Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Caroline has a vision of Bo and Steve's plane crashing. Caroline begins shouting for Bo as Julie walks in.

Bo and Steve struggle on the plane as it starts going down and sparks go off.

Julie asks if Caroline is alright. Maggie and Victor arrive with Doug. Victor asks Caroline what's wrong. Caroline tells him that she just saw Bo and he's on a plane trying to get home but he couldn't. Victor asks why he couldn't get home. Caroline worries that he looked dead.

Abigail calls Ben from home wondering where he is but he left his phone there. Abigail picks up Ben's phone and looks through it, finding various photos of Chad. Ben comes home and questions what she is doing with his phone.

Andre tells Stefano that by tomorrow, Hope will be the latest victim of the necktie killer and Chad will be cleared. Stefano suggests they go paint the town red as they leave from home.

Aiden watches Hope through her window as she takes pictures in her wedding dress. Aiden accidentally makes a noise outside so he hides as Hope goes to check.

Steve wakes up bleeding in the plane and looks over at Bo who begins to regain consciousness as well.

Marlena and Eric talk at the Bicentennial celebration. Marlena mentions how Will should be there as Eric takes photos. Eric agrees that Will and Sonny would have loved this night. Marlena comments on Kate and Nicole being in business together, adding that they should've hired Eric as their photographer but Eric insists that he's fine. Eric takes a picture of her and compliments her. Eric knows she misses Will and is missing John. Marlena isn't used to important occasions without him but she'll have to get used to it.

Jennifer and JJ talk with Lucas and Adrienne at the Bicentennial. Lucas mentions how what happened to Clyde must be hard on Ben. Adrienne suggests a glass of wine so she and Lucas step away. JJ is unsure about being here. Jennifer encourages him. Lucas and Adrienne head up front where Justin arrives with Eve.

Rafe sits at the station and looks at the invitation to Hope and Aiden's wedding. Lani comes in and asks about him not leaving for it yet. Rafe responds that he can't stand going alone but he might show up at the last minute to perform as best man. Lani suggests he take her.

Steve and Bo joke about flying through the storm while in pain. Steve asks if Bo has any other brilliant ideas about what to do next. Bo says they have to find another way to get to Salem.

Hope goes back in to her house, assuming the sound was just the wind. She heads upstairs while Aiden remains watching through the windows.

Eric reminds Marlena that she knew what she was getting in to with John and the ISA. Marlena says it's just rough right now after losing Will. Marlena says it would just be a little easier and comforting if John was around. John then appears behind her. Marlena says it just feels like old times to her. Marlena cries that she feels abandoned as John interrupts to say anyone who would do that to her should have his head examined, leaving Marlena surprised but happy.

Rafe asks Lani if she's suggesting they go together. Lani responds that she doesn't want to go but she got an invitation and figured it'd be rude to not show up. Lani says it wouldn't be a date but they could solve each other's problem. Rafe says he gets it but they have to be careful since he's her boss and he doesn't want people getting the wrong idea about them.

Abigail explains to Ben that she called him and his phone rang so she picked it up. Ben points out that she's looking at his phone. Abigail questions him about the photos of Chad and remarks that it seems like he's stalking him.

Justin and Eve talk with Adrienne and Lucas about the losses of Will and Paige, then tell each other to have a good time tonight.

Roman joins Jennifer and JJ. He asks about the idea of JJ being a cop but Jennifer says they have shelved that idea for now. Roman apologizes for bringing it up. JJ then reveals that he filled out his application to the police academy. Jennifer questions if he lied to her then about holding off as Gabi then appears.

Daniel and Brady join Kate and Nicole at the Bicentennial. The girls compliment their suits as Theresa arrives. Nicole praises her job on the suits. Kate asks Theresa about her dress. Theresa says she designed it herself. Brady tells her that she looks beautiful. Kate then mocks Theresa's dress as ripping off another design and questions when she will give them something original.

