Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/4/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/4/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad is brought in to see Andre at the station. Andre tells Chad there's no need for a lawyer when it's just family. Chad questions how he got away with this and asks what he wants. Andre thinks it's a good time for them to chat, DiMera to DiMera.

Abigail remains handcuffed as Ben tells her it's just the two of them. Abigail complains of it hurting her wrist. Ben responds that he had to make it tight as she tried to get away. Ben knows she's trying to trick him. Ben says he has her so he doesn't need anyone else. Abigail argues that he's a good person who didn't want to kill those people. Ben says he had to because of Chad and she's still defending him. Abigail says she doesn't love Chad. Ben tells her to tell him that she loves him and he'll know if she's lying.

Bo and Steve run out of gas in their motorcycle as Bo complains about no gas stations being open. Steve tries to keep him calm and decides he'll try to catch them a ride at the last gas station. Bo tries to go with him but is in pain so Steve tells him to sit down and take a break.

Caroline screams for the ceremony to stop. Roman, Victor, and Kayla check on her as Caroline complains that she can't breathe.

Andre tells Chad that he has instructions for him to be a model prisoner. Chad questions his lecture. Andre tells him to shut up and listen as if all goes well, he should be free by tomorrow.

Abigail tells Ben that he needs to talk to someone as this isn't right. Abigail suggests the hospital hotline for people with problems. Ben gets a text from Jennifer asking if Abigail is alright. Ben realizes he left Abigail's phone at the apartment so he has to go back. Abigail pulls away from him so Ben decides maybe he should just leave her here. Abigail screams for him as Ben exits.

Bo sits down against the motorcycle and dreams of coming home to Hope.

Kayla checks Caroline's pulse as a little fast. Jennifer tells JJ that she'll be fine as she steps out. Gabi checks on JJ. JJ worries about anything happening to Caroline. Gabi assures that she'll be fine. Shawn encourages Ciara and Joey. Rafe encourages Aiden that it's only a delay. Caroline complains that she feels terrible about ruining the wedding and suggests postponing it. Kayla decides she will take her to the hospital but Caroline argues that she just needs a little rest as she can't miss the wedding.

Abigail struggles with her handcuffs and cries. She tells herself to stay calm and that it's going to be alright, promising to get her baby out of here.

Bo tells himself that it's always be he and Hope as he continues dreaming about coming home to Hope.

Daniel tells Caroline to call if she needs anything. Rafe checks on Aiden. Aiden just wants to get married and thinks Caroline should be taken to a hospital. Rafe tells him that she doesn't want to go and it's out of his hands. Hope agrees that they should wait until Caroline is better before they go on. Kayla asks for a second alone with Caroline so the others step aside. Kayla tells Caroline that she's either playing a game or needs medical attention so she won't let her ruin or postpone Hope's wedding. Kayla asks Jennifer to take over as maid of honor while she takes Caroline to get checked out at the hospital. Kayla tells Hope that they want the wedding to go on without them because they really want her to get married tonight. Hope says she will check with Aiden. Maggie steps aside with Victor. Victor doesn't know how Caroline is going to manage the reality that she hasn't been speaking to Bo and he's not coming home along with Hope getting married. Maggie tells him that no one knows better than him how that reality hurts. Hope checks with Aiden. Aiden says Kayla sounds sure it's the right thing to do but Hope says something doesn't feel right to her. Hope states that she doesn't think Bo is coming back but she's worried about Caroline. Hope thinks it would do good for Caroline to see them married. Aiden tells Hope that she has to do what she feels is right. Roman encourages them to get married while Kayla takes care of Caroline. Roman assures that it's the right thing to do and tells Aiden to take care of Hope. Kayla tells Joey to stay and she'll update him on Caroline. Chase asks if they are still getting married and Kayla says yes. Ciara jokes about no one getting married in Salem without something going wrong. They prepare for the ceremony to continue.

Abigail reaches for a fork nearby but accidentally knocks it off the table.

Ben returns home and checks Abigail's phone with a voicemail from Jennifer asking what happened as she doesn't understand missing Hope's wedding. Ben calls her an interfering bitch as he uses Abigail's phone to text Jennifer to leave her alone as she needs to be with Ben right now.

Chad tells Andre that he feels Stefano is behind all of this. Andre reminds him that they are family. Chad asks if Stefano found the real killer. Andre says no. Chad asks how they plan on getting him free then. Andre says they don't have a clue who the killer is right now. Chad questions how they are getting him out then. Andre informs him that they have some information that will culminate in his release. Andre tells Chad that the necktie killer is going to strike again tonight.

Gabi asks Rafe if he thinks the wedding is going to happen but he isn't sure. Rafe apologizes for forgetting about her in the chaos. Gabi tells him it's okay as she found people to talk to Justin gets a call and steps out with Eve. Doug asks Hope if they are going through with the wedding. Hope responds that there is something she needs to say first.

