Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope pleads as Aiden strangles her with the necktie until she passes out and then Bo bursts in the door! Bo tackles Aiden and knocks him down then checks on Hope. Aiden recovers and tries to run but Bo stops him and knocks him out then goes back to checking on Hope and trying to revive her.

Andre and Stefano play chess at home. Andre tells Stefano that they are now awaiting official confirmation that Hope is no longer living. Stefano expects good news very soon.

Sami sits down with Marlena and John to talk about going to Switzerland after EJ's letter. John says he would've tried to stop her. Sami is glad he didn't because EJ left her information on Stefano like account passwords to everything so that she could neutralize him and keep them all safe. Sami then adds that EJ is alive which Marlena calls impossible. Sami says the DiMeras taught them that nothing is impossible. Sami says she's thinking clearly now and will follow EJ's letter to get him back.

Chad paces in his cell and thinks back to Andre warning him that the necktie killer would strike again.

Abigail is handcuffed at the cabin and promises her baby that she will find a way to get out. Ben comes in and Abigail greets him. Ben questions her pretending not to hate him after she tried to escape. Abigail claims she doesn't hate him as he's her fiancee and she's having his baby. Abigail just wants to understand why he did what he did.

Steve opens the letter and it says "You thought you were rid of me for good, didn't you?" Kayla questions what it means. Steve tells her that there was a matter of life and death in Africa and he never would've came home unless it was safe and now it looks like they followed him home.

Bo continues trying to revive Hope. Aiden recovers and gets up behind him. Aiden grabs Bo from behind in a chokehold. They crash through the coffee table and Bo punches him down. Aiden crawls away and they get back to their feet. Aiden says to finish this as they continue punching each other. Aiden knocks him down from behind and grabs Hope's gun as they struggle over the couch until the gun goes off.

John questions Sami's theory. Sami tells him that the deposit box had a flash drive with all the financial information and a phone with instructions to wait until she got home to turn it on so she wanted to wait until now. Sami turns on the phone and wonders why nothing is happening. Sami insists that she's not crazy as there is a lot more. John says they can't help unless they know everything. Sami asks if he'll help if they know. John tells her to walk them through everything. Sami goes over getting the letter and confirming it was EJ's handwriting and phrases that she would know. Sami noted that some of the words were in the present tense and not the past which was her first clue then she went to the deposit box. Sami believes EJ is giving them a chance to be safe so they can be reunited. Sami says she's taken money from Stefano before and she can do it again. Sami argues that there must be a good reason for EJ to do it like this so she will follow the instructions to get EJ back. Sami insists that EJ is alive. Sami adds that she has one more clue that they will believe too when they see it.

Chad sits alone in his cell and says if he could just remember. Chad starts to remember finding Marlena when she was attacked. Chad wonders how he ended up here.

Ben tells Abigail that she has no idea how much he hates what he did. Ben says Will was his friend but he had to do it as he had no other choice. Abigail asks him why. Ben responds it was because of her and Will knew what he did so if she found out, the thought of losing her to Chad drove him out of his mind. Ben says it wasn't jealousy that drove him to do this but love. Ben tells her that he loved her so much that he would've done anything to save her from Chad rather than sit back and let him hurt her again. Ben states that Abigail was so hurt from what Chad did to her when he first met her. Ben warns her not to defend Abigail. Ben says Chad may not have murdered anyone but he is evil and he needed the whole world to see that. Ben asks Abigail if she sees that now. Abigail responds that she does. Ben apologizes for what he's done. Ben declares that sometimes innocent people have to die in this cruel world.

Bo pushes Aiden off of him as he was shot. Bo checks Aiden to confirm he's dead. Bo goes back to trying to revive Hope. Bo cries over her that she's going to be okay. Hope wakes up suddenly in a panic. Bo tells her that it's him and she's safe now. Hope can't believe it's him as they embrace.

Kayla questions who followed Steve home and warns him about not telling her. Steve knows she wasn't happy about him rejoining the ISA but he did it to take care of someone. Kayla questions what he means and why he didn't tell her. Steve didn't want her involved or in danger. Steve thought he had eliminated the threat but apparently he was wrong.

Sami shows video footage from two days before EJ's letter was mailed and it shows a man putting things in the deposit box but his face is hidden. Sami argues that it's EJ but John feels there is nothing to go on. Sami gets that he doesn't see it but insists on her belief. Sami says she won't let Stefano take time away from her and EJ like he did to John and Marlena. Sami declares she loves EJ and she will fight for him to get him back. Marlena wants her to listen but Sami says there is no argument.

Chad lays down to sleep in his cell and has visions of his fight with Ben.

Abigail tells Ben she knows it must have been hard to keep his secret and asks if anyone else knows. Ben says only she and Clyde understand him and that's the way it's going to stay.

Bo tells Hope she's okay. Hope asks where Aiden is. Bo tells her to stay away from him and let the police handle it as he's dead. Hope goes to Aiden and cries over him asking why as Bo holds her back. Rafe and the police arrive. Rafe sees Bo and asks if they were hit by any gunshots. Bo responds that it's not his blood. Rafe then looks over and sees Aiden's dead body. Rafe questions what the hell happened here.

