Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben stops Abigail and says he can't let her go. Ben tells Abigail that he can't ever let her go. Abigail tells him to come with her then because Hope needs her. Ben says he sees the fear in her eyes instead of love. Ben remarks that he didn't see fear in their eyes but it must have been there too. Ben declares that it was Chad's fault as he made it so that he had to. Abigail realizes Ben is the killer.

The Bicentennial celebration continues. Eric drinks some more. Roman sees Hope and says she looks calm. Roman encourages her that everyone wants to be a part of her wedding. Hope worries about Caroline still believing Bo is coming home. Roman orders Hope to leave that all to him and focus on Aiden.

Aiden looks in the mirror while imagining murdering Hope. Rafe enters behind him and helps him with his tie. Rafe asks if he's having second thoughts. Hope comes around and jokes that he better not be or she'd have to strangle him.

Caroline then gets a call from Bo, exciting her. Caroline asks if she's not crazy or dreaming. Bo assures that it's him and he's on his way home.

Hope apologizes to Aiden for saying strangle after what happened to Will. Rafe encourages that Will would want her to be happy. Hope promises not to do anything to spoil the night. Aiden decides he should get going until the wedding. They kiss goodbye as Aiden walks away. Hope tells Rafe that she never expected Aiden to be nervous. Rafe reassures her. Hope asks if there's anything new about Chad but Rafe stops her and says today is not about work as it's her wedding day. Hope thanks Rafe for always being so direct with her and a really good friend. Hope kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for being Aiden's best man as well. Rafe says he just wants her to be happy and he hopes Aiden realizes how damn lucky he is. Rafe then walks back inside.

Caroline tells Bo that he has to get here tonight because Hope is marrying Aiden. Bo responds that he's on his way but she has to do everything she can to stop this wedding.

Ben tells Abigail that he didn't want her to know but Chad was never going to leave her alone and wanted her to think he was trash. Abigail says she would never think that because she knew he was a really good person. Ben says he was so mad at Chad thinking he could do whatever he wanted. Abigail thinks he needs help and suggests talking to Marlena. Ben says he didn't want to kill all of these people. Abigail reminds him that Will was her cousin and their friend while Paige was so youn. Ben repeats that he didn't want to. Abigail wants to call Marlena but Ben grabs her phone and throws it. Ben tells her to stop looking at him like he's a psycho. Ben tells her that everything will be okay if it's just them. Abigail says they should go away together but he's hurting her. Ben asks if she means it as he lets go. Abigail tries to leave but Ben stops her. She cries while Ben questions how she thinks he could hurt their baby. Ben blames Chad. She says it's not true but Ben screams that she always lies to him. They argue until Ben throws her back against the wall and knocks her out. Ben then begins to panic and checks on her.

Julie talks with Hope about getting dressed for the wedding. Hope says she will have Kayla as Julie can't leave the Bicentennial party. Julie encourages Hope to be happy as she exits. Daniel and Nicole dance. Nicole comments on Hope looking so calm while she intends to be a wreck before their wedding. They kiss as Eric walks back in and ses them. Eric grabs another drink and walks on past Brady and Theresa. Theresa jokes with Brady about not asking much. Theresa asks Brady that it's been so long since she's been to something like this so she asks him to please dance with her. Brady gives in and they dance.

Marlena and John talk outside the main room. Marlena doesn't want him to regret anything but John assures her that he did his time in the ISA and his only regret would be not spending time with her. They head back inside and greet Justin and Eve. Justin looks over at Lucas and Adrienne then decides he needs some fresh air. Caroline enters and tells Roman that he won't believe it but she talked to Bo and he's coming home tonight.

Bo and Steve uncover a motorcycle under a tarp. Bo recalls showing up at another wedding of Hope's on a motorcycle. Steve jokes about their uncomplicated lives. Bo tries to get the motorcycle running but it appears to be jammed.

Caroline insists to Roman that she talked to Bo. Caroline then realizes she forgot her phone and worries about having an episode. Marlena suggests going somewhere quiet to talk. Caroline apologizes for upsetting everyone and spoiling the party. Caroline suggests they all let it go. Caroline asks Roman to get her some food while she goes to freshen up. Marlena offers to go with her but Caroline feels embarrassed and exits the room. Roman asks Marlena if she thinks she's okay. Marlena responds that she seems to be in control. Caroline calls them suckers to herself as she exits.

Brady and Theresa finish their dance. Theresa walks away happy but runs in to Victor, who jokes about how they used to burn witches. Theresa doesn't care about his opinion and says he can't hurt her feelings. Victor says Brady's only around her because of Tate and nothing else.

Rafe shows Aiden that the flowers for the wedding just got here but obviously there is a mistake as they say "Rest in Peace". Rafe tells him not to worry as he will take care of it.

Hope goes home to get dressed for the wedding. Caroline shows up and tells her that she just talked to Bo, who said he's coming home. Caroline knows she doesn't believe her but insists that she talked to him on the phone less than an hour ago. Hope asks for her phone so she can call him. Caroline insists that she's not crazy and she loves her. Caroline tells Hope that she can't go through with this wedding or it will be the biggest mistake of her life.

