Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/22/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/22/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas visits Will's grave and says he can't let him go. Lucas talks about him being a great son and he can't believe he will never see his smile again.

Justin talks on the phone outside the Pub about wanting Chad arrested as soon as he wakes up from his coma. Justin heads inside where Adrienne is seated. Justin asks how she's doing. She tells him not to act like she's on death's door as she has the gene but not cancer. She tells him she's doing payroll for the club so they can both go about their lives. Justin understands why she's upset but thinks she's making a huge mistake.

Gabi is in the town square with Arianna when Sonny joins them. Arianna says daddy when she sees him. Gabi invites Sonny for coffee but Sonny says he was coming to say goodbye as he's catching a plane back to Paris. A man appears nearby and calls Eduardo, telling him that Gabi is in the town square with Arianna and talking to Sonny. He adds that Rafe is in a meeting. Eduardo instructs the man to keep his eyes on Gabi. Eduardo sits down with a notebook

Lani joins Rafe in his office at the station. Rafe says something isn't right with the case. Lani goes over Ben's statement being very straightforward. Rafe doesn't feel it adds up.

Chad remains in a coma and dreams about his fight with Ben. Abigail appears at his side in the room.

Gabi asks Sonny if he has to go instead of spending more time with Arianna. Sonny says he would love to but she doesn't know what it's like in Salem now. Sonny says he sees Will everywhere. Gabi encourages that they had something so great. Gabi says she will always remember how wonderful and sweet he has always been with her and Arianna. Gabi tells Sonny that he will always be Arianna's father no matter where he is. Sonny brings up that he and Will talked about taking Arianna to Paris so he tells Gabi that she can pick a date to do that. Sonny hugs Arianna and cries as he gives her back to Gabi. Sonny then walks away.

Eduardo puts his book back in a drawer of his hotel room and then exits.

Adrienne asks Justin what kind of mistake she is making now. Justin tells her that he worries and cares about so instead of doing payroll, he thinks she should be researching and checking her options to fight back. Adrienne says she already talked to Kayla. Justin says Kayla is a great doctor but not a specialist so he called one. Adrienne questions Justin making calls and decisions for her, saying that he's not a part of her life anymore.

Lucas continues to cry over Will's grave. Lucas apologizes for his screw ups. Lucas promises to take care of all of his loved ones, especially Arianna. Lucas promises not to drink and to make him proud. Lucas cries that he misses him so much already.

Rafe goes over Ben's statement on Chad attacking him. Rafe says their history is Ben attacking first after Chad taunting him. Rafe adds that it's not out of character for a DiMera but says all the other murders were methodical. Lani agrees that he didn't try to catch him by surprise. Lani feels this one is all about Abigail and suggests talking to her. Rafe says the problem is that Abigail's looking out for both of them. Lani asks Rafe if he still believes Chad is innocent.

Abigail sits with Chad and hopes he can hear her because she had to come see him. Abigail says she had to wrap her head around this and she has to know if he murdered Will and the women and if he attacked Ben. Abigail asks Chad to please wake up and tell her the truth.

Adrienne tells Justin to go back to his office because she isn't going to do anything impulsive because he wants to be in control. Justin encourages that he's concerned about her and still cares regardless of the divorce. Adrienne didn't want him to take over. She says they are divorced so he has to accept that he's no longer in the driver's seat and they are no longer husband and wife. Sonny appears and says they could've fooled him.

Rafe tells Lani that Hope said the same thing. Lani asks if Hope thinks Chad is innocent. Rafe says as cops, they have to let things go but Hope doesn't understand why he won't. Rafe brings up his history with Chad getting him thrown off the force. Lani notes that Rafe is still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Rafe says it's now in the DA's hands so maybe Chad will confess and he can finally think about something else. Lani thanks Rafe for lunch and both say they had a good time. Lani invites him on a dinner date. Rafe jokes that they work together so they have to be careful. Lani apologizes. Rafe admits it would be fun. Rafe suggests getting together with people at work so she can get to know the people she works with. Lani agrees so Rafe goes to set it up.

Sonny comments that Adrienne and Justin's argument sounds like old times. Justin says they were just talking about Adrienne's health scare which Sonny didn't know about so he wants to know what's going on. Adrienne explains that she has the gene but there is nothing to worry about. Sonny asks why Justin is upset then. Justin thinks she should get a second opinion but Adrienne tells him to mind his own business. Sonny declares that he's on Justin's side.

Eduardo goes to the town square and tries to approach Gabi but Rafe cuts him off and questions why he's staying in Salem. Eduardo tells Rafe that he intends to make things right with he and Gabi. Rafe tells him that's not possible.

Abigail says she knows Chad better than anyone in Salem which is why it is so hard to believe he could kill especially someone she loved like Will. Abigail brings up how Ben told her how violent and crazy Chad was. Abigail asks if Chad killed all those people, if it was because of her.

