Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to Daniel's office and brings him a suit for the Bicentennial and Hope's wedding. Daniel wants her to take it back and reveals to her what he had planned to wear which she does not like.

Brady meets Theresa at the Pub and asks why she wanted to see him. Theresa tells him that she did something that she doesn't think he will be very happy about. Theresa shows him that she got him a vintage suit for the Bicentennial and wedding. Theresa asks Brady to think about wearing it but he says it's not a good idea.

Aiden sits alone in the town square, looking upset at his phone.

Justin and Rafe sit with Chad in the interrogation room. Chad refuses to say a word without his attorney so Justin says they will just wait for Aiden.

Julie and Caroline decorate the Martin Mansion for the Bicentennial when Caroline has a vision of Bo being hurt on the plane.

Bo and Steve are on the plane in a shaky flight.

Ciara, now a teenager, and Chase have made brunch for Hope and Aiden. Hope is pleased and tells them that Aiden should be there soon.

Aiden goes to the DiMera Mansion. Andre tells him that he needs to be legally married for his plan to work. Aiden informs him that he came to tell him that their deal is off as he can't do it. Aiden declares there is no way in the world that he can kill Hope. Andre tells Stefano that he knew Aiden couldn't handle the assignment and threatens Chase. Aiden asks for a chance. Andre brings up how they paid off the loan sharks and he promised to pay them back with the money from Hope's life insurance. Andre says the worst part of Aiden not following through is that they all lose. Andre warns Aiden that they don't like to lose. Aiden responds that nobody has to lose because he has another way.

Hope suggests they start eating and will save some for Aiden. Hope gets started while Ciara and Chase go to make eggs. Shawn arrives and greets Hope. They hug and talk about the big day.

Steve tells Bo that they are heading into another electrical storm and it's going to get worse with no radio. Bo will go through anything as long as he gets home and back to his family.

Nicole tells Daniel that she doesn't like his blue suit but Daniel says that Maggie said the Bicentennial had a 60s theme. Nicole shows him the suit that she got him. They joke together and kiss.

Theresa doesn't understand why the suit is a problem and why Brady won't even look at it. Brady doesn't think she should be picking out clothes for him. Theresa admits she overstepped but says she was just trying to help out since he's busy. Theresa convinces him to try it on. Brady admits it's very nice and says he has to go. Theresa tells him that she will see him at the party as he exits.

Chad refuses to say another word until his lawyer is here. Rafe suggests he and Justin leave to give Chad some time to think so they exit. Marlena arrives and delivers Justin the list of therapists for Chad's psych evaluation. Marlena asks to talk to Chad but Justin brings up that he's charged with attacking her and he might be dangerous. Justin also doesn't know what his lawyer would think and he's due any minute. Justin doesn't want to risk keeping Marlena off the witness stand. Justin steps aside. Marlena asks Rafe how Chad is. Rafe says he physically seems okay but doesn't remember murdering or attacking anyone. Marlena asks if he thinks that's because he's innocent. Rafe responds that it doesn't matter what he thinks anymore. Rafe steps aside so Marlena heads in to see Chad anyway. Chad asks what she's doing there. Marlena admits she wanted to see if his memory lapse is fake or if he truly doesn't remember. Chad tells her there's no way he could ever kill anyone, let alone her.

Julie checks on Caroline but she says she's fine. Julie sits her down and goes to get her some water. Caroline prays for Bo to be alright.

Bo asks Steve what's happening. Steve explains that the pilot is going to try to fly under the storm or they'll have to land. Bo insists that he has to get home as something is wrong and Hope needs him.

Aiden suggests to Andre an insanity defense to keep Chad out of jail. Aiden insists that he's used this before and knows what he's doing. Andre asks about the money. Aiden says he'll get calls from all over if he wins this high profile case. Andre asks what happened to Chad. Aiden tells him that he would have to be institutionalized for awhile but Stefano refuses, saying Chad is not insane and questions what's wrong with him. Andre warns Stefano about his blood pressure and says he will finish with Aiden. Andre has one of their men wheel Stefano out to get some rest. Andre tells Aiden that Stefano has been kinder to him than he would've been so it's time to work. Andre instructs Aiden to dig a grave unless he wants them to dig two plots for Aiden and Chase.

Marlena wants to believe Chad but points out the evidence piling up against him. Chad asks if she really thinks he could kill Will, one of his best friends. Chad argues that somebody set him up and must have drugged him. Chad asks what reason he has to kill Serena. Marlena suggests since she slapped him in public. Chad asks about Paige. Marlena adds that Paige saw him at the club and could've testified against him. Chad then asks about Will and what he ever did to him. Marlena admits she doesn't know. Chad says this doesn't make sense so she has to help clear his name but Marlena doesn't know if that's possible.

Aiden decides that their deal still stands but he wants to know that their business is done after this and he never wants to see Andre or Stefano again. Andre tells Aiden that he can trust them as much as they can trust him right now.

Chase thought Aiden would be there by now. Hope talks about Aiden taking on a big case. Ciara and Chase go to clean the dishes while Hope talks with Shawn. Hope compares Chase to Shawn growing up and wonders what Zach would've been like at this age. Shawn apologizes again for acting like a jerk when he first came home. Hope tells him that part of her heart will always belong to Bo and that Aiden knows he can never replace him. Shawn appreciates that but says he came to be her backup. Shawn gives Hope something borrowed from Belle which is Alice's necklace that Belle wore on her wedding day. Shawn calls it good luck so they want Hope and Aiden to have it.