Victor tells Theresa to pack her bags and get out of his house before Brady gets hurt. Brady interrupts and asks if he wants him and Tate to go too. Theresa says it's okay as Victor was in his best interest. Victor knows he shouldn't interfere. Theresa doesn't want them fighting. Brady tells Victor that he's just letting him know what will happen if he kicks her out of the house. Victor remarks that he thought Brady was an idiot with Chloe and walks away. Theresa thanks him. Brady says that wasn't about her but about them. Julie gets everyone's attention and thanks them all for being here. Julie says they all agreed on a toast to Tom and Alice. Julie brings up losing people they have loved since they first planned this so she thanks everyone for being here. Julie swears to never take them being here for granted. Julie declares that she loves them all and she loves being here. Julie and Doug kiss as she finishes. Marlena speaks next about being so glad to be here. Marlena brings up finding love, joy in family, and true friendships. Marlena says this town shares it's joy and sadness which they have been doing for 200 years. Marlena says they come together and make things become bearable. Marlena repeats that she is so pleased to be here in beloved Salem. Nicole and Daniel kiss. Jennifer speaks next about Tom and Alice being her grandparents. Jennifer says she learned from them what love is. Jennifer feels she will never measure up to them but promises to never stop trying. Julie and Doug toasts to Tom and Alice, Marlena toasts to the loved ones they have lost, John toasts to the Salem family, Jennifer toasts to their children and Maggie toasts to 200 more years.

Kayla goes to Hope's and sees Caroline so she asks if something happened. Caroline informs her that she just spoke to Bo and knows she doesn't believe her but she's asking Hope to have a little faith in her. Kayla says she will handle this and tells Caroline that it's not fair because Hope deserves a special night. Kayla blames Steve for putting all of this in Caroline's head and suggests bringing her back to the hospital. Caroline says no as she has to be there when Bo comes home.

Bo and Steve work on the motorcycle. Bo tries to stay calm as Steve encourages him. Steve mentions outside and gets an idea. Steve realizes outside will have parts for the motorcycle.

Aiden sits outside and imagines murdering Hope. He then gets a call from Andre and blames him for Rafe seeing the flowers. Andre calls it a sense of humor. Aiden warns him not to push him as he will do what he said he would do.

Julie tells Marlena that she just heard from Kayla that Caroline showed up at Hope's house. Abe arrives and sees Lani with Rafe and Daniel. Lani goes over to talk with Abe and felt he was staring at her. Abe tells her that he has seen her eyes before and questions why she didn't tell him that she's Tamara Price's daughter.

Hope looks in the mirror thinking back to Caroline's words of warning. Aiden shows up and asks if she's alright. Hope covers up her dress and jokes about not seeing it before the wedding. Aiden kisses her and says he just wants her to know that he loves her. Hope says that should make him happy. Aiden says next time he sees her, they will be saying their wedding vows. Hope asks if he wants to back out. Aiden says no as he can't since he loves her too much. Hope tells him to go wait for her at the party as she still has a lot to do. Aiden asks what she was thinking about while looking in the mirror.

Kayla brings Caroline back to the Bicentennial party which Julie questions. Victor tells Caroline that she has to calm down. Caroline says maybe he will believe her now as she found her phone and it was the last call she got so Victor calls the number back. The phone rings but Bo and Steve are outside. Victor informs that there was no answer and no voicemail setup.

Hope tells Aiden about Caroline saying Bo is coming back. Aiden asks if she believes that. Hope thinks Caroline just wants to believe it. Aiden doesn't want her to have to deal with that on her wedding night. Hope assures him that nothing can spoil the night. They say I love you and kiss goodbye as Aiden exits. Hope sits down feeling emotional.

Bo and Steve go back to working on the motorcycle and wonder who would do all of this to Bo. Bo says he has a few ideas but he has to be sure and when he is, they will understand the real meaning of torture.

Abe tells Lani that he talked to her mother and doesn't know how he didn't put it together. Abe says she must've known he and her mother knew each other so why didn't she tell him.

JJ and Gabi walk outside together. JJ feels he's not the best company but Gabi praises his toast. Jennifer finds them and says the wedding is about to start but Abigail still isn't here so she asks if he's heard from her.

Ben lays Abigail on the couch. Ben sits next to her and texts Jennifer and JJ as Abigail that she can't make it tonight as she and Ben need to figure a way to work things out.

JJ and Jennifer get the text. Aiden walks in and sees Caroline talking to Kayla and Victor. Caroline tells Victor that the phone call seemed so real but maybe she was wrong and everybody else was right. Caroline guesses it's time to move on. Rafe joins Aiden and asks if he's ready to get married. The wedding begins as Hope arrives and everyone stands.

Abigail wakes up in a chair, handcuffed to a door in a cabin. She starts pounding on the door and screaming for help. Ben enters and tells her that she can scream if she wants but it won't do her any good as they are in the middle of nowhere, just the two of them so no one can hear her.

Bo and Steve get the motorcycle running. They get on the motorcycle and drive off together.

Hope walks down the aisle followed by Doug and Julie to Aiden. Everyone takes their seat as the ceremony starts to begin but Caroline yells that they have to stop this.

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