Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/15/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/15/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve sits in the town square where Eduardo approaches. Eve tells him of her phone ringing and wishing it was Paige. Eve says it's hitting her that she'll never get another text from Paige. Eduardo recalls when his daughter Arianna died and he didn't even know what she looked like anymore. Eduardo knew he would pay for leaving his children and that they would hate him but it didn't occur that his punishment would be outliving them. Eve guesses his conscience is clear now that he paid his half of Paige's funeral and put up the reward to bring Chad in. Eve asks him when he's leaving. He responds that he's not as he has decided to stay in Salem.

Kayla goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and hugs Adrienne, who cries about Will and being worried for Sonny. Kayla tells Adrienne that she is worried about her since she has the cancer gene from her mother and she hasn't heard back from her. Kayla asks if she has any thought on what she wants to do.

John finishes meeting with Louise, who promises to look through old yearbooks from John's past. She exits as Paul arrives. Paul tells John that he's sorry about Will. John calls it a damn tragedy. Paul asks John about who he is looking up. John calls it a missing piece from his past.

Justin greets Gabi at the police station and tells her that Rafe just left. Gabi informs Justin that she was actually waiting for him. Gabi wants to back to Will and Sonny's apartment.

Sami goes to Chad's hospital room then yells at him to wake up and tell her what it was like to murder her son. She grabs his pillow and talks about Chad being Will's friend. Sami asks who Chad is and what turned him in to this. Sami says she knows how this happened and how Chad didn't know he was a DiMera growing up. Sami argues that Stefano used Chad to get even with her for taking Sydney and Johnny away from him. Sami claims she knows how he did it too. Sami says EJ fought back, became his own man, and they found true love that lasts forever. Sami holds the pillow and says this won't stop him. Sami says the cops can't do anything since they have to treat him innocent until proven guilty. Sami declares that she promised her son justice even if she has to do it with her bare hands. Sami tells Chad that she's sorry but she's really doing him a favor. Sami then smothers Chad with the pillow.

Eduardo tells Eve that Paige's death opened his eyes to how much he's thrown away. Eduardo says he can't do anything for Paige but maybe there is still something he can do for his first family. Eve questions him thinking they'll take him back. Eduardo says they may never forgive him but if he doesn't try, he won't be able to live with himself.

Paul thought he was the only part of John's past that he didn't know. John says his early years are even more complicated. Paul admits he can't stop thinking about Will and blames himself for Will and Sonny being apart since he came to Salem. John tells Paul that Will got in the way of a serial killer and they know now that Chad DiMera is to blame.

Adrienne tells Kayla that she finds it hard to process but she is fine. Sonny then comes home. Adrienne hugs him as she cries.

Gabi tells Justin that she thought it would make it easier on Sonny and Sami if someone else got Will's things. Justin allows her to go back there. Gabi thanks him. Justin asks if it's okay if he still thinks of Arianna as his granddaughter. Gabi tells him of course since Sonny is one of Arianna's dads. Gabi asks Justin if he's prosecuting Chad. Justin says of course. Justin says he can't bring Will back but he will make sure Chad spends the rest of his life in prison.

Marlena pulls Sami off of Chad and tells her that she can't do this and it won't solve anything. Sami argues that it will make him pay for what he did. Marlena tells her to stop talking that way and warns her that there is a cop outside the room. Marlena tells Sami that Roman wants to see her. Marlena checks Chad's pulse and confirms he's still alive. Sami doesn't want a lecture. Marlena reminds her that her three children need her. Sami cries what about her first born. Sami wants revenge but Marlena tells her that it never gives comfort.

Adrienne asks Sonny why he didn't tell her that he was coming back as she didn't know what to think. Kayla tells Sonny that Will was more than just a nephew to her. Sonny says he was planning to come back before this happened. Sonny tells Adrienne about Will's message that he listened to over and over again. Sonny realized he still loved Will and needed to be with he and Arianna but now he has to tell her that she'll never see her dad again. Kayla decides she will leave them time alone. Sonny thanks her for everything. Kayla tells them to call if they need anything as she exits. Adrienne cries and hugs Sonny.

Eduardo guesses Eve thinks he's a hypocrite. Eve says she now knows how important it is to keep your children close because you never know. Eve feels sorry for him because he missed all that time with Paige. Eve says she has to piece her life back together so she's tired of all the anger.

Paul continues to ask John about the missing piece of his past. John shows him an old picture of himself but he's not sure Paul is ready for this story yet. Paul says he's a part of him so he has to know. John agrees since Paul is one of the main reasons that he's back on this search.

Marlena and Sami exit Chad's room and come across Stefano at the hospital. Sami tries to go after him but Marlena holds her back. Stefano greets them and says he's so sorry about Will. Sami again tries to go after Stefano. Sami threatens Stefano that she will kill Chad herself and maybe him next as she and Marlena walk away.

Justin goes home and hugs Sonny. Sonny can't believe how things ended with Will. Adrienne cries that they should have more time together. Sonny says they didn't and now he's gone so how is he supposed to live with that.

Daniel finds Kayla at the hospital and says he's been leaving messages since he found out about Will. Daniel asks Kayla about Caroline. Kayla says it had been awful but luckily she pulled out and seems like her old self for now. Daniel asks if there is something she's not telling him. Kayla takes him aside and tells him that it needs to stay between them. Kayla explains to Daniel that they used an experimental drug but she knows how unethical it is. Daniel just wants Caroline to be doing better. Kayla admits she seems like her old self but the drug won't be listed in the chart. Daniel is glad she told him. Daniel asks if Caroline knows about Will but Kayla hasn't told her yet. Daniel hugs Kayla as she wonders why these things happen.

