Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Andre comes in to the living room and tells Chad and Stefano what he found out about Clyde. Andre states that the police are unofficially investigating drug trafficking. Chad insists Clyde is framing him. Chad pulls out his burner phone and texts Clyde that he knows what he's up to. Andre questions that being wise. Chad suggests letting Clyde wonder who is on to him. Chad says he has to handle a few things before this all blows up and he exits.

JJ meets Roman at the Martin Mansion and tells him that he's in big trouble and it's dangerous to even meet but he's in way over his head and doesn't know how to get out.

Theresa holds Tate as he cries. Brady comes in asking what's wrong but Theresa doesn't know as she has tried everything. Theresa wonders if they should take him to the hospital.

Abigail complains to Ben of cramps. Ben mentions meeting Clyde at the nightclub but he can stay if she needs. Abigail insists that she'll be fine. Ben kisses her and exits. Abigail feels cold and pulls a sweater out of a drawer where a necktie also is. Chad then sneaks in through the window and says he had to see her. Abigail questions no one seeing him. Chad insists that it's important and he had to make sure she was protected. Chad tells her that he's now sure that he thinks Clyde is behind the killings. Abigail asks why he would do that. Chad believes he's trying to frame him.

Ben meets Clyde at the nightclub as they go over papers for their new home. Clyde is glad he decided to stay in Salem and not let Chad run him out of town. Ben admits he never really wanted to leave so he hopes he's doing the right thing by staying. Clyde tells him that Chad is either going to prison or Stefano will make him disappear for good. Clyde states that he and Jennifer will get to watch their grandbaby grow up in Salem. Clyde mentions talking to Jennifer about being family after the marriage. Ben asks how it went. Clyde feels she's a little uptight and suggests Abigail talking to her to let her know that she has nothing to fear from him.

Roman reminds JJ what they told him about it getting too risky. JJ says he did and there's no way out. JJ feels he was trying to protect people. JJ says he can't lose anyone else he loves so he doesn't care what happens to himself. JJ declares he's going to do something to protect Jennifer. JJ informs Roman that he knows who Kyle was working for and who is behind all the drugs that they wanted him to nail, it's Clyde Weston.

Brady calls the doctor about Tate. Theresa says nothing is working. Theresa says the doctor called it the beginning of uncontrollable crying and they have to let it go while it can last 2-3 months. Brady declares they will stick it out together then and do whatever they have to do to be there for him. Theresa agrees they will do it like a team together.

JJ tells Roman that he did what he wanted. JJ goes over how he snuck in to Kyle's apartment. Roman argues that his findings wouldn't have held up in court because he had his own reason to bring down Kyle. JJ continues on how Kyle pulled a gun on him and then called his boss, Clyde. JJ talks about Clyde getting rid of Kyle. Roman asks how Kyle found out about JJ. JJ informs him that Eve told Kyle that he was working for the cops. Roman questions why he's hearing about this now. JJ says he still wouldn't be hearing it if he wasn't desperate. JJ admits he was afraid for his family after Clyde's threats. Roman asks if he has any idea how Eve found out the truth. JJ remembers finding the bugging device at home and shows it to Roman. JJ states that now Roman knows everything.

Ben assures Clyde that Abigail really likes him after getting to know him so he's sure she will tell Jennifer how good he has been to them. Clyde brings up paying for the wedding but Ben insists that Jennifer wants to do that. Clyde suggests he will offer to chip in. Ben is unsure but doesn't see any harm in suggesting it. Clyde wants it to be a joyous occasion for everyone. Clyde says Abigail can have whatever she wants. Ben thanks him. Clyde decides he will call Jennifer and let her know that she's got nothing to worry about. Clyde grabs his phone and sees the anonymous text from Chad that he knows what he's up to.

Chad tells Abigail that he believes Clyde is behind the murders. Abigail mentions Clyde's abusive past but how hard he's tried to change and isn't like that anymore. Chad brings up Stefano. Abigail continues to question why Clyde would frame him. Chad insists that Clyde is not who he claims to be. Chad mentions the cops looking in to him for drug trafficking. Chad adds that Clyde was at the club the night he was with Serena. Abigail argues that it doesn't mean he's a murderer. Abigail brings up Chad initially thinking it was Stefano. Chad says he was wrong since Stefano had the chance to get him arrested and didn't take it. Chad informs Abigail that Justin found out about the cabin and Stefano covered for him. Abigail blames herself for taking him to the cabin. Abigail states that Chad could've been in jail right now and it would've been her fault so she never would've forgiven herself. Chad tells her it was his own fault and explains that he snuck back to the DiMera Mansion and dropped a fishing lure. Abigail asks what he's going to do if Justin is looking for him. Chad brings up the underground tunnels. Chad insists that Clyde is involved in the murders somehow. Abigail knows he wants to clear his name but he can't just start pointing at people without evidence and asks about the homeless guy. Chad explains he found him but he couldn't remember anything. Abigail doesn't want him taking more chances. Chad feels he can't just do nothing but Abigail says he can. Abigail decides she will look in to Clyde if only to prove he's wrong. Chad doesn't want her doing anything like that while she's pregnant. Chad just wanted her to have her guard up. Abigail asks what he's going to do. Chad decides it's best if she doesn't know. Abigail tells Chad that he's wrong about this and asks him to be careful. Chad sneaks back out the window.

