Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes through the mail in the bedroom and is shocked to find a letter from EJ, that he gave to a lawyer to give to her within a year of his death, saying that if he's dead then Stefano is responsible.

Stefano encourages Chad to fight as he cannot lose another son. Rafe enters the room. Stefano senses it and tells him to get out.

Abigail goes home and calls out to Ben. She finds something on the floor that reminds her of Chad as Ben comes out from the back.

Paul goes to Sonny's and tells him he's sorry. Sonny asks what he's doing here. Paul says he heard that he's in town and figured this is where he would come. Sonny tells him that he saw his parents first. Paul is sure they were a help. Sonny says everyone wants to be. Sonny feels it's a crime scene and wonders how it looks just like it did when he left.

Ben questions if Abigail just said Chad. Abigail admits she did because she can't stop thinking about their fight. Ben tells her that it's over. Abigail is glad he didn't get hurt worse. Ben tells her that he's tough and for her to be more careful. Abigail apologizes for not being there but Ben is glad she didn't have to experience it. Ben talks about the hatred in Chad's eyes and how he wanted to kill him. Abigail hugs him.

Rafe doesn't mean to intrude but says he is in the middle of an investigation with all the evidence pointing to Chad. Stefano questions him being there to gloat. Rafe says he needs to question him and decided to save him the trip. Rafe asks if Stefano saw Chad the night of Serena's death. Rafe brings up their disagreement and asks if Chad came back to the mansion. Stefano tells him to ask the staff. Rafe asks about when they were all looking for Chad and if he stashed Chad in one of his secret rooms. Stefano figures Rafe is looking for an alibi for him as he believes Chad is innocent.

Sami cries reading EJ's letter where he says Stefano must have figured a way to get rid of him and that he can make sure Sami and the children are safe. Sami opens another envelope with it that has a key and an address to a safety deposit box with EJ's last gift to her, ammunition. EJ wrote that he's giving Sami her chance for revenge and it's her choice.

Sonny tells Paul that getting the call was like a bomb going off. Sonny says nothing about this seems right. Paul tells Sonny to do whatever he wants or needs. Sonny wants the last eight months back. Paul wishes that for him too. Sonny states that he'll just have to settle for picking up a few of his things. Paul offers to help pack but Sonny says he's just going to grab a couple of things. Paul decides to leave him to it. Paul adds that Will knew Sonny loved him and never gave up because he knew they loved each other. Paul then exits as Sonny holds a photo of he and Will and cries.

Eric sits at the nightclub looking at an article on Basic Black's photography as he takes a drink.

Sami finishes reading EJ's letter then quickly grabs her things and rushes out of the room. Marlena stops her and asks if everything is alright.

Rafe tells Stefano that the evidence in his opinion doesn't mean a thing as the DA will bring the charges and he's ready to indict Chad the minute he wakes up. Rafe says the case is solid and pretty overwhelming. Stefano points out that the real killer is still out there. Rafe needs solid proof and exits.

Abigail says Chad fighting Ben doesn't make sense. Ben says Chad was in love with her and he was in the way. Ben talks about Abigail loving him and Chad never accepting that. Ben tells her that Chad never gave up on her and was obsessed with her. Abigail questions why come out of hiding when he was on the run. Ben says it's not logical as he killed three people and tried to kill two more. Ben tells her to accept it and let it go otherwise she or the baby could get hurt as there's no telling what a monster like that will do. Ben hugs her until there's a knock at the door. Abigail answers and Rafe arrives. Rafe needs to get Ben's statement on record. Ben questions needing it right now but Abigail says it's okay as she has to take some stuff to work so she exits. Rafe tells Ben to start from the beginning. Ben says he already told him everything that happened last night so Rafe says it shouldn't take long then. Rafe encourages that this helps and he could remember a small detail to make the case airtight.

Marlena asks if Sami wants to talk about what happened in Chad's room. Sami says she doesn't and it's not that. Marlena asks if it's something else but Sonny arrives and hugs Sami as they cry. Sonny regrets ever leaving town and feels he was a coward for leaving. Sonny says Will would still be alive if he didn't leave town but Marlena and Sami encourage that it's not his fault. Sami cries that she has to go get some air so she rushes out. Sonny worries that Sami blames him but Marlena assures him that she's just all over the place right now. Marlena says Sami is just trying. She tells him she's so sorry as they hug.

Eric meets Sami outside of the town square and asks what's going on. Sami tells him that she can't talk to Caroline because she doesn't know about Will. Sami says Caroline's the only one who ever understood. Sami has Eric promise not to say anything to anyone and be objective about it. Sami shows Eric the letter from EJ. Eric's first thought is that someone could have forged it but Sami says they wouldn't know what to write as it's really specific. Eric asks if she's sure and that Stefano could have had the mansion wired. Eric thinks she needs to be skeptical about every word in the letter.

