Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi meets Rafe in the town square. Rafe tells her about Paige's funeral and how it's important for him to be there. Gabi asks if he knew Paige.

Theresa cries at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady comes in and asks what's wrong.

Jennifer comes downstairs to find JJ playing guitar in the living room. Jennifer goes to comfort him.

Eve imagines seeing Paige at home and that she's going to her college graduation.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion and questions how the cops found his hideout. Andre responds that it was from Chad.

Justin finishes a call at the station, telling them not to come back without Chad in handcuffs. Eduardo arrives and asks if they are any closer to making an arrest. Justin says he can't discuss an ongoing case. Eduardo knows he was a lousy father and wishes he could change that but now he wants justice served in her name. Eduardo asks why he hasn't caught the son of a bitch who did this to her.

Theresa cries about Paige's funeral. Brady sees Theresa's wedding dress designs. Theresa explains that Abigail asked her to do that for her. Brady thinks that's great and praises the designs. Theresa asks Brady to go to the funeral with her.

Eve imagines Eduardo joining she and Paige at home with flowers as a happy family. Eve then sets down a vase of Paige's favorite flowers.

Theresa apologizes for asking and says she'll be fine. Brady stops her and agrees to go with her.

Jennifer tells JJ that Abigail is sorry she can't go to the funeral as she isn't feeling well. Jennifer encourages JJ not to blame himself but JJ says he should've never told her about Clyde. Jennifer argues that it wasn't Clyde as the police think it's Chad. JJ worries about the bugging device but Jennifer thinks it was Eve. JJ wants Jennifer to leave town after the funeral to stay safe but she refuses to leave him alone. They are interrupted by the doorbell ringing and Daniel arrives. JJ thanks him for coming with them as Jennifer needed a friend she could depend on.

Justin covers up the evidence chart but Eduardo wants to see it to know what's going on. Justin says the police are doing everything they can to bring in Chad and tells him to stay out and back off. Justin tells him not to make things harder for Eve as she's going through hell and her life will never be the same.

Eve looks in the mirror and her earrings make her imagine giving them to Paige for her wedding. Eve gets a box and looks at Paige's stuffed animal, causing her to imagine more until she's interrupted by Eduardo arriving. He tells her that he's there to go with her to bury their daughter.

Andre explains that Justin found the fishing lure. Chad complains of his luck and questions why he needs Andre's help when he doesn't even know him. Andre says they are family and wants to plan his next move. Chad brings up Paige's funeral so he thinks he can make his move while the police are there. Andre says it'd be a greater tragedy if he was sent to prison. Chad tells him to shut up. Andre tells him to calm down as they are all on the same side here but Chad is not so sure.

Eve talks to Eduardo how she was supposed to be shopping for Paige's wedding dress and shoes instead of her casket and funeral dress. Eve declares that she's dead inside. Eve blames him for abandoning them, leading them back to Salem. Eve argues that he hasn't earned the right to be here now.

Rafe asks Gabi if he can help her with a job. Gabi suggests a character reference. Rafe agrees and Gabi thanks him then exits. Eduardo approaches and comments on it being nice that they are close. Rafe questions if he's stalking them. Eduardo asks if he's going to Paige's funeral and assumes that he hasn't told Gabi about him or Paige being their half sister. Rafe doesn't want to turn her life upside down after prison and tells Eduardo that they aren't going to say anything.

Andre questions Chad and asks about his alibi. Chad says the homeless guy ran so he offers to give Stefano his cash back. Stefano tells him to keep it as he'll need it but Chad says no and puts it down. Andre offers to keep him safe until the real killer is caught and asks why he can't admit that he needs their help.

Brady and Theresa talk to Jennifer and Daniel at the funeral. Jennifer thanks Brady for coming. Daniel tells Theresa that he's sorry for their loss. Theresa sees Daphne and goes to check on her. Daphne calls it surreal and introduces her father to Theresa. Rafe arrives, followed by Eduardo. Eduardo asks Rafe about the cops being on the lookout for Chad and if he honestly thinks he'd be dumb enough to show up here. Rafe just walks away. Eve arrives with Justin as Eduardo looks on. The funeral ceremony begins. Justin remarks to Rafe that if he hadn't showed so much mercy to Chad, he'd be behind bars right now. Everyone recites the Our Father prayer. Theresa breaks down crying. Eve tells her to pull it together. Brady takes Theresa away. Rafe joins Eve. She thanks him for coming. Rafe says he's sorry and promises to find whoever did this. Eve walks away with Justin and Rafe heads out. JJ comments on not saying anything to Eve. Daniel encourages him not to make it worse. JJ says it can't be worse and rushes off as Daniel tries to comfort Jennifer. Jennifer doesn't know how to help JJ. Jennifer cries that he's too young to have to go through this. Theresa apologizes to Brady, who suggests they leave as it's not doing Eve any good but Theresa argues that Paige was her niece. Brady questions how she treated Jennifer and JJ when they are here to pay respects. Theresa argues about how they treated them and that she couldn't believe they even showed up. Theresa states that she's trying to look out for Eve but Brady doesn't understand. Eduardo approaches Eve but she stops him so he walks away. Eve cries then imagines Paige showing up to tell her not to be angry for the rest of her life.

