Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/5/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/5/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Hope continue with the traditional vows and the priest pronounces them man and wife as they kiss and everyone cheers.

Bo yells in frustration from the jail cell.

Rafe steps away to check in with work which Gabi questions. Doug and Julie talk about Aiden making Hope happy. Hope thanks everyone for sharing this special moment with them.

Kayla checks on Caroline at the hospital. Caroline tells her that nothing is wrong with her. Kayla says she shouldn't have pretended then. Caroline insists that Bo called and he's on his way home.

Bo complains to Steve about his wife marrying another guy. Steve doesn't know what choice they have. Bo demands his one phone call as the deputy sits nearby but he gets up and leaves. Steve tries to encourage Bo. Steve tells Bo that Hope has moved on so it doesn't matter when he shows up. Steve states that Hope has a choice to make and there's no guarantee she will choose him. Bo punches Steve and questions why he would say that. Steve strikes back and they start to fight.

Hope and Roman talk about Caroline and enjoying the rest of the evening. Abe steps aside with Lani to talk. John tells Marlena that he hopes everything is okay. Marlena comments that Lani seems so familiar to her. Ciara and Chase talk with Hope and Aiden about being family now as they hug.

Julie tells Hope that she got a text from Aunt Marie who said congratulations and mentioned planning her wedding with Alice, 50 years ago. Julie praises the family and calls for Eric to take a photo. Eric takes a Horton family photo.

Lani tells Abe outside the room that her mom didn't say much or how they met. Abe recalls Tamara almost crashing in to his car. Abe realizes she doesn't know about Lani either. Abe assures her that he had no idea her mother was pregnant when she left town and wonders how she couldn't tell him that he had a daughter.

Joey finds Theo, now a teenager, in the park and asks him how it's going since he hasn't seen him in a while. Two of Joey's friends appear and suggest having fun by drinking.

Maggie invites everyone to the park for fireworks of the Bicentennial celebration so everyone begins to exit. Rafe wishes Aiden and Hope a lifetime of happiness. Hope thanks him for everything. Rafe tells her she's a beautiful bride and exits. Aiden tells Hope that the park is going to be packed while he'd prefer some alone time. Hope agrees to go straight home as they kiss.

Bo and Steve continue fighting until the deputy comes back and they turn on him to steal the key. They joke about hitting each other so hard as they escape the jail cell.

Lani and Abe continue to talk about her mom.

Theo and Joey talk about not getting in trouble. Joey then faints. Theo panics and rushes off.

Victor talks with Brady at the park and says he hopes Theresa isn't getting any ideas. Justin jokes about Victor always being grouchy. Daniel and Nicole talk with Jennifer and Maggie about weddings. Eric calls it a remarkable, uneventful wedding by Salem standards. Nicole jokes that it's because Sami wasn't around as she toasts with Daniel.

Chase and Ciara walk through the town square with Doug and Julie. Doug and Julie go to get them some yogurt. Ciara and Chase look at clothes in a shop window. Ciara suggests stealing him a leather jacket as she knows how to pick the lock.

Aiden carries Hope inside as they go home. Hope tells him that tonight was absolutely perfect and she never thought she could be this happy again as they kiss. Aiden tells her to go upstairs while he gets a surprise from the car. Hope says all she wants right now is him so she takes him upstairs with her.

Chase doesn't want Ciara to steal the jacket for him and questions why she would since she has the money. Ciara jokes about Hope not wanting her to be spoiled. Ciara asks if Chase wants the jacket or not but Doug and Julie come back and ask what's going on.

Maggie, Adrienne, and Jennifer look through an old photo album. They come across a picture of Steve and Kayla, Jennifer and Jack, John and Marlena, and then Tom and Alice while talking about Salem's greatest love stories. Rafe tells Roman that he's going to take off if he doesn't need him. Kate questions him not staying for the fireworks. Rafe says when you've seen them once, you've seen them all as he exits. John and Marlena check on Abe and ask if he's okay as he seems a little upset. Abe calls it a story for another time.

Theo comes back to Joey with Lani, asking what happened. Lani says they will get him to the hospital.

Kayla brings Dr. Salinas in to check on Caroline. Caroline explains that she was just trying to give Bo time to get home. He agrees that they should give her some tests and keep her overnight for observation.

Aiden and Hope kiss in the bedroom. Aiden suggests slowing down and making it memorable. Hope assures that it will be as they begin to undress and continue kissing.

