Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/19/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/19/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve goes to the hospital where Kayla tells him to leave Caroline alone. Steve thought she should see a friendly face but Kayla tells him no because of how upset Caroline got last time. Kayla doesn't want Steve indulging the idea that Caroline is having visions of Bo.

Stefano finishes a call at home. Andre comes in and asks how Chad is. Stefano responds he's the same. Stefano questions Andre being dressed for a funeral.

Sonny cries looking at Will's photo at the memorial service in the park. Gabi arrives with Arianna and joins Sonny. They agree that Arianna should be there to say goodbye to her dad. Hope asks John how Marlena is doing. John responds that she's trying to be strong for Sami. Marlea, Sami, Eric, and Roman arrive. Sami regrets not having the kids brought as Roman hugs her. Kate arrives and hugs Sami as they cry. Lucas tells them that the priest is ready to start so they all sit down. The priest begins and invites anyone who wants to say a few words. Marlena stands and goes to the podium. Marlena praises Will as a writer and talks about watching him come to terms with who he was. Marlena says she watched Will find happiness and love. Marlena adds that she will miss him every day then takes her seat.

Kayla guesses Caroline's dreams are side effects of the drugs and she doesn't want Steve encouraging her. Kayla argues that it's confusing for Caroline. A nurse comes over and tells Kayla that Maxine needs her. Steve tells her that he's just going to say hello and won't upset her. Kayla reminds him not to say anything about Will as she walks away. Steve heads in to Caroline's room and says she looks ready to get out any day now. Caroline reminds him that Bo is in trouble and asks what he's doing about it.

Andre tells Stefano that they agreed no one should know he's in Salem but he can't hang around the mansion for the rest of his life and the whole town will be at Will's funeral so he plans to go out and reintroduce himself to Salem.

Kate speaks next at Will's service about how proud she was of Will. Kate says Will is going to live on through his writing. Lucas speaks next about how he and Sami were just kids when Will was born. Lucas recounts Will not going to a Greenday concert because he knew he was upset and needed him. Lucas says that's the person Will was. Lucas calls Will his best friend and he doesn't know how he will go on without him. The priest asks if anyone else would like to speak. Abigail whispers to Ben that she would but doesn't feel like she should. Abigail brings up that Will was going to be Ben's best man so she suggests he could say something. Ben thinks back to killing Will and tells Abigail that he can't. She asks him why.

Steve tells Caroline that he wishes he was out looking for Bo but he doesn't have enoguh to go on yet. Caroline wants to try and give him more. Steve asks for anything she can remember at all. Caroline envisions a sign in Spanish that said Punta Laguna. Steve calls that fantastic and asks if there is anything else but that's it. Steve tells her that's a solid lead to follow. Steve praises her memory being better than ever. Steve bets that she'll be home next time he sees her. Caroline bets he'll be with Bo and asks him to find her son. Steve agrees to do his very best and exits.

Ben tells Abigail that only Will's family got up to speak so he doesn't feel like it's his place but Abigail feels that it is. Sami then gets up to speak. Sami calls Will a miracle baby and talks about his growing up but turning out okay. Sami praises Will and says it was unfair that he had to grow up so fast. Sami wishes she could've been there for him. Sami says too many of them know what it is to lose a child. Sami says there is a hole in her heart that will never be filled. Sami cries that she will love Will to the moon and back, forever. Sonny speaks next and says he doesn't know if he should be up here since he left, feeling if he was there then things could've been different. Sonny recalls the voicemail as the last time he heard Will's voice, wishing he had the chance to make things right. Sonny talks about their marriage and starting a family with Arianna which he calls the closest thing he'll ever have to perfection. Sonny hopes that Will knew that because in spite of everything that happened, he still loved him. Sonny repeats that he loves him and a piece of his heart will be buried with him today. Sonny encourages always having forgiveness in your heart because if you wait too long, you may never get the chance.

Kayla goes to see Caroline and asks how she's doing. Caroline responds that she hasn't been this energized in years but notes that Kayla doesn't look so good so she asks what's wrong. Kayla says she was waiting until Caroline could handle the news. Kayla informs Caroline that Will was murdered which shocks her as they hug and cry.

Will's funeral service finishes up with everyone placing flowers. Sami and Lucas hug and cry together.

