Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail is at the police station with Jennifer and JJ, on the phone with Ben. She tells Ben that she's at the house with her family. She hangs up and Jennifer talks about Roman calling them here. JJ is happy that he got Clyde arrested as Jennifer got reinstated on the hospital board. Jennifer doesn't think JJ realizes the danger they are in. JJ turns to Abigail and asks why she lied to Ben about being at the police station.

Rafe finds Ben in the town square and asks how he's doing. Ben complains about Clyde's arrest but he believes he will beat the charges. Rafe mentions Chad still being in a coma. Ben insists that he was defending himself from being his next victim.

Steve wakes up chained to the wall in an empty room. A man enters so Steve asks him where Bo Brady is.

Bo wakes up in the cabin, telling Lucia that he has to go to the safehouse but she tells him not to go. Bo wants to talk to his wife and daughter so they can help him.

Hope and Aiden sit at the Pub with Doug and Julie. Hope talks about celebrating tonight to avoid a lot of pressure since a lot will be going on. Julie says they decided to have their wedding in the middle of the Bicentennial. Aiden jokes that everyone will only care about their wedding. Aiden toasts to Hope and her family but Doug holds back, saying he has some questions first for the man who thinks he is good enough to marry his little girl. Julie questions him, saying this is supposed to be a celebration. Doug thinks he can just ask questions. Hope thought he was fine with Aiden and happy for her. Doug says he is happy they found love but he hasn't spoken to Aiden since before the proposal so he has to find out some things about him. Hope calls it her decision. Aiden understands completely and is ready to answer any questions. Doug wants Aiden to start talking about his first wife's death.

Abigail brings up Clyde facing murder charges in Florida and tells JJ to stop and think about how that makes Ben feel. Abigail says that's why she didn't think it was a good idea to tell Ben they were all meeting with the police commissioner. Roman enters and says Clyde is off to Florida and is a lot more dangerous than anyone knew. JJ says he knew. Roman asks why they are all here. Jennifer and Abigail thought Roman called this meeting but JJ reveals that he did because he wanted the family to be here when he talked to Roman as he wants to join the force and become a cop. Jennifer says absolutely not as he could've been killed. JJ claims he was fine but Jennifer doesn't want him doing this on a regular basis. Abigail argues that JJ is still in college and he can make this decision after he graduates. JJ mocks their support and asks Roman if he thinks it's a good idea.

Ben apologizes to Rafe and says he just loses it when he thinks about Chad after what he did. Rafe comments on Chad breaking in and going after Ben. Ben thinks he sounds like he doesn't believe him and he's feeling paranoid after Clyde's arrest. Rafe says they will see what Chad says when he wakes up. Ben wants to know that Chad will do time but he is a DiMera and they get away with whatever they want. Ben wants to make sure that if Chad gets out of murder charges then he at least does time for assault. Ben hopes he's locked up forever as he doesn't want him anywhere near him, Abigail or anyone else. Ben repeats that he just loses it sometimes and blames what's happening with Clyde. Rafe remarks that sometimes their fathers aren't the men they need them to be. Eduardo then interrupts. Rafe reminds him that he told him to go away but Eduardo says he's here to see Ben and introduces himself.

The man tells Steve that at least he won't be wasting his time pretending he doesn't know Bo Brady. He asks Steve what Bo was doing and what secret project he was working on. Steve questions Bo not telling. He says they encouraged him but he had nothing to say. Steve remarks that Bo never was much of a conversationalist. The man warns they went easy on Bo but won't make that same mistake with Steve.

Bo imagines seeing Hope and telling her how much he misses her. Bo cries that he just wants to go home and get back to her but he couldn't. Bo imagines Hope telling him that she's been waiting a long time but can't wait much longer.

