Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer gets a text from Abigail's phone that she's doing great and loves Ben.

Ben returns to Abigail in the cabin. She tries to get him to trust her again. Abigail talks about how people in Salem will start to wonder so she thinks she should call Jennifer to let her know she's okay. Ben tells her nice try.

Chad goes to the station and tells Rafe that he's pretty sure Abigail is not okay.

Joey walks through the town square where someone is watching him.

Hope questions Ciara and Chase not packing for Jennifer's. Chase agrees to get ready but argues that they aren't family.

Shawn checks on Bo after he fainted. Bo insists that he's fine but Shawn wants to call an ambulance to have him checked out. Bo argues that Hope is the priority right now as she needs him. Shawn says the family needs him which is why this can't wait.

Hope tells Chase that she loves him and he's very important to them. Chase argues that they just want him around to feel like heroes for taking in the orphan. Ciara yells at him and goes to pack as Hope is left crying.

Shawn encourages Bo to take care of himself before he can take care of anyone else. Shawn convinces Bo to get checked out at the hospital as they joke with each other.

Abigail complains to Ben that she's uncomfortable. Ben starts to worry that she's in labor. Abigail argues that it's too early. Ben wonders what to do. She tells him to take her to the hospital which stops Ben from believing her as he yells at her that he's not stupid.

Chad tells Rafe about it being unlike Abigail to miss Hope's wedding or a big Salem event. Chad argues that it doesn't make sense for Abigail and Ben to just leave.

Joey walks through the park and stops to throw his bag behind him at who is following him which turns out to be Steve. Joey questions Steve following him. Steve admits he was worried and was just looking out for him.

Shawn brings Bo to the hospital and tells Kayla about him passing out. Bo blames lack of sleep and says he's made it through worse. Kayla wants to take a look to make sure. Bo tells Shawn to go check on Hope since he's going to be here for awhile. Shawn wants to stay but Bo assures him that Kayla won't let him leave until he's done. Shawn jokes that he expects a full report. Bo reminds him not tell Hope about this as Shawn exits. Kayla questions Bo what he didn't want Shawn to hear. Bo tells her that other things are going on but it's probably due to what he's been through. Bo admits he's been having headaches every day and that he's been lightheaded but he's sure it's because of what he's been through. Bo adds that his vision sometimes gets blurry. Kayla takes him in to the exam room and says she will run some tests. Bo argues that he needs to be with Hope. Kayla reminds him that Shawn is there for Hope for now.

Chase checks on Hope and calls Ciara back in to the room since Hope is face down crying. Ciara apologizes for fighting with Chase. Hope says it's not them and apologizes for losing it. Hope realizes they don't want to go to Jennifer's. Chase admits he doesn't see why they have to. Hope decides they will all stay there then. Hope hugs Chase as she looks down at a blood stain on the rug.

Rafe agrees with Chad that Abigail leaving town suddenly is odd but he can't put an APB out without more. Chad explains that he doesn't think Abigail left willingly. Rafe questions the idea of Ben kidnapping his pregnant fiancée. Chad reveals that Abigail told him she's in trouble. Rafe questions why he didn't start with that. Chad explains how he was on the phone with Abigail and told her to hang up if she was in trouble which she did.

Joey continues to question Steve following him. Steve tells him that he will do whatever it takes. Steve apologizes for not being upfront but admits he's still trying to figure out what's going on. Joey asks if he thinks someone is trying to kill him. Steve thinks they are trying to send a message to him.

Shawn goes home and tells Hope that Bo had errands to run and will be home soon. Ciara informs him that they decided not to stay with Jennifer. Shawn offers to take Hope's suitcase upstairs but she insists that she has it. Hope carries the suitcase back upstairs. Ciara tells Shawn that she's so glad he's here as she's worried about Hope. Ciara complains that Hope needs Bo. Shawn assures her that he will be there in a little while. Ciara feels that's not soon enough so she's going to text him. Jennifer arrives and asks about the change of plans. Ciara thanks her for offering. Hope comes back downstairs and tells Jennifer that she didn't have to come. Jennifer says she wanted to and decides she's going to make them lunch. Ciara worries that Hope won't be okay without Bo.

Bo wants Kayla to let him go but she tells him that he's staying until she gets the test results back. Bo continues to worry about Hope. Kayla says she's worried about both of them. Kayla states that Hope feels she should've known better about Bo and that he was fighting to get back to her. Kayla admits she feels guilty as well because she gave up on him too.

Chad continues to tell Rafe that Abigail is in trouble. Chad questions Rafe not doing anything. Rafe brings up the bad blood between Chad and Ben. Chad argues that it has nothing to do with that. Rafe suggests that Chad could be using him to break up Ben and Abigail. Chad gets upset and declares he'll find a way to help Abigail himself as he storms out of the station.