Chase and Ciara arrive and greet Shawn. Shawn asks if they are nervous about the wedding. Ciara says Hope seems happy. Shawn jokes about being brothers with Chase. Hope enters and greets her family. Shawn asks where Aiden is.

Aiden sneaks in to Hope's house with his necktie and thinks back to his plan of murdering Hope.

Kate asks about Theresa's sketches. Brady tells Kate to shut the hell up and to lay off. Kate argues that it's her job to make sure their company doesn't get sued. Kate goes to get a drink. Daniel tells Brady that was nicely done as Theresa smiles.

JJ tells Jennifer that he doesn't want to talk about this tonight and knows she doesn't like it but he's old enough to put in his own application so it's done. JJ walks away. Roman tells Jennifer that his mom had the same reaction when he wanted to become a cop. Roman suggests Jennifer be supportive of JJ's decision. JJ goes over to greet Gabi. Gabi notes that he and Jennifer seemed upset so she asks if he wants to talk but JJ wants to try and enjoy the party.

Ben admits that he followed Chad around because he clearly still wanted her and he didn't trust him. Abigail argues that it's creepy and that he has no reason to be jealous. Ben points out that she still kept seeking him out and wouldn't accept the truth about him. Abigail yells at him to not put her in a corner again. Abigail goes over the photos and says she wasn't even with him. Abigail questions his reasoning for the pictures. Abigail spots the timestamp on the pictures all being on the days of the murders.

Aiden prepares and sneaks back out.

Rafe arrives to the Bicentennial with Lani. Rafe introduces her to Julie. Lani says Rafe was nice enough to let her tag along. Julie pulls Hope away for last minute wedding stuff. Rafe greets Shawn. Julie asks Hope if she's seen Caroline because she went to lie down but is still talking about seeing Bo so she and Victor didn't know what to say. Hope admits she was hard on Caroline as she thought she accepted her with Aiden but it's clear she's having a really difficult time with it. Hope hopes that seeing them get married will help Caroline accept reality and end her visions.

Steve and Bo talk about trying to come up with a new way home. Steve tells him they are now in Kansas. Bo feels that's not far from home so he wants to get to Salem.

Marlena asks John what changed his mind about being here tonight. John explains that he kept seeing other people dressed up and how happy they were so he turned his flight around and booked a ticket right back. Marlena asks about the ISA but John says he told them to find another agent for the mission. Marlena can't believe it and hugs him. Marlena hopes John doesn't regret it. John admits he took the job on impulse and agrees to put more time in future decisions. Marlena asks about finding his parents. John responds that it's the past while he is looking at his future as she is his family now. John and Marlena then head in to the celebration. Aiden arrives where Hope greets him with a kiss. Aiden apologizes for being late and hopes it's not bad luck to see her. Hope encourages him as they kiss.

Ben argues that he doesn't know what Abigail is talking about as he takes his phone back. Abigail suggests if the timestamp matches the time of the murders, they could clear Chad. Ben assures her that the pictures won't clear him so he deletes the pictures. Ben complains about Abigail always trying to think the best of Chad. Abigail gets a call from Jennifer. Ben tells her to take it as he has to get ready for the party. Abigail answers. Jennifer asks if she's okay and why they aren't there yet. Abigail tells her that something is going on with Ben and he's acting really strange which Ben overhears.

Eric takes photos at the Bicentennial of various couples. Roman asks if they can talk Shawn in to him and Belle moving back since he misses them. Shawn says he misses him too as they hug. Eric takes their picture. Brady asks Theresa about Kate's treatment of her. Theresa appreciates Brady standing up for her. Brady tells her to let him know if she ever needs backup again. Eric takes a photo of them. John and Marlena enter and greet Shawn and Roman. Eric then takes their photo as well. Aiden and Hope walk in to applause from everyone. Aiden and Hope talk about the night and kiss. Eric takes their photo and then Andre and Stefano arrive to everyone's displeasure. Victor approaches and tells Stefano that he must have made a wrong turn. Stefano responds that this town is his home so he is entitled to celebrate like everyone else. Andre brings up the last check they sent to the Bicentennial. Maggie informs him that check won't be cashed. Victor suggests they hit the road. Andre responds that they are all wrong about them. Andre says they will settle their debts when Chad is cleared. Rafe threatens to do this the hard way. Stefano decides they don't need to stay. Andre says they just came to wish Hope the best. Hope says to hell with their best wishes. Stefano responds that she never changes. Roman warns him. Stefano wishes them happy returns as he and Andre exit.

