Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/12/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/12/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to see Daniel at the hospital and complains about him not doing any of the wedding planning. Daniel tells her that he's been busy at the hospital. Nicole asks about Hope. Daniel says she's getting better. Daniel tries to tell Nicole that he will get on the wedding planning but forgets what she wanted him to do. Nicole worries that he's getting cold feet but Daniel promises to take care of everything. Nicole tells him to forget it.

Theresa joins Brady in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. They bring up last night. Brady says they slept together and it's not a big deal but Theresa says it is to her. Brady asks what changed. Theresa asks how he can ask that.

Maggie runs in to Jennifer at the Pub. Maggie asks her what's bothering her. Jennifer tells her that JJ wants to join the police force and she doesn't want him to while Roman won't talk him out of it and Abigail's off with Ben but she doesn't feel she has a right to be upset about anything with what Hope is going through.

Bo brings Chase back home and says they want to talk to him. Bo tells him that he has no idea what he's going through but they are here for him as a family. Ciara hopes Chase isn't mad at him for telling Bo where he was as she was worried. Bo encourages that Chase could use a friend to talk to but Ciara feels she can't talk to him yet after what Aiden tried to do to Hope. Ciara cries that it's really hard for her and she doesn't feel safe around Chase. Chase gets mad and runs upstairs.

Daniel asks Nicole if she means forget the wedding. Nicole laughs and tells him to just forget about the planning that she asked him to do as she will take care of it. Daniel says they are both busy and wants to take care of it but Nicole assures him. Daniel gets paged away.

Theresa reminds Brady that she loves him. Theresa says it wasn't easy for her to say and what she has to tell him now isn't easy either. Theresa tells Brady that if he doesn't love her back then this needs to end.

Jennifer tells Maggie that she wants to give Hope and Bo space as she doesn't know what to say. Maggie encourages her to just be there for Hope. Jennifer thanks her as Maggie tells her to take care and they hug. Maggie then exits the Pub.

Bo tells Ciara that he understands but Hope is home and safe now while what happened had nothing to do with Chase. Hope worries about all Chase has been through in his life. Hope reminds Ciara that Chase is in shock and traumatized while also in grief. Hope tells Ciara that she's sorry that her judgment was so poor as she hugs her and asks for forgiveness. Hope begs Ciara not to take it out on Chase as they cry. Ciara apologizes for saying she doesn't feel safe around Chase but asks if they really think Chase wants to hear them go on about how they feel sorry for him. Ciara thinks Chase just needs time by himself. Ciara suggests discussing something happier like Hope and Bo being back together. Ciara thinks they should set up a date to get married again.

Nicole talks on the phone about the wedding at the hospital but gets another call and says she will get to the Pub about seeing a male model for Basic Black. A man then enters the hospital and Nicole thinks he's the model but says he's not the right look. The man then reveals he is Fynn Thompson and he's looking for Daniel.

Theresa questions Brady having nothing to say after she bared her soul again. Brady says he's taking a moment to process it as they obviously need to talk about love some more. Maggie comes home and interrupts, asking what's different as there is something in the air. Maggie feels there is something different between them and asks what it is. Brady claims not to know what she's talking about and tells Theresa they will talk later as he leaves for the hospital board meeting. Maggie asks Theresa to fill her in. Theresa excitedly hugs her and tells her that she's so happy.

Hope is thankful that Bo is alright and relieved that he's back but is still shocked by what happened. Bo understands she needs time to recover. Hope says it's not just about her but both of them. Hope cries that she's sorry. Bo encourages that she got him through all the pain. Hope apologizes for not thinking clearly and being unable to make decisions for awhile. Bo tells her that he won't pressure her so they will talk about the future when the time is right. Hope feels her whole life has been turned upside down and wonders how to hang on.

Nicole realizes Fynn Thompson is a doctor who used to work with Daniel. Fynn mentions having good times with Daniel and expects more. Fynn then asks Nicole out but she informs him that she's engaged to Daniel. Fynn mentions a similar long story from the past. They say it was nice to meet one another. Fynn says Daniel is lucky as Nicole calls him trouble. Nicole then exits.

Maggie guesses things are better. Theresa asks who knew that honesty could be better for a relationship. Theresa admits that she and Brady spent the night together and he didn't run the next morning. Maggie advises her to be careful as Tate could be what is holding them together. Theresa argues that Brady does love her too and just doesn't know it yet.

Brady runs in to Victor at the hospital. Brady informs him that the board meeting was cancelled again. Brady asks about how Caroline is doing. Victor reveals to Brady that Bo is back but unfortunately wasn't able to stop the wedding but he did stop Aiden from strangling Hope with his necktie. Brady is shocked to hear. Victor notes that Brady hasn't caught the news as Bo took Aiden out. Brady asks where he's been. Victor remarks that he was probably sleeping with the in house tramp.

