Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ciara goes home with Caroline, who praises the party for Bo but Ciara is unsure of how it ended. Caroline reminds her that it will take time. Caroline offers to stay with Ciara. Ciara says she's a big girl but admits she's creeped out about being in the house by herself. Ciara asks if she thinks things will ever be normal again.

Outside the Pub, Steve tells Bo that he's going to fight this and beat it. Hope comes out and asks what they look so serious about. Bo tells her he needs to talk to her alone but he needs to pick something up first so they will meet in the park as they head their separate ways.

Kayla talks on the phone about Bo's tumor outside and hangs up. Steve tries to comfort her as Kayla refuses to give up. Steve assures her that Bo will do whatever he wants no matter what. Kayla cries that she feels so helpless as Steve hugs her.

Caroline encourages Ciara about Bo and Hope getting back together. Ciara believes they will work it out because everybody knows they belong together forever.

Hope walks through the park and has flashbacks of her past with Bo. Bo then joins her with a bag and tells her this is their future.

Kayla doesn't know how Bo is functioning after seeing his MRI. Kayla cries about losing her brother and saying goodbye. Kayla is glad Steve didn't give up on Bo but sometimes he wishes he had because if he wasn't so determined to bring him home, losing him this way wouldn't be so painful.

Ciara tells Caroline that she doesn't understand why Steve was the only one who believed in Bo. Ciara is mad at herself but Caroline blames herself for Bo leaving in the first place. Caroline thinks back to Bo convincing her to go to California. Ciara brings up Hope falling in love with someone else and if that's something Bo can't live with.

Hope tells Bo that all she can think of is their past as she mentions this being the spot of their first kiss and so many memories. Hope says she's reminded of how lucky she's been to have him in her life. Hope tells him that she doesn't have one regret in their life together. They joke with each other. Bo tells Hope that Ciara now reminds him so much of Hope as a teenager as they flashback to a past time together back then. Hope realizes Bo's old outfit as they talk about what they have been through and overcome. Hope thought she would've known if Bo was in trouble. Bo assures her that they still have that connection as they kiss and hug.

Kayla sits with Steve and tells him that Bo would be all alone if he didn't find him and Aiden would've killed Hope. Kayla tells him not to second guess what he did because he was a hero. Kayla is thankful for the chance to say goodbye to her brother no matter how painful it is as she holds Steve's hand.

Caroline assures Ciara that Bo loves Hope enough to forgive her. Ciara asks how she can be sure. Caroline tells her the story of Bo taking Hope away on his motorcycle when Hope was going to marry somebody she didn't love. Caroline will be forever grateful to Bo for giving her back her memory. Ciara says they all will be as she hugs her.

Hope questions why Bo got so upset when Ciara suggested they get married as he ran out of the Pub. Bo stops her and says there is something he needs to tell her.

Kayla apologizes to Steve, not wanting him to get the wrong idea as she got carried away. Steve tells her that he understands but brings up their kiss in the hotel room and asks if she still has feelings for him. Steve tells her that she can deny it but he knows they still love each other and that she knows it too.

Bo sits with Hope and says they have been through a lot together so he thought they could overcome anything. Bo informs Hope that he hasn't been feeling well lately. Hope figures he's been through so much but Bo says it's more than that as he hasn't been getting any stronger. Bo admits he passed out earlier with Shawn so he went to the hospital to get checked out. Hope asks why he didn't tell her. Bo says she had been through a lot so he wanted to find out what was going on with him. Bo reveals that Kayla ran some tests and it turns out that he has a brain tumor. Bo tells her that there is nothing they can do. Hope starts to cry and asks how much time they have as she hugs him. Bo tells her that it will never be enough.

Kayla tells Steve that she can't talk about them right now as all she can think about is Bo. Steve apologizes. Steve talks about not taking things for granted. Kayla worries about what she has to lose with the threats against Steve. Steve assures her that Bo will fight with everything he's got.

Bo wants to talk about their future and brings up the bag he brought. Bo opens it to reveal a baby oak tree to leave at the sight of their first kiss. Bo tells her that someday their great grandchildren can play underneath the tree and maybe a couple of crazy kids will carve their name in the trunk to let the world know they belong to each other as they flash back to past times together. Bo says they were just kids on Smith Island and he loved her. Bo says this park is where she took his heart and has had it ever since. Hope worries that she knows now that she can't live without him. Bo argues that there's nothing she can't do. Bo tells her that he loves her so much and he's sorry she doubted it. Hope apologizes for doubting him but Bo doesn't want her to be sorry as all he wants is to be with her. Hope hugs him and pleads for him not to leave her.

Ciara tells Caroline that it's getting late so she should go home. Ciara admits she feels really bad for thinking she was out of her mind about her visions about Bo. Caroline says she did too. Ciara asks if she can see the future and jokes about who will ask her to prom. Ciara asks if the visions have stopped now that Bo is home but she says not exactly though it's nothing to worry about.

Kayla decides to go but Steve wants her to stay and watch the sunset with him so she agrees to stay as he takes her hand and they sit down together.

Bo mentions planting the tree as Hope kisses him. Bo talks about living their life in the time they had. Hope wants them to get married again right away so Bo suggests right now. Bo says it's taken them a long time to get here and at times they thought they wouldn't make it. Bo never thought he would have someone who made him so happy and make him feel so alive as they flash back to Bo's vows in their first wedding. They get emotional and kiss.

Caroline goes back to the Pub and thinks back to when Bo and Hope bought a boat many years ago.

Ciara sits at home in front of the fireplace, looking at a photo of Bo and Hope.

Steve and Kayla remain together outside.

A musical montage featuring clips of the history of Bo and Hope's life together.

Hope tells Bo it's her turn now as Bo jokes she could never let him have the last word. Hope recalls falling in love with him the first time she saw him and it's taken all this time to realize that's nothing compared to what she's feeling now. Hope kisses and hugs him as she flashes back now to her vows in their first wedding. Hope tells Bo that she loves him as they kiss until Bo suddenly goes unconscious in her arms. Hope hugs Bo's body and screams for him not to leave her as she cries.

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