Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/19/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/19/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad talks on the phone at home, threatening someone with his last name as he demands they find Ben and Abigail. Chad hangs up and goes to his computer.

Abigail continues to complain to Ben that they need help as the baby is in trouble. Ben says he has someone coming but Abigail wants a doctor, insisting that something is wrong. Ben decides he will untie her but she will need to convince the woman that comes that they came here willingly to be alone. Abigail isn't sure she can do that but Ben hopes she can.

Steve and Kayla kiss until Kayla gets a text message from Ciara that there is a surprise party for Bo so she has to go. Kayla stops and tells Steve that this was a mistake as she rushes out.

Bo goes to the Pub where Caroline turns on the lights and everyone yells out surprise. Shawn greets Bo as Maggie comments that he sure looked surprised. Caroline tells Bo it was Ciara's idea and she'll be there any minute.

Ciara goes home to get Hope but Hope says she can't go to the party as she can barely keep it together in her own house. Ciara gets that she's still freaked out but the party is to show the world that their family won. Ciara tries to convince her to come with her. Ciara gives Hope a necklace to wear to the party as she hugs her.

Bo likes the idea of the party but doesn't know if Hope will be up for it. Caroline says they discussed that and thought the whole family being there would be best for Hope. Roman talks about trying to move on. Caroline calls it the beginning of happily ever after as Kayla and Steve arrive. Bo hugs Caroline as she states that bad days are behind them. Caroline jokes with Steve and Kayla about being late. Steve jokes back about trying to get Kayla to marry him again. Eric hugs Bo and tells him it's good to have him back. Victor asks about Bo's troubles. Maggie asks to hear what happened. Bo says he'll tell them the whole boring story some other time. Bo talks about hearing voices in the dungeon like Caroline's, telling him to eat. Bo talks about how he couldn't give up Hope as all he could do was picture her and she got him through Hell. Ciara then enters with Hope. Bo calls it perfect timing as he hugs Hope and everyone claps.

John finishes a call and tells Marlena that he's almost certain that Sami isn't being held at the DiMera Mansion. Marlena assumes that means they have nothing. Marlena knows he left the ISA for her but he's feeling desperate and wonders if he can ask them for a favor. John notes that they didn't end on the best of terms. John then admits to Marlena that he didn't quit the ISA, he was fired.

Abigail complains to Ben of feeling cold and wants another blanket. Ben says he has one in the car but if he leaves, he has to tie her up again. Abigail insists that she's not going anywhere. Ben argues that it doesn't seem that cold to him but he exits. Abigail then grabs her phone but Ben comes back with the woman he called so she hides it. The woman introduces herself as Wendy. Abigail introduces herself but Ben suggests she be quiet. Abigail reminds him about the blanket but Ben wants to stay and see what's wrong.

Julie announces they are here to celebrate Bo's coming home to them. Julie brings up Ernesto Toscano's cruise boat and the bomb going off. They flash back to that time many years ago as she talks about Bo getting everyone off the sinking ship and into the lifeboat. Victor agrees that if not for Bo, none of them would be here.

Wendy checks on Abigail as Ben watches.

Chad argues to Stefano and Andre that Abigail wouldn't just miss Hope's wedding. Andre mocks him. Chad tries to work with him but gets upset at him. Chad says he needs to get out of here.

Marlena questions why John didn't tell her that he got fired. John didn't want her to think it was her fault but none of that matters as they need to find Sami. John thinks they need to talk to Andre face to face. John thinks Sami must have hid the passcodes to the safety deposit. Marlena wonders if Andre was right that Sami hid them in their house so they go to search.

Shawn jokes with the family about other kids not having their dad save their lives as he flashes back to a moment where he rescued him in a helicopter. Shawn thanks Bo and is glad he's back where he belongs. Hope jokes with him and agrees. Bo thinks that's enough stories for one day but Hope says she's loving this. Abe calls for a toast. Shawn tells Bo that everybody loves him. Bo gets dizzy causing Hope to ask if he's okay but he says he's fine.

Abigail complains about the contractions. Wendy confirms that she's definitely in labor. Abigail cries that it's too soon. Wendy decides they have to get her to a hospital but Ben says that's not going to happen.

Bo insists that he's good and just stood up too quickly. Bo sits back down and asks Roman to finish up. Roman talks about being glad to have him back and jokes about kicking his ass at golf and poker. Roman repeats that he's glad he's back as things just weren't the same without him. Roman has everyone toast to Bo as they hug. Steve asks Kayla if they should get Bo out. Kayla doesn't know but suggests it's a good memory for the family as she gets emotional. Maggie and Julie pull Hope aside to ask how she's holding up. Julie suggests getting away for awhile but Hope wants to stay right here with Bo. Caroline hugs Bo and says she's so proud of him. Caroline then has a vision of Hope crying with Bo in the park. Bo asks her what's wrong. Caroline says it's nothing and goes to clean up while Victor and Maggie go to help. Bo tells Doug and Julie that it means a lot that they are here. Bo doesn't know if he would've agreed if he knew about it due to not knowing if Hope was up for it. Hope joins them. Caroline then reveals to Victor and Maggie the vision she saw of Hope and Bo crying in the park. Caroline says what she sees happens and they were crying. Maggie suggests it could've been tears of joy. Caroline hopes that nothing is wrong.

