Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/21/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/21/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Nicole kiss outside the Pub. Nicole suggests they go back home to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed. Daniel likes the idea but says no and reminds her that they are eating at the Pub so they can focus on business and not get distracted. Daniel tells her that they are not leaving the Pub until they set a wedding date. Nicole asks if they can celebrate after as they continue kissing.

Aiden looks over Hope's life insurance policy when he gets a phone call from Chase, now a teenager, who is in the town square and says he forgot his keys. Aiden tells him he'll be right there. Andre comes around the corner watching Chase.

Kayla tells Hope at the hospital about Steve saying goodbye and how she doesn't even know what he's talking about. Hope tells her that he's coming back. Kayla complains about Steve kissing her like they were teenagers and then leaving. Hope assures him that he's coming back. Kayla talks about Steve casually going to see Caroline before that and then next time she sees him, he's leaving. Kayla argues that he's turned her life in to a circus. Hope calls it like old times. Kayla says in every other way, Caroline really is doing better, more than she could have dreamed.

Roman prepares Caroline to leave the hospital. Caroline is upset about Will's death. Roman calls her the heart of the family. Caroline feels her heart is broken. Caroline wants to go home but Victor arrives and says not so fast as he has to talk to her. Caroline hopes it's about Bo or else she's leaving.

Steve finds the room where Bo was being held and finds the Punta Lagana sign that Caroline envisioned.

Bo wakes up shaking in a bed in a cabin. A woman checks on him and he says he has to get home to his wife and daughter.

Steve searches the dark hospital room and wonders where Bo is.

Bo asks the woman for a phone but she says there's no phone. Bo asks for any form of communication but there is no electricity. Bo wonders how he will get out of here.

Aiden goes to the town square and finds Chase with Andre. Chase tells him that Andre said he was a friend of Aiden's.

Nicole and Daniel go over the wedding. Nicole thinks there will never be a date where everyone is available. Nicole suggests eloping and throwing a big bash when they come back. Daniel says that's great but Maggie has to be there no matter what they do. They continue go over more dates. They agree that Parker has to be there so it has to work with his school schedule. Daniel tells her that she's handling this well. Nicole credits being happy and tells Daniel that she's never been this happy in her life as she kisses him.

Victor asks Caroline to let her finish. Dr. Salinas comes in. Victor tells Caroline that she is going home but Dr. Salinas thinks she needs another injection of the serum. Caroline questions why and Kayla doesn't like that she didn't know about this. Roman thinks Caroline should just go home but Victor says he's wrong. Victor doesn't want her to quit halfway after all this work. Victor believes Caroline is afraid and scared so she can go home and knit which Caroline doesn't like. Victor convinces her and promises to hold her hand through it if it's okay with her family. Caroline asks Kayla what she thinks.

Aiden tells Chase that Andre is not his friend. Aiden gives Chase his key and tells him to go home. Chase says he's going with some friends to the mall and walks away. Aiden warns Andre that if he comes near his son again, he will kill him. Andre doesn't take him seriously. Aiden tells him that his family doesn't need any more help from the DiMeras. Andre says he just happened to run in to Chase. Aiden says he set everything in motion. Aiden warns Andre not to cross him. Aiden says he doesn't need a reminder of his debt and will pay him back every penny. Aiden adds that if he fails, he will have nothing left to lose. Andre questions if he could fail. Aiden tells him to stay away from his son. Andre warns him that the clock is ticking and he can't afford to make any mistakes. John interrupts and asks if Andre is bothering Aiden. Aiden says Andre was just asking to be a client but Aiden told him he's not taking on any more. John says that's smart as Aiden exits. Andre tries to leave too but John wants to have a talk.

Dr. Salinas assures Kayla that the drug is in Caroline's best interest. Kayla agrees to inject Caroline herself so Caroline decides she's ready. Victor holds Caroline's hand and encourages her.

Bo asks the woman if there is a town near her. Bo tells her about the bad men putting drugs in to him but she doesn't speak much English. Bo asks for a map so she goes to get one.

