Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope finishes a call in the park where Aiden joins her. Hope asks him why he's been lying to her.

Lucas finds Adrienne in the town square and asks if she's okay as she looks unhappy. Adrienne has the results from her blood test and is trying to build up the courage to look at it.

Rafe finishes a call, putting an end to the cabin stakeout. Justin approaches and says he's not blaming him. Justin blames himself for Chad figuring out they were on to him.

JJ tells Abigail that Clyde is seriously bad news and a drug lord who is about to shipped off to Florida on a murder charge. JJ tells her they have a solid case. Abigail questions why he's in the middle of this. JJ explains to her that the DEA recruited him to go undercover and how Paige was hooking up with a dealer. JJ adds how Clyde threatened them all so that's why he had to see this through. JJ declares that Ben's dad is a psychopath.

Ben comes home after Will finds the necktie in the trash can. Will notes that Ben looks surprised to see him and reminds him of his text but the cable guy never came. Ben questions him going through his trash. Will says he accidentally knocked it over. Ben notes that he found his tie. Will calls it pretty snazzy and asks why he's throwing it out.

Justin tells Rafe that he tipped his hand to Stefano who must have warned Chad to clear the cabin. Rafe understands it's an amateur mistake which is why he doesn't want Justin telling him how to do his job.

Gabi goes to the police station, looking for Rafe but meets Lani, who tells her that Rafe is out in the field. Lani says Rafe has been a huge help and that it's nice meeting her.

Ben tells Will that he just decided it was an ugly tie but Will can have it if he likes it. Will passes since it was in the trash but thanks him.

Hope informs Aiden that she just talked to Roman. Aiden says he was trying to find her to tell her about Clyde. Aiden admits he lied to her for a long time about Clyde. Hope thought he said Clyde was clean. Aiden says he had to tell her that to protect her and the kids because Clyde threatened them. Hope thought she had a right to know that but Aiden says he would have retaliated. Aiden tells her that he never would have represented him if he knew what kind of guy he was. Aiden apologizes for not telling her the truth but hopes she understands why.

Adrienne talks to Lucas about waiting a while to look at the results but she wanted to be the first to know. Lucas tells her that he did some reading so even if she has the gene, it doesn't mean she has cancer and there's always options and treatments. Lucas tells her it's okay to be scared so he doesn't think she should open it until she's ready. Adrienne admits that talking to him helped so now she is ready.

Rafe understands Justin wants an arrest in his first big case and knows it would be especially meaningful to get a DiMera. They both want the people of Salem to feel safe. Rafe ponders what if Chad is not their guy. Justin asks what the odds are. Rafe reminds him that Marlena doesn't think Chad attacked her. Justin questions why he would run. Rafe feels Chad was scared of being railroaded. Rafe says Chad could be guilty but he wants a slam dunk case. Rafe states that in the end, they both want the killer off the streets before he kills again.

Will asks if Abigail found Ben. Ben says she did. Will thought they would come back together but Ben says Abigail had to talk to JJ. Ben wishes she stayed home to rest. Will tells him that she worried about him. Will adds that he's sorry about Clyde. Ben insists that he will be cleared as it was all just a huge misunderstanding. Will brings up their history. Ben assures that he changed. Ben points out Will not finding anyone to say something bad about Clyde when he wrote his article. Ben is tired of people talking trash about his family. Ben wraps the necktie around his hands as he talks about Chad being the killer and questions if another body has to turn up for everybody to be convinced. Will stops him and asks if he's okay.

Justin tells Rafe that he won't contradict him. Justin reveals that he went to Abe and offered his resignation but he wouldn't accept it. Justin says the people of Salem need the best people in charge like the both of them. Justin admits he started with certain goals that were selfishly motivated. Justin says they both want an air tight case. Justin blames himself for them getting off on the wrong foot and suggests they start over. Rafe agrees and they shake hands as Justin then exits.

Gabi joins Abigail and JJ at the station to ask what's going on. Abigail says they are doing alright. Gabi came to see Rafe but should've called. Abigail thought Ben would be back by now. Abigail and JJ make sure they don't have to worry about the other. Abigail tells JJ to tell her the whole story later as she hugs him goodbye and exits. Gabi asks JJ the story. JJ informs her that he sort of helped Clyde get arrested and Ben's not too thrilled with him. Abigail texts Ben asking him where he is.

Ben tells Will that he's not okay with his dad in jail and his fiancée's brother railroaded him. Will doesn't understand. Ben guesses JJ went back to dealing and made Clyde look guilty to save himself. Ben declares that Clyde is innocent, Chad's guilty, and Abigail is believing all the wrong people. Ben says this was supposed to be the best time of his life but now everything is screwed up. Will wishes he could help. Will decides to go but Ben says no. Ben apologizes to Will as he's really upset right now when he's only trying to help. Will tells him it's okay and he gets it. Will says he should get going. Ben questions his hurry. Will says he has a deadline but they can go somewhere for fresh air if he wants to talk. Ben starts to feel that he's making Will nervous. Will says of course not. Ben's phone continues to go off so he gets mad and throws it. Will tries to run but Ben stops him at the door.

Adrienne opens the envelope with Lucas as Justin walks by. Justin hopes he's not interrupting. Lucas says no as he was just asking about Sonny. Lucas tells her to take care and walks away. Adrienne asks Justin not to start. Justin tells her not to worry as he doesn't want to repeat their last date. Justin asks her to give him another chance to make it up to her right now. Adrienne agrees so they walk off together.

