Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/12/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/12/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve visits Caroline in the hospital. She says she's doing better. Steve asks about her dreams. Caroline tells him that she saw Bo again in a hospital and he was hurt with a bandage on his chest. Steve asks about the room. Caroline pictures it as an operating room. Steve asks if she remembers anything about where it might be. Kayla interrupts and tells Steve to stop and that Caroline doesn't have to answer.

John and Marlena sit at home. Marlena mentions wanting to show Will what she scored in their word game. John responds that she's not the only who scored as he just achieved a minor victory of his own that has to do with the search for his past.

Ben and Abigail kiss in bed. Ben then thinks back to killing Will and stops. Abigail asks him what it is.

Chad reads the article about Clyde being arrested and says he still can't prove it's him setting him up but if not Clyde then who.

Gabi checks on Will and cries over his dead body then calls Rafe to inform him that Will is dead.

Sonny checks his phone in Paris and hears Will's voicemail that he left.

Gabi tries to revive Will as Rafe arrives with the police. Rafe checks Will's pulse to confirm he is dead and tells Gabi it's too late as she cries. Rafe knows it's hard but needs Gabi to answer questions. Rafe asks if the door was open when she came home. Gabi says it was. Rafe asks if Will was there. Gabi cries that she found him like that and he was so cold. Rafe wants to take her out but Gabi refuses to leave Will. Rafe asks about Arianna. Gabi tells him that she's with the sitter. Gabi asks how she tells her baby that her dad is gone.

Steve steps out with Kayla and wants her to calm down but she refuses, worrying that Caroline is still fragile. Steve says he doesn't want to upset her but Caroline wanted to talk about the dreams. Kayla argues that Caroline is not in her right state of mind. Steve asks what if those dreams are true. Kayla thinks he sounds crazy. Steve feels her details are so specific. Kayla believes that Steve found a dead end in his search for Bo but that he wants to go back and break his promise to them about sticking around. Kayla tells Steve to man up and just say it. Steve swears that isn't what he's doing as it's about bringing Bo home to his family. Kayla agrees to try not to be cynical. Kayla asks Steve to stay off the subject of Bo with Caroline as it will only make her miserable and undermine her recovery.

John finishes a call and says he's looking forward to it. John tells Marlena that Louise is coming. Marlena hopes she can tell him what he wants to know. John says she has to know something. Marlena hates what was done to John. John brings up being brought to Salem as Stefano's pawn and says he has to get those memories back. John talks about finding out more about Petrov and who his parents are.

Ben tells Abigail that she looks so beautiful so he just wants to take her in slow. Ben wonders how he got so lucky as they kiss.

Hope joins Rafe and sees Will's dead body as she can't believe it. Rafe hugs her as she cries. Rafe brings up Sami. Hope wants to find out who did this. Hope notes the same necktie and style so it has to be the same killer. Rafe points out the location is different and he feels it wasn't done here as it doesn't add up. Rafe explains that Will's injuries don't match with the crime scene so he wasn't killed here. Hope wants to find Chad. Rafe says they can't assume it was Chad as he and Will were friends. Rafe says they owe the victims to find who did this. Hope wants to know if anyone got on the private plane to Rio. Rafe assures Hope that he's on it and going to do his job.

Kayla returns to Caroline and tells her that Steve means well but can't let things go. Caroline stops her and says she's either making excuses or pushing him away. Caroline complains about Kayla acting dismissive and cynical towards Steve. Kayla argues that it's not the first time he's made these promises. Caroline wants her to keep an open mind, insisting that Steve loves her. Kayla feels he loves adventure more so their family will always come in second. Kayla refuses to wait for him as she has to protect herself. Caroline says to hell with that and encourages her to let her guard down and give him a chance.

Steve goes to see John and Marlena. Marlena says she has work to go through so he and John can catch up. Steve sits with John and brings up Caroline's treatment. Steve tells John about Caroline's accurate dreams of Bo. Steve believes Bo's death was a ruse to throw him off the trail and keep him from the truth.

Ben and Abigail are sleep where Ben has a nightmare about being arrested for the murders.

Hope apologizes to Rafe and assures that she has confidence in him. Rafe apologizes for being out of line. Hope and Rafe cry over watching Will grow up. Hope wonders how Sonny and Arianna will deal with this. Rafe realizes they have to get in touch with Sonny, Lucas, and Sami which Hope agrees to do. Hope calls Lucas, who is walking through the town square. Hope tells Lucas to meet her at Will's. Lucas asks if something happened. She tells him to just get there as soon as he can.

John questions Steve if Caroline is psychic now and using that as proof that Bo is alive. Steve insists that her details are so specific. John tells Steve that he can't blame himself for Bo's death. Steve says Bo is his best friend and they went through everything together so he has to follow up on the slightest chance that he's alive. John asks where he is going to start as he needs a plan. John asks what his next move is.