Marlena sits with Sami outside and says it's easier to feel rage than the pain of the loss. Sami argues that Will had a husband, a daughter, and a family who loved him but that didn't matter to the bastard that killed him. Sami says after all this time, it's still the DiMeras and she has to wonder who's next. Sami says she has to wonder if it will be Allie because she's not a DiMera. Marlena is concerned that she isn't expressing her anger and she worries that she is feeling hollow. Sami tells Marlena that she's her daughter, not her patient and she's not going to change her. Sami tells her to let her do this her own way. Marlena asks her not to go. Marlena doesn't want to be her therapist, just her mother. Marlena feels the problems with the DiMeras are because of her and John. Marlena says they have the same reaction as she goes hollow too sometimes with all the pain of losing someone you love.

John tells Paul that he will try to keep it simple as he explains how he didn't know who he was or where he came from when he first came to Salem. He was simply known as The Pawn as he was brought by Petrov who worked for Stefano. Paul asks what he did to him. John says he was programmed to do whatever he wanted. Paul can't believe it and how he survived. John credits the luck of meeting Marlena, who helped him fight back but he still doesn't know his real name. Paul asks about the picture. John talks about finding the Alamains who adopted him and named him Forrest after their son whose death was faked. John explains that he's trying to find out what happened to Forrest Alamain and if he crossed paths with Petrov. Paul asks if he's sure he wants the details. John responds that he needs to know. Paul is glad that he told him all of this. John hopes he's doing the right thing. Paul talks about imagining what his dad was like as a kid but John turned out to be better than anything he imagined. Paul hopes John finds his parents and gets half as lucky as he did.

Sonny tells his parents that he's never gone through anything like this in his life and never thought he could hurt this much. Sonny doesn't know what to do. Adrienne encourages him to find a reason to go on like Arianna. Adrienne says he will eventually learn to live with the pain. She notes that he looks tired. Sonny says there is something he needs to do so he's going to go do that. Sonny exits as Adrienne cries.

Daniel tells Kayla to go home and he will cover for her but she wants to stay close to Caroline. Kayla says going home would just drive Joey crazy and she'd be fighting with Steve. Daniel tells her that she has work and friends. Kayla responds that there is nothing like family.

Marlena tells Sami that she went straight to denial when she first heard about Will as it didn't make sense. Marlena talks about thinking she lost John so many times but he always come back. Marlena says that Will not coming back is like a punch in the gut. Sami asks if that's how she wants her to feel. Marlena thinks it's all she can feel. Sami says they have to live with it because of Stefano's son deciding to kill Will because that's what Stefano does, kill everything that's good.

Paul remembers that a guy he knew in baseball went to the academy that John is looking into and his father did as well. Paul offers to reach out to him. John thanks him but Paul says he doesn't have to thank him as he is his dad.

Eve finds Justin in the town square. He asks how she's doing. She says she's holding up and it helps knowing that Chad has been caught. Justin says he just left Sonny. Eve says she heard about Will and it's awful as now Justin is going through everything too. Justin gets a call from Adrienne but ignores it. Eve offers to buy him a coffee but Justin says he has to deal with something that he can't avoid any longer.

Sonny goes to his apartment and heads inside where Gabi is. Gabi hugs him as they both cry.

Stefano visits Chad in his hospital bed. Stefano sends his guard to wait outside so he can be alone with Chad. Stefano tells Chad that he's there.

Eduardo calls Rafe and leaves a message to call him as he needs to talk to him. A reporter approaches asking for a statement on Chad's capture. Eduardo says he's relieved as he wouldn't want any other family to go through what his did. Eduardo then corrects the reporter that his last name is not Larson but Hernandez.

Gabi and Sonny cry as Sonny cries over the spot that Will was found. Gabi asks if he wants to be alone as they hug. Sonny wants to see Arianna. Gabi tells him any time he wants as she exits. Paul then arrives at the door.

Justin goes home. Adrienne thought he had a meeting. Justin says he cancelled it as he had no business taking off after she said she needed to speak with him. Adrienne tells him it's not easy to talk about. Justin asks if it's about them. Adrienne says it's not that. She tells him that she's loved him since she was 17 no matter what and he's one of the most important people in her life. She tells him that she has a decision to make and she can't make it until she tells him what she's dealing with. Justin asks what kind of decision. Adrienne informs him that her mom has breast cancer. Justin asks if she will be okay. Adrienne says they think they caught it in time but she has the cancer mutation gene. Adrienne reveals that she has the gene as well. She says she was really upset at first but is grateful to know now. She tells Justin that she has a decision to make.

Stefano tells Chad to keep fighting and begs him not to give up. Stefano states that he cannot lose another child.

Marlena comes home with Sami. John asks where they've been. Sami goes to get water. John asks how Sami is doing. Marlena says she's not well but she will tell him about it later. John asks if he can help. Marlena tells him to just be there for her. Sami wants to go rest. Marlena gives Sami mail that was delivered there. Sami thanks her and goes to rest. Sami goes through the mail in the bedroom and is shocked to find a letter from EJ.

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