Aiden goes home on the phone with Hope. Hope tells him that she's still at the hospital and Caroline is getting another dose so it will be awhile before they can get her home. Hope thanks him for checking in and they say I love you then hang up. Aiden sits down and tells himself not to think about it, just do it. Aiden opens his bag and pulls out a black pair of gloves, a hoodie, and a necktie. Aiden states that he has no choice.

Kayla talks to Dr. Salinas and Victor about being concerned about her dreams of Bo. Victor is encouraging. Dr. Salinas knows Kayla is skeptical. Kayla says she deals in facts. Dr. Salinas argues about the capabilities of the human brain. Hope asks if Caroline really did see Bo. Dr. Salinas thinks there could be another answer. Kayla questions if he thinks this drug is giving Caroline some form of ESP because she wants him off the case if he is.

Daniel and Nicole continue going over dates and decide on Valentine's Day. Nicole goes back to the idea of spending the rest of the day in bed now.

Andre asks John if he's threatening him. John promises that if he messes with his family, he's coming for him. Andre brings up John's family growing. John warns him to stay away. Andre tells him that he's changed. John argues that DiMeras never change. Andre assures him that he's not jealous of him anymore and has no ill will towards him at all. John responds that the feeling isn't mutual. John reminds him to stay away from his family and walks away.

Aiden imagines bringing Hope home on their wedding day and then preparing to kill her. Aiden clutches the necktie and says he's sorry Hope but there isn't any other way.

The woman brings Bo a map and she shows him where they are. Bo notes a safehouse and says it's very good news. Bo asks what her name is. She introduces herself as Lucia. Bo believes he knows where he is now and wants to get to the safehouse to call his wife and daughter to tell them he is okay.

Steve goes back to his plane and calls John about the sign that Caroline saw and he found syringes but no Bo. John wonders where Bo went. Steve brings up the ISA safehouse nearby and says that's where he is headed.

Hope tells Kayla that Caroline's dreams about Bo are uncomfortable so she's worried. Kayla talks about the belief that those dreams are visions. Kayla talks with Hope about accepting that Bo is gone and moving on. Kayla tells her to stop thinking about Caroline's visions and start thinking about her wedding day.

Aiden continues to imagine his plan to kill Hope. Aiden goes and stands over the bed with the necktie.

Kayla blames Steve for Caroline's visions since he planted the seeds of Bo trying to come back. Kayla argues about Steve and tells Hope that he's not in love with her. Kayla says Steve just comes and stirs everything up then leaves her with the mess. Kayla declares that Caroline now believes Bo is coming back and it's not true.

Victor and Roman bring Caroline back to the Brady Pub where Daniel and Nicole greet her. Caroline jokes with Daniel to tell Roman and Victor to stop hovering. Daniel understands she's been through a lot and tells her to call if she needs anything. Nicole announces they've set a date and jokes with Victor that they are going to be family again. Roman congratulates them as Daniel tells them to put Valentine's Day on their calendar. Caroline can't wait to dance at their wedding and they go back to eat. Caroline sends Roman to take her bag upstairs so she can talk to Victor. Caroline tells Victor that he needs to help Steve find Bo. Victor sits with her as she asks if he's going to help him. Victor says he's given Steve his jet and will do whatever he needs to help find Bo. Victor declares that if anyone can find Bo, Steve will, and he will give him anything he needs to do that.

Aiden finishes imagining killing Hope and the police arriving. Aiden tells himself that it has to work.

Daniel has "All of Me" by John Legend played at the Pub and the lights dimmed for them to share a dance together. They dance around the Pub and kiss. Nicole cries as they hug.

Victor calls Steve from outside the Pub, leaving a message that he promised to keep him posted and asks if he's found anything.

Hope assures Kayla that she knows Bo's not coming back as Caroline's just having dreams and it's time for her to move on with Aiden.

Aiden looks at a photo of Hope and says he's sorry.

Bo tells Lucia that he must get to his family. She tells him to wait until tomorrow as he falls back asleep.

Steve goes to the safehouse looking for Bo but gets knocked out from behind.

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