Hope calls that a very painful subject and Julie questions bringing that up but Aiden says it's okay. Aiden explains that there are people who blamed him for Meredith's death but it was ruled a suicide and it was. Aiden calls it a terrible night that changed everything. Aiden offers the details but Julie says no. Doug understands it must have been horrible but he's asking about the marriage itself not being a happy one. Hope interrupts but Aiden wants to explain if he can. Aiden tells Doug that he and Meredith had their problems and never should've been married as it was one argument after another. Aiden says they could only agree that they had an amazing son, who means the world to them so he kept them together. Aiden says if they weren't married then Chase would never have existed so he has that to hang on to. Julie praises him and Doug thanks him, saying he has a good strong moral compass. Andre then enters the Pub and glares at Aiden. Aiden thanks Doug as Hope kisses him.

JJ tells Roman that he stood up and did his job to bring down Clyde. Roman tells him that he's very proud of him and agrees that JJ would make an excellent police officer. Jennifer and Abigail argue. Roman says it's not a bad idea. Jennifer says not until he finishes college because he's too young for this decision. Abigail agrees but JJ refuses to wait, saying it's his life and he wants to do this now. JJ declares it's his call as he storms out. Abigail shouts that he's not doing this and chases after him. Jennifer tells Roman that this is not going to happen.

Eduardo tells Ben that he just came from the nightclub where he works and left a message but since he's here, they can conduct their business if he's available. Eduardo brings up his $100,000 reward for finding Chad and announces he is going to give that to Ben for fighting so hard and risking his life to capture Chad.

Aiden, Hope, Julie, and Doug toast to love. Julie and Doug then spot Andre at the counter. Doug brings up Andre's crimes and asks if there is anything the police can do. Hope assures that he has a pardon for all of them. The waitress brings a bottle of champagne as a congratulations on their upcoming wedding from Andre.

Ben questions Eduardo being serious. Eduardo calls it his reward for leading the police to Chad. Ben can't believe it. Rafe explains that Ben fought Chad. Eduardo says he's aware but Chad would've gotten away if Ben didn't fight him. Ben calls it awesome. Eduardo is glad to make him happy and thinks they all deserve to be happy. Edaurdo states to Rafe that Ben played a major part in making Chad pay for killing Paige. Rafe points out that Chad hasn't been formally charged yet. Eduardo is sure that will all be sorted out and then Ben will get everything he deserves.

Steve questions the man planning to torture him and tells him that Bo was working on a new medical drug. Steve agrees to tell the man everything he wants to know.

Bo continues imagining Hope telling him that she's accepted he's never coming home and that she's decided to move on with her life. Bo tries to tell her that he's there.

Hope calls Andre a bastard for sending them champagne and pretending they are friends. Aiden wants to ignore him but Hope disagrees so Aiden decides he will handle this. Julie tells Hope not to let a DiMera ruin her evening and calm down. Aiden confronts Andre and tells him that his gift was not appreciated by Hope or her family but he knew it wouldn't be. Aiden questions what his game is. Andre says he saw how happy they are and wondered if Aiden changed his mind about how to pay his debt or if he decided not to be a widower again.

Roman tells Jennifer that JJ is going to do what he wants. Jennifer argues not until he finishes college. Roman reminds her that she can't make JJ do what he doesn't want to do if he's determined to join the force then that's what he's going to do. Roman brings up his history as a cop and how he's still standing. Roman thinks JJ has what it takes to be a great cop.

Abigail follows JJ out of the town square and says she knows why he's doing this. JJ tells her to go away but Abigail refuses. Abigail argues that JJ is being really selfish. JJ insists that he wants to be a cop and tells her to back off. Abigail argues that Clyde could've killed him and brings up Paige. JJ yells at her to stop. Abigail says it's the wrong time. JJ asks what if he decided this a year ago and was able to arrest Chad before the killings. JJ asks if she would've jumped in to protect Chad then too. Abigail then walks away. JJ sits down frustrated. Gabi shows up and asks if he wants some company as he looks like he could use a friend.