Jennifer sits with Hope and wants her to talk about how much she's been through. Hope brings up Bo and everything he had been through to get back. Hope states that she should've known Bo would have never deserted them. Jennifer encourages that Hope had no way of knowing. Hope regrets walking away while Jennifer continues to encourage her.

Bo tells Kayla that he doesn't blame she or Hope as he knows he was gone a long time so Hope had no choice but to move on. Bo feels he's the one who screwed up and now it's all about helping his family heal. Kayla gets paged that the test results are in so she exits.

Steve explains to Joey that over the years, he's left a trail of people who don't like him. Steve says one of those enemies started targeting him in Africa which meant Joey and Kayla were in the line of fire which is why he had to leave to keep them from being collateral damage. Steve calls it the hardest thing he ever did but he had to do it to protect him until he put down the threat which is when he came home. Steve says it looks like he made a mistake in thinking it was safe to return when the threat is more than one person. Joey can't believe Steve kept this from them instead of having them hate him all that time. Steve apologizes and says he's coming clean now because this is real and needs to be dealt with.

Rafe goes to Hope's where Jennifer invites him in. Rafe hopes he's not intruding as he greets Hope. Rafe mentions leaving a couple messages to let her know he was thinking about her. Rafe offers anything he can to help but Hope tells him there's nothing he can do. Rafe asks how Ciara is holding up. Hope mentions she's out with Chase. Hope decides she needs to get some air and leaves. Rafe asks Jennifer where Bo is. Jennifer is unsure but says Hope really needs him.

Kayla picks up Bo's test results and appears shocked by what she sees. Bo peeks out from his room as Kayla calls a doctor for an immediate consult on Bo's test results. Bo hears this and looks nervous as he goes back in to the room.

Ben falls asleep on the bed while Abigail passes out in the chair she's handcuffed in. Abigail dreams of Chad coming to rescue her then wakes up with more stomach pains.

Rafe sits with Jennifer and asks her how Abigail is doing since she left town. Rafe asks if she's heard from her or knows where she is. Jennifer questions why he's asking. Rafe explains that Chad showed up at the station asking about her. Jennifer tells him that she talked to Abigail a while ago. Rafe asks if she spoke to her. Jennifer clarifies that she left a text and shows it to Rafe. Rafe questions them missing Hope's wedding. Jennifer thinks they are focused on their family with the baby on the way. Rafe asks her to get in touch when she hears from Abigail. Jennifer agrees to do so as Rafe exits.

Joey tells Steve that he's glad he told him and suggests he could help. Steve refuses but Joey wants him to hear him out. Joey brings up catching him following him and suggests setting up their enemy. Steve is happy that he has sharp instincts and can sense danger but he's not using him as bait. Steve mentions that Kayla offered to help too but this is on him so he's got this. Joey asks if he's going to keep trailing him when he leaves the park. Steve decides it's better that he doesn't know. Joey tells him that he hates this. Steve promises it will be over soon. Joey takes his backpack and leaves the park.

Kayla goes back to Bo's room to find that he is gone from the hospital.

Bo walks outside the town square where Shawn finds him and notes that he got out fast. Bo claims there was nothing to it. Bo thought he was with Hope. Shawn explains that he went out for food. Bo isn't sure whether or not to check on Hope or give her the time she asked for. Shawn questions him wanting his advice and says he doesn't know. Shawn admits maybe it's okay to give a little space. Shawn insists that he knows they will work things out so he's not worried as they have their whole lifetimes together. Bo agrees as Shawn exits while Bo remains looking nervous.

Steve remains in the park where he gets a text asking if he's intrigued which causes him to look around.

Chad goes to the Pub where Rafe is seated. Chad sits with him and apologizes for losing his temper. Chad asks how he can get Rafe to believe him and help him with Abigail because he's afraid that time is running out.

Abigail cries out for Ben which wakes him up. Abigail says she needs him to take her to the hospital. Ben says he didn't buy it the first time. Abigail swears she wouldn't try to trick him about the baby. Abigail cries for him to help because something is wrong.

Jennifer paces at Hope's and decides to text Abigail, asking her to call her instead of text as she needs to hear her voice. Hope comes home and again sees the blood stain on the rug as she sits down with the mail. She stares at an envelope addressed to Mrs. Bo Brady.

Bo remains outside where Kayla catches up to him. Kayla tells him that he worried her by leaving the hospital like that. Bo talks about surviving torture and being pumped with drugs followed by a plane crash. Bo guesses that now Kayla is about to tell him that he's going to die.

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