Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/5/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/5/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla calls Jennifer and apologizes for missing Paige's funeral as she had surgery to do. Kayla tells her to take care and hangs up as Roman and Victor enter. Roman brings up the experimental drug but Kayla cuts him off and says it's not going to happen. Roman wants more information but Kayla refuses.

Maggie talks with Hope at the police station about her wedding. Hope prays that Caroline will be able to come and asks if Kayla has changed her mind about the experimental drug. Maggie informs her that Roman and Victor are talking to her now. Maggie understands Kayla but feels there is no other option. Hope worries that Bo has no idea he may never see his mother again.

Bo remains strapped to a bed in the unknown area.

Steve calls John and tells him about the package he sent of the partially dissolved pills found in the prison to see if they match Bo. Steve hangs up and continues searching the cell. Steve then finds something on the floor.

Eduardo offers a $100,000 reward to anyone who can assist in the capture of the man who killed his daughter, named Chad DiMera. Rafe interrupts and says this will not air. Eduardo asks what he's doing but Rafe questions him the same. Rafe reminds Eduardo that he doesn't want his help or him to undermine the investigation. Eduardo believes money is a good incentive for witnesses. Rafe argues that he doesn't need help and now he will have to investigate all the calls that come in to get that money. Rafe warns him that if someone else dies, it's on his head. Eduardo doesn't care if Chad gets killed for killing Paige. Rafe argues that he could be innocent. Justin interrupts and doesn't want to dismiss the idea of a reward. Rafe questions him condoning this and warns him of the chaos it could cause. Justin tells Eduardo that he is not required to rescind his offer. Eduardo declares his reward stands. Rafe warns Justin now that if Chad dies before he has a trial, his blood is on Justin's hands.

Roman tells Kayla that Dr. Salinas's research sounds very promising. Kayla argues against the drug and that the side effects could be devastating or kill her. Kayla asks Victor if he would take the chance on one of his family members. Victor says he would but Kayla says Caroline is not his family and ends the conversation. Kayla leaves to go check on Caroline.

Hope hugs Maggie and thanks her, saying she will try to check on Caroline after her shift. Hope starts to bring up Bo again. Maggie jokes about never imagining she would end up a cop. Hope talks about going through with it because of Bo but now she loves her job. Maggie knows she's angry with Bo but the experiences they shared are what make her who she is today. Maggie says she'll see her at the hospital and exits.

Steve finds bread crumbs on the floor and comments that he must have got there before the rats. Steve is then found by a guard and a gun is pulled.

Eve approaches Eduardo and thanks him for putting up the reward. Eve asks if he really has that kind of money. Eduardo asks if she's surprised. Eve says she is since they had nothing. Eduardo responds that his security business has done well but he would give it all away to see justice for Paige.

Rafe joins Hope at the station and talk about the reward offering. Rafe can't believe Justin isn't backing him up. Hope agrees it was a bad call but understands Eduardo is grieving. Hope mentions knowing Eduardo walked out on Paige. Rafe then reveals to Hope that Eduardo is his dad as well.

Roman talks to Victor about Dr. Salinas being talented but suggests he could just be telling what he wants to hear so he keeps getting paid. Victor argues that Kayla is too close to the situation. Victor says there are no documented side effects. Victor wants Caroline to be able to remember her family and live life to the fullest.

Kayla checks on Caroline as she sleeps.

One of the men torturing Bo suggests he start talking sooner than later as he injects him with a needle.

Steve apologizes and claims he was just sight seeing but will leave. The man says he's coming with him as he holds his gun on him. Steve grabs the gun from him and punches him down. Steve then pulls out his own gun and says it's his turn. Steve asks the man where is Bo Brady.

Theresa thought Brady didn't even like Chad. Brady still thinks he deserves a fair trial. Brady brings up Chad coming to him about his blackouts after drinking and if he would ever remember what happened. Brady suggests Chad didn't know if he killed Serena and Paige. Theresa brings up when Liam tormented Daniel and Jennifer when everyone thought it was her. Theresa is glad she got another chance. Brady suggests she give JJ and Jennifer another chance but she tells him not to push it. Brady goes to get her a soda. Eve confronts Theresa and questions why Brady is even here. Theresa says he's a nice guy but Eve questions why he was trying to kick her out then. Theresa says they moved past that. Eve complains about guys like him breaking their hearts. Justin tells Brady that he wasn't aware he knew Paige. Brady admits he didn't well but wanted to support Theresa. Justin questions if Brady is falling for her again.

Rafe explains to Hope that he hadn't seen his dad since he was 15 and had no idea where he was or that he abandoned another family. Rafe says Paige was his sister and he never even got the chance to know her. Hope asks if he's okay. Rafe says he's fine but worried about Gabi because Eduardo wants to connect with her when she never knew him so he'll only hurt her. Rafe asks Hope not to say anything so she gives her word. Rafe apologizes for blurting all of this out. Hope tells him it's alright as she is there if he wants to talk and hugs him as he thanks her.