Everyone goes to the reception. Rafe questions what Eduardo is doing here when he's just making it harder for Eve. Eduardo says Paige was his daughter too. Rafe tells him to just go but Eduardo refuses until the bastard who did this is caught so he suggests letting him help. Rafe questions what he could do to help. Eduardo argues that he's been doing security for years and has experience. Rafe informs him that he was in the FBI. Eduardo wants to know about him and Gabi. Rafe accuses him of pretending to be Paige's father now that she doesn't need him and making it all about him.

Inside the reception, JJ looks at a photo of he and Paige as Daphne approaches. JJ figures she doesn't want him there but Daphne is glad he is as she wanted to tell him something. Daphne admits she thought Paige was crazy for loving him but she thinks Paige dying loving JJ and she'd want him to know that. JJ feels he was a selfish bastard not to let her go. Theresa knows Brady is upset with her but she feels she can't be nice to Jennifer and JJ. Brady argues that they are there to pay respects and encourages her to let go of the past. Jennifer talks to Daniel about not feeling like she should be there. Jennifer talks about Eve told her she has all of her kids while Eve has lost everything. Daniel reminds her that she's there for Paige and for JJ.

Eduardo tells Rafe that he has no idea what it's like to lose two daughters so he wants a chance to know Gabi and she should be able to decide if he gets that chance. Rafe says it's his job to look out for his sister because he was never there to do it. Eduardo encourages him to accept his offer to help because he needs it. Rafe refuses to count on him because he's never finished anything in his life. Rafe heads inside while Eduardo makes a phone call, saying he needs a favor.

Eve talks to her vision of Paige, who tells her that she knows she loved her and encourages Eve to forgive herself. Eve tries to hug her but the vision disappears and Eve breaks down crying again over the casket.

JJ decides to leave before Eve gets to the reception. Jennifer and Daniel agree to go with him but Eve arrives and questions what they are doing there. Eve accuses Jennifer of tormenting her. Jennifer tries to explain. JJ tells her to be angry at him. Justin suggests they just leave. Eve stops Daniel and says he was always a good friend to Paige but now he's escorting Jennifer home. Eve remarks that comforting his needy ex takes precedence. Jennifer tells her not to be angry at Daniel. Eve screams that she's angry at all of them, mostly herself. Eve says none of them did right by her so she yells at them to get out. Daniel, Jennifer, and JJ exit as Eduardo watches. Theresa tries to calm Eve down as she cries.

Chad asks how they are going to prove that Clyde killed Serena and Paige. Andre asks if they are sure it was Clyde. Chad asks who else would frame him and have the intelligence to do it. Chad says it was all for nothing since Ben and Abigail are leaving town. Andre argues that Abigail wouldn't run off with Ben if she wasn't carrying his child. Andre wonders how to prove that Clyde is responsible. Chad doesn't know. Andre has a suggestion.

Jennifer and JJ return home with Daniel. Jennifer is sorry they had to leave early and about what Eve said. Daniel encourages that it's not really about Jennifer. JJ blames himself. Daniel asks what he's talking about. Jennifer says they need some time. Daniel tells her to call if she needs anything. Jennifer thanks him as they hug. Daniel exits. Jennifer asks JJ to be kind to himself but he responds that he can't do that unless she leaves town. Jennifer decides to go call Abigail to see how she's feeling. JJ makes a call and says they need to meet.

Theresa tells Eve that this isn't how Paige would want to be remembered. Eve says she's trying to let go of the anger for Paige but it hurts too much. Theresa encourages her with how much Paige was loved. Theresa tells Eve that she loves her more than she knows as they hug. Brady and Justin join them. Brady tells Theresa that what she said was really nice. Brady adds that she always manages to surprise him. Justin sits with Eve as Eduardo walks by. Eve asks if he's leaving town. Eduardo responds not yet as there is something he has to do first. Reporters arrive and Eduardo thanks them for coming. They begin to film as Eduardo speaks to the camera about Paige's murder and the killer still being at large. Rafe watches as Eduardo offers a $100,000 reward to anyone who can assist in the capture of the man who killed his daughter, named Chad DiMera.

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