Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa starts packing things in a box as Brady comes in and asks her what's wrong. She says nothing but Brady asks what happened to being open and honest. Theresa then informs him that Victor kicked her out which surprises him. Brady tells her it's his fault.

Rafe tells Chad that Abigail is with her fiancee. Chad argues that Ben is trying to cut out everyone who cares about her. Rafe mentions talking to Jennifer, who said she just talked to Abigail and that she said everything was fine. Rafe suggests Chad accept it and move on.

Abigail says she needs Ben to take her to the hospital. Ben says he didn't buy it the first time. Abigail swears she wouldn't try to trick him about the baby. Abigail cries for him to help because something is wrong and asks how he could live with himself if something happened to the baby.

Ciara comes home and asks Hope what she's doing as she puts the mail away. Ciara tells Hope that she can't stand seeing her like this. Hope doesn't know any other way to be. Ciara responds that she should be with Bo.

Kayla sits with Bo outside and tells him that based on the tests and scans, he has a tumor in his brain.

Rafe repeats to Chad that Jennifer told him everything was fine and he shouldn't worry. Chad insists that something bad is going on so he won't just let it go. Rafe reminds him that he can't make anything official based off a bad feeling. Chad brings up Jennifer not having an actual conversation with Abigail and argues that Ben wrote the text.

Abigail continues to complain of stomach pains so Ben gives in but says he can't risk taking her to the hospital. Abigail argues that he's risking the baby's life. Ben says he will find a way to get help.

Ciara brings clothes and makeup to Hope, trying to convince her to go find Bo. Ciara tells Hope that Bo loves her and doesn't blame her for anything. Hope states that she does want to be with Bo but her body doesn't want to move. Ciara encourages her. Hope doesn't know where Bo is. Ciara mentions Shawn saying he is with Kayla so she should go hunt him down like a great detective. Hope calls that funny since she married a man who was planning to kill her. Ciara says that's on Aiden and she can't let his beat her. Ciara continues to encourage her as she heads upstairs.

Kayla wants Bo to come back to the hospital for more tests and evaluation. Kayla promises to do anything in her power to make him comfortable and give him as much time as possible. Bo asks if there is no way to beat this. Kayla says the tumor has been known to go in to remission. Bo calls her the best sister he could have because she's a fighter even against impossible odds. Bo asks her how much time he has and wants the truth. Kayla argues that she hasn't done enough tests but Bo thinks she has to have some idea. Kayla hopes he will have months. Bo questions if that means it could be weeks or days. Bo asks her again how long he has. Kayla admits that he should plan for the worst. Bo declares he will start living every day as if it's his last. Kayla begs him to come back to the hospital but Bo says he can't do that. Kayla wants to stay with him then but Bo says no. Kayla cries that she loves him too much as they hug. Bo tells her to keep this between them because the family needs to hear it from him. Bo walks away, leaving Kayla crying.

Joey runs in to Ciara in the town square and asks her if she wants to go to the Pub but she's looking for Bo. Joey asks how Hope is doing. Ciara tells him that she's having a really tough time. Joey asks how all of this is for her since Aiden was almost her stepdad. Ciara responds that her real dad took care of that freak which Chase overhears as he watches from a distance.

Theresa questions Brady about her being kicked out and thinks he meant that he was behind it. Theresa complains as Brady tries to talk. Brady then stops her and tells her to shut up and let him talk.

Chad asks Rafe to talk to Jennifer again as he bets no one else has heard Abigail's voice since she left. Chad calls Abigail and gives the phone to Rafe, betting that Ben answers. Rafe waits as Ben then answers, asking what the hell Chad wants and if he wants to play games. Ben tells him to leave them the hell alone as he's lost and it's all over. Ben then hangs up as Rafe listens. Ben tells Abigail that it was Chad and walks out of the cabin. Abigail cries for Chad not to give up on her as she experiences more stomach pains.

Brady tries to explain to Theresa but she continues complaining until he tells her it's his turn to talk. Brady sits her down and clarifies that he did not tell Victor to throw her out. Theresa asks what happened then. Brady explains that Victor sensed something changed between them and he didn't deny it so Victor got upset. Theresa knows Victor wants Brady to hate her as much as he does. Brady states that's what he meant by him being the reason for this. Theresa apologizes and says she doesn't know where else to go. Brady tells her to let him handle it and he'll make it work. Theresa thanks him and calls him a great dad to Tate who they can depend on. Theresa decides to let Brady figure things out. She kisses him on the cheek and exits.

Kayla remains outside crying as Steve approaches and asks what's wrong. Kayla says she promised Bo she wouldn't talk about it. Steve wants her to tell him and asks what it is. Kayla cries that Bo is really sick. Steve brings up the torture he went through. Kayla then reveals that Bo has a brain tumor and is dying. Steve holds her as she cries.

Hope comes downstairs after getting dressed and looks at herself in the mirror then puts it down as she puts on her lipstick.

Bo lays in the park, complaining about fighting to make it back home to finally be with his family only to have days left. Bo cries that it just can't be. Bo yells out for an answer why as he breaks down crying.

