Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/14/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/14/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Nicole walk through the park together and talk about their upcoming wedding. Daniel suggests why wait. Nicole asks what he had in mind. Daniel asks if she has plans tomorrow.

Anne joins Theresa in the town square and says she was surprised to get her text. Theresa is glad she came. Theresa informs her that her cousin Will was murdered last night.

Lucas finishes a call as he joins Kate outside. Kate thanks him for calling her last night. Lucas says he couldn't let her hear it on the news. Kate brings up everything that has gone on. Lucas cries that nothing matters anymore as his son is gone and he can't believe it. Kate hugs him.

Brady and Eric go to Marlena's. Brady asks about Sami. Eric tells him that she is still in her room and said she will come out soon. Brady figures she must be crying her eyes out but Eric says she is calm and Marlena notes that she hasn't shed a tear. Brady feels that's not good and recalls last year with EJ's death. Eric guesses it's taking time to sink in. Brady believes she has to let it out or it's going to explode. Sami then comes out of her room.

Anne blows it off, saying Theresa wasn't that close to Will. Theresa still feels bad. Anne questions her working this. Theresa says she really is sad and shocked. Anne asks if she wants her to feel bad for her. Theresa wants some advice. Anne guesses she texted her because she needed something. Theresa tells her that she did feel bad about the other night and calls Anne her best and only friend. Theresa doesn't want to mess up a good thing which Anne takes as she is having problems with Brady.

Sami tells Brady that it's so good to see him. Brady hugs her. Eric goes to get her some coffee. Brady asks about the kids. Sami tells him that they are getting ready for school and she wants to tell them in person. Marlena offers to bring them here but Sami doesn't want them to associate death with Salem. Eric says they are just trying to help but Sami says there is nothing. Marlena encourages that she's safe here while Brady tells her to let it go. Sami says she can't.

Nicole knows Daniel is kidding but she loves his enthusiasm. She asks if he is kidding. Daniel says okay. Nicole tells him that they can do it very soon as she is open to anything. Daniel suggests getting out the calendar and figuring out a date tonight. They talk about honeymoon destinations. Daniel gets paged to the hospital while Nicole has work as well. Nicole knows Kate will be a mess about Will. Daniel thinks it will make her more focused. Nicole feels she has to step up and take charge so Kate's not overwhelmed. They kiss goodbye as Daniel walks away.

Kate and Lucas talk about not sleeping at all last night. Kate talks about Will being kind to her on his wedding day. Lucas tells her that Will loved her very much and he knew he could count on her. Kate asks if he's gone to a meeting. Lucas insists he won't take a drink. Kate cries that she never wants distance between them again. Lucas feels the same and suggests they remember Will. Lucas thanks Kate for accepting Will and making him comfortable about coming out. Kate credits Marlena. Lucas knows he wasn't there in the beginning. Kate assures that Will always knew how much he loved him. Lucas cries that he feels he chewed him out lately for everything. Kate tells Lucas that Will was desperate to get Sonny back and she can't believe they will never have that chance. Lucas repeats that it's got to be okay. Kate encourages that they have to be strong for Arianna. Kate asks about Sami. Lucas tells her that she's been quiet and dry-eyed which Kate notes is not good.

Marlena asks Sami what she is afraid of happening if she lets go. Sami feels she might not get back up as she has three children counting on her to keep it together. Brady worries that it's too much to put on herself. Marlena suggests bringing the kids here but Sami refuses to let them near Stefano. Sami plans to go back to California where she can keep the kids safe. Eric and Brady tell her that they can take it. Sami questions them waiting for her to start crying and instead she starts laughing.

Theresa talks to Anne about bonding with Brady over Tate. Anne asks what the issue is. Theresa complains about Nicole and Kate being her business partners and sending her to get coffee. Anne talks about fighting dirty and being relentless. Anne tells Theresa to suck up to Kate but make sure she isn't cut out of anything. Anne decides she'll see what she can dig up on Kate for backup. Theresa calls her the best.

Sami stops laughing and looks at a photo of Will with Arianna. Marlena and Sami call it their favorite picture. Sami notes it as the last picture Arianna will ever have with her dad. Marlena asks how that makes her feel and encourages her to open up about her feelings so she can handle the grief. Sami says it's not something to handle. Eric tries to help. Marlena understands she needs space. Sami doesn't want counseling and asks what else they have. Marlena asks what else she wants. Sami yells that she wants her son back and storms out.