Gabi realizes she could've ruined everything since JJ was meeting Clyde when he rescued her on the docks. Gabi is glad everything worked out but JJ wouldn't say that. JJ is pretty sure it's not over. Gabi asks if he's still in danger but he doesn't know. JJ thinks Clyde killed Paige because she knew too much. Gabi asks what about Serena and Marlena. JJ says maybe it wasn't him but he'd like to think the killer is off the streets. Gabi tells him that he doesn't have to do this anymore. JJ feels he owes it to Paige to bring down her killer.

Hope complains to Aiden that it wasn't just a lie as he deliberately steered her away from investigating Clyde. Aiden knows it's a lot but he was worried. Hope is still trying to process. Aiden understands. Aiden tells her that he loves her so much and deeply regrets hurting her in any way. Aiden kisses her and they hug.

Ben questions Will thinking he's smarter than he is. Will says no. Ben asks if he thinks he knows what's going on. Will reminds him they are friends and he asked him to be his best man so they can talk to each other. Will notes that Ben is really worked up right now and suggests going somewhere to help him calm down. Ben tells him not to patronize him as he's clueless along with everyone else. Will tries to run but Ben grabs him and slams him down then begins wrapping the necktie around his hand. Ben begins strangling Will, screaming that he should've just stayed away as Will tries to beg him off but Ben chokes him to death and falls over crying.

Gabi and JJ walk through the town square together and pass where Paige used to work. Gabi asks what she can do. JJ suggests just sitting down for a little while so they do.

Justin and Adrienne go to the nightclub. Justin asks what she's been up to. She says it's just been the usual. Justin apologizes for not paying much attention to her life as he's been overwhelmed at work. Justin admits he's been acting like a jackass. Adrienne understands he's under a lot of pressure. Adrienne is reminded of when he went to work for Victor when they first got married. Justin calls that a long time ago. Adrienne says they have both been through a lot of changes since then. Adrienne talks about needing him to keep her safe then but not anymore. Adrienne says they both made a lot of choices in different directions. Justin feels there were a lot of mistakes. Adrienne calls them statements on who they are and want to be.

At the station, Lani gives a folder to Rafe and Hope. Rafe states that it looks like Chad is on the run.

Lucas makes a call, leaving a message for Will. Abigail finds him and tells him that Will stopped by her place a little while ago and offered to stay. Lucas guesses he must be on a deadline and asks if he's still there. Abigail says she's trying to track Ben down and assumes he went home and isn't in the mood for company so he probably asked Will to come back another time.

Ben puts Will's dead body in a bag and puts his wedding envelope in with him.

Adrienne thought they could make this work but she feels nervous like she's on an audition. Adrienne feels that after the small talk, they have to talk about things that are extremely painful and she doesn't know if she can stand to have her heart broken again. Adrienne calls it a hard road with so many misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Adrienne can't pretend it didn't happen. Justin says they just started and it was her idea so he doesn't get what's going on. Adrienne wants Justin to tell her there isn't some part of him that just wants to be free to do what he wants with whoever he wants. Adrienne asks for the truth. Justin admits sometimes and he doesn't really like that about himself but maybe she feels the same way. Adrienne declares that's it.

Aiden sits in the park where he meets with a man who gives him keys and pins to sneak in to the DiMera Mansion. Aiden encourages him to pull it off.

Rafe tells Hope that a company chartered a jet to Brazil. Hope worries that he could disappear there forever. Lani feels it could be admitting guilt and asks if they're finally convinced that Chad is the killer.

Gabi talks to JJ about reuniting with Arianna. Gabi looks back on being pregnant as the best thing to happen to her. Gabi encourages JJ that things get better eventually. JJ admits it helps. Gabi decides to get going to pick up Arianna. JJ tells her it was good catching up and maybe he'll see her around as she exits.

Ben drags Will's body back to his place and leaves him on the floor with the necktie around him. Ben then knocks furniture over and pictures off the tables, throwing things on the floor to set the scene. Ben then goes and puts a dent in the door to make it look like a break in.

Abigail returns home looking for Ben but he's not home so she calls him. Ben answers. Abigail asks if he's okay as he hadn't answered her texts and she was worried. Ben claims his phone was on silent. Abigail asks where he went since she waited for him at the station. Ben says he went home but missed Will and then went on a run. Abigail asks if he's alright. Ben says he will be when he sees her and hangs up. Ben exits, leaving Will's dead body.

Lucas goes to the nightclub and sees Justin. Justin tells him that he's alone so there's no need to gloat. Lucas says he wasn't going to. Justin warns him not to hurt her and exits.

Adrienne goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion. She pulls out the test results and opens it.

Aiden tells the man to get in the DiMera Mansion and find Chad DiMera. He asks if he's sure it will be worth it. Aiden promises him 10% of the $100,000 reward. The man wants the entire reward since he's doing all the work and can turn Chad in himself. Aiden warns that if that happens, he won't live long enough to see that money.

Rafe, Hope, and Lani discuss Chad still not being guilty. Rafe believes the killer may still be in Salem and they better find him before he kills again.

Ben comes home to Abigail, saying she wanted things to be perfect. Ben says things are perfect as long as she's there and they kiss. They hug as Ben says he sometimes can't imagine what it was like to live without her and he knows he never wants to find out again as they continue kissing.

Gabi goes home and finds the door forced open and screams when she sees Will's body.

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