Marlena is ready to give up on the passcodes not being in the house. John agrees and doesn't want to face Andre empty handed. Chad arrives to speak to Marlena. John tells him it's not a good time but Marlena says it's okay. Marlena tells John that maybe the bank has the passcodes. John asks if she's sure she wants to deal with Chad right now. Marlena decides maybe she can learn something so John exits. Chad apologizes to Marlena for the bad timing but it's really important as he thinks Abigail is in trouble. Chad goes over Abigail not showing up to Hope's wedding, leaving with Ben and not answering her phone. Chad notes that he's not returning JJ or Jennifer's calls either. Chad wants Marlena to hypnotize him because he doesn't remember his fight with Ben but if he does then maybe he can figure out where he went. Chad explains how he told Abigail to hang up quick if there was a problem which she did. Chad insists that something is really wrong. Marlena agrees to help him if he promises to help her in return.

Ben tells Abigail not to panic as she wants a natural child birth with no one around. Abigail argues that the baby will need very special care. Ben argues that it could be false labor but Wendy confirms she's going to have the baby soon. Ben says it's his decision and he says they stay here. Wendy asks if that's what Abigail wants. Ben assures her that it is. Abigail has more pain so Wendy says she's sorry but is going to have to call an ambulance. Ben then pulls a gun on Wendy and orders her to put the phone down now.

Bo goes outside the Pub and talks on the phone with his daughter Chelsea about the surprise party and everyone being there. Bo says he just wanted to hear her voice as he misses her. Bo gets emotional as he reminds her he loves her and hangs up.

Jennifer looks through her phone at the Pub as Eric approaches and asks if something's wrong. Jennifer says it's nothing but emotional overload with so much going on. Jennifer admits she's just freaking out a bit and checking her phone to see if Abigail called. Jennifer says they are here to celebrate Bo and she's freaking out over nothing. Eric asks when she last heard from her. Jennifer says she just left last night then goes to say hi to Steve and Kayla. Jennifer calls it like old times and thanks Steve for bringing Bo back to Hope. Eric asks how long Steve plans to stay in Salem. Steve hopes to stay for good as he promised Kayla and Joey that his vagabond days are over.

Marlena begins to hypnotize Chad about the fight with Ben. Chad recalls fighting Ben and his eyes being scary. Chad remembers the fight and wakes up in a panic. Marlena asks him what he remembered. Chad says it's gone. Marlena notes that he said he was going to see Ben rot in prison for what he did and asks what that means. Chad doesn't know as he can no longer remember.

Bo returns to Hope and Ciara, telling them that Chelsea sends her love. Bo tells Shawn that he wished his wife and daughter could've been there. Ciara jokes about having her as they hug. Bo calls her a huge part of his heart. Ciara talks about being so much like him. Ciara still feels it's too amazing to have him back so it must be a dream as Bo hugs her. Ciara tells everyone that the party isn't just about Bo being back but the family being together. Ciara asks what better way than for Hope and Bo to get married again right here when they are all together. Ciara says it doesn't have to be legal and they can go to city hall later. Hope hugs her. Ciara wants her mom and dad back together and the awful time to be over. Ciara declares that Bo is back so they need to be a family. Abe is willing to do his part. Hope asks Bo what he says to that. Bo responds that he needs a minute and rushes out of the Pub.

Ben holds the gun and orders Wendy to back away as she doesn't understand what's going on. Abigail insists that they need to get to the hospital or they could lose the baby. Ben assures that the baby will be born here and everything will be fine as Wendy will help. Ben says everything will be fine as long as they both do exactly what he tells them to.

Marlena tells Chad that she needs his help as she thinks Stefano and Andre have kidnapped Sami. Chad asks what she wants him to do. Marlena wants him to see if it's true and what they are planning. Chad asks if she's sure about this. Marlena tells him that John is sure and is usually right. Chad agrees to do whatever he can. John comes back, unhappy that Chad is still there. Marlena tells John that Chad is going to help them. Chad tells her that he will call as he exits. Marlena asks John if he had any luck at the bank but he didn't. John knew he was grasping at straws as he realized Sami wouldn't do something as rational as go to a bank in a crisis. Marlena agrees that she tends to regress more like a little girl. That gives Marlena an idea and she goes to check the bedroom. John asks what's going on as she asks for a minute. Marlena comes back with a doll and remembers Sami putting information about Kate in there before. John hopes she stuck with that as they find a flash drive attached to the doll. John feels this information could finally destroy Stefano and save Sami.

Hope worries that Bo has been pretending and can't forgive her for giving up on him. Kayla tells her that's not true but Hope says it is.

Bo stands outside the Pub holding his head. Steve comes out to check on him and asks what's going on. Bo says he just had one of those headaches. Bo gives Steve the keys to the motorcycle that got them home and says he doesn't have any use for it with where he's going. Steve tells Bo that he has to tell Hope as she needs to know. Bo wonders how much time he has and how he tells his wife that he's dying.

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