Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/26/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/26/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Andre checks on Chad in the hospital and tells him that Stefano isn't doing well at all. Andre says Stefano's heart attack caused him to be weaker than he lets on. Andre tries to wake Chad up to make sure he's not faking it. Andre says the charges against Chad are causing a great deal of stress on Stefano's heart so he has to make sure that comes to an end soon.

Hope talks about being so happy to see Shawn-Douglas and not knowing he was coming back for her wedding. Doug and Julie welcome him back to Salem. Hope introduces him to Aiden. Aiden says it's a pleasure and offers his hand but Shawn hesitates.

Steve and Bo are held together in the empty room. Steve calls for the guards but no one answers. Bo asks Steve if this is what he calls a rescue. Steve pretends he didn't come looking for Bo. They thought it was a safehouse until the torture started. Bo still believes Steve came to rescue him and they joke about it being good to see one another. Steve admits Bo was hard to find. They talk about not knowing who the men here are. Bo figures they are after the new drug. Steve tells him what he knows about it. Steve adds that he still has many questions. Bo says they will get to those after they start working on getting out.

Shawn shakes Aiden's hand to meet him. Hope asks if Belle came with him but Shawn explains that she had to stay behind. Aiden is glad he could make it and make Hope happy. Shawn tells Aiden that he's sure he's a great guy but he's not on board with the marriage as he doesn't think it's a good idea. Aiden asks why. Shawn responds that he's no Bo Brady and never will be.

Andre says he knows Chad can hear him some of the time. Andre tells him that he came to give him some advice about family since he didn't grow up with Stefano. Andre says that to be a DiMera, you have to be competitive, ambitious, ruthless, charming, but above all you must understand what it takes to be part of the family. Andre is unsure if Chad has what it takes. Andre thinks an excellent decision would be for Chad to stay in the coma forever or die.

Joey uses his laptop in the town square to skype chat with a friend of his in the library. Joey uses his computer to shut off all the lights in the library and jokes with his friend until Kayla approaches and says she can't believe he did that.

Bo and Steve talk and try to escape. Bo brings up Salem, Hope, and Ciara. Steve tells him that they are fine. Bo talks about losing track of time while locked up and dreaming about getting out. Bo says they are going to get back to Salem and he will put his arms around his girls and never let go. Steve then reveals to Bo that Hope is getting married.

Hope questions Shawn saying that. Shawn argues that it's not okay with him. Julie tries to calm him down. Shawn admits maybe it didn't come off great but feels he was being honest. Aiden says he likes Hope being direct and honest. Aiden tells Shawn that he's not his father and isn't going to try to be but he just wants him to accept him as part of Hope's life. Shawn says he's been trying to ever since he found out and he wants Hope to be happy but he can't pretend like everything is alright. Shawn says Bo left town still in love with Hope and didn't die. Aiden and Hope both understand. Hope knows Shawn never wanted her to remarry and he's entitled to feel how he wants but she assures him that this marriage is what she wants and Aiden is who she wants. Doug tells Shawn about the hard time Hope had when Bo left. Shawn says it's not news but feels it's too soon. Julie brings up Shawn going where ever he wants but Hope is rooted in Salem so when Bo left her alone, she had to find a whole new way to make her life work. Hope tells her that she told Shawn all of that. Hope brings up the amount of times Bo promised to come home but never did. Julie doesn't think Shawn can blame Hope. Shawn says he's not blaming her but just can't imagine how Bo would just leave town. Julie explains that Hope notified Bo of filing for divorce and he never responded. Hope tells Shawn that he's way too late if he came back to fix this marriage. Shawn thinks she needs to give him a little more time and asks why she's so anxious to kiss Bo goodbye. Hope storms out. Aiden wants to go after her but Shawn stops him and says she's his mother so he follows her out.

Kayla questions what Joey's thinking. Joey blows it off as no big deal. Abe approaches and asks what's going on.

Aiden sits back with Doug and Julie, telling them that he's glad he didn't have trouble with his son as Chase is thrilled and good friends with Ciara. Aiden thinks he should check on Hope even if Shawn means well. Julie tells Aiden to understand the family mindset that Bo and Hope would go on forever. Doug tells Aiden not to take Shawn personally.

Shawn follows Hope to the park and tells her to relax as he hugs her while she cries. Shawn tells her that he loves her and admits what he did was wrong because it's her life to live how she wants. Hope asks if he hates her for it but Shawn says he never could and tells her not to say that. Hope knows it's hard for him to believe Bo could do something like this. Hope states that Bo didn't just desert her but the entire family. Shawn believes there must be a reason but Hope has nothing to give him. Hope thought she and Bo would be together forever but maybe he needed to explore or felt trapped. Shawn argues that there has to be another explanation. Hope talks about living alone for years until she met Aiden and then she felt alive again. Hope praises Aiden and insists on wanting to marry him as he makes her happy.

Bo responds that Steve has a sick sense of humor but Steve tells him that he's not joking and Hope is getting married. Bo argues that they are married and that Hope would never divorce him. Steve tells Bo about the letter Hope got that wasn't really from Bo. Bo talks about being chased around Europe and never getting any divorce filing. Bo questions the letter. Steve explains that someone forged it while making sure Bo was locked up. Bo says someone must have gone through a lot of trouble to make Hope think he wasn't coming back. Bo complains that maybe Steve shouldn't have come and says if he's lost Hope then why go back. Steve tells him that she's going to get married soon or they can bust out so he gets home before it happens. Bo agrees and they work on busting out of the chains.

