Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/27/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/27/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden is held and told that life as he knows it is over. Aiden pleads and says he knows what he has to do.

Abigail and Jennifer shop in the town square for Hope and rush off, hoping to get to the bachelorette party before Hope.

Julie tells Hope that she wasn't supposed to be home yet as Shawn was supposed to keep her longer. Hope feels terrible that she ruined the surprise. Kayla encourages that it will still be okay and tells Hope to leave so she can act surprised for the others. Hope questions that being necessary but Julie insists so Hope agrees. Hope thanks them and hugs them then exits.

Maggie and Caroline talk about Hope's wedding and the Bicentennial. Caroline can't get excited when Bo is out there waiting to come home.

Bo and Steve continue trying to break free while struggling with the gas leak as well. Steve encourages him to do it for Bo and Ciara but Bo starts to lose consciousness.

Aiden is revealed to be kidnapped and taken to his bachelor party at the Pub with Roman, Abe, Rafe, Eric, Doug, Daniel, and John. They joke about Aiden being really rattled. Aiden takes a drink to take the edge off and they toast. Roman asks if he's sure he's alright. Eric apologizes if they upset him but Aiden says he's feeling better now.

Hope goes home and pretends to be surprised as the bachelorette party now includes Abigail, Jennifer, Maggie, and Caroline with Kayla and Julie. Hope hugs everyone. Maggie tells her that Marlena wasn't up for a party after losing Will. Hope understands and isn't sure any of them are ready. Julie knows they have a great sadness in their hearts but says that Will wouldn't want to deny her the joyous celebration she deserves. Julie wants to honor each other and show how grateful they are for one another. Hope asks what exactly is planned tonight. Jennifer says she's in charge of the games. Kayla informs her that Aiden's own surprise party is at the Pub which Hope is happy to hear. Kayla jokes about a competition between the parties. The doorbell rings and a stripper arrives dressed as a fireman.

Steve wakes Bo up and tells him they have to get out as he begins kicking in the wall. They are able to break from the wall and escape from the pipe. The chains remain around their wrists as they try to escape but the door is locked. Bo says they have to find the secret passage to get out.

The stripper performs for Hope as everyone laughs watching. Julie gets up and dances with him as the rest of the ladies laugh. Abigail makes sure Hope isn't mad but she thinks it's funny as well. Abigail explains that she knew the man as a friend of Cameron. The man reveals he remembers Caroline as she tips him and tells Kayla the treatment must be working.

Daniel and Eric toast to Aiden then step aside. John tells Roman that he can't imagine how rough things have been for he and Marlena. Roman talks about Will and wishes Sami stuck around longer. Roman asks John if he has any idea why she went to Switzerland. John says Marlena thinks she just needs to be alone with her grief. Roman hopes she doesn't do something stupid and get in trouble. Rafe invites Aiden to play darts. Aiden suggests putting some money on it so Rafe agrees.

Bo and Steve try to find the secret passage and end up finding a hidden door. They crawl inside while still chained together.

Roman tells Aiden to make sure he takes care of Hope. Doug knows they got off to a bad start but he's come to realize he's a very decent man who loves Hope so he knows he will be a very devoted husband. Doug mentions seeing that he's a great dad so he knows he'll always be there for Ciara. Doug is happy they found each other and toasts to a long, blissful marriage. Aiden takes a drink and thinks about his plan to kill Hope.

The stripper finishes performing at the bachelorette party and he goes to the guest room to get dressed. Jennifer announces it's now time for other games like mad libs and pictionary then asks what they want to play next. Julie jokes about not beating the guys with those games. Kayla gives a speech about being lucky to fall in love and that Hope has proven it can happen twice. Kayla declares that Aiden is lucky to have Hope and they know he's a special guy. Kayla toasts to Hope and Aiden. Kayla decides to go to the presents. Hope receives lingerie from Jennifer which Abigail doesn't want to take credit for. Caroline jokes that she'll take it if Hope doesn't want it but Hope loves it and wants to keep it. Caroline jokes that Aiden will love it. The stripper comes back to say goodbye. Hope offers to show him out but he says it's okay. Abigail goes to get his check but bumps in to him, causing jewelry to drop.

Daniel tells Eric that he hopes he's still not upset about Nicole. Eric says he's just been thinking about Will and steps to the back. The guys talk about the DiMeras getting away with everything. Aiden calls them sick, sadistic awful people. Roman remarks that he didn't know Aiden knew the DiMeras that well. Aiden responds that you don't have to know them to hate them. Doug brings up Aiden getting a front row seat when Andre sent a bottle of champagne earlier. Rafe checks on Aiden as he's getting drunk but Aiden claims he's good.They toast and Aiden finishes his drink. Aiden then says he has to go get some air and steps outside.