Anne asks Theresa about her next meeting. Theresa says it's today and they then see Kate walk by with Lucas followed by Nicole. Theresa tells Anne that she plans to take over the meeting and not stop until she gets what she wants which is being a designer. Anne encourages her and sends her to go get what's hers. Anne walks away while Theresa approaches Kate and Nicole. Lucas tells Kate that he will let her know about the memorial and will call her later as he walks away. Theresa tells Kate that she's sorry about Will. Theresa assumes she's still working today and asks about the meeting with Milan. Kate questions her thinking that and says that was a conference call that she already handled. Kate tells Nicole that she will go over that with her. Kate tells Theresa that it's boring numbers. Theresa wants to know but Kate tells her it's not the day. Nicole asks Kate if she wants to work and Kate assures her. Kate and Nicole go over things. Theresa wants a copy but Kate says she doesn't need a part of this. Theresa argues that she wants to learn everything as an owner. Kate tells Theresa that she will be learning under a famous designer. Theresa mentions designing a wedding dress and says she has tons of ideas. Nicole tells her to do that. Kate decides they should go and tells Theresa to get to work. Theresa calls out that she will send her sketches tomorrow as they walk away.

Marlena tells Eric not to follow Sami as she won't open up. Brady knows Marlena did that on purpose. Marlena admits she had to get a reaction out of her. Marlena says that Sami has to act on her grief and then she will be as okay as she can be. Brady tells Marlena to let him know if there's anything he can do as he exits for the hospital. Eric asks about Marlena. Eric mentions talking to Rafe earlier and informs her that they got Chad after he attacked Ben. Eric tells Marlena that Ben fought back and Chad is now in a coma at the hospital. Marlena worries that Chad can't defend himself while unconscious. Eric asks what she thinks he could say. Eric says Ben gave his statement as a living witness to Chad's attack. Marlena still isn't sure. Eric thinks Sami will find some comfort in knowing that Chad will pay.

Sami goes to Will's apartment and passes the crime scene tape to head inside. Sami picks up Will's tablet and sees a photo of he and Arianna. She then sees the headline news that Chad has been caught.

Brady goes to the hospital and sees Daniel. Brady asks about Chad. Daniel tells him that he's handcuffed to a bed and in a coma. Brady calls it unbelievable and asks about Ben. Daniel tells him that Ben will be okay. Brady asks if he checked Chad's blood alcohol. Daniel tells him that he can't talk about that and asks why. Brady explains that Chad came to him after Serena's murder, asking a lot of questions about blackouts. Brady asks Daniel to let him know when Chad wakes up.

Eric still can't believe Marlena thinks Chad is innocent. Marlena thinks she jumped the gun. Marlena knows Chad was really worried about her. Eric asks why Chad ran. Marlena thinks Chad knew the police wouldn't believe him and the evidence was stacking up against him. Eric says Serena wasn't evil and Marlena feels Chad isn't either.

Sami puts things down and picks up a shoe of Will's as she looks at the spot where his body was found. Sami looks at a photo of her and Will. Sami then picks up a stuffed animal and thinks back to when Will was a baby then to Will's wedding and then saying goodbye at the morgue. Sami finally breaks down crying.

Daniel gets a text from Nicole and tells Brady about honeymoon ideas. Brady asks if they set a date yet. Daniel says not yet but it will be soon as they have no time to lose. Daniel jokes about Nicole being married to her work in Basic Black. Brady tells Daniel that he'll make sure she will get a long honeymoon. Daniel comments that there's no telling with Kate in the mix.

Kate and Nicole go to the nightclub, talking about work. Kate talks about having the best photographer and asks if she's told Eric yet. Nicole says not yet as she's sure he's already hurting over Will. Nicole asks about Theresa's editorial. Kate tells Nicole that she will ask her eventually. Nicole knows she will ignore Theresa's answer. Kate feels she's giving Theresa an important life lesson.

Theresa works on drawing designs at the Kiriakis Mansion and throws papers as she gets frustrated. Theresa worries that she can't do it but Brady walks in and encourages her. Theresa asks about being at the hospital and remarks that Chad is lucky Sami didn't get to him first.

Sami continues crying while hugging the photo of her and Will. She gets up and puts everything down then goes back to the tablet with the article on Chad being caught.

Brady tells Theresa that he may be MIA for a while as he helps with family. Theresa understands as it's her family too. Brady says they are all sort of connected. Brady goes to check on Tate as Theresa gets back to working on her drawings.

Eric goes to the nightclub and sees Nicole. Nicole hugs him and tells him that she's so sorry about Will. Nicole asks how everyone is. Eric says they are hanging in. Nicole asks if it would be rotten to talk business. Eric says no so they sit down. Nicole doesn't want to keep him hanging and should have told him before. Nicole says he needs to know that Kate offered the photography job at Basic Black to someone else. Eric understands the other guy Giovanni has been doing the work for decades and he can't compete. Nicole is glad he's so understanding. Eric talks about being there for the family when something like this happens without warning.

Sami goes to Chad's hospital room and grabs his pillow, preparing to suffocate him.

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