Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/18/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/18/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve looks around the room of the Salem Inn. Kayla then enters. Steve questions her but she says she's going to kill him.

Rafe tells Lani at the station that he doesn't know what to do with his free time with the case closed. Lani has an idea. Abe enters with Theo. Lani steps out with Theo and talk baseball. Abe talks with Rafe about Lani and Theo getting along. Abe asks Rafe how he likes Lani as a person which Rafe questions.

Bo brings Hope home. Ciara comes downstairs and says she was looking all over for them. Ciara offers lunch but Hope says she's tired and heads upstairs to lay down. Ciara encourages Bo to go with her, feeling she shouldn't be alone. Bo says Hope wanted time so it's her call. Ciara argues that it's obvious they belong together. Hope goes to her bedroom and finds her bloody wedding dress in a bag.

Kayla asks how stupid Steve thinks she is and accuses him of being behind the texts to get her to this romantic hotel room. Steve calls her funny and assures her it wasn't him as he shows her the latest text message. Steve shows her the note left on the bed. Kayla wonders if he didn't do it, who did. Steve guesses it was Kayla.

Joey works at the Pub and rushes Caroline. Joey questions what she's doing trying to run the Pub on her own when she just got out of the hospital. Joey suggests closing the place down for awhile but Caroline refuses. Joey says he's going to be her help.

Ciara tells Bo that he can talk to her. Bo feels blown away by how grown up and mature she is and how much she missed. Ciara wants him to move back in as they really need him. Bo assures her that he will do anything to put their family back together but it won't be simple. Ciara disagrees and says he's back, safe, and will be happily ever after.

Hope sits down in her room uncomfortable after seeing her bloody wedding dress.

Rafe and Abe join Lani and Theo. Lani says they are already looking at baseball tickets. Abe suggests Theo let Lani get back to work so Abe exits with Theo. Lani asks Rafe about Abe. Lani goes back to Rafe talking about his free time and brings up an acapella competition as well as a basketball game which she offers to drive to.

Kayla mocks Steve thinking she was behind the messages. Steve says they are both going through this as Bo is like a brother to him. Kayla reveals she got her own text that told her to come to the room and all her questions would be answered. Steve tells her that he didn't really think she was behind it and was just hoping. Steve wonders who did this then. Kayla guesses the games begin. Steve points out the bottle of champagne which Kayla recognizes as one from their wedding. They realize the person must have known. Steve comments that at least they aren't going after their son. Kayla says she can't take anymore of this. Steve opens the bottle for a drink which she questions if he's out of his mind.

Ciara accuses Bo of not wanting to move in because he's going to take off again. Bo assures that he's not taking off again as they mean everything to him. Ciara asks why he's acting so weird and if he thinks Hope doesn't want him back. Ciara tells him to give her a week or two. Bo encourages her to keep looking after Hope. Ciara remembers that she has to go somewhere and suggests they not be so dumb while she's gone. Ciara exits. Hope screams so Bo rushes upstairs to find Hope cutting apart her wedding dress. Hope screams that she wants it gone as Bo tries to calm her down. Hope complains that Aiden touched everything in the house. Bo reminds her that he's gone so she never has to worry again. Hope cries that she can't live here anymore as Bo hugs her.

Steve brings up to Kayla how much the champagne cost. Kayla reminds him of what happened to Joey so they don't know what's in it. Steve points out that it was sealed. Kayla hates that this was brought back in to her life. Kayla still accuses him of setting this up.

Rafe still thinks he and Lani going out is not a good idea especially since Abe pointed out that Hope's going to be out of work so they need to keep their relationship strictly professional. Lani doesn't see why two professionals can't go to a Bulls game together but Rafe thinks it sounds like a date. Lani clarifies that she didn't mean it like that but she gets that he's worried about appearances so they forget she asked.

Abe talks to Theo about Lani. Abe sits with him and says he has something important to tell him. Abe informs him that Lani is Theo's sister.

Bo tells Hope that the dress is gone and she will never see it again. Hope thanks him. Bo lays with her in bed and tells her it's their house where they raised their kids with so many memories. Bo thinks she should stay and fight to make the home hers again. Hope responds that she's so tired. Bo tells her that she doesn't have to fight alone as she has family in Shawn, Doug, and Julie. Hope turns and asks if she has Bo. Bo confirms that she will always have him. Bo says he fought through everything to get back to her as he loves her so much. Hope asks why she got the feeling that he didn't want them anymore. Bo assures that he does want them for as long as he lives. Bo calls her the love of his life and always a part of his heart. Hope cries that she can handle anything as long as she knows that he loves her. Bo insists that he does which makes Hope smile and they kiss.

Steve questions Kayla really thinking he would do that, knowing what she's going through with Bo. Kayla says she's just so scared for Bo and for her kids. Steve blames himself for bringing all of this back in to her life. Kayla notes that he did bring Bo back when he could've died out there alone with no one knowing.

