Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/28/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/28/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve visits Chad at the hospital and tells him to wake up so she can send him to Hell where he belongs.

Abigail comes home to Ben. He asks how the party was. She says it was fun and they mostly had a good time but the male stripper ended up being a thief that got arrested. Ben asks if Hope is having second thoughts about the wedding. Abigail asks why he would say that. Ben says it just happens sometimes.

Aiden tells Hope that he just had too much fun at the bachelor party. Hope continues to question what he meant by he can't do this to her. Hope asks if he's saying he can't marry her.

Bo complains about the wait on getting the plane going. Steve tells him that there is a major storm coming. Bo worries about the men figuring out they escaped and declares he has to get back to Hope no matter what it takes. Steve understands but says if the plane goes down, the trip will have been for nothing. Steve adds that he wants to get home to his family too. Steve reminds Bo that if he doesn't make it home then Hope will never know he didn't write the letter and where he's been. Steve still believes Hope never stopped loving Bo. Steve tells Bo that he's going to buy them some time but tells Bo to stay there as he can barely stand.

Aiden calls Hope beautiful and the most amazing woman he's ever met so he can never imagine anyone thinking of hurting her. Hope questions what he's talking about. Aiden calls her perfect but Hope says she's far from it. Aiden states that she is too good for him.

Abigail tells Ben that the wedding is still on which he says he's glad to hear. Abigail calls it a big step for Hope after being with Bo all her life but she thinks she will be really happy. Abigail thinks it's cool they are getting married at the Bicentennial. Ben brings up their wedding. Abigail asks what he's doing. Ben says he was just looking at investment opportunities for them. Abigail questions what money he was thinking of investing besides Eduardo's reward money. Ben knows she thinks it's blood money but reminds her about the baby coming and why he thinks they should take the cash. Ben brings up Eduardo feeling like he's doing something to bring Paige's killer to justice. Abigail says they can accept it and then donate it to charity.

Eve sits with Chad and says she knows he can hear her. Eve brings up what he cost them all. Eve questions why and says that's all she wants to know. Eve says if she can't have an answer, she will settle for watching him suffer. Eve adds that she would haunt his dreams if she could. Eve says it's just not right as she approaches his monitors but Justin appears and tells Eve that she doesn't want to be like him even if he deserves it.

Ben asks Abigail if she wants to donate a percent to charity but Abigail wants to donate all of it. Ben calls it crazy since Eduardo says he earned the reward. Ben reminds her that he almost died. Abigail thinks it's wrong to profit off a tragedy. Ben compares it to cops being paid to catch a killer. Abigail decides he's going to take the money no matter what so there's no point in arguing. Abigail doesn't think he's trying to see her side. Ben believes that she was desperate to see Chad innocent and now she's furious that he's the one who finally brought him to justice.

Justin asks Eve to talk outside so they leave Chad's room. Eve asks if he actually thought she was going to hurt Chad. Justin questions what she was doing in there. Eve just wanted him to hear what a subhuman being is and that she wants him to suffer. Justin asks how she got in anyways. Eve says the guard said it was okay. Justin tells her that she shouldn't have. Eve tells him to arrest her then but Justin says he doesn't have that power even if he wanted. Justin reminds Eve that he's still waiting for that drink she owes him. Eve suggests now so they exit together.

Steve returns to Bo as he's changed clothes and shaved his beard. Steve tells him that he blew up the safehouse so the men will think they are dead. Bo thanks Steve for coming to rescue him and asks how he knew he was in trouble. Steve says the Bo Brady that he knew would never leave his wife and daughter like that. Bo says everyone else seems to think so. Steve says no one else knows the ISA like him. Bo questions why the letter would be forged to Hope and they agree it doesn't make sense. Bo wants his life back and says then he will find out who did this and show them the real meaning of torture.

Hope tells Aiden that it's not true but Aiden runs himself down as a mediocre attorney and poor at managing money. Hope argues that there is nothing mediocre about him. Hope calls him a fighter and blames having too much to drink. Hope is worried about what he said about not wanting to do this to her and continues to question what he meant by that. Hope feels he sounded like he wanted to end this with her. Aiden tells her that he doesn't want to end anything. Aiden suggests Hope should end it with him and want him to disappear from her life. Hope asks why he's saying that.

Ben and Abigail continue to argue with Ben questioning how the hell Abigail can still think Chad is innocent.

Chad remains in a coma and dreams of Abigail.

Steve and Bo sit on the plane as it rains outside. Steve suggests playing poker to pass the time but they decide on 20 questions. Bo asks about Aiden and what he's like. Steve says he doesn't know him and wasn't around when they met. They talk about Aiden being a lawyer. Bo wants to know everything about Aiden and if he's worthy of Hope.

Hope asks Aiden why she would want to get rid of him when they are getting married. Aiden tells her that he has to tell her something. Aiden talks about never wanting to take money from her but Hope is glad he came to her for help. Aiden feels he should be able to provide for them and that he's made a mess of everything. Hope asks if he's still in trouble but Aiden says no. Aiden just wishes he was never in the hole. Hope asks about meeting with a financial advisor. Aiden apologizes for ruining things and says he's just not thinking straight. Aiden asks her not to call off the wedding.