Hope knows how much Shawn misses his dad. She misses him too but can't understand how he can stay away from his kids. Hope tells Shawn that they are here. Shawn apologizes for being a jerk but she understands how rough it is for him. Shawn says just seeing her with Aiden gave him a knee jerk reaction that she was betraying Bo but hearing her out has made him understand how hard it's been for her. Shawn tells Hope that he loves her and just wants to see her happy. Hope hugs him and says she loves him so much. Hope appreciates him being protective of his dad. Shawn repeats that he understands now so he's happy that she's moving now because she can't wait forever. Shawn suggests going back to the Pub so he can finally get to know Aiden. Hope gives him a kiss and a hug.

Joey tells Kayla and Abe that it was just a joke and nobody got hurt. Abe says he still did something foolish and broke the law. Abe questions if he thinks that's okay. Joey doesn't want to hear another lecture. Joey asks if Abe's going to have him arrested. Abe says he will pass it back to Kayla but warns him that next time the police could get involved and his life could go down a very bad road. Abe wishes them luck and walks away. Joey tells Kayla that he walks so there's no harm. Kayla calls him a complete clone of his father.

Bo and Steve continue trying to break free. Bo is starting to understand why no one came looking for him because of that letter except Steve. Steve tells Bo that Hope didn't divorce him without a hell of a lot of pain. Steve believes Hope still loves Bo. Bo questions why she divorced him then. Steve says it's not her fault as she was alone and abandoned, thinking he was never coming back.

Julie and Doug bring up the Salem Bicentennial. Julie mentions everyone relaxing since they found the necktie killer. Hope and Shawn return. Shawn tells Aiden that they talked and he owes him an apology for being a jerk. Aiden promises Shawn to take care of Hope. Aiden asks to step outside with Shawn to get a few things straight.

Abe goes to the police station and greets Lani. Lani tells him that everyone has been great looking out for her and making sure she's okay. Lani goes to get a soda so Abe sits down at her desk and opens up the laptop. Abe wonders why she was trying to get information about him.

Aiden tells Shawn that he gets where he's coming from as he's heard a lot of great things about Bo. They agree that Bo has quite the rep. Aiden says when he met Hope, he only saw that she was hurting beyond belief. Aiden tells Shawn that he loves Hope and wants to make her happy and build a life with her. Aiden says he looks forward to meeting Shawn's wife and daughter as he wants them to be a family.

Kayla questions how Joey could be so selfish with his prank. Kayla compares it to Steve going off on his adventures. Kayla argues that Steve might be needed here but he's going off having fun and Joey's doing exactly the same thing. She asks if he has any idea how that makes her feel. Joey turns away. Kayla apologizes and says a lot is going on right now and it's not his fault. Joey admits he deserved it. Joey tells her that he cares about their family though and misses Steve. Joey is scared that this time or next time Steve takes off, he'll never come back. Kayla hugs him.

Bo and Steve continue trying to escape. Bo talks about working way too hard so they can't take a break now. Steve promises they will break out and get him home.

Shawn and Aiden head back inside. Shawn says Aiden did a good job making his case. Aiden says it's easy to do when talking about the woman he loves. Shawn reminds him that they will be watching 24/7. Hope tells them to give him a break. Doug and Julie exit. Aiden tells Shawn it was nice to meet him and kisses Hope goodbye as he leaves to go see a client. Aiden thanks Doug and Julie for coming and says he'll see them tomorrow as they walk off. Aiden looks back at the Pub then walks away.

Lani returns to Abe and asks about the Bicentennial. Abe says he's going and asks about her. Lani says she's still new in town. Abe asks if she has any questions about anything. Lani says she has a ton of reports to file and tells him to have a good night as she goes to work, leaving Abe confused.

Joey apologizes to Kayla for messing up. Kayla tells him not to use that program again. Joey agrees if she doesn't call him a clone of Steve again. Joey decides he should tell his friend Ricky not to tell anyone that he did it. Kayla says she'll see him later as Joey walks off. Julie finds Kayla and rushes her off with shopping bags, saying they don't have much time.

Bo asks Steve about his relationship with Kayla. Steve wants to work not gossip. Bo figures it must be bad and they better get out so he can fix that as they continue their struggle with the chains.

Hope and Shawn leave the Pub. Hope wants Shawn to stay with her but he says he doesn't want to be around the house while they are planning the wedding and mentions friends to see. They agree that the old Martin mansion will be perfect for the wedding. Hope talks about her excitement to celebrate Salem's birthday and hugs him.

Aiden goes to the DiMera Mansion. Andre asks if he came to pay his debts. Aiden says yes but with something more valuable than cash, Chad's freedom. Andre tells him they are listening and questions if it's an empty promise. Andre tells him to get on with it. Aiden tells him that he will do it. Andre tells him to kill Hope and inherit the money to pay his debts so he asks how Chad factors in. Aiden tells them that he will kill Hope and make it look like the necktie killer did it tomorrow night on their wedding night. Stefano calls it excellent. Andre says it'd be ironic on the happiest night of Hope's life and that Chad would be set free. Andre questions Aiden's promise but Aiden swears he will do it no matter how much he loves her. Aiden says his son's life comes first. Aiden adds that part of the deal is they stay away from Chase. Andre wants more details on how he expects to pull this off as the police will want proof that it's the real necktie killer. Aiden insists that he can make it look authentic as he saw the photos of the crime scenes while representing Chad and he got a replica of the same necktie so the police will have no choice to let Chad go. Stefano says that's if he can do it. Aiden responds that he can and he will.

Steve and Bo work on breaking the weakest bolts in the chain but Steve ends up breaking the gas line causing a leak to start.

Hope goes home, interrupting where Julie and Kayla were decorating for her bachelorette party so they say surprise early.

Andre wonders if Aiden will strangle Hope on their wedding night. Stefano calls it debatable. Andre says there are ways to make a man keep his word.

Aiden walks outside and someone jumps him from behind.

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