Hope goes to the hospital. Kayla apologizes for missing the service. Hope wanted to check on Caroline before going to work. Hope knows Kayla wanted to be there but it gives Sami a piece of mind to know she was with Caroline. Kayla tells Hope that she told Caroline about Will. Kayla admits she's afraid that Caroline could still forget even though she seems to be doing better but she's concerned about the visions of Bo so she can't believe she's getting better.

Steve runs in to Joey in the town square and says he was trying to reach him. Joey figured he was busy and asks about his trip. Steve tells him that he found the place where Bo was held captive and he came home because he had reason to believe Bo was killed but now he knows he was misled. Steve tells Joey about Caroline's dreams of Bo. Steve knows it sounds crazy but he has to check it out. Joey questions him leaving again. Steve says hopefully he'll be bringing Bo home with him this time.

Sami talks with Sonny at the Pub during the funeral reception. Sami apologizes to Sonny and she doesn't want him to blame himself for what happened. Sonny thanks her and says it means a lot. Sami holds Arianna then gives her to Gabi as she holds back tears. Sonny and Gabi step out with Arianna to get some air. Eric goes to check on Sami as she is crying and they hug. Eric calls her a great mom and praises her for how Will turned out. Sami thanks him for always saying the right thing. Eric hopes she took his advice about the letter from EJ. Sami says she can't just forget about it. Andre then enters the Pub, catching everyone by surprise, as he offers his condolences to Sami.

Steve hopes Joey understands why he has to leave again. Joey questions thinking Caroline is psychic all of a sudden. Steve knows it sounds crazy but what she is saying is uncanny and he'd rather believe Bo is alive. Joey complains that Steve will never stick around and it's always going to be something else. Steve tells him that he would do anything for him and the same goes for Bo. Joey asks if Kayla is okay with him leaving again. Steve admits he didn't tell her. Joey calls that a big mistake.

Kayla and Hope go to Caroline's room. Caroline complains that Bo is out there somewhere in terrible danger. Caroline insists that she can see Bo and they have to bring him back home.

Marlena asks if it's Tony but Andre corrects her that Tony is still dead while he is still alive. John calls it a shame. Sami asks how it's possible. Andre responds that it's a DiMera. Abe argues that his wife was and blames him for her death. Sami brings up Andre framing her grandfather. Roman isn't sure how Stefano pulled it off but now wants to arrest Andre. Andre reveals a pardon from the governor. Lucas questions what he's doing here. Andre wants to apologize to everyone he's ever hurt. Andre says he's been in a recovery facility for quite awhile as he was insane. Marlena says he was evil. Andre responds that he's much better now and argues for his chance to make peace. Roman then punches Andre.

Steve talks to Joey about not wanting to upset Kayla. Joey reminds him that he promised to stay in Salem. Steve says he will when he's done what he needs to do. Joey worries that he might not come back so he thinks Steve owes it to Kayla to say goodbye.

John and Abe hold Roman back as Sami yells about Andre not being dead and Ben questions who this is. John calls Andre the insecure bastard who tried to frame him for his murder. Roman tells him to read about the Salem Stalker. JJ realizes he made Jennifer think Jack was dead in the past. Andre tries to apologize as Sami is held back. Eric tells Andre tha his apology won't mean anything. Andre brings up Eric not being a priest anymore. Andre says he's trying to find civility. Andre informs them that he's staying with Stefano if any of them want to work on this. Andre reveals to them that Stefano is his biological father. Roman argues that he and Tony were never alike. Andre states that Tony, EJ, and Lexie are dead so he decided to come back home since Chad is a wanted man. Andre says he needs to take care of Stefano. Andre adds that he is truly sorry for their loss as he exits the Pub.

Steve goes back to the hospital to see Kayla to say goodbye because he promised he would. Steve tells her that it doesn't mean goodbye and then kisses her. Steve exits.

Andre returns home to Stefano and tells him it went about as well as expected but he's now free to go and do as he pleases.

Eric and Sami go outside the Pub. Sami tells Eric that EJ left her this information to fight Stefano so she's not going to let anyone else get hurt with Andre back. Eric tries to argue but Sami insists and declares she's going to Switzerland. Marlena comes out and questions why. Sami says she doesn't have time to explain but that she knows what she's doing.

Sonny returns to the park where Will was buried and cries over his grave.

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