Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden works in his office where he gets a text message saying they need to meet now.

Abigail joins Gabi and Arianna outside the town square. Gabi cries that she can't believe it as she just got out and now Will is gone. Gabi tells her about finding Will's body. Gabi asks if it's true that Chad killed him.

Hope sits down at the station with Sami and Lucas. Sami asks what happened. Hope responds that there is a lot they still don't know. Sami doesn't understand why and wants it explained why Chad killed her son.

Chad accuses Ben, saying he thought it was Clyde doing it for him but he was in jail when Will was killed so it had to be him. Ben calls him a psycho. Chad continues accusing him and says Will was his friend, asking how he could do it. Chad starts calling for Abigail but Ben says he doesn't get to speak to her. Chad insists that he's right. Ben tells him to prove it. Chad says he will but first he's going to get Abigail as far away from him as he can.

Hope asks Sami how much she has heard about the murders. Sami says she spoke to Eric after Serena's murder but she didn't know there was string of murders. Hope says she can't go in to details but the evidence points to Chad. Hope mentions Marlena's attack which Sami questions. Marlena talks about helping him through blackouts. Sami questions Chad attacking Marlena while murdering Will and others. Sami argues that's not Chad. Lucas talks about working with Chad and him not being like that. Hope says they are still putting the pieces together. Sami states that it doesn't make sense. Hope and Rafe promise to find Will's killer. Rafe hugs Sami.

Chad tells Ben that it will be over when she hears. Ben tells Chad that he has nothing and threatens to call the cops but Chad attacks Ben and they start to fight.

Gabi talks to Abigail about how Rafe isn't going to stop and now it's even more personal. Arianna cries as Gabi realizes she has to get her to bed. Abigail tells her to take care as she exits.

Rafe tells Sami that he's sorry and can't believe she's back in town for this. Sami tells Rafe that she planned on being back which is how she got back so fast. Rafe thanks her for the letters from the kids. Sami thanks him for responding and being great with them. Sami talks about their grief for EJ and now having to add that their brother has been murdered and that their uncle could be the killer. Marlena offers to go to California with Sami to be there for the kids. Lucas says the same. Hope tells Sami they are here for her. Rafe adds if there is anything they can do. Sami tells them to just catch Will's killer. Sami wants to see Will. Lucas decides he's going too so they head to the morgue with Hope. Marlena notes that Rafe is not convinced that Chad is the killer. Rafe responds that he's not the only one.

Chad and Ben continue fighting. Ben thinks back to the times he saw Chad with Abigail as he punches him. Ben knocks him down as both are bleeding. Ben questions Chad breaking in to his house and knocks him into the table. Chad fights back but Ben pins him against the wall. Chad punches him back. Ben tosses him over the couch to the floor. Ben threatens to take his body to the police. Chad calls him a murderer and says they will know. Ben knocks Chad out and slams his head against the edge of the bed as Abigail makes her way home and starts to unlock the door.

Rafe asks Marlena about not being convinced either. Marlena responds that nothing has happened to change her mind. Marlena talks about going over her notes and doing research. Marlena says everybody agrees that Chad does not fit the profile of the killer. Marlena says it's not impossible but would be very surprising. Rafe tells her to convince him. Marlena brings up Chad's close relationships with Sami's kids and Theo. Marlena also reveals that Chad saved her life in Italy with Stefano. Rafe asks why he is just now hearing about this. Marlena tells him that she let it go and never told anyone else. Marlena talks about how Chad didn't know her well but defied his father at great risk to do the right thing. Rafe brings up the evidence. Marlena says she can't picture Chad choking Will. Rafe decides she's off the case because it's unfair to ask her all of this but Marlena says she needs to help. Marlena asks how she can help find Chad. Rafe says he will let her know if there's anything. Rafe asks about Sami. Marlena says Sami is in shock and protecting herself by being numb at the moment. Rafe says he will talk to her soon and steps away. John asks Marlena if she's okay. She says she is as okay as she can be under the circumstances but is worried about Sami and the kids. John questions the look on her face when Sami brought up the kids. Marlena reveals that today is exactly one year since EJ was killed.

Sami and Lucas see Will in the morgue. Lucas cries as Sami talks about trying to think of happy moments with Will on the flight over. Sami wishes they did better with him. Lucas assures her that he knew how much they loved him. Lucas says they got better and Will found love despite everything. Sami says Will deserved more. Sami says goodnight to Will.

