Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Theresa go home. Theresa talks about what a night it was and her favorite part being their kiss. Theresa steps towards him but Brady walks away.

Kayla checks on Joey at the hospital, who swears he didn't do any drugs. Kayla says she heard him and will check the test results. A nurse comes in and informs Kayla that Caroline has left the hospital.

Bo hugs Caroline as she tells him how glad she is to see him. Caroline apologizes and cries that she failed him. Bo tells her no because they are here but Caroline says she couldn't stop the wedding so Hope is married to another man. Bo can't believe it and yells in frustration.

Hope has a dream about Bo coming home and questioning her marrying someone else then she wakes up.

Bo doesn't want to believe it but Caroline cries to him that it's true. Bo questions where everyone is. Steve goes to check the building. Bo asks where Hope is now. Caroline informs him that Hope and Aiden went home which enrages Bo.

Aiden holds the necktie as he thinks back to the wedding. Aiden sits down frustrated as he looks up at the stairs.

John and Marlena remain together in the park, looking at the stars. Marlena comments that everybody is leaving so John suggests they go home too. Marlena stops him and says she's still so impressed that he turned down the ISA to be there for the wedding. John responds that it's the only place he needed to be tonight with the woman he's so in love with. John kisses Marlena as someone watches them from the bushes.

Theresa asks Brady if he's okay, feeling he completely shut down. Brady claims he's just tired from a long night. Theresa argues that they were doing great tonight, like a team again. Theresa brings up the kiss again which Brady says is when things went off the rails.

Victor and Maggie go home and stop outside to talk about a great night. Victor congratulates Maggie on putting it all together. Victor gets a call from Kayla, asking if Caroline is there. Victor says she's not and will check the house. Victor hangs up and tells Maggie that Caroline walked out of the hospital. Victor blames himself for Caroline being delusional because of taking the drug.

Bo tells Caroline that he has to go to the house but he gets dizzy and has to sit down. Steve comes back and tells them that it's deserted out there. Bo tells Steve that Hope is probably home with her new husband now. Steve encourages Bo to get home. Bo tells Steve to go find Kayla. Steve tells Bo that he's in rough shape so he can help him get home. Bo insists on Steve going to find Kayla. Caroline tells Steve that Kayla is at the hospital. Bo tells Steve that he got him this far and he's good so it's family first. Steve tells them to take it easy as he exits. Bo tells Caroline that he loves her and then exits.

Hope sits in bed awake now.

Aiden pulls out gloves with the necktie and looks upstairs again.

Theresa tells Brady that she knows the kiss meant as much to him as it did to her but Brady says she's reading too much into it. Victor interrupts and tells Theresa to take a hint.

Kayla calls Caroline, leaving a message to call her back. The nurse assures Kayla that Caroline took all of her clothes. Kayla worries about having to make a missing person report. Steve then arrives and informs Kayla that Caroline's not missing as she's at the mansion with Bo. Kayla is shocked that he found Bo.

Bo gets on his motorcycle and tries to get it started again.

Aiden puts on the gloves, mask, and all black outfit then prepares to head upstairs with the necktie.

Hope gets out of bed and calls out to Aiden, asking if she has to come down and find him.

John and Marlena walk through the town square together. John notes that she's quiet and he knows she's worried about Sami and so is he. John goes over the letter from EJ. Marlena worries about what Sami might find in Switzerland and that her life could be in danger. Marlena gets a strange feeling they are being watched. John suggests finding a nice private area and checking things out so they walk away together while someone remains watching from the bushes.

Victor accuses Theresa of throwing herself at Brady and questions what makes her think she can land him now. Brady stops Victor and says he doesn't need his interference. Victor argues that they should've threw Theresa out months ago. Brady calls it a private conversation. Victor says it's his house. Tate wakes up crying. Victor tells Theresa to go take care of him so he doesn't have to look at her. Maggie tells Theresa it will be okay. Theresa heads upstairs but stops to listen in as Brady tells Victor to speak to her with respect. Brady insists that she has changed and walks out. Maggie knows Victor is upset about Caroline but tells him to be more civil. Victor apologizes for snapping and tells Maggie that he loves her but calls Theresa a little bitch. Maggie tells him not to call her that and argues for Theresa but Victor gets a text that Caroline is at the mansion with Bo. Victor declares that Caroline was right all along so they have to go and they rush out.

Bo gets frustrated as he can't get the motorcycle started.

Hope heads downstairs looking for Aiden so he hides while dressed as the killer. Hope looks outside and then heads back inside. Hope goes back upstairs. Aiden takes the mask off and tells himself that he can't do this. Aiden starts to leave but stops and puts the mask back on. He grabs the necktie and heads upstairs.