Theresa sits with Brady and talks about missing Tate. Brady suggests calling the nanny so they walk off to do so. Nicole watches on as Daniel asks if she's okay. Nicole assures that she's happier than she's ever been but doesn't want to be jealous of not having her own baby. She doesn't think she will ever stop aching from her miscarriages.

Ciara and Chase sit with Doug and Julie in the town square. Rafe walks by. Ciara goes and hugs him, saying she's happy that he was the best man as he has always been a great friend to Hope. Rafe says he's heading home. Ciara questions him missing the fireworks which only happens every 200 years so Rafe agrees to stay a little longer. Doug and Julie go to get some water. Rafe says he will see Ciara back at the park as he heads back. Ciara goes back to Chase as they talk about living together now. Ciara says it had been lonely. Chase brings up that she hated him when they first met as they joke around. Ciara brings up the jacket and asks if he wants her to steal it for him or not as Doug and Julie come back and overhear.

Lani brings Joey in to the hospital and Kayla sends him to an exam room.

Caroline tries to sneak out of her hospital bed but Dr. Salinas returns. He tells her that he will order some medication to help her sleep and he will check on her in the morning. She asks where Kayla is. He tells her that she's with a patient but will be in to say goodnight. Dr. Salinas exits. Caroline says that she won't and begins to sneak out.

Brady and Theresa talk with John and Marlena. Brady says he's glad the ISA trip could wait. John says he wouldn't have missed this. Theresa wishes him luck and talks about explaining their family tree to Tate. Marlena brings up favorite memories in Salem. Marlena says their favorite was being reunited after so many years apart. John tells her that he loves her so much and kisses her.

Julie asks Doug to take Chase for a walk so she can have a moment with Ciara. Ciara tells her that she would never do that but Julie tells her to save it. Julie questions why she would even entertain the idea of stealing. Julie brings up being caught shoplifting when she was her age. Julie says she learned things the hard way but Ciara doesn't have to. Julie asks her what's going on so she can try to help. Ciara tells her that she's really happy for Hope and she likes Aiden a lot but he's not her dad and the leather jacket reminded her of Bo. She cries that she misses him so much. Julie tells her that she understands.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing in bed as Aiden's thoughts flash of his murder plan.

Caroline returns to the gala where everyone is now gone and she takes a seat. Bo and Steve then rush in with Bo announcing they're here and asking where everyone is, exciting Caroline.

Ciara says they should get to the park. Julie tells them to go ahead as she and Doug have some celebrating to do. Ciara and Chase exit. Julie assures Doug that Ciara won't be stealing anything and mentions her shoplifting experience, thankful that she had Tom and Alice to set her straight. Julie flashes back to Alice telling her about a conversation she had with Tom that night. Julie says that they still need them after all these years and she wishes they were still with them. Doug encourages that they still are. Doug says Julie reaching out to Ciara like that keeps Tom and Alice's spirit alive. Doug assures that they are very proud as he kisses her then they walk off together passing the Tom and Alice memorial plaque in the square.

Rafe returns to the park which makes Gabi happy. Doug and Julie arrive as well. Victor calls for everyone's attention for a Greek tradition to share a kiss at midnight for any park celebration like this. They countdown and the fireworks begin. Julie and Doug kiss, John and Marlena kiss, Eve and Justin kiss. Gabi kisses Rafe on the cheek and then JJ kisses Gabi on the cheek. Daniel and Nicole kiss, Lucas and Adrienne kiss, then Eric gives Jennifer a big kiss. Ciara kisses Theo on the cheek, surprising him while Chase looks down. Theresa tells Brady they wouldn't want to mess with tradition. Brady agrees and starts kissing Theresa. Maggie tells Victor that she's never heard of that tradition and jokes about him making it up as they kiss. Everyone continues watching the fireworks.

Aiden and Hope lay in bed together. Hope says she could stay there for the rest of her life. Aiden tells her that he has to go get her surprise. Hope responds that it better be worth it. Aiden assures that it will be. Hope tells him that she loves him as they kiss. Aiden gets up and exits.

Bo hugs Caroline as she tells him how glad she is to see him. Caroline apologizes and cries that she failed him. Bo tells her no because they are here but Caroline says she couldn't stop the wedding so Hope is married to another man. Bo can't believe it and yells in frustration.

Aiden goes downstairs and grabs the bag he hid. He pulls out a necktie to prepare for killing Hope.

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