Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera Mansion, Andre questions Aiden refusing to help Chad. Aiden doesn't think the police will just say he's innocent. Andre tells Aiden to just get the evidence. Aiden can't see them just forgetting about the money he owes. Andre brings up Aiden's son Chase. Aiden tells Andre that he'll get the money. Andre brings up how much he owes. Andre notes Hope's life insurance policy so she would be worth more to him dead than alive.

Rafe visits Chad at the hospital as he remains in a coma. Rafe talks about burying Will today and knowing they were friends. Rafe talks about the DA wanting to charge Chad. Rafe says he doesn't know much about Chad but he doesn't care for what he does know. Rafe adds that he's the only cop in town that doesn't automatically think Chad is a serial killer. Rafe notes that the DA is a Kiriakis and Chad is a DiMera so he doesn't care but Rafe can't figure out a motive. Rafe knows Chad is involved in this but wonders what he's not seeing.

Ben sits at home until Abigail startles him. Ben says he was just worried about her. Abigail brings up Ben not sleeping last night and at one point yelling for help. Abigail is worried about him. Ben says it's not a great time for him with Clyde in jail and Chad breaking in. Ben knows it was about Abigail. Abigail believes him and wishes she could help. Ben doesn't want her worrying or stressed. Ben has an idea that might help but it will only work if she agrees.

Aiden goes to his office and views Hope's life insurance policy on his computer while thinking back to Andre's words.

Hope joins Rafe in Chad's room. Rafe tells her there's no change in his condition. Rafe argues that it doesn't make sense as Chad doesn't get mad, he gets even. Hope suggests maybe Chad lost it like Ben said but Rafe doesn't believe it. Hope tells Rafe that when Chad regains consciousness, he's going to be charged so it's out of their hands.

Ben tells Abigail that he wants to get out of the apartment because of the bad memories so he thinks they should move in to their new house as soon as possible. Ben doesn't think Abigail likes the idea and asks if it's because Clyde bought it for them. Abigail says she wouldn't hold that against him. Ben tells her they should do it now so Abigail agrees and they hug. Ben promises she won't regret this and wants to spend every day making sure she's happy. Abigail tells him that he makes her happy now. Abigail says she has to go meet with Theresa about her wedding dress. Ben can't wait to be married and they kiss. Abigail then exits. Ben prepares to leave as well but there's a knock at the door and the cops arrive. They say he needs to come with them. Ben asks what's going on and the cop says he'll find out.

Rafe goes to the station where Lani asks if there's an update on Chad but Rafe says he's still the same. Rafe invites her to the Pub so they exit.

Aiden looks over articles on Serena and Paige's murders until Hope comes in and he shuts his laptop. Hope asks what he was doing there.

Ben is brought to the police station where Clyde is sitting in handcuffs. They tell them they have twenty minutes. Clyde tells Ben that his lawyer lost so he's being sent to Florida today. Ben says this is all happening way too fast. Clyde asks the cops to wait outside as it's the last time he will see his son for who knows how long. Clyde tells Ben that they are free to talk now. Ben is unsure of real privacy in the station. Clyde assures him that the room is not bugged. Clyde doesn't want to leave Ben especially now when he feels like he will need him more than ever.

Lani and Rafe talk at the Pub about her career. Lani thanks Rafe for saying good things about her to Abe. Rafe thinks it will make her work harder.

Andre visits Chad at the hospital. Andre tells him that he and Stefano will clean up his mess and keep him safe. Andre talks about being Chad's older brother and warns him that he will owe him if he opens his eyes again.

Hope jokes about Aiden trying to hide something from her but Aiden puts his laptop away. Aiden talks about booking an appointment with a financial adviser but he's still feeling a little embarrassed about taking the money from her which he considers a loan. Aiden says he's very lucky to be marrying her. Hope says they will be married in less than three weeks so his problems are hers. Hope talks about having so much to do with so much going on like Caroline being in the hospital and losing Will. Aiden offers to help plan the wedding. Hope thanks him for making her smile. Aiden understands her work and family should come first. Hope tells him that he and Chase are family too and she doesn't put her career before her family like Bo ended up doing. Aiden promises that she will always come first as they kiss and hug.

Ben can't believe they are shipping Clyde off to Florida soon. Clyde says he'll beat the charges. Ben blames himself for Clyde being involved. Clyde asks why Chad came after him. Ben claims how Chad came at him about Abigail but Clyde doesn't believe him. Ben questions if he's calling him a liar. Clyde tells him that he can tell him anything but he knows he's hiding something. Ben argues that he's not and is just worried about Abigail. Clyde insists there is something he's hiding from him. Ben admits he's right. Clyde tells him to talk to him. Ben informs Clyde that Chad was on to him and reveals that Chad walked in when he was trying to kill Marlena. Clyde is shocked and asks what she did to him. Ben admits none of them did anything to him except Will who was figuring things out. Clyde is shocked that Ben killed Will. Ben then reveals that he killed them all.

Lani asks Rafe about the Brady Pub. Rafe tells Lani that the Pub is owned by Hope's former mother in law. They talk about Hope marrying Aiden. Lani guesses that Hope will be taking time away for her wedding and honeymoon. Lani tells Rafe that she'll be happy to fill in for her while she's away. Rafe agrees to keep that in mind.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing until Hope remembers her list of things to go over before the wedding. Aiden tells her that he has a client showing up so Hope decides she should get going. Hope reminds Aiden that he still has to pick a best man and suggests Rafe. Aiden doesn't think Rafe likes him very much but Hope calls that ridiculous. Hope says Rafe has just been wound up in the case and tells Aiden to ask him. Aiden agrees to think about it. They kiss goodbye and Hope exits. Aiden sits back down and wonders what he's doing as Andre enters, offering to explain. Aiden questions what he's doing here. Andre assures him that Hope didn't see him. Andre says he came to check on him and he doesn't seem well. Andre asks him to share the reason why.