Steve and Bo find a place to use a phone. The man inside stops them from a long distance call. Bo warns that it's very important. Steve gives him $100 to convince him to let them use the phone.

Aiden kisses Hope and hugs her. Hope assures everyone that she is fine and wants to party. Hope's phone rings with a call from an unknown number but it's lying on the table nearby and not heard. Hope and Aiden then begin to dance.

Bo complains that it went to voicemail and the call dropped. The man says another call will cost another hundred. Steve warns the man that he wouldn't be able to stop Bo from beating the crap out of him.

Andre and Stefano return home. Stefano says he only wanted to say a proper goodbye to Hope and now that he has, he's going to bed. Andre states that he still has a couple of things to sort out.

Lani asks Rafe about being the best man. Rafe says Aiden just hasn't met that many people in town yet. Aiden and Hope continue to dance. JJ asks Gabi who Rafe is with tonight. Gabi says she is someone he works with. JJ tells Gabi that she doesn't have to hang out with him if she wants to be with Rafe. Gabi suggests they go check out the rest of the mansion together. Nicole talks with Eric about working with Kate. Eric stops her and says he likes working for the newspaper and they are fine. Daniel joins them. Eric tells them to have fun and walks away to grab a drink. Eve tells Justin she had doubts about coming but is enjoying it. Justin is glad she decided to spend her first night out with him. Adrienne and Lucas dance. Theresa goes looking for Brady as a part of her dress rips. She then sees Brady and follows after him. Rafe interrupts Aiden and Hope's dance to ask what his responsibilities are for the ceremony. Hope stops them, wanting to take a picture of them together.

Abigail tells Jennifer that it's probably nothing but Jennifer wants to know what she means. Ben listens in as Abigail tells Jennifer that things have been tense because of Chad and Ben is acting really strange. Jennifer suggests that he's just worried about her. Abigail swears sometimes it feels like Ben needs Chad to be guilty. Jennifer asks if she's sure she's alright. Abigail says she wil be fine as she hangs up. Abigail turns around startled by Ben. Ben tells her that he heard her. Abigail didn't know he was there. Ben says he heard what she said about him. Abigail questions listening in to her conversation. Ben shouts that he didn't do anything wrong, she did. Ben says he gets to hear what is said in his house. Ben questions Abigail telling her mother that he was strange. Abigail says she's just worried about him. Ben feels she is the one being strange, refusing to face reality. Abigail says she thinks he's right. Ben questions her telling Jennifer that he needs Chad to be guilty. Ben insists that Chad has done terrible things and laughed at him over and over again. Abigail worries that Hope needs her and they are going to be late. Ben stops her and says he can't let her go. Ben tells Abigail that he can't ever let her go.

JJ and Gabi greet Brady. Theresa comes out and greets JJ. JJ and Gabi head back inside. Theresa asks Brady if he's called home. Brady tells her that Tate is fine and asks about her wardrobe malfunction. Theresa says she has a safety pin so she will be right back and heads upstairs.

Aiden asks Doug and Julie where Hope went. They re assure him as Hope returns and kisses Aiden. Doug and Julie decide to leave them alone as they kiss.

Steve tells Bo that the man will allow him to make all the calls he wants on the phone.

Caroline goes outside, insisting that she did see him. Caroline then gets a call from Bo, exciting her.

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