Steve tells Bo that Aiden has a kid who goes to school with Ciara and they became best friends. Bo asks what everybody else thinks of Aiden. Steve says Kayla wasn't a fan at first and he's not sure why but he eventually won her over. Bo asks about Victor. Steve says Victor didn't believe Bo was still alive. Steve states that everyone who loves Hope wants her to move on and have another chance at love. Bo questions everyone loving Aiden but Steve says not him because he thinks he's bad news. Bo asks how so. Steve says it's almost like he's too good to be true.

Hope questions why she would call off the wedding when she thought he wanted to call off the wedding. Hope promises that what happened with Meredith won't happen with them. Hope wants to convince him that there is a happily ever after. Aiden feels he's screwed up so many times. Hope says she has too and she did crazy things a few years ago. Hope never thought she could love another man besides Bo but Aiden showed that she can and she does. Hope knows they will have a wonderful life together and she won't let him get cold feet on her. Aiden agrees that he won't and he can't.

Steve reconnects the plane phone and gives it to Bo.

Aiden apologizes to Hope and blames being intoxicated. Hope kisses him. Aiden tells her that he would never run out on her but thought maybe she would want to when realizing how tough the money thing will be. Hope says it's been a really tough week after losing to Will but it also reminds that life is short. Hope tells Aiden that she cares about the people she loves and their future together as she kisses him. Hope asks if he's okay as the phone rings. Aiden asks if she's going to answer it but Hope says they'll call back if it's important as all she cares about right now is him.

Bo says nobody is answering and wonders what time it is there. Bo decides maybe the call didn't go through so he'll try again.

Justin walks Eve out of the town square. Eve complains that her days and heart are still empty. Eve talks about thinking she'd send Paige off to college and medical school. Eve brings up Eduardo having $100,000 that he could've used on Paige. Justin tells her that it will get better. Eve questions someone taking an innocent life when he didn't even know Paige. Justin says anyone who could do that has to be insane.

Abigail tells Ben that what she thinks about Chad doesn't matter. Ben questions her rather believing in Chad than him. Abigail says she just feels guilty and asks if that's so hard to understand. Abigail says accepting that money will always make her think of the murders. Ben shouts that they won't take it then and brings up the cost of diapers and daycare. Ben complains that one of them will have to quit their jobs and remarks that they'll have to wait until one of her rich relatives kicks the bucket and they take their fortune. Abigail can't believe he said that and remarks that sometimes she feels like she doesn't know him at all.

The phone rings again so Aiden says it must be important if they are calling back at this hour. Hope decides to check in case it's the station. Hope sees it's an unlisted number and answers the call. Bo tells her it's him but there's a bad connection so Hope only hears static and hangs up. Bo doesn't think she could hear him so he decides to call back. Aiden wonders what that was all about. Hope doesn't know as she couldn't make out a word. Aiden guesses they will call back if it's that important. Hope figures it was probably just a telemarketer. The plane phone line goes dead so Steve goes back to trying to fix it. Aiden thanks Hope for understanding and feels like he just made a big fool of himself and should've just slept it off. Aiden asks how come she didn't get drunk at her party. Hope reveals that they were busy arresting the stripper and hopes his party was more eventful. Aiden says Roman and Eric kidnapped him then they fed him shots after scaring the hell out of him. Hope tells Aiden that they are in this together. Aiden tells her that he was just scared of losing her. Hope responds that it is never going to happen as she kisses him. Hope suggests a midnight snack and then off to bed because tomorrow is a really big day. Hope kisses him. Aiden has a brief thought of his murder plan and Hope asks what's wrong.

Eve questions Justin thinking Chad is insane and if he won't plea insane. Justin tells her to trust him that he won't let it happen.

Abigail tells Ben they need to end this conversation right now. Ben grabs her and yells at her not to walk out on him. Ben quickly apologizes but Abigail is shocked and grabs her things then exits.

Chad dreams about Abigail marrying Ben and having her baby mixed in with flashbacks of his fight with Ben.

Bo complains that the phone is useless but he heard Hope's voice and something wasn't right as she sounded upset. Bo insists that he knows Hope and that something was wrong. Bo says they have to take off and he doesn't care if they fly in the middle of the storm as he has to get home to his wife.

Aiden tells Hope that nothing's wrong but he's decided to stick to tradition and not stay the night with her until their wedding night. Hope calls him sweet but she's not superstitious. Aiden responds that he is. Hope reminds him that he's in no condition to drive so she suggests the guest room. Aiden says he'll get a cab but Hope offers to drive him home. Aiden feels the fresh air will do him good if he walks to the town square and gets a cab. Aiden tells Hope that he loves her more than she'll ever know as they kiss. Aiden says goodnight and exits.

Eve calls Justin a very interesting guy as well as smart, generous, and kind. Eve doesn't know how to ever thank him for being a good friend. Justin says she doesn't have to but Eve wants to as she then kisses him.

Ben paces at home in frustration. Ben throws his phone against the wall, smashing it. Ben declares that he's just like Clyde. Ben sits down and screams that he hates himself.

Abigail goes to the hospital and straight towards Chad's room.

Chad opens his eyes, awakening from his coma.

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