Ben tells Clyde that he thinks about everything that happened like a movie and it wasn't him doing those things. Clyde asks for the whole story from the beginning. Ben complains about Chad sneaking time with Abigail at every chance and he knew he'd never give up so the thought of Abigail leaving with the baby was driving him crazy. Ben goes over following Serena to the park and sneaking up behind her then planting the evidence. Ben thought that would be the end of it but it wasn't and Abigail defended Chad so he felt forced to kill Paige. Ben reveals that he broke in to Chad's hotel and spiked his bottle of whiskey and then killed Paige. Ben figured the cops would put it all together and planted the flower from the DiMera garden which he picked up when he was hiding out, overhearing Chad and Abigail talk about having sex. Clyde asks him to tell him the rest. Ben reveals that he found out Abigail was sneaking Chad in to Marlena's office for visits and says she shouldn't have done that. Ben goes over trying to kill Marlena but Chad came back so he had to take off. Ben thought he was finally free and Chad would be arrested but the cops still didn't. Clyde asks what happened to Will. Ben starts to cry and tells Clyde that he forgot to throw away one of the neckties so Will found it. Ben cries that Will knew it was him so he didn't have a choice. Ben then goes over Chad showing up and knowing it was him. Ben talks about Abigail coming home so he convinced her that Chad was going to kill him next. Ben hates what he did. Ben asks if Clyde understands, hoping that he does.

Aiden tells Andre that he may owe him a lot of money but that doesn't make him their hitman. Andre argues that they would never suggest the death of Hope. Aiden questions why he's here then. Andre says Aiden's back is against the wall so if he decides the only way out is getting rid of Hope then there won't be anyone standing in his way.

Rafe and Lani return to the station. Lani thanks him and goes back to work. Hope asks Rafe if there's anything she should know about. Rafe tells her he's just trying to get to know Lani better. Hope brings up just seeing Aiden and how he still feels like an outsider. Hope tells Rafe that Aiden still doesn't have a best man and she was thinking Rafe would consider doing it. Rafe questions her talking to him instead of Aiden. Hope tells him about Aiden thinking Rafe doesn't like him. Rafe says that's not true and he's happy if Aiden makes her happy. Hope asks if he will be his best man then. Rafe says he will maybe say yes if Aiden asks him but Hope takes that as a yes and hugs him, calling him the best buddy ever. Hope asks Rafe not to let Aiden know about this conversation so he agrees.

Andre calls Aiden a true psychopath but Aiden says that's not what he is. Aiden says he's a man in a desperate situation being forced to kill the woman he loves to save his son's life. Aiden questions why Andre is here. Andre complains that Aiden didn't have the brain or guts to steal the evidence against Chad so he asks how he can even pull this off.

Ben asks Clyde not to turn him in as he can't live without Abigail. Ben talks about moving in to the house that Clyde bought them. Ben says Chad wanted to take all of that away from him so he had to do what he had to do to stop him. Clyde agrees to take his secret to the grave and do anything to protect his son as they hug.

Aiden questions why Andre and Stefano are so anxious for Hope to die. Andre tells him they don't care for her and thought it was the only way Aiden could get the money he owes. Aiden questions what guarantee he has that this will be over and they won't threaten Chase again. Rafe arrives and apologizes for interrupting as he thought he was alone. Andre then exits. Rafe asks if Andre was trying to hire him. Aiden says no and claims he just told him that Stefano wouldn't pay his bill after firing him as Chad's lawyer. Rafe asks what Aiden thinks of the whole mess with Chad. Aiden says he only knows Chad believed he was being framed. Rafe hates to agree but thinks he may be right. Aiden says that means the killer is still out there and there could be another murder. Rafe mentions that Hope says he should let it go and move on. Aiden adds that Hope is right about most things. Rafe asks about his excitement for the wedding. Aiden wishes the bulk of the work wasn't falling on Hope. Rafe tells him to feel free to ask if there's anything they need. Aiden asks if he's serious and says he's known they haven't known each other that long but asks Rafe to be his best man. Rafe acts surprised and happily agrees to do it. Aiden thanks him and Rafe exits.

Clyde is so glad that he and Ben found their way back to each other and promises to never lose him again. They say they love one another. Ben wishes this wasn't happening and Clyde wasn't going away. Clyde tells him it will be alright as the DA still believes Chad is guilty so they will arrest him and put him away in prison for good so that will be justice served. Ben asks Clyde for the truth about what happened in Florida. Clyde starts to tell him but the cops interrupt and say their time is up. Clyde wants one more minute but the cops separate them and take Clyde away. Ben follows out. Clyde hugs Ben, crying that he can't leave him now but the cops pull Clyde off and take him out.

Hope meets with Abigail at the Pub and asks her to be one of her bridesmaids. Abigail agrees that she would be honored and thinks they could all use something to celebrate now. Hope can't believe Will won't be there. Abigail tells Hope that she was going to make Will her baby's godfather. Hope doesn't think she could get through all of this without Aiden.

Aiden goes back to viewing Hope's life insurance policy and types his name on it.

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