Sonny tells Adrienne that they both love her and know she sweeps things under the rug. Justin agrees that she denies anything is wrong. Adrienne doesn't want Sonny worrying about her which is why she wanted to wait to tell him. Adrienne asks them to let her be so she can handle it her own way. Sonny doesn't think a second opinion would hurt. Justin says nothing will budge her. Adrienne wants to take a couple of days from the funeral but Sonny reveals that he's going back to Paris this afternoon. Adrienne understands there's too many memories. Sonny is sorry for sticking her with the club but Adrienne is glad to stay busy. Adrienne doesn't want him to go but understands if he thinks it's best. Sonny says he will miss them both so much as well as Arianna. Justin says they will help Gabi in any way they can. Justin vows to make Chad pay for what he's done.

Gabi sees Rafe talking to Eduardo. Rafe questions Eduardo coming back after all these years of pain and trying to make things right. Rafe calls him delusional. Eduardo thinks he could help Gabi but Rafe says he has it covered. Eduardo wants Gabi to decide. Rafe says she's vulnerable and asks what happens when Eduardo leaves again. Eduardo says that won't happen. Rafe says he will even if he has to make him leave. Gabi interrupts and asks what's going on.

Justin and Adrienne talk outside watching Sonny leave. They talk about how hard it is to let go. Adrienne wanted Sonny to grieve without worrying about her. Justin argues that he should know and she shouldn't have to go through this without her family. They head back inside where Adrienne tells him that they are no longer family. Adrienne blames him for the mess they are in and then exits

Gabi asks Rafe what's going on and if he's alright. Eduardo tries to explain but Rafe says no. Gabi remembers Eduardo as the man who helped her the other day. Eduardo says he mistook Rafe for someone else and offended him so he's sorry. Eduardo walks away. Gabi questions why Rafe is so upset and if he knows Eduardo. Rafe informs Gabi that he is Paige's father. Gabi questions Rafe yelling at him. Rafe then reveals that he's not just Paige's father but their father too.

Adrienne comes across Lucas outside the town square and asks if he wants some company or if he wants to be alone. Lucas decides he would like her company so she joins him. Lucas says he went to the cemetery today and can't seem to let Will go. Adrienne tells him he won't ever. Adrienne tells Lucas that she knows just where they should go and takes him away.

Paul finds Sonny at Will's grave.

Rafe tells Gabi he's sorry and knows he shouldn't have just said it. Gabi knows there is no good way to say it and can't believe Paige's father is their father. Gabi says she doesn't even remember him other than some pictures. Gabi questions him leaving them. Gabi then questions Rafe knowing he was there and that Paige was their sister and not telling her. Rafe says he was waiting for the right moment and then Will died. Gabi questions where Eduardo is staying but Rafe doesn't know. Rafe asks her not to go see him because all he does is hurt people and she has enough on her plate. Rafe has to get back to work and tells her not to go see Eduardo. Gabi says that she won't and claims she's fine. Rafe then heads back to work.

Paul asks Sonny if he's made up his mind about going back to Paris. Sonny informs him that he's leaving this afternoon as he just can't be here. Sonny doesn't want to feel anything right now even love. Paul tells him that everyone loves him and just wants to help him through it. Sonny hopes they are there when he gets back. Paul thinks he can count on that as he hugs him.

Abigail asks if Chad snapped and that's how he did these terrible things because she chose Ben. Abigail wants to believe that Chad couldn't have murdered those people as she knows him. Abigail brings up how he is with his nieces and nephews and the amazing things he did for her.

Justin talks on the phone at the station, saying to let Abigail stay with Chad as maybe she can get through to him. Justin hangs up and informs Rafe, saying maybe she can get Chad to wake up. Rafe confirms he has the warrant ready to go. Justin asks if he's finally on board. Rafe says if Chad wakes up, it will work out one way or another. Justin tells Rafe about Sonny leaving town because he couldn't be here anymore as Chad was his best friend and Chad murdered his husband. Justin exits. Rafe gets a call from his contact Tim and says he's asking about Eduardo Larson aka Eduardo Hernandez. Rafe asks him to get back to him as soon as he gets information on him.

Eduardo returns to his hotel room and writes in his notebook. Gabi shows up outside the door and prepares to knock but instead runs away.

Adrienne takes Lucas through the park to a hill over the town square to enjoy the view. Lucas talks about going to the cemetery and promising Will to make him proud. Lucas mentions praying that he won't screw up. Adrienne promises Lucas that while he takes care of everyone else, she will take care of him.

Abigail knows that if Chad woke up, she could get him to tell her the truth but instead she's left in limbo. Abigail cries about how angry he can get so maybe there's something in him that she's not seeing that makes him capable of doing all these awful things. Abigail brings up Chad saying he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her so how could he be a killer. Abigail says she knows he could never destroy lives like that and she will always believe in him. Abigail tells Chad that she needs him to fight really hard and let her fight with him. Abigail asks him to please wake up as she cries over him.

Sonny remains at Will's grave and places a family photo of them with Arianna over it.

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