Ben tells Rafe that it's so hard to relive it all as he flashes back to the fight. Ben claims Chad busted in and started raving. Rafe asks if he can describe it in any detail other than raving. Ben claims that Chad threatened to take Abigail from him. Ben goes to Chad sucker punching him. Rafe points out that Chad didn't knock him out as Ben fought back. Ben says Chad was so crazed that he thought he wouldn't have a chance but he just got lucky.

Abigail goes to the hospital and runs in to Stefano, who tells her to stay away from Chad. Abigail tells him that she tried to help Chad and didn't believe for a second that he was the murderer. Abigail says she found a place for him to hide and believed in him but then he attacked Ben and she doesn't understand why since Chad would know how this would look. Abigail wonders why he would do something so foolish. Abigail adds that she doesn't want to think or believe that he's guilty. Stefano exits through the elevator. Abigail goes to the counter where Sonny joins her. Abigail hugs him and says she's so sorry, adding that none of this makes any sense. Sonny tells her that he's staying at Victor's. Abigail asks him to let his parents take care of him. Sonny says he went home and saw Gabi but he's not ready to see Arianna. Abigail is glad Gabi's here. Sonny looks ahead towards Chad's room. Abigail invites him to go take a walk or get something to eat but Sonny says he has a few more people to see. Sonny asks about Chad's room. Abigail tells him that Chad is in a coma but will be officially arrested if he ever wakes up. Sonny calls Chad he and Will's best friend so this doesn't make any sense and his mind won't believe it. Abigail hugs him and says she knows.

Ben asks Rafe if that's it. Rafe says it is for now but he may get back with him if further questions come up. Rafe asks how he's feeling. Ben says he's better and thanks him. Rafe stops and remembers he forgot the timing. Rafe says Ben and Chad were never friends but Chad and Abigail broke up before they started going out so it's not like she dumped Chad for Ben. Ben says that doesn't mean he ever accepted it. Rafe goes over Ben and Abigail being together for a year and everyone knowing about the baby. Rafe says that's what he doesn't get as it just doesn't make sense. Rafe wonders why now everything suddenly escalated.

Eric tells Sami that he's sorry and asks what she thinks. She believes it's from EJ. Eric notes that it's exactly what she wants to hear. Sami questions him being so cynical. Eric asks why else she believes it. Sami never believed EJ would let some random junkie kill him. Eric asks if she thinks Stefano put a hit on him. Sami thinks Stefano was furious and would've done anything so that means Stefano is the reason EJ was taken from her and her children. Sami says if that is true, she will strangle him. Eric notes that's the same way Chad killed Will. Sami vows to make Stefano pay. Eric says that's if it's true. Sami has to find out if this is real.

Sonny walks through the park and sits on the bench. Paul goes jogging by and stops behind when he sees Sonny.

Ben is sure the police will figure it out. Rafe doesn't know if they don't talk to Chad. Ben thinks the pressure just built so maybe he decided he'd get caught anyway.

Sami tells Eric that she can track down the lawyer for the key to the safety deposit box. Eric worries that it could be bait. Sami is glad he's thinking that way because she needs to be prepared. Sami says she can't let it go so she wonders what to do. Eric says Stefano is in Salem and not going anywhere while the letter is a year old. Sami says she has to do something about it. Eric knows revenge on Stefano would be easier than what she came home to do. Eric tells her that saying goodbye to her son is the only thing that's important right now.

Paul tells Sonny he's not stalking him. Sonny knows this is always the time he liked to run. Paul sits with him and asks what his plans are after the funeral. Sonny is going to make sure Arianna and Gabi are okay then catch a flight back to Paris. Sonny asks why. Paul asks if he even thought about staying. Sonny asks if that's what he wants. Paul says it's not for him but there are people here who can help him, pointing out Arianna. Sonny says she's two years old and asks how it's fair for him to come back for a week or a month when he plans on leaving again. Paul asks if he knows that. Sonny responds that he doesn't know anything. Paul suggests not making any sudden moves. Paul points out that where ever they went, Sonny always talked about family. Sonny doesn't know what he's going to do after tomorrow. Sonny thanks Paul for his good advice and then walks away.

Eric asks Sami what she's going to do. She responds that she's going to bury her son tomorrow. Eric asks about the day after that but Sami doesn't know. Eric wants her to promise not to strangle Stefano so Roman doesn't have to put her in jail. Sami says strangling is too good for Stefano anyway. Sami wonders about what EJ left her in the safety deposit box.

Stefano and Andre play chess at the mansion. Andre thinks it's best for Chad to stay in a coma until they can figure out a way to get him out of the hospital and to safety. Stefano declares perhaps there is a third option.

Abigail walks towards Chad's hospital room and looks through the window. She says he can't be that monster. The guard questions her but she says it's nothing and walks away.

Rafe tells Ben it makes sense. Ben says who knows as the whole family is crazy. Rafe guesses they will see when Chad wakes up, if he wakes up. Rafe tells Ben to take care and exits. Ben feels frustrated and looks in the mirror, asking what happened to him. Ben looks at a photo of he and Abigail then punches it, shattering the glass frame.

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