Ben's nightmare continues with Abigail leaving him for Chad.

Chad continues looking at the article on Clyde and then comes across the breaking news alert that Will has been found dead.

Lucas arrives at Will's and asks Hope what happened and where Will is. Lucas asks her what's wrong as she starts to cry. Hope informs Lucas that Will is gone. Lucas doesn't believe her and goes inside to ask Rafe. Rafe explains that Will was strangled. Lucas asks why he wasn't told so he could go to the hospital and be with him. Lucas refuses to believe it as Hope cries and they hug.

Victor visits Caroline in the hospital. She thanks him. Victor reminds her of his promise to see her well again. Maggie enters and sees them together so she backs out of the room.

Steve tells John that he will let him know when he has a solid plan. Steve asks John about the search for his parents. John explains that he tracked down a woman who taught at the academy when Petrov was there. Steve is certain he won't get answers from Stefano. John states that he's not going to get up. Marlena comes out in tears and says it's Will.

Lucas wants to see Will. Rafe informs him that he's been taken to the morgue. Lucas cries asking who would do this. Lucas asks about it being the same killer who killed the women. Lucas says it was probably Chad and complains about the police not doing their job. Lucas cries that he didn't mean it. Lucas asks about Arianna. Rafe tells him that she's with the sitter. Lucas asks about Sonny. Hope says she's waiting for Victor to call back while she thought he would want to tell Sami himself. Lucas wonders how he's going to tell Sami. Rafe asks Lucas to come to the station to answer questions. Lucas agrees to do whatever they need to help. Hope offers to call Sami but Lucas says he will do it. Lucas calls Sami and tells her that he has some really bad news.

Abigail is woken up by her phone ringing with a call from Jennifer, who informs her of Will's death. Abigail says that's not possible then hangs up. Ben asks her what's wrong. Abigail says she can't even say it. Abigail then tells Ben that Will is dead. Ben asks what happened. Abigail says the serial killer got to him. Ben says she means Chad got to him. Abigail says not now. Ben knows how close they were. Abigail cries and says they talked every day. Ben says he knows how shocked she must be and how terrible she must feel. Ben says he's sorry but maybe now she can accept that Chad is a sick and twisted man that has to be stopped before somebody else gets hurt. Abigail decides she needs to go be with Gabi and Arianna so she exits.

Chad screams in frustration about how this could even be possible.

Gabi sits with Arianna outside and tells her that she has to go to the police station for some questions but Abigail will come see them first. Gabi breaks down crying, telling Arianna that she loves her.

John and Marlena join Rafe at the police station. Marlena cries about life not being easy for Will but he always tried to be strong, reliable, and brave. Marlena worries and says she knows the terror he felt. John asks about Chad. Rafe says he's still eluding them and they found out that he hadn't fled the country. Rafe didn't think Chad was capable but the evidence keeps pointing back to him. Rafe points out it not making sense since Chad and Will were friends. Marlena asks if Sami knows. Rafe tells her that Hope was going to take care of that and she's on her way with Lucas. Rafe steps out to take care of something. Marlena tells John that she's worried for Sami and the children. John tells her that they will be there for them to get them through this. Lucas enters and hugs Marlena as they cry.

Kayla approaches Maggie at the hospital and asks if she's okay. Maggie says she's fine and relieved that Caroline is doing better. Victor joins them to take Maggie home. Hope arrives and asks Victor why he wasn't answering. Victor tells her that he turned his phone off and asks what the emergency is. Hope reveals to Victor, Maggie, and Kayla that Will has been murdered. Victor asks if Sonny knows but Hope says they didn't have his new number. Victor goes to call Sonny. Kayla worries that they can't tell Caroline in her state as it will break her heart.

Sonny looks at his wedding ring then gets the call from Victor. Sonny says he was just about to call him as he was planning to come home to visit for a few days. Victor says there is something he needs to know. Sonny encourages him about the work he's doing in Paris. Victor tells Sonny that he needs to come home right away. Sonny asks why.

Steve returns to Caroline, who says she saw Bo again and she knows where he is. Caroline tells Steve that he has to help him as he doesn't have much time.

Victor informs Sonny that Will was murdered tonight. Sonny says it's not possible. Victor says he's arranged for him to be picked up. Sonny says he was coming home to see him to make things right. Sonny says Will needs to know that he loves him and he has to tell him. Victor says he needs to be with his family and tells him to get on the plane. Sonny hangs up and sits down in shock.

John tells Lucas that they are there for anything he needs. Marlena offers to take Arianna if needed. Sami then arrives at the station. Marlena cries and hugs Sami.

Abigail joins Gabi and Arianna in the park as they cry.

Ben looks at the news on his tablet and wonders why they can't find Chad. Chad then climbs in the window and says he doesn't know how he didn't see it all this time as he accuses Ben, yelling that it was him.

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