Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/7/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/7/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor, Maggie, Hope, and Kayla watch over Caroline with a doctor. Victor worries if the serum was too late. Maggie encourages him to stay positive. The doctor is positive about Caroline's vitals. Kayla worries about whether they should've injected it or not and asks what if Caroline never wakes up and they lose her forever.

Outside of the hospital room, Roman listens to his phone as JJ has it on speaker while he's with Clyde. JJ says Clyde threatened to kill him but Clyde says he was just joking. JJ asks about Kyle. Clyde doesn't want to talk about that and demands to know why JJ called him to the docks.

Steve remains searching the cell where Bo was held.

Bo lies on the hospital bed he's strapped to. The two men come in and one declares that today, Bo will either tell him what he wants to know or die.

Steve continues his search and comes across a computer. He turns it on and sees security footage of Bo being held and tortured in the cell.

Kayla sits next to Caroline and encourages her along with Maggie and Victor. Kayla tells a story of climbing on the roof when she was a child until Caroline pulled her inside and hugged her instead of scolding her. Kayla cries that Caroline needs to come back. Caroline dreams of Kayla and Steve's daughter Stephanie's birth. Kayla cries that she's always been there for them so she wants to be there for her. Kayla gets emotional and exits the room so Maggie and Hope follow. Victor sits with Caroline and calls her an amazing woman that he always felt lucky to know and love. Caroline dreams of being with Victor in the past mixed in with visions of Bo.

Roman calls the station and tells Lani about the call from JJ and Clyde. Roman continues to listen. JJ wants to know what Clyde did to Kyle but Clyde doesn't want to talk about that. Clyde asks why JJ wanted to meet. JJ reminds him about the bullet delivered to his house. Roman encourages Lani to track JJ's phone. She responds that he's definitely on the docks but they can't get an exact location. Roman tells her to send patrol cars with no lights or sirens so Clyde is not tipped off. Clyde questions JJ about the bullet. JJ says maybe he didn't have anything to do with it but he wants to talk about it. Clyde doesn't want to talk about it. JJ tells Clyde that he can be a top money maker for him as he wants more responsibility. JJ states that Clyde isn't trusting him because Kyle didn't when it turned out he couldn't trust Kyle. JJ tells Clyde that he wants in.

Hope and Maggie encourage Kayla. Maggie suggests taking a walk but Kayla doesn't want to leave her. Hope promises to call if anything changes so Kayla leaves with Maggie. Hope calls Rafe and asks if there's anything new on Chad. Hope brings up questioning Stefano's staff. Hope adds that it isn't looking good for Caroline but they are praying. Hope hangs up as Aiden arrives. Aiden hugs Hope as she holds back tears.

Victor recalls falling in love with Caroline, saying they knew it was wrong but he loved her too much.

Steve continues watching the footage of Bo being tortured and sees what appears to be Bo being killed then stuffed in a bodybag and dragged away which upsets Steve.

Hope tells Aiden that there has been no change but they are praying. Hope says they don't know if Caroline will get better or worse. Aiden offers to do anything he can. Hope tells him that having him here is all she needs. Hope hugs him, saying she couldn't have done this alone. Aiden responds that she'll never have to be alone again.

Maggie and Kayla talk outside the town square. Kayla says she was desperate but still worries about giving her an experimental drug. Kayla admits she gave in when Caroline didn't know who she was. Kayla talks about the last few months with Joey and Steve while Caroline was always her rock. Maggie encourages her that there is still hope.

The man prepares to inject Bo, saying if he dies, he dies as he's useless to them unless he talks.

Lani talks with Roman from the station as Roman approaches on the docks with another cop. JJ tells Clyde that he wants to be his #2. Clyde says he doesn't have one and never will. JJ wants more than being an errand boy as he has ideas on how to double his business along with connections. Clyde wants specifics.

Maggie knows Victor is thrilled about the serum but she knows he wanted Bo to be the one who brought it to Caroline. Maggie says since contact stopped, Victor's eyes get troubled every time Bo is brought up. Kayla knows it's hard on everybody. Kayla says if the serum works and Caroline wakes up then the entire Brady family won't be able to thank Victor enough. Maggie says that Victor would just be happy that Caroline is well. Kayla asks if it's difficult for Maggie how much Victor cares for Caroline. Maggie says without Victor and Caroline there wouldn't have been Bo and Hope so she wouldn't want anything different.