Kayla can't believe all of it and that she didn't believe what Caroline said. Steve confirms that Bo was in trouble. Kayla realizes she owes Caroline an apology. Steve asks if she wants to go catch up with her. Kayla says there is something important they have to do first as Joey was admitted tonight but he's stable and will go home tomorrow. Steve asks what happened. Kayla says he apparently took some kind of drug and passed out which shocks Steve. They head to see Joey. Joey swears he didn't do drugs and only had a can of soda. Steve asks who was with him. Joey says he was hanging out with Theo and they said no to the kids that invited them to drink. Kayla says something strong is in his system. Steve believes Joey. Kayla goes to get the test results.

Bo runs through the park.

Hope looks at her flowers and thinks back to the wedding. Hope calls it definitely a night to remember as she hangs up her dress. Aiden then grabs her from behind with the necktie and begins to strangle her.

John and Marlena walk out of the town square. A man follows them out so John grabs him. Marlena goes to spray him with mace but John reveals that he knows the guy.

Theresa prepares for bed but stops and hugs Brady's suit jacket. Brady then comes in on the phone so she puts it back down. Theresa tells Brady that she appreciated him sticking up for her with Victor. Brady tells her that Victor doesn't like change and he wishes Victor would cut her some slack. Theresa brings up the kiss again and Brady being into it like she was then all of a sudden he didn't want change and it hurt. Brady apologizes and says the way he's feeling is complicated. Brady admits he enjoyed their time together tonight including their kiss. Brady apologizes for pushing her away. Theresa thanks him and says it means a lot to her. Theresa is glad they are being honest with each other about how they feel. Brady thinks they should do that more often. Theresa then admits she loves Brady and hugs him.

Steve tells Joey about the plane crash and making it home with Bo. Joey calls it pretty amazing that he found Bo when everybody else said he was never coming back. Steve says it shows to never give up on people. Joey asks about Hope. Steve tells him that things will work out and to always assume the best with Bo and Hope. Kayla returns and reveals that drugs are in Joey's system. Joey argues that all he had was soda and he didn't do drugs. Kayla takes Steve out of the room to talk.

Victor and Maggie go to the Martin mansion and find Caroline. Caroline asks if Kayla sent them to take her back to the hospital. Victor asks about Bo. Caroline says he's on his way home to tell Hope that he never meant to leave her. Victor tells Caroline that she was right all along. Caroline says trying to stop the wedding didn't work. Victor apologizes for not believing her and hugs her while thanking her as Maggie watches on.

Bo gets out of breath and staggers through the park then collapses.

Aiden continues choking Hope but she manages to turn around and stabs him. Hope pins him down and unmasks him. Hope screams not wanting to believe it. Aiden tries to stop her but Hope runs away and down the stairs. Aiden follows as Hope grabs for her phone.

John recognizes the man following them as an agent from the ISA. He says he was trying to catch him. John questions why he was looking for him. The man tells him that certain people in the ISA didn't appreciate him turning down the assignment and there could be consequences so he better not let it happen again. He walks away. Marlena worries about the threat. John tells her to forget about him and they walk off together while someone is still watching them.

Brady questions why Theresa had to say that. Brady complains that she always goes one step too far and suddenly deciding it's love. Theresa argues that she can't win with him as he's always mad at her. Theresa walks out and heads upstairs. Brady sits down frustrated.

Steve tells Kayla that he believes Joey as he doesn't think he would lie to them about doing drugs. Kayla argues about the drug test. Steve asks what kind of drugs it was. Kayla calls it a combination but it's not important. Steve wants to know what's kind if someone slipped their son drugs. Kayla argues that Joey is just being a troubled teen. Kayla thinks this all started when Steve came back to Salem. A nurse brings a note left at the desk for Steve. Steve points out that he hasn't been in touch with anyone so he wonders who would even know he's here.

Bo wakes up as a invitation to Hope and Aiden's wedding blows by. Bo gets back to his feet and continues through the park.

Hope throws vases at Aiden, smashing them. Hope grabs a cane and swings at Aiden but he blocks it and trips her. They fight in the stairway where Aiden knocks her down the stairs and goes back to choking her but she fights him off. Aiden then gets hold of the necktie again and tries to strangle Hope again.

Brady follows Theresa to her bedroom. She tells him that he knows this is right. She tells him not to think and just to feel whatever he feels about them. Brady says she knows this is wrong as he removes his shirt. Brady gets in bed and begins kissing Theresa.

Andre gets a call at the DiMera Mansion. He says he knew it was going to happen and the bitch is back. Andre says to keep him posted and stay on her as he will make his move on her soon. Andre hangs up and laughs.

John and Marlena go home. Marlena is still worried about the man in the park. John insists that he's not a threat and tells her to just concentrate on the great time they had tonight. John says there is only one way to cap off a night like this as he kisses her. John goes to lock the door when Sami suddenly enters and tells them that they won't believe what she found out about EJ.

Kayla suggest someone maybe wanted to welcome Steve home and wonders why he's so suspicious. Steve feels something is off about this whole situation. She tells him to open the note and see what it says. Steve opens it and it says "You thought you were rid of me for good, didn't you?" causing them to worry.

Hope pleads as Aiden strangles her with the necktie until she passes out and then Bo bursts in the door!

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