Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo tells Kayla that he's going to talk to Hope so he and Hope leave the hospital for a walk in the park.

Rafe walks through the town square and gets a call, saying he'll pick up the statement as he has more questions for the victim in the ER.

Steve joins Kayla at the hospital. She tells him that Bo is with Hope to tell her. Steve says this isn't how Bo and Hope should end. Kayla is just grateful to Steve for bringing him back. Steve calls it lousy timing and shows her the last text he got asking if he's intrigued. Kayla wonders who it is. Steve says it doesn't sound like the same person. Kayla worries about another person trying to ruin their life. Steve says that's not going to happen. Kayla argues that they already poisoned their son. Kayla declares she's fighting back and texts back that they know who they are.

Marlena calls Sami, leaving a message hoping that she's not going after the DiMeras and to let her know that she's alright. John comes in and asks about being unable to reach Sami. Marlena hopes that she's not in any danger.

Sami is in a hidden cave and can't get a phone signal. Sami hears the door so she tries to run but Andre stops her. Sami tells him to let her go from being held prisoner. Andre remarks that he just wants her locked up. Andre tells Sami that she's not in charge so she better listen to the man with the keys or else he might just leave her to rot.

Steve is impressed by Kayla. She says she's fed up with the whole thing. Steve gets a text back that if they know who they are then he knows this is serious. Steve asks Kayla what their next move is. Kayla thought he would figure that out. Kayla gets a call and has to go to a meeting. Kayla tells Steve to figure out who they are dealing with.

Bo and Hope walk through the park. Hope talks about messing up badly and not seeing who Aiden really was. Hope questions why Bo had to go on that assignment and not come home or else none of this would've happened. Bo apologizes but Hope tells him not to. Hope says she's mad but questions how she can be mad when he was tortured. Bo argues that all they took from him was time. Hope asks if he'll ever be the same again.

Sami questions Andre going through all of this trouble. Andre says it's what they do to people who steal from the DiMeras. Sami argues that she is a DiMera through EJ. Andre calls EJ a fool and he knows about Sami going to Switzerland for a deposit box. Andre threatens Sami's children and says she's already lost a son. Sami reminds him that two of them are DiMeras and Stefano's grandchildren who he would never harm. Andre responds that it's him that she is dealing with.

John finishes a call and tells Marlena that his contacts haven't seen anything unusual come out of the DiMera house lately. Marlena asks if he thinks Sami is safe. John thinks they would've heard something by now if she started a war. Marlena mentions wanting to contact Eric. Steve arrives and greets John. They talk about being lucky to have Bo back. Steve tells John about the threatening texts and wanting to track down the source. John reveals that he no longer works for the ISA as he quit. Steve can't believe it and Marlena is shocked too, asking when this happened. John tells her that he was going to surprise her with the news. Marlena wants him to be happy. John kisses her and assures that this is where he wants to be. Marlena decides they will talk about it tonight as she leaves to go see Eric. Steve calls it a big sacrifice John made for Marlena. Steve then figures out that John didn't quit but got fired.

Andre asks Sami to give back what she took and then they can live happily ever after. Sami says there is only one way that happens. Andre responds that there's only one way she keeps breathing. Sami asks where Stefano is unless he doesn't know that he kidnapped her. Andre responds that he's handling all family business. Sami guesses Andre doesn't have access to all the accounts since Stefano never trusted him. Andre argues that things change. Sami believes Andre isn't running the business for Stefano but wants it for himself and wants to leave Stefano penniless. Sami talks about Stefano's relationships with his sons and realizes Andre is looking to take over the DiMera empire. Sami remarks that only EJ got there first. Andre questions why she keeps talking about EJ as if he were stil alive.

Bo tells Hope that nothing can destroy what they have as he would've done anything to get back home to her. Hope tells him that he made it and asks if that means they made it. Bo says that's up to her and if she can forgive him. Hope tells him to stop apologizing and blaming himself. Bo tells her the same as they hug.

Sami tells Andre that EJ's spirit will always be with her. Andre calls her so dramatic and a thief who needs to return what she took. Andre warns her about not cooperating. Sami says he's the one who isn't cooperating as there is a deal to be made. Sami states that they both want to bring Stefano down. Andre tells her to give her the account access and there's no problem. Sami agrees to give him everything from the deposit box only if she gets half of the money to secure her children's future. Sami says Andre can take the business as long as he promises to keep Stefano out of it and leave him as a dying old reptile. Sami tells Andre that she'll give him everything if he just brings Stefano down. Andre responds that she will give him the numbers to stay alive. Andre argues that no one will miss her. Sami says if she dies without giving him the numbers then he has nothing. Andre tells her that he's giving her a chance to go home to her children if she just gives him the numbers. Sami tells him never. Andre tells her to enjoy being away from her family and life then as he can wait her out. Andre exits.

Hope asks Bo if they don't blame each other and all is forgiven. Bo asks if she's ready to move on but she doesn't know. Hope brings up having nightmares last night. Hope asks what if Steve didn't find him. Hope apologizes and asks how Bo can forgive the wife who nearly got him killed and moved on without him. Bo hugs her and tells her they don't have time for this.