Aiden listens to the news about Eduardo's $100,000 reward out for Chad. Hope comes back so Aiden asks if there's any leads on Chad. Hope reminds him that she can't talk about that. Aiden reminds her that Stefano fired him as Chad's attorney. Hope asks Aiden if Chad ever said anything about where he might go. Aiden says he only talked about being framed and trying to prove it. Aiden responds that he'd love to find Chad himself to bring him in.

JJ continues trying to convince Clyde. Clyde says maybe sometime they will talk about his ideas but he has somewhere to be. JJ asks him to stay for two more minutes and hear the best part.

Victor continues talking to Caroline and says they may not have built a future together but they had Bo so he can never thank her enough. Caroline dreams of past moments with Bo then to visions of Bo's torture. Caroline starts struggling as Victor checks on her. Victor calls for a nurse or doctor for help.

Aiden and Hope come back through the elevator. Aiden continues offering any help but Hope is sure he has to get back to the office so they kiss goodbye. Aiden exits through the elevator.

The men check Bo until he suddenly goes in to cardiac arrest.

Hope returns to Caroline's room with Dr. Salinas as the doctor prepares to inject Caroline again but she wakes up yelling Bo's name.

Clyde gives JJ two minutes. JJ talks to Clyde about limiting the people he works with. JJ calls trusting Kyle a bonehead move. Clyde grabs him and warns him to never talk to him like that again.

Caroline falls back asleep. Dr. Salinas says there is no telling when she will wake up again. Kayla worries that the serum could've destroyed part of her brain. Dr. Salinas compares it to a coma and leaves to go run tests. Kayla sits with Caroline and talks to her, encouraging her to wake up. Caroline wakes up, pleasing Maggie, Hope, and Kayla.

Steve arrives at the hospital and joins Victor. Victor tells her about Caroline's relapse. Victor questions what Steve is doing here. Steve thanks him for the use of his jet. Victor asks if he found Bo. Steve informs him that he tracked him down to an old monastery with underground prison cells but he's not there anymore. Steve declares he got there too late but the place is still active as they sent someone in to kill him. Steve tells Victor that whoever kidnapped Bo were trying to get the serum he developed. Victor understands it could be worth a fortune. Victor encourages Steve to go back and look for Bo. Steve reveals that he found surveillance footage of Bo in the cell and what they were doing to him. Steve tells Victor that they murdered Bo.

Kayla checks on Caroline as she is able to talk coherently and jokes with them. Maggie is glad she's back. Hope tells her they all love her so much. Caroline doesn't know how she got here. Kayla and Maggie explain that they brought her for help. Caroline feels it works and remembers her dreams of memories except for Bo.

The men try to calm Bo as he seems to be having a seizure and prepare to shock him but Bo suddenly breaks free of the straps and punches them back.

Aiden goes to the station and asks Lani if there's any news on Chad. She responds that the phones never quit since the reward was offered. She then goes back to work.

Clyde questions JJ thinking he's better than him and telling him how to do business. Clyde talks about seeing kids like him come and go. Clyde declares he's untouchable and tells him to go home and wait for his call. Clyde orders him to do what he says. Roman and his cop arrive with guns pulled, demanding Clyde turn around slowly. Clyde accuses JJ of setting him up. JJ rushes behind Roman as Clyde is handcuffed and arrested for conspiracy to sell controlled substances. Roman reads him his rights as Clyde stares at JJ.

Victor argues that Steve got bad information. Steve informs him that he saw video of Bo stabbed and zipped up in a bodybag then dragged out. Victor says Bo worked so hard to help him with the research project. Victor realizes that now Caroline might be saved but not their son. Steve offers to tell Hope but Victor says no. Steve feels she should know but Victor says he doesn't know how hard it was for Hope to get over Bo so he doesn't want her to mourn all over again. Hope comes out and excitedly tells Victor that Caroline is awake so Victor heads to her room. Hope tells Steve that he came back to good news.

Victor joins Kayla and Maggie in Caroline's room. Maggie states that Caroline was just telling them about her dreams about Bo. Steve enters the room. Caroline says her dreams were real that Bo was in chains. Hope enters and says dreams can fool them sometimes. Caroline insists this was real and she hopes he's alright as Victor and Steve exchange looks.

Bo gets off the bed and begs off as the other man attacks him with punches. Bo then fights back and shocks him against the wall. Bo then knocks out the first guy and screams that he's going home as he runs out of the room!

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