Abigail comes home and finds Ben on the floor bleeding and then sees Chad knocked out. Abigail wakes Ben up, who tells her that Chad broke in. Ben says he doesn't know why but tells her to call the police before Chad gets up because he's dangerous. Abigail calls the police and an ambulance to the apartment and declares that Chad is here and has just attacked her fiancÚ.

Sami and Lucas walk outside. She asks where he's going tonight. Lucas says he might stay with Kate. Sami tells him that he should so he's not alone. Sami adds that he doesn't have to walk with her to the town house. Lucas feels he does. Sami recalls talking to Will earlier in the day which must have been right before. Sami says that Will told her about calling Sonny and his plan to fly to Paris to win Sonny back. Lucas asks what he can do for her as she hasn't shed a tear and he asks what's wrong with her. Sami doesn't have a place right now for burying their son. Sami doesn't know what helps with that as they walk off together.

Hope shows Rafe that they just got a hit on the neckties and they were ordered online. They discover it came from a DiMera account. Hope gets a call that they got Chad so she and Rafe rush out.

Abigail tells Ben that the paramedics are on their way and asks if he's alright. Ben says he is. Abigail goes to check on Chad. Ben asks what she's doing. Abigail says she's seeing if he's alive. Ben warns her to stay away because he's dangerous. Ben tells her that Chad tried to kill him after he killed three other people. Ben claims he could've been coming to kill Abigail next.

Aiden goes to the DiMera Mansion, asking what the emergency is. Andre talks about Aiden's debt and asks if he wants to clear the whole debt.

Chad is placed on a stretcher while Rafe and Hope question Ben. Ben says Chad snuck in through the window and started raving about Serena, Paige, and Will and how he wasn't good enough for Abigail. Ben says Chad came at him hard. Rafe asks why Chad killed the others if it was all about Ben. They plan to take Ben to the station. Rafe and Hope talk, noting there is no necktie on the scene as they take Chad out. Ben tells Abigail that he understands why he made Chad crazy since he lost Abigail and he couldn't live with that. Rafe watches as Ben hugs Abigail, telling her he's glad it's over now and she's safe.

Lucas tells Sami that he will call her in the morning as they hug. Lucas talks about making a list of all the happy times with Will. Sami thanks him for everything. Lucas exits as Sami stays with Marlena and John. Marlena mentions John living with her. Sami says they should've said so and she'll just stay at the Pub so she's not in the way. Sami says she should just be by herself but Marlena insists that she shouldn't be alone and asks her to stay so they can take care of her. Marlena hugs Sami who remains emotionless.

Andre wants to get everything the police have on Chad. Aiden calls it impossible. Aiden questions if he enjoys the debt. Aiden says it would be a crime so they would have him on a string for the rest of his life and he would never be free. Andre assures him that he will be of no further use to them if he completes the task. Andre tells Aiden that he has 24 hours and warns him to think hard before he decides to disappoint them.

Sami decides she will just go to sleep and call the kids in the morning, knowing tomorrow will be busy. John hugs Sami and says goodnight. She thanks them for everything and heads to the bedroom. John tells Marlena that Sami is not okay. Marlena agrees and knows it will be awhile and then it will sink in. John adds then it will be even worse.

Abigail wipes Ben's bloody wounds. Abigail can't believe Chad did this. Ben is glad she wasn't there to see it and wasn't hurt. Abigail says she's been such an idiot as she thought she knew Chad. Ben tells her that she didn't as he has a flashback to killing Will. Ben decides he needs to get some air. Abigail suggests going to the hospital to get checked out but Ben says he doesn't need that. Abigail feels something is wrong. Ben says he just needs a couple minutes to clear his head as he hugs her.

Kayla checks out Chad at the hospital. She exits the room and tells Rafe and Hope that Ben really did a number on him, fracturing his skull. Rafe wants to speak to him as soon as he wakes up. Kayla says that's if he wakes up as Chad is in a coma.

Aiden sits in his office, saying he can't do it and be in DiMera's pocket for the rest of his life. Aiden states that there has to be another way. Aiden grabs a folder on Hope and goes to his computer, looking at her life insurance policy. Aiden looks at his photo of Hope.

Abigail goes to the hospital and sees Kayla. Kayla asks how she and Ben are. Abigail says Ben says he is alright. Kayla suggests bringing him in but Abigail says he didn't want to come. Abigail asks about Chad. Kayla tells her that Chad is in a coma and when he wakes up, Rafe and Hope plan to arrest him and charge him with the murders.

Ben goes outside the town square and sits with a paper bag. He opens the bag and pulls out a beer to take a drink.

Abigail looks through the window at Chad in a coma.

Sami sits alone in the dark in her bed.

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