Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/11/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/11/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve joins Kayla at the hospital and talks about Joey doing better. Kayla questions what he was doing in Joey's room since he put him in danger and tells him to get out. Steve argues that the threat came out of nowhere. Kayla asks about leaving them in Africa and wants information on the threat. Steve just wants to protect her. Kayla argues that he can't do that if he leaves them again and asks how that turned out for Bo.

Hope asks Bo not to leave him and wants to know where he has been. Bo says he will tell her everything but right now she should sleep. Hope wants to hear it now. Bo tells her that he wanted to be with her and would've given anything to be home with her. Hope asks why he wasn't then. Bo says he will tell her the whole story.

Marlena calls Sami and leaves a message for her to call her as they are worried about her and would like to help if they can, telling her to be careful. John assures her that she will call. Marlena feels she left upset and won't stop until she makes Stefano pay for what happened to EJ. John brings up the article on the killer and can't believe it was Aiden. John mentions Marlena never thinking Chad was guilty which she is glad about.

Ben questions how Chad got out of lockup. Chad responds that he's innocent. Ben argues that he was caught in his house. Chad tells him that he didn't kill anyone. Ben asks if Stefano pulled a move. Chad tells him to watch the news and says he would like to see Abigail since she believed in him the whole time and was right.

Abigail screams for help in the cabin.

Bo talks to Hope about taking Caroline to California for treatment and how they didn't have a treatment for what she had so he went looking for one and found Dr. Salinas in Peru but then he got a call from the ISA on the case to get Stefano out of their lives but he was kidnapped while working on that. Bo says they wanted answers and tortured him but he was okay and didn't give them anything.

Ben argues about the evidence pointing to Chad as the killer but Chad reveals he was cleared. Chad tells him he can check with the police which Ben questions. Chad responds that they know who the real killer is now as Aiden was caught trying to kill Hope. Ben is shocked. Chad says he was shocked too and reveals that Aiden was killed during the struggle. Chad says it was clear since he used a necktie and the case is closed. Ben questions this being Chad's first stop. Chad tells him that he wants to see Abigail but Ben says no way. Chad wants to thank her for believing in him the whole time and says he's not leaving until he does.

Abigail cries over stomach pains while remaining tied up as she tries to tell herself to stay calm.

Ben tells Chad to send Abigail a card if he wants to thank her. Chad tells Ben that he was wrong about him and just wants to see Abigail. Ben thinks he wants to spread his lies. Chad repeats that he's free of all charges. Chad then talks about not remembering their fight which surprises Ben.

Steve talks to Kayla about how Caroline might still be sick if Bo didn't leave. Kayla argues that Bo didn't just take care of that and come back. Kayla blames a new mission for the ISA. Steve tells her to just be happy that Bo is home. Kayla continues to argue against the ISA. Kayla argues that they are stubborn and don't care about their families. Steve says they never put their family in danger. Kayla talks about having the same conversation about Steve leaving them in Africa and never mentioning a threat. Steve repeats that he thought it was handled which is why he came back and he won't apologize for that.

Hope worries about how Bo was tortured but he assures that he's fine. Hope cries that she should've known and not given up on him. Bo understands he was gone for a long time as Hope apologizes. Bo tells her that he couldn't communicate after being kidnapped. Bo tells her that none of that matters as he's home and is never going to leave her again. Bo says all that matters is that she gets better. Bo gets up to get her some water as Doug and Julie arrive. Julie tells Hope that she's so sorry and then they turn around, surprised to see Bo. They ask what happened. Bo says he'll tell them everything and asks about the kids as Ciara then arrives for an emotional reunion with her father as they hug. Julie asks what happened to Bo. Bo tells them that he was being held prisoner and didn't want to be away from any of them. Bo tells Ciara that thinking of her and Hope is what brought him back. Chase then arrives asking where Aiden is and what's going on. Ciara says her dad came home He asks what happened to Hope. Hope tells him that she's okay. Doug takes Chase out of the room while Bo takes Ciara out to let Hope rest. Julie sits with Hope. Hope realizes she knows but the kids don't. Julie says she heard it on the news but took away the kids phones. Julie says she called Roman, who told her most of the story but they didn't tell the kids as they wanted to know how she was. Roman then enters. Hope asks how to tell Chase. Roman says she doesn't have to. Hope brings up how Aiden is all Chase had. Hope says they have to be gentle with him. Roman says that's why he is here as he has an idea to help.

Marlena tells John that she's going to call Sami again and leave a message about Chad but she gets a call from Roman. Marlena asks about Sami since she said she was going to find him. Roman is surprised to hear that Sami was back in town as he hasn't heard from her. Roman asks her what's going on. Marlena guesses everything is fine. Roman says he will let her know if he hears anything but right now he needs a favor from her.

Ciara can't believe Bo is there. Bo can't believe how much she's grown. Ciara asks about what happened. Bo calls it very complicated but Ciara doesn't want to hear that. Bo tells her that Hope didn't know where he was or what he was up to. Ciara asks why Hope is in the hospital. Bo tells her that it's going to be pretty rough but he's here for them and always will be as they hug.

Chad tells Ben that he doesn't remember their fight and questions his look. Ben says it's nothing. Chad asks where Abigail is as she isn't answering her phone. Ben tells him that she turned it off as they left town. Chad thought they changed their mind but Ben says they changed their mind again. Chad questions him being here. Ben tells him that he is picking things up that he forgot but they don't live here anymore as they left town and are getting married. Ben threatens to call the cops for harassment if he doesn't leave. Chad has a brief memory of Ben threatening to call the cops the night they fought. Ben opens the door so Chad exits.