Bo tells Hope that he knows it's difficult for her but he's here and not going away ever so she can lean on him. Hope stops him and says she can't process, think, or plan anything right now. Bo hugs her and says he will check in with her later as he exits the house. Hope throws the pillows off the couch and lays down crying.

Victor tells Brady it's the truth that his judgment is overcast. Victor calls Theresa poison and he doesn't want her to sink her teeth in to him anymore. Brady insists that she's changed but Victor compares her to a leopard's spots. Brady is sick and tired of him having such a negative attitude about the mother of his child. Brady tells him to cut it out and walks away.

Bo walks through the town square and runs in to Shawn, who asks how Hope is doing. Bo says she's not good. Shawn notes that she's strong and has them back in her life so she will be fine and get through this but Bo is not so sure. Bo says he tried but couldn't reach Hope and didn't know what to say or do to make her feel better and safe.

Hope remains sitting alone until the doorbell rings which startles her. They knock on the door and her phone goes off so she gets up to answer the door and it's Jennifer. They hug as Jennifer says she's so sorry.

Brady meets Theresa at the Pub, who greets him with a hug. Theresa asks about his thoughts. Brady says he has a lot of thoughts as they sit down together. Theresa brings up last night. Brady says he had a really good time with her. Theresa asks if he's saying he wants to be with her or maybe they could work things out. Brady thinks they should not push things and take it as it comes. Theresa takes that as no but Brady says it's not no. Theresa agrees to take what she can get. Theresa tells Brady that she has to get back to Tate now. Theresa asks for a kiss goodbye. Nicole walks by outside on the phone about the model canceling and looks through the window, where she sees Brady and Theresa kiss.

Daniel walks through the park with flowers and is surprised to see Fynn. Fynn informs him that the hospital accepted his application and mentions meeting Nicole. Daniel tells him that this time it's serious and guesses Fynn hit on her. Fynn jokes that he might have in the old days. Daniel says he and Nicole have been through a lot so they trust each other completely.

Jennifer brought a piece of cake for Hope and says she'll make her some tea but Hope declines. Jennifer asks Hope how she really is. Hope admits she's struggling. Hope talks about marrying Aiden and loving him as she cries. Jennifer talks about being there for the vows and part of her hates that she didn't somehow see it. Hope thought she would be okay but can't stay here. Jennifer invites her to come stay with her for as long as she needs. Hope feels she can't do that to her as she has Ciara and Chase but Jennifer says they can come too. Hope hugs her.

Nicole enters the Pub after Theresa leaves and asks Brady what that was all about. Brady calls it nothing but Nicole disagrees. Nicole thought Brady hated Theresa. Brady calls hate a very strong word that he doesn't want in his life. Brady admits he's rethinking things as Theresa has changed since becoming a mother. Nicole is worried about him. Brady says he's not as cynical as her. Nicole believes this is something serious between them and asks if it is. Brady responds that he doesn't know. Nicole calls that the wrong answer.

Shawn tells Bo that it might be a long road but Hope is tough and resilient. Shawn questions Hope being alone being best for her as he thinks they should all be together. Bo insists that they need to respect her wishes. Bo gets dizzy and stumbles. Shawn asks if he's okay. Bo says he is and they walk off together.

Ciara hugs Jennifer and talks about being unable to believe what happened. Ciara feels guilty for what Hope went through as they hug. Ciara tells Jennifer that they have to do something for her. Jennifer responds that they came up with an idea. Hope tells Ciara that they will stay with Jennifer for awhile but Ciara screams no.

Theresa goes home and dances through the house until coming across Victor. Victor stops her and complains about her as a houseguest. Victor tells Theresa to get her ass out of his house now.

Jennifer tells Hope that she will let them talk in private so she exits. Hope talks to Ciara about everything being complicated as far as getting married again. Hope comments that it wasn't Bo who betrayed them but her who betrayed him. Ciara encourages her not to be hard on herself as she thought Bo left them. Ciara says she was wrong since Bo never even meant to leave them and it's clear they still love each other. Hope confirms she still loves Bo and always has. Ciara asks why they can't be a family again as she wants them back the way it was. Hope hugs her and says she doesn't know if it will ever be the same.

Bo and Shawn stop outside the town square. Shawn calls Kayla, believing something is wrong with Bo but Bo takes the phone and says he's fine and that Shawn is just overreacting. Shawn argues that Bo just passed out. Bo agrees to come in so Kayla can check him out and hangs up. Bo appreciates Shawn's concern but says he didn't need to call Kayla. Bo gets dizzy again and faints in Shawn's arms.

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