Ben thanks Eduardo and he says he'll be in touch. Ben walks away. Eduardo stops Rafe and says he has a question. Rafe tells him that he can't comment on the case and doesn't want to talk to him. Eduardo asks him to please hear him out as they both know he made a terrible mistake. Eduardo asks Rafe if he told Gabi about him.

Steve tells the man a story about Dr. Salinas' drug not working after taking Victor's money. Steve tells him to let Bo go because whatever he could tell is totally worthless.

Bo imagines reaching out to Hope but she tells him to rest and it will be alright. Bo cries that he loves and needs Hope. Lucia returns to his side and Bo tells her that he has to go.

Aiden tells Andre that he's not having this conversation with him here. Andre says it's a simple question and asks if he changed his mind. Aiden reminds him that his debt is with Stefano not him. Andre warns that he's a DiMera which makes him one of Stefano's heirs so he will have his cut no matter what. Hope interrupts and asks what they are talking about as it looks pretty intense.

Gabi talks to JJ about Rafe being a cop and how he's helped tons of people. Gabi tells JJ to go for it if it's what he wants to do. JJ thanks her and says he just keeps thinking if he was able to help and protect Paige but he hurt her. JJ says they made up but never got past what happened. JJ feels because he couldn't save her, he'll never have the chance to make it up to her. Gabi encourages him to try to let Paige go without feeling guilty. JJ says he really liked her and everyone that knew her loved her. Gabi wishes she met her as she found out today that Paige was her half-sister which surprises JJ. Gabi explains how Eduardo walked out on them. Gabi wishes she could've known Paige and asks JJ to tell her about Paige.

Rafe tells Eduardo that he had to tell Gabi because he wouldn't leave her alone and he also told her what kind of man he is. Rafe says Gabi will know to stay away from him.

Aiden tells Hope that Andre was just asking his advice on what Chad should do. Hope questions Andre hoping for free legal advice. Aiden tells Andre that the Salem PD has a very strong case against Chad so he should accept any deal offered. Aiden suggests Andre leave town before he does something that can put him in jail with Chad. Andre calls him very rude and claims he doesn't even know him. Andre exits. Hope kisses Aiden and they go back to their table.

The man doesn't believe Steve and shocks him with a taser. He tells Steve to tell him the truth this time or else suffer. Steve tells him to go for it.

JJ tells Gabi how Paige was self confident but shy at the same time. JJ adds that she was intelligent, pretty, and forgiving. Gabi apologizes since it must hurt to talk about when he still misses her so much. JJ calls it good like seeing her again in a quiet way. JJ admits he misses her like crazy. Gabi talks about getting out of prison and losing a sister then losing Will and now finding out about her father. JJ tells Gabi that if she ever needs someone to talk, he's there. Gabi tells him the same. JJ tells her that talking about Paige helped and thanks her. JJ tells her to take care as he exits.

Eduardo realizes Rafe is very angry with him. Rafe says that doesn't begin to describe how he feels. Eduardo admits he's 100% wrong yet he claims to hope that Gabi could give him a chance to make things right even if Rafe never will. Rafe warns that if he ever hurts Gabi, he will answer to him and it will hurt. Gabi walks by from a distance and sees them together.

Ben comes home to Abigail and excitedly tells her that they are going to be rich as he explains that Eduardo is giving him the $100,000 reward. Ben is excited but Abigail says no and argues that he cannot take that blood money. Abigail tells Ben to promise her not to even touch it.

Doug toasts to Hope and Aiden while giving his blessing. Aiden thanks Doug and says he really appreciates it. Doug tells Aiden that he passed the test. Hope's son Shawn-Douglas then makes a surprise return and enters the Pub. Hope happily greets him with a hug as he acknowledges Aiden as the man she's going to marry.

Another man brings Bo to the room with Steve, shoving him down and says he was spotted in the woods trying to sneak up to the house. Steve laughs while in pain as he is reunited with Bo.

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