Kayla questions Steve as he tries to explain that telling her would've put her in more danger and compromised the mission. Kayla doesn't care and reminds him that she divorced him over this and lost her trust in him. Steve tells her it will be okay but she disagrees. Steve assures that he has her back and he will protect their family. Kayla wants to believe that but then questions if his unfinished business has anything to do with what happened to Joey.

Sami tells Marlena and John that she's going to do this. Marlena warns her to stay away from the DiMeras. Sami wants her kids to grow up with their father if they can. Sami believes EJ is counting on her. Marlena doesn't want to see her like this. Sami doesn't have time and gets ready to leave. Sami wants to talk to Roman to come up with a plan so the other DiMeras can be distracted. Sami knows Roman hated EJ but he loves her so he'll help her. Sami tells them that she loves them and hugs them goodbye. Sami excitedly says she's going to do this and get him back as she exits. Sami gets excited by the phone and rushes off.

Andre tells Stefano that Aiden was supposed to strangle Hope but now he's heard that gunshots have been fired at Hope's residence and wonders why.

Rafe tells Hope that he knows it's hard but he needs a statement. Rafe goes over Hope and Aiden coming home together but Hope remains silent. Bo tells Rafe that he came in to see Aiden strangling her with the necktie and then he grabbed Hope's gun, they struggled until the gun went off. Rafe says it doesn't make sense. Hope goes over to Aiden and questions how he could do this to her. Hope then turns on Bo, screaming that he wasn't here when she needed him and asks why he's here now. Bo tries to calm her down as she falls into his arms.

Steve tells Kayla that he doesn't know what happened to Joey as he wasn't there. Kayla points out that Steve believed Joey not taking drugs. Kayla wanted to believe him but there were drugs in his system. Kayla warns him about anything happening to their son. Steve argues that he was doing his job and he brought Bo back home. Kayla says she's grateful for that but is now worried about this mysterious threat he brought to their lives. Steve thought he had dealt with it and guesses he shouldn't have come back after all. Kayla tells Steve that if he's going to get whoever it is, go do it and stay away from her and Joey. Kayla then walks away.

Hope is taken out on a stretcher as Rafe reminds that they need a statement as soon as she's able. Rafe asks Bo where he came from. Bo explains that Steve found him in Mexico where he was kidnapped and being held prisoner. Rafe comments on his timing. Bo says they found out Hope was getting married and wonders what was up with that maniac. Bo worried that he got there too late. Rafe says it's good he came when he did. Bo asks about the necktie. Rafe informs him about the necktie serial killer in Salem. Rafe thought Steve might have mentioned it but Bo says they were preoccupied. Rafe says now is not the time to get into it. Bo confirms he had never seen Aiden before. Rafe repeats that it doesn't make sense as he thought Aiden was one of the good guys. Rafe says Aiden was crazy about Hope so it doesn't make a damn bit of sense.

Andre tells Stefano that Hope and Bo are being taken to the hospital while Aiden is dead. Stefano is shocked to hear Bo is back. Andre complains that Bo arrived just in time to save Hope and now Aiden's dead.

Sami goes to the Pub to meet the priest and says his name was on the text she got. He assumes it's from the same person who left a box for her in his office. He mentions calling Eric but he didn't know if she was in town or not. Sami opens the box and it's a family bible. He implies EJ could be trying to send a message from beyond the grave and points out a bookmark to a specific chapter and scripture highlighted that reads "I will see you again and your heart will rejoice." Sami wishes there was a way to find out where it was purchased. She looks through it and finds an address in Paris. Sami asks the priest to hold on to the bible for her to keep it safe. Sami says there's just something she has to do. She thanks him and exits the Pub as she holds back tears.

Chad questions the guard about not getting his message to Rafe or Hope about the necktie killer striking again but the guard doesn't believe him and leaves.

Ben says he's glad Abigail finally understands. He knew that once they were away from Salem and Chad, that she would see it's all for her. Ben adds that everything he'll ever do will be for her and their baby. Ben then kisses Abigail. She tries reaching around him for an object on the ground but he stops and tells her that he's going to uncuff her so they can make love.

Andre talks on the phone about their next move. Stefano asks him what that was about. Andre says he's just dealing with the fallout from Aiden's death. He tells Stefano that there's nothing to worry about as he has matters all in hand.

Bo helps have Hope brought in to the hospital. Steve approaches and asks what's going on. Bo informs Steve that Hope was almost killed tonight as Aiden tried to strangle her. Steve questions that but Bo rushes in to be with Hope. The nurse tells Bo that he needs to be examined too but he says he's fine and just wants to be with his wife. The nurse steps out as Bo stands at Hope's side. Hope wakes up and begins screaming. Bo holds her and tells her she's safe and it's all over as he hugs her.

Sami walks through the park and comes across Andre, who welcomes her home and asks about her trip to Switzerland. Sami tries to run but gets grabbed by two of Andre's men and carried away.

The guard returns to Chad and reveals there was something to his story as it turned out Aiden was the necktie killer.

Ben wants Abigail to tell him she loves him so she does but Ben calls her a lying bitch.

The cops put Aiden in a bodybag as Rafe says he knew Chad was innocent but questions how he could miss this and how Aiden could do this.

Kayla joins Bo and Steve at the hospital, asking about Hope being brought in. Kayla hugs Bo and he then gets back to Hope. Bo sits with Hope and cradles her in the hospital bed.

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