JJ tells Roman how Jennifer thought Eve planted the device and it makes sense since she ratted him out to Kyle. Roman doesn't see Eve as a electronic mastermind. JJ insists. Roman brings up JJ resigning from undercover work. JJ asks what else Roman needs. Roman believes him but the DA will tell him he has no case. Roman tells JJ that he needs to get back and out of the way. JJ disagrees.

Ben notes that the text seemed to make Clyde mad. Clyde says it was just business that he will have to take care of. Abigail arrives. Ben questions her being out when she didn't feel good. Abigail says she feels better and knew they were signing on the home. Ben mentions talking about the wedding. Clyde tells Abigail that he would really like to help pay for the wedding but Abigail feels she's been generous as it is and Jennifer wants to take care of it. Clyde just wants to help so she can have the wedding of her dreams. Abigail brings up him already buying their house. Clyde tells her not to worry. Abigail thanks him for everything. Clyde asks if there is a problem. Abigail suddenly starts not feeling well again. Ben offers to get her some food while Clyde encourages them. Ben goes to get some soup, leaving Abigail with Clyde. Abigail repeats to Clyde that he doesn't have to pay for the wedding as he already gave them the best wedding present ever. Clyde tells her that she's made his son the happiest man in the world. Clyde says he has to go take care of business. Clyde tells Abigail to take care as she's family now and hugs her.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion. Andre questions where he went and what he did. Chad says he wanted to see Clyde's reaction. Andre guesses he went to see Abigail. Chad doesn't want to sit around while Clyde plans his next move. Chad gets a text back from Clyde asking who it is and what they want.

Clyde walks through the park and gets a call from JJ, using his calling about the cat code. Clyde says he shouldn't be calling him at all. JJ calls it an emergency and tells him to meet him at the docks. Clyde tells him not to make demands. JJ asks if he wants Ben's wedding to get blown. Clyde questions threats. JJ tells him to come because the cops know he was Kyle's dealer. Clyde can't believe it and questions him as JJ hangs up.

Brady and Theresa get Tate calm down and to sleep. Theresa talks about singing to him which Brady didn't know about. Tate wakes up crying again. Theresa suggests taking him for a drive. Brady jokes with her about singing so they sing as they exit.

JJ goes to the docks and sees Gabi talking to a homeless man. The man questions Gabi if she thinks she's better than him and says he knows why she's down here. Gabi doesn't know what he's talking about but he says he's onto her. JJ joins Gabi, pretending to be her boyfriend and tells the man to get lost so he leaves. Gabi is glad JJ got there as she didn't know what that guy was going to do. JJ offers to call the cops but Gabi feels they wouldn't care since she's not a model citizen. JJ asks what she's doing here anyways. Gabi says a friend she met in prison is getting out and wanted her to give her brother a letter but then she got lost. Gabi then asks JJ what he's doing here.

Brady and Theresa return home with Tate asleep. Brady decides their new tactic is putting him in the car. Brady asks Theresa what happened with her and her mom. Theresa talks about her only caring about her dad and going in to depression when he'd go off on assignment. Brady relates to having a parent in the ISA. Theresa feels she didn't live up to her parents which Brady also relates to. Theresa says she was tired of kids being mean to her in school so she decided to be mean first by high school. Theresa can't imagine ever being mean to Tate. Theresa brings up what Eve is going through and worries about anything ever happening to Tate. Theresa wants to be the best mom but is afraid she'll end up being the worst. Brady tells her that she's doing okay. They decide they can't leave him sleeping in the car seat so they have to risk getting him in the crib.

JJ tells Gabi that a guy from school works on the docks and they were going to hang out. JJ gives Gabi directions for where she was going and tells her to be careful. Gabi thanks him for coming to her rescue and walks away. JJ then pulls out his phone and calls Roman to say he's there and knows what to do. Clyde then appears and grabs him.

Ben sits with Abigail until she loses her appetite. Ben brings up her not making much of Clyde's offer to pay for the wedding. Abigail says she was just surprised since Jennifer wants to pay for it but it was very generous. Ben feels she sounded kind of rude. Abigail apologizes and blames it on not feeling well. Ben asks if she's sure that's all it was.

Clyde checks JJ and he assures him he's not wearing a wire. Clyde asks what's going on and how the cops know. JJ explains that Kyle left a letter with his mother in case of anything happening to him. JJ adds that the cops are after him and they are going to have to talk terms if he wants him to keep his mouth shut.

Brady and Theresa sit together, hoping Tate's crying is done. They are both tired and Theresa falls asleep with her head on his shoulder.

Chad tells Stefano and Andre that Clyde is on the ropes. Andre asks what he's going to do next. Chad says he will keep the pressure until he's where they want him. Andre hopes he knows what he's doing.

Abigail questions not being grateful enough to Clyde. Ben just wonders if something else is bothering her. Abigail asks what else it could be. Abigail then starts getting stomach pains.

Clyde questions JJ's terms. JJ wants money to keep his mouth shut. Clyde suggests he kill him right now instead so JJ will be shut up permanently and it wouldn't cost him a dime.

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