Justin talks on the phone, questioning Andre being alone with Chad in the interrogation room. Justin tells them to let them think they got away with it and hangs up. Eve notes that he didn't sound happy. Justin apologizes for abandoning her. Eve tells him to take all the time he needs to nail Chad. Justin asks how she's holding up. Eve admits it's tough but it beats the lonely apartment. Justin tells her that he's on her side whatever she wants to do. Eve says it means so much that he's her friend. Justin tells Eve that he thinks of her as more than just a friend. Eve jokes that she can't believe he said that out loud as they kiss. Adrienne walks by and sees them.

Kayla and Roman bring Caroline to the hospital. She complains that she hates the place. Kayla tells her that is what happens when she interrupts the wedding. Caroline says she feels better but Kayla notes that she didn't even turn the oxygen on so she questions what Caroline is up to.

Bo continues his imagining of coming home to Hope.

Doug asks Hope if everything is okay. Adrienne comes back in looking sad so Lucas checks on her but she says she's fine. Justin and Eve then come back in. Hope calls for everyone's attention. Hope says Kayla and Roman took Caroline to the hospital to make sure everything is okay but she knows Caroline would want them to go on. Everyone applauds the wedding continuing as Aiden thinks about his murder plan. Hope asks Aiden if he's ready as Chase jokes that it was all his big idea and hugs him.

Abigail reaches the nearby fork and tries to use it on the handcuffs.

Ben looks at a photo of he and Abigail as he thinks back to overhearing Chad and Abigail arguing about having sex. Ben uses Abigail's phone again to text Jennifer not to call or text as she's fine. Ben then exits.

Hope finds Jennifer and asks what's wrong. Jennifer says nothing and asks if Hope knew Abigail wasn't coming. Hope says she didn't tell her. Jennifer feels it's rude and that Abigail would've told her. Hope guesses she left a message but she doesn't know where her phone is. Jennifer points out Abigail usually signing her texts. Maggie comes and gets them for the wedding so they head back in.

Chad tells Andre that he can't do this and begs him not to have somebody murdered to get him out. Chad yells for the guard but Andre grabs him and warns him to control himself. Andre tells him that they aren't having anyone murdered but they believe the necktie killer will kill again which will clear him. Andre tells Chad that they are looking out for him, protecting him, and making sure he doesn't screw up. Chad says God help him if Andre is his best friend.

The wedding continues. Theresa looks at Brady with a smile as Ciara walks down the aisle followed by Jennifer as the maid of honor. Everyone stands again for Hope's entrance down the aisle. Chase encourages Aiden to smile as they wait at the altar. Doug and Julie walk Hope down the aisle again. Everyone takes their seat as the priest begins the ceremony again.

Chad mocks thanking Andre for all of his support. Chad brings up the theory that people in a coma can hear what people say in the room. Chad reveals that he heard Andre say he'd be better off staying in the coma or dying. Andre suggests letting that go. Chad warns that the second he gets a chance, he will tell anyone what he just told him. Andre didn't expect that reaction and calls it all emotion. Andre says there's nothing he can do to stop it.

Abigail tries to use the fork to escape the handcuffs.

Caroline complains that Kayla tricked her. Kayla questions her lying to everybody and faking an attack in the middle of the wedding without caring what anyone though. Kayla argues that Caroline doesn't give a damn that she scared people or about Hope's feelings. Caroline argues back that she spoke to Bo. Roman says if he's out there, they will find him but she has to knock this off because they wouldn't want Bo coming back for her funeral.

Bo continues dreaming about returning to Hope. Steve comes back with some gasoline. Steve checks on Bo but he says they have to go as Hope is waiting for them so Steve puts gas in to the motorcycle.

The priest tells Hope to give her own written vows. Hope begins saying she was sleepwalking through life before meeting Aiden and she was living in the past. Hope knows she's not alone anymore because now she knows if she falls, he will be there to catch her. Hope says tonight isn't just about them becoming man and wife but about them, Chase, and Ciara becoming a happy family together. Hope thanks Aiden for waking her up and she can't wait to wake up tomorrow to start this beautiful life with him. Aiden briefly flashes back to the murder plan as Hope asks if he's okay.

Chad tells the guard that he needs to talk to Rafe or Hope because there is going to be another murder but the guard doesn't want to hear it and escorts him out.

Abigail unscrews the doorknob and goes to run right as Ben returns.

Kayla tells Roman that Caroline needs to take it easy and rest. Kayla blames her obsession with Bo coming back but it's not going to happen.

Bo and Steve are arrested for speeding and put in a jail cell. Steve says they need to get Bo to Salem tonight but the officer tells him they can use the phone in the morning and then face the judge for reckless driving and driving without a license. Bo tells him to call Roman to explain everything but he says he will in the morning and exits.

Aiden apologizes to Hope and blames stage fright, joking about hating public speaking. Aiden says Hope has again proved what a class act she is. Aiden says she has beautiful heart and soul. Aiden declares he can't believe that she's going to be his wife and he wants everyone to know that he does love her with all his heart. They continue with the traditional vows and the priest pronounces them man and wife as they kiss and everyone cheers.

Bo yells in frustration from the jail cell.

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