Brady goes to Daniel's office and jokes about his suit. Daniel informs Brady that they've set a wedding date and wants to make sure he's free to be his best man on Valentine's Day. Brady is pretty sure his calendar is wide open. Brady asks about Daniel's suit bag. Daniel and Brady talk about Nicole and Theresa working together being weird. Brady says it's also weird that Theresa is a great mother with great design skills. Brady jokes with Daniel about caving to Nicole's suit. Brady is unsure about Theresa picking his suit but Daniel guesses that she talked him into it.

Theresa draws dress designs at the Pub as Nicole joins her and compliments her work. Theresa hopes Kate will like them but Nicole tells her not to bother or her designs will never see the light of the day. Nicole tells Theresa that Kate used her and will never let her have a say in anything. Theresa asks why she's telling her this. Nicole finds herself forced to admit that Theresa has real ability and it seems she's really trying to turn her life around. Theresa never thought she was good enough to be a fashion designer. Nicole says it won't matter to Kate so if she doesn't stand up to her, her dreams will never come true. Nicole tells Theresa that she knows she knows how to stand up to Kate. Kate joins them and asks Theresa to get them some coffee. Nicole steps away to make a call. Theresa then tells Kate to get off her ass and get her coffee herself.

Hope and Shawn finish a Skype chat with Belle as Shawn steps away. Aiden calls Hope and tells her that he's just working on Chad's case. Aiden says he's heading to the station now. Hope realizes they won't see each other before tonight then. Aiden says he'll try to stop by when he's done. Hope tells him that Caroline and Julie are dropping off her wedding dress so they can do it the old fashioned way. Hope says it will make it that much better when she sees him waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

Bo and Steve hang tight on the plane. They compare it to what they have been through in the past as the electricity then goes out.

Daniel asks if Brady and Theresa are getting closer. Brady says no but Daniel brings up Brady wearing a suit that Theresa bought him so as to not hurt her feelings when he used to want to do that. Brady explains that they've decided it's best to be on good terms for Tate. Brady brings up what Theresa has done in the past. Daniel doesn't think Theresa would do those things anymore because of him. Brady argues that it's because of Tate. Daniel thinks it makes sense that Brady is softening towards her. Daniel points out that Brady mentioned Melanie as someone he did love in past tense so maybe he's starting to fall for someone new.

Kate questions Theresa. Theresa tells Kate that she is good at what she does so she's not getting coffee. Theresa tells Kate that she's a partner in the company so there's nothing she can do about that. Nicole watches with a smile.

Aiden arrives at the station and questions Marlena being in with his client. Marlena says she didn't tell anyone but Aiden blames Justin. Rafe comes in and reminds Marlena that Justin told her not to come in. Marlena states that she knew if she looked in to Chad's eyes, she'd be able to tell if that was the man who tried to kill her. Marlena declares she doesn't believe Chad is the man they are looking for.

Julie and Caroline bring Hope her wedding dress. Julie tells her how beautiful the mansion looks now. Caroline agrees but Hope senses something and asks if she's feeling okay. Julie notes that Caroline isn't seeming like herself. Caroline admits she's having more visions about Bo. Caroline knows it upsets her but she thinks Bo is in real danger.

Steve tells Bo that Pete said they have to land. Bo worries that they are losing altitude as the plane starts to go down.

Kate asks if Theresa is finished. Theresa says that depends on her. Theresa adds that they need to be on the same page for Basic Black. Kate is impressed that she has the guts to go against her. Nicole returns to the table. Kate tells Theresa that they will treat her like a partner if she acts like one which means no playing them against each other, no schemes or backstabbing. Kate is not sure Theresa has her strong work ethic and warns her to keep up. Kate then goes to get her coffee. Nicole tells Theresa that she's proud of her.

Brady tells Daniel that he's stopped trying to get Theresa out of the house because they are parenting together and Tate's happy but it's not love. Daniel says he was just checking. Brady jokes about Daniel's blue suit again.

Aiden sits with Chad and asks if he remembers any more details. Chad insists he's not guilty and worries about Justin's case. Aiden assures him that he won't get convicted and will walk out a free man. Chad asks if that's a promise. Aiden calls it a guarantee.

Andre tells Stefano that he thinks Aiden finally got the message. Stefano responds that he better have. Andre thinks they should go to the Salem Bicentennial even if they are not welcome. Andre credits Stefano for the town of Salem just as much as Tom and Alice. Andre adds that it will also be the last night of Hope's life.

Caroline worries about Kayla not hearing anything from Steve. Julie understands she's worried about Bo but reminds her that it's Hope's wedding day. Caroline insists that Bo is in trouble. Hope yells at Caroline that this is really hard for her to listen to. Caroline decides to go back to the Martin mansion and walks out. Hope and Julie argue about Caroline. Hope wants Julie to make sure Caroline is okay so Julie rushes out after her.

Bo and Steve continue to hang on as the plane continues the rocky flight.

Kate asks Theresa when her new sketches will be done. Theresa says as soon as possible. Kate hopes to see some originality. Theresa says she will. Nicole calls it a productive meeting. Kate tells Theresa that she's looking forward to her sketches as she does have talent. Theresa thanks them. Nicole suggests wrapping it up as they have the Bicentennial and wedding to get to. Kate thinks it will be an unforgettable evening.

Caroline sits at the mansion worried.

Rafe returns to Chad and escorts him out of the room.

Andre and Stefano play chess.

Aiden watches Hope through the window as she takes pictures in her wedding dress.

Caroline has a vision of Bo and Steve's plane crashing. Caroline begins shouting for Bo as Julie walks in.

Bo and Steve struggle on the plane as it starts going down and sparks go off.

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