Roman joins Kayla in Caroline's room. Roman brings up her speech at Will and Sonny's wedding. Roman asks if we'll ever see that Caroline again. Kayla thinks she will have her moments. Roman worries that she's declined so much since her stroke. Roman asks what if they could get her back. Kayla says he knows she wants that. Roman says they have always disagreed on medical decisions and he admits he doesn't know the potential problems. Roman asks Kayla if she's afraid that if she makes the wrong call then she won't be able to live with the guilt. Roman then asks what if she's making the wrong call now and the drug could help so she could be the only thing standing in the way of Caroline's only real chance. Kayla calls that unfair. Roman asks if she would turn it down for any other patient. Kayla insists that she would never give a patient an untested drug.

The man asks Steve who Bo Brady is. Steve informs him that Bo was the man being held here and asks about the blood stain. The man admits he never knew Bo's name or why he was being held and he was just following orders. Steve demands to know who gave those orders.

Brady tells Justin that he doesn't have romantic feelings for Theresa and never will. Justin wonders if she does though. Eduardo admits to Eve that he shouldn't have had say in her plans. He praises Eve for the job she did of raising their daughter. Eve says she was just an amazing girl. Eduardo knows he can't make up for what he missed and can only tell her how sorry he is and how he wished things turned out differently. Justin looks on as Brady returns to Theresa. Theresa knows they have been avoiding talking about the other day when she kissed him so she just wanted to apologize, calling it impulsive and in the moment. Brady tells her that they don't have to talk about it because it's never going to happen again.

Kayla tells Roman that it's hard to know what symptoms are from her stroke or from her illness and the drug only treats the illness. Roman talks about how hard she fought back from the stroke. Roman brings up past risks and asks what Caroline would do with this decision herself. Roman thinks they both know what she would say. Kayla asks for a second with her. Roman tells her to take all the time he needs and hugs her then exits. Kayla sits with Caroline and talks about always coming to her for advice on a tough decision. Kayla feels giving her an untested drug is ethically wrong and potentially dangerous but the little girl in her wants her mom back. Kayla calls it so hard to let go and she doesn't want her to leave them. Kayla asks if Roman is right. Caroline wakes up. Kayla asks if they can talk about something serious about her medical care. Caroline asks her to go call her daughter Kayla.

Roman tells Victor that Kayla is on the fence but he isn't sure she will change her mind. Hope arrives and asks how Caroline is doing. Roman tells her that she's the same. Roman says Kayla has legit concerns but he doesn't think they have an alternative. Hope knows it's a difficult decision. Hope asks how Victor found out about this treatment in the first place. Victor reveals he didn't find it, Bo did.

Steve demands an answer from the man as to who gave him orders but he doesn't know. He says he got cash delivered weekly by a messenger. Steve holds the gun to his neck and asks if Bo was hurt. The man admits they had to take extreme measures to get him to answer questions as he was very determined not to talk. Steve asks what they were asking him. He says it was about a formula but that's all he knows. Steve demands to know where Bo is.

Brady and Theresa go home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady tells her that Tate is already asleep. Theresa thanks him for his support today as it meant a lot to her. Brady is glad he could be there. Brady says he will be working in his study if she needs anything as he exits.

Justin asks for a word with Eduardo. Justin tells him that they will need to coordinate his reward through the police department and assures that he's on his side and will support him. Eduardo doesn't care if Justin supports him or not as he wants justice for Paige while he doesn't think that's what Justin is in this for as they look over at Eve.

Roman and Maggie step aside while Hope questions Victor. Victor explains that Bo found Dr. Salinas when he took Caroline to California three years ago. Hope asks why they are just now talking about this. Victor tells her that the drug was only being developed then but he funded it for Bo. Hope doesn't understand why Bo never mentioned it to anyone else. Victor says he didn't want to get everyone's hopes up. Victor talks about needing to act now so he hopes Kayla comes to her senses before it's too late. Kayla then comes out from Caroline's room.

The man sits with Bo and asks about the secret formula Victor is working on, who it's being used for and what it is. He tells Bo that this could all be over today if he tells him.

The man swears to Steve that it's all he knows and was just doing his job. The man knocks Steve down suddenly and tries to stick a pill in his mouth. Steve fights him off so he runs. Steve pulls his gun and yells that he's coming for his boss.

Justin asks Eduardo what he means. Eve interrupts and says she needs to get out of here. Eduardo offers to take her so she accepts. Eve hugs Justin and thanks him for everything. Justin tells her to call if she needs anything. Eduardo and Eve exit together. Justin pulls out his phone and makes a call, wanting information on Eduardo.

Rafe looks over the evidence board at the station. Rafe turns on the TV and sees Eduardo's reward offer.

Theresa draws her designs until Tate wakes up crying so she rushes to check on him.

Victor, Roman, Hope, and Maggie all join Kayla in Caroline's room as Kayla makes the injection in to Caroline.

The man continues questioning Bo about the serum formula and what it's being used for. Bo is able to respond that it's for foot fungus, angering the man.

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