Andre finds Marlena outside. She tries to leave but he warns her not to. Marlena asks what he wants. Andre says he has a problem that she can help with. Marlena says she will recommend a therapist. Andre wants to speak with her to keep it in the family. Andre tells her it's about her missing daughter Sami.

Hope promises Bo that they have all the time now to heal. Bo tells her that he loves her and that will never change then pulls away from their hug. Hope asks if that's enough as Bo turns away with a text from Kayla, needing him to go talk to her. Bo offers to take Hope home but she says she's fine and needs some time. Bo exits, leaving Hope crying. Bo gets dizzy as he walks through the park.

Marlena questions how Sami is Andre's problem. Andre says Sami should know not to steal. Marlena argues that Sami is not a thief but Andre explains that Sami stole personal property of Stefano's in Switzerland. Andre brings up Marlena's house being the first place Sami visited when she got back. Marlena doesn't know what he's talking about. Andre repeats that Sami stole personal property. Marlena argues that Sami would need passwords to acquire that. Andre says it doesn't make it right. Marlena asks why he doesn't turn her over to authorities if she stole. Andre brings up where Sami might be. Andre then tells Marlena that they have Sami and she's being so uncooperative.

Steve calls John one of the ISA's best men. John calls Steve a damn good agent who found Bo when no one else could without the ISA. Steve says the ISA trained them and they still have that so he thinks they should open their own business as private investigators taking their own cases. John reminds him that he just sold Basic Black so he can support the whole thing. John suggests bringing Bo on board. Steve says he needs family time. They agree to be partners. John suggests naming their firm Black Patch which Steve likes.

Bo goes to the hospital and sees Rafe finishing up work. Bo asks if he's working. Rafe says he doesn't need to be and asks what he needs. Bo tells him that he left Hope in the park so he could talk to Kayla but Hope isn't doing so good. Rafe leaves to go see Hope.

Hope sits in the park crying where Rafe joins her and asks if she wants to talk about it. Hope tells him that she lost Bo. Rafe hugs her as she cries.

Bo goes in to Kayla's office. Kayla just wanted to help if he needed. Bo tells her that he doesn't. Kayla knows it wasn't easy telling Hope but Bo reveals he couldn't tell Hope.

Marlena asks Andre where they have Sami. Andre calls it not the right question. Marlena wants an answer. Andre thinks she should offer to help him to get Sami returned safely. Marlena asks what he wants. Andre wants the passwords and account information that Sami stole. Marlena says she doesn't have those. Andre argues that she does since they aren't on Sami. Marlena asks why he doesn't just call the bank and change the numbers. Andre calls it not that simple. Marlena says that Stefano could do it but Andre says he's handling it his way. Marlena asks if he's afraid of Stefano's wrath. Andre says he'd be afraid of what Stefano might do to Sami if she doesn't behave. Marlena says to try it as she walks away. Andre goes after her.

Steve walks through the town square and gets a text message, naming the Salem Inn Room #204.

Andre follows Marlena to the DiMera Mansion where she tells Stefano game over. Marlena knows Stefano hates Sami but reminds him that she's the mother of his grandchildren. Stefano questions her. Marlena argues about Andre thinking Sami stole and is trying to destroy him. Marlena tells Stefano to just change his information and not hurt Sami. Marlena wants Stefano to make Andre let Sami go. Stefano tells Marlena to leave and he will handle this. Marlena hopes he does or else she will take matters into her own hands. Marlena then exits. Stefano asks Andre what the hell is going on.

Kayla tells Bo that he has got to tell Hope so she knows what's going on with him. Bo worries that she can't take it right now as she is all over the place. Bo complains about her having nightmares about Aiden. Bo insists that Hope can't take this news right now. Kayla says she's going to get the news. Bo argues that Kayla didn't see Hope about to implode. Bo asks her to let him figure it out himself. Kayla hugs him and cries that she just doesn't want to lose him.

Hope tells Rafe that Bo pulled away after saying he would always love her. Rafe says that doesn't sound right. Hope gets it but can't stand it. Rafe thinks there must be more to it. Hope cries that he pulled away from her. Rafe assures her that she's not alone and she will get through this.

Steve goes to room #204 at the Salem Inn and heads inside finding flowers on a table and the bed covered in flower petals. Steve asks out if anyone's there.

Bo tells Kayla that she's right that he does have to tell Hope. Kayla apologizes for giving him a hard time as he knows Hope better than anybody. Bo thanks her and hugs her. Bo says he's going to go find her. Bo tells Kayla that he loves her. Kayla tells him to call as he exits. Kayla throws everything off her desk and screams as she cries.

Rafe brings Hope to the hospital, saying it's too cold for her outside. Rafe gets her to sit down and pours coffee. Bo comes around the corner and sees them.

Marlena goes back home. John tells her that Eric just called and said she never showed up. Marlena then reveals that Andre has kidnapped Sami.

Andre claims to Stefano that he doesn't know what that was about as Marlena just went ranting about Sami. Andre says Sami must have forgot to tell Marlena she went out of town and denies kidnapping her. Andre calls it a ploy and says he will get to the bottom of it as he exits.

Sami remains held captive and gets an idea on how she's going to get out, saying they will never see it coming.

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