Steve asks Kayla if there's nothing that can be done. Kayla explains that what Bo has been through has taken a tremendous toll on him so he's a surgical risk. Kayla cries that she couldn't even get him to come back to the hospital with her so she asks Steve to do that. Steve says they both know Bo won't go for that. Steve hugs her as she cries.

Ciara returns home and finds a note from Hope, saying she is taking her advice to try and find Bo which makes her happy. Chase then comes in behind her and asks if she's trying to imagine what happened when Aiden tried to strangle Hope right in this room.

Victor talks on the phone, wanting Dr. Salinas watched 24/7. Brady comes in. Victor thought he was in meetings all day. Brady assumes that's why he picked today to throw Theresa out. Victor reminds him it's his house so he decides who lives there and who doesn't. Brady reminds him that Theresa has completely changed because of Tate but Victor argues that she's the same woman who tried to kill John. Brady argues that she just wants to be someone that Tate can look up to. Victor remarks that Theresa has turned his brain to mush so he's starting to wonder if he's capable of running his company. Brady tells him to fire him then but he's dead wrong about Theresa.

Steve finds Bo sitting in the park. Bo asks how he found him. Steve says he could always find him anywhere on the planet. Bo comments that Kayla never could keep a secret. Steve sits with him and says it really sucks. Steve offers anything he can do. Bo tells him that he did plenty by getting him home in time. Steve cries that they did it together. Bo tells him he knows what to do in the end. Bo hugs Steve and then leaves the park as Steve is left crying.

Brady finds Theresa with Tate outside and she asks if he talked to Victor. Brady says he did and has come to the conclusion that it's best for all of them if she leaves his house.

Bo goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Victor. Bo sits with Victor and tells him that he's a bit concerned that the people who kidnapped him may go after family like him. Victor says he'll take care of it. Bo encourages Victor to deal with his captors as he sees fit, since he has more important things to care about like Hope, his kids, and Caroline. Victor tells him to do what he has to do while he takes care of the rest.

Ciara tells Chase that she grew up in this house and now she's afraid to be alone in it. Chase thinks he creeps her out too but she says no. Chase argues that she already admitted it and he doesn't blame her for thinking he's like his father.

Chad asks if Rafe believes him now. Rafe says he didn't say that but Chad notes the look on his face. Chad argues that Ben doesn't love or care about Abigail and just wants to keep her from him. Chad declares that Ben will do whatever it takes to keep them apart.

Abigail's phone rings but she can't reach it.

Theresa thinks Victor talked Brady into this but he says no. Theresa starts to complain but Brady says he's trying to protect her. Brady says Victor won't let up and will make her life miserable with Tate right in the middle of it. Theresa agrees that she doesn't want that and asks Brady what to do. Brady tells her that he will find her and Tate a nice place to live and will make sure they have time with Tate. Theresa still thinks it's a cover and he's using this as an excuse to push her away.

Bo tells Victor that Caroline has her life back and he never gave up on her. Victor feels he gave up on Bo and allowed himself to be persuaded to believe he turned his back on everyone. Bo understands that the people who kidnapped him went through a lot of trouble to make everyone believe that. Victor argues that he knows him though. Bo responds that so does Hope and she bought it too. Bo says all that matters is the future so he needs Victor to promise to always look out for Caroline. Victor says they will do that together. Bo responds that he will always look out for the people he loves for as long as he lives. Bo hugs Victor.

Ciara tells Chase that she knows he's not like Aiden. Chase argues that she must hate him as much as she hates Aiden but Ciara insists that she doesn't. Chase asks what it would be like for her if he continues to live with them because she's going to see Aiden when she looks at him. Chase states that he still loves who he thought his dad was and he misses him as he wonders what he's going to do.

Hope goes to the hospital. Kayla hugs her and asks what she's doing here. Hope tells her that she's looking for Bo and Ciara said he was here. Kayla says they talked at the town square but she doesn't know where he went after. Hope asks how he is. Kayla looks away. Hope asks what she knows.

Abigail continues trying to reach her phone as it rings but she misses the call. She gets a hold of the phone and tries to dial but drops it when she gets another stomach pain.

Rafe tells Chad that he still doesn't have enough to make an official complaint. Rafe brings up Chad provoking Ben in the past. Chad argues that Ben put him in a coma to get back at him. Rafe agrees to keep in touch with Jennifer but Chad wants him to trace the phone. Chad argues that he saw the look in Ben's eyes that he's losing it. Chad warns that he will make him pay if anything happens to Abigail. Chad tells him to do his job as he walks out.

Ben returns to Abigail and tells her that he tracked somebody down so help is on the way.

Theresa questions how Brady could do this to her after he let her believe they could be a family. Brady then grabs her and kisses her.

Ciara sits with Chase and tells him that they will get through this together.

Kayla tells Hope there is something she can help her with. Bo then arrives and interrupts. Hope says she was looking for him. Bo responds that he's been looking for her all his life.

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