch!"

Chad goes to the police station and asks if Rafe is looking for Abigail. Chad asks another officer where he can find Rafe. The officer warns him to take it easy.

Abigail cries that she can't do this and wants to go home as she wants her mom. Abigail begs Ben but Ben tells her they aren't going anywhere. Abigail continues to cry that she wants her mom as she prepares to give birth.

Caroline brings Kayla in to the Pub and notices she's been crying. Shawn asks what's wrong. Caroline gets a worried look.

Steve goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and rings the doorbell as Victor and Maggie were heading upstairs. Victor opens the door and asks what's going on. Steve informs him that it's Bo as Maggie joins him at the door.

Hope returns home and calls out for Ciara but she had gone out. Hope turns out the light as she cries against the door.

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