Theo questions Lani being his sister. Abe explains that she's his half sister as he knew Lani's mother, Tamara, before he met Lexie. Abe talks about not knowing how to feel with news like this. Abe offers to take him out for coffee but Theo wants to take a walk and think. Abe asks if he wants to say goodbye to Lani but Theo just walks out. Abe goes back to Lani to confirm he told Theo. Lani comments that he didn't look very happy. Abe tells her to just wait and see.

Bo and Hope continue kissing and start to undress as they end up making love in bed together. Bo tells Hope that he loves her as he lays with her. After Hope falls asleep, Bo gets out of bed.

Steve and Kayla talk about nothing being found in the hotel room as they start to wonder if the notes weren't threats but anonymous matchmaking. Steve is still concerned about the first texts and says they have to find out who sent them and why.

Joey and Theo walk through the town square. Joey thanks Theo for getting him to the hospital when he passed out in the park. Theo mentions that Lani helped too. Joey comments that Lani can help him any time she likes. Theo asks Joey about having a sister. Theo then reveals that Abe just informed him that Lani is his older sister. Joey jokes that he's got a good looking sister. Theo tells him not to talk about her like that. Joey asks if he's upset that she's going to be his sister.

Hope wakes up and notices Bo is gone.

Bo goes to the police station and greets Rafe. Rafe asks how it's going and how Hope is. Bo says that's what he wants to talk to him about as they step into a private room. Rafe asks him what's up. Bo talks about how difficult it is to come back from an attack while what happened to Hope is even worse because she loved Aiden so it's going to be a long, difficult road to recovery for her. Rafe thinks it will be shorter and smoother with Bo back. Bo responds that he's not going to be around all that long. Rafe questions what he means and if he's going to bail out on Hope again. Bo clarifies that he does not want to leave Hope or go anywhere. Bo reveals to Rafe that he's dying.

Theo tells Joey that Lani is nice but it's new and different for him to have a sister. Joey gets that he doesn't like new and different things. Ciara interrupts and joins them. She mentions shopping for her mom. Theo thinks it's nice and comments that he misses his mom. Theo remarks that family comes and goes. Ciara questions what he means. Joey says it's okay to tell her but Theo tells him to tell her. Joey informs Ciara that Theo just found out that he has a sister. Ciara runs up and hugs Theo but apologizes for doing that. Theo then tells her it's okay.

Steve tells Kayla that she needs to deal with the situation with Bo while he takes care of the rest of this. Kayla points out it not being the first time he's told her that when she was right to worry. Steve notes that it turned out okay. Steve goes back to the champagne. Kayla thinks they should have it tested first but Steve prefers the risk. Steve toasts to her but Kayla tries to stop him from drinking it. Steve comments that it's nice to know she still cares.

Rafe questions Bo saying he's dying. Bo informs him that he has a brain tumor and he doesn't have much time. Rafe tells him he's sorry and doesn't know what to say. Bo says he needs something from him. Bo says nothing is more important to him than his wife and kids. Bo adds that his kids will need Hope even more when he's gone and Hope's going to need Rafe. Rafe says he's just trying to process all of this as he gets emotional. Rafe says he doesn't understand as Hope has her family. Bo states that she has that support system but he's seen Hope with Rafe and she's grounded and calm as she trusts him, knowing that Rafe will never let her down. Rafe feels he already let her down by being Aiden's best man. Bo says he hears Rafe talk about Hope and sees him with her so he knows he loves her. Bo appreciates Rafe not denying it as it makes this a little easier. Bo knows Rafe will always do what's best for her.

Hope rushes downstairs looking for Bo then imagines someone coming after her.

Rafe tells Bo that this doesn't make any sense and is not fair. Bo agrees that it sucks but he got home and has a chance to say goodbye. Rafe asks if he's sure. Bo says it's not just the tests as he kind of knew. Bo gets a call from Caroline, who says she needs his help right away at the Pub. Bo says he's on his way as he wants to talk to her too.

Ciara tells Theo that getting a sister can be a shock but it can be a good thing. Joey and Ciara both encourage Theo and offer to help. Ciara thinks it's amazing that Theo has a sister and that he will really like it. Ciara says she's really late and rushes off. Joey then asks Theo if he has a crush on Ciara.

Kayla warns Steve that something could be in the champagne to hurt him but he likes to take risks while she likes everything safe and secure. Kayla brings up what happened to Joey's soda so the champagne could be poisoned and she could lose him. Steve assures her that she won't lose him or their kids. Steve argues that there's no life without some risk like falling in love and having children. Steve calls her the best thing to ever happen to him and he doesn't know why he was so stupid. Steve just wants her back. Kayla wipes tears away and then they kiss.

Hope has flashbacks of Aiden's attack.

Bo goes to the Pub and starts to get dizzy outside. Bo heads inside where Caroline is hiding with the lights out. Caroline then turns the lights on and people yell out surprise.

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