Abigail tries to break the handcuff on her ankle but struggles with more stomach pains as she continues to tell herself that it's too soon.

Bo finishes telling Ciara what happened. Ciara questions Aiden just going psycho and can't believe it. Bo hugs her and tells her it will be okay. Bo asks about Ciara and Chase being close these days but Ciara doesn't want to talk about him. Bo reminds her that she can't blame Chase for what Aiden did. Bo points out that Chase lost his mom when he was young and now has lost his dad. Ciara says Aiden was really nice to her and she liked him but obviously she was wrong. Ciara questions how she could like somebody who attacked her mom. Ciara remarks that she's glad he's dead. Bo says she doesn't mean that as they have to think about Chase. Bo tells her to imagine losing her parents. Ciara is so glad Bo is home and hugs him, saying she's never letting him out of her sight again.

Kayla gets that danger follows Steve but he can't keep it to himself. Steve questions her wanting to share the danger. Kayla wants a warning and them to be a team so she can help but he has to tell her what's going on. Kayla argues that they could've faced this and wiped the threat out together but he went off on his own. Steve admits he was wrong. Steve thought the further away he got, the better it would be for them and he never would've come back if he thought Joey could be hurt. Kayla asks if he wants a family. Steve asks what kind of question that is and says yes. Kayla says they should act like one then. Kayla asks about the threat. Steve says he can handle it but Kayla says they can handle it as he's not getting rid of her. Kayla tells him to start from the beginning and tell her everything he knows about that threat so they can tackle it together.

Abigail lays on the floor and tries to stay calm. She sits up and tries to escape the cuff but stops when she hears the door as Ben returns. Ben tells her to forget it as he knows she doesn't care about him and knows what she's been up to. Ben reveals that Chad was at their apartment looking for her which shocks her.

Chad walks through the town square and starts to remember fighting Ben.

Bo brings Hope home where a cop is at the crime scene. Hope tells the cop that she's fine as he leaves. Hope thinks back to Aiden strangling her. Bo asks if she's sure she wants to do this right now. Hope says it's her home and she can't let what happen change that as their children and Chase need them. Hope says they will take Chase in as he doesn't have anywhere else to go and she can't imagine not having him with her. Marlena comes in with Ciara and Chase. Hope hugs Chase. Marlena says she was about to explain why she's here. Chase knows she's a shrink. Chase asks where Aiden is and wants to know what happened. Marlena tells him they don't know exactly what happened but Aiden was under a lot of pressure and he couldn't handle that. Chase questions what that means. Marlena tells him that he had a mental breakdown. Chase asks what he did. Marlena explains that he tried to hurt Hope after the wedding. Chase argues that Aiden loves Hope and wouldn't do that. Hope says there were a lot of problems that none of them saw. Chase questions Aiden just snapping and going crazy. Hope doesn't know what set him off. Chase asks if he's in jail and wants to talk to him. Marlena tells him that he can't do that as she further explains that there was a terrible fight. Chase stops her and says he got it. Chase accuses Bo of killing his dad. Bo tries to say he did not mean to. Chase questions if Ciara knew. Ciara says she just found out. Chase questions everyone knowing that his dad was dead. Hope tells him that she's sorry and he's not alone as they are family. Chase calls it bull and storms out. Bo decides to go after him.

John answers the door as the man that followed him comes in. He tells John this is the last time he will see him as John walked away from two cases he was assigned to. John says he couldn't let it get in the way of his family. The man reveals that John is fired effective immediately and that decision is final as he walks back out.

Ben tells Abigail that she can save her little tricks about being glad to see him. Abigail asks what Chad wanted. Ben says he was looking for her so he had to threaten to call the cops just to get rid of him. Abigail asks about Chad being out of jail. Ben doesn't want to talk about him or how he got out. Ben says Chad will never give up on her unless she forces him to so that's exactly what she's going to do. Abigail asks how she's going to do that. Ben explains that he will call him and she will tell him that she's all done with him and will never lay eyes on him again. Ben says she will get rid of him right now and to be very careful what she says as to make sure he gets the message. Ben calls Chad and puts Abigail on the phone. Chad answers excitedly as Abigail confirms it's her.

Steve smiles and believes this all means Kayla wants him back.

Hope puts down a photo of her and Aiden. Bo comes back being unable to find Chase. Hope worries about leaving him out there. Bo assures that he will find him. Ciara tells him of a secret place that Chase goes when he's upset but he will be furious if she tells. Bo says she has to tell him the secret and asks where he is.

Chad is glad Abigail got his messages and says he came to see her first. Chad says he had to thank her as he only survived jail because of her and how she never stopped believing in her. Chad asks if she's okay. Abigail responds that she's absolutely fine as Ben holds the phone.

Ciara suggests Hope should be in bed but she says she's okay. Hope tells her that she did the right thing by telling Bo where Chase is. Ciara responds that she doesn't care. Hope reminds her that she can't blame Chase or be angry at him as she's going to be okay and they will all heal together. Hope assures that it will be okay because Bo is home as they hug.

Bo walks through the park and finds Chase, who tells him to back off. Bo suggests going back to the house but Chase tells him to leave him alone. Chase shoves him and says he got what he wanted, killing Aiden to get him out of the way when he came back. Chase calls Bo a murderer.

Kayla calls Steve unbelievable and tells him to start talking about the threat.

Chad asks Abigail if she's sure everything is fine. Abigail tells him not to try to contact her. Chad questions if Ben is with her and what he's doing. Chad tells Abigail not to say anything and say goodbye and hang up if she's in trouble so he'll know. Abigail says goodbye and hangs up, leaving Chad to worry.

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