Abigail questions the stripper trying to steal Hope's jewelry. He pushes her and tries to run but Jennifer tries to grab his bag and they struggle until Julie knocks him out, breaking a glass over the back of his head. Hope then grabs him and says he's under arrest.

Aiden walks outside of the town square and thinks back over his plan to kill Hope. Rafe catches up to him and asks what he's doing and if he's okay. Aiden blames the shots as being strong. Rafe asks if he's sure that's all it is.

Hope sends the stripper off to the police station with Lani. Hope goes back in and checks on Abigail. Abigail says she and the baby are fun while she is just sorry. Maggie jokes about being so impressed by Jennifer and Julie. Kayla says there's no way the guys' party can compare to theirs. Maggie talks with Julie about the Bicentennial being so exciting. Jennifer asks Kayla if Steve will attend with her but Kayla doesn't know if he will even be in the country. Jennifer compares it to nights where she didn't know if Jack was coming home or if she'd ever see him again but she understood it wasn't that he didn't love them. She thinks maybe Steve is driven to keep a distance. Caroline asks Hope if they've heard from Steve as he went to find Bo and she gave him a really solid clue from her dreams. Caroline asks Hope what she will do if Steve does find Bo and he comes home.

Steve and Bo make it back to the jet to get home. Steve says it should be smooth sailing from now on. Bo is ready to see his wife and daughter. Steve calls for the pilot but gets no response. They go to check and find him knocked out with a big head wound.

Aiden asks Rafe if he ever stops being a cop as he drunkenly questions him interrogating him at his own bachelor party. Rafe says he's here as his friend and best man. Aiden questions Rafe being his friend and accuses him of trying to make him look bad in front of Hope so he can have her. Rafe doesn't know what's wrong with him as they argue. Aiden tells him to listen as he doesn't even get it. Aiden tells Rafe that he loves Hope and she doesn't deserve to get hurt. Rafe asks what he's talking about and what he means. Aiden rambles and says he's talking about the post and Bo hurting her. Aiden says he won't do that and make sure she doesn't get hurt. Aiden decides he needs to call it a night as he's got to go. Aiden tells Rafe not to worry as he's not driving but walking. Aiden thanks Rafe and says he had a good time as he wanders off.

Hope tells Caroline that she knows how much she wants to believe Bo is coming back but her dreams aren't real. Caroline doesn't believe that and doesn't think Hope does either. Kayla interrupts and sends Caroline to help pack the food with Julie. Kayla checks on Hope. Hope says Caroline just keeps insisting that Bo is coming back and she can't hear that anymore. Maggie asks Abigail about her baby. Abigail mentions that they've decided to be surprised on if it's a boy or girl. Maggie asks how Ben is doing. Abigail says he's still shocked. Maggie brings up Victor always knowing that Clyde was trouble then apologizes for being insensitive. Maggie encourages that they have so much to be grateful for so she hopes they can put things behind them and look forward to starting their lives together. Kayla knows it's hard for Hope to hear Caroline go on about Bo since she's getting married. Hope states that Bo is not coming back.

Steve and Bo wake up Pete the pilot and treat his wound. Pete explains that two men jumped him. Steve says the cockpit radio is out. Bo asks if the plane can fly or if there's too much damage. Steve declares he didn't come all this way for nothing and that the plane is going to fly no matter what.

Jennifer, Julie, Caroline, and Abigail join Roman and Doug at the Pub. Roman jokes about knowing how to party while Julie claims their party was uneventful.

Kayla talks to Hope about telling her the truth about things as they sit together. Kayla admits she's concerned and senses Hope's reaction to Bo being brought up so she wonders if Hope is ready to get remarried yet. Hope talks about telling Aiden at first that she wasn't ready yet but after a lot of thought, she decided it's time. Hope wants to commit to Aiden and is not backing out on that now as it wouldn't be fair to him. Kayla asks about what's fair to her but Hope stops her and insists she's getting married to Aiden. Hope says it will be perfect and beautiful as it's all arranged. Kayla decides to go as everything is cleaned up. They hug goodbye. Hope thanks her for everything as Kayla exits.

Steve fixes the plane up and checks if Pete can be the pilot. Pete says he feels better but argues that it's crazy to fly without a radio. Steve and Bo insist that they have to so Pete agrees that he's got this. Bo tells Steve that if they die, at least they die trying but Steve declares no one is dying here.

Aiden shows up at Hope's and asks if it's a good time. Hope thought they agreed to spend the night apart. Aiden slurs his words. Hope asks him what's wrong. Aiden says he has to tell her something. Aiden tells Hope that he can't go through with it and drunkenly rambles about her being beautiful and sweet. Aiden says he can't do it to her, leaving Hope confused.

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