Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/1/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/1/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Anne goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Theresa and wants to take her out. Theresa says she can't but Anne insists.

Eve is at home with a photo of Paige. She then grabs her things and exits.

Jennifer talks on the phone with her mom about what happened to Paige and then about Abigail's upcoming wedding. Jennifer can't wait for her to meet Ben, saying Abigail did well.

Ben sits at home and has flashbacks to killing Serena. Abigail comes in and asks what's going on.

Chad tries to convince the homeless man to just come tell Rafe that he fought him. The man asks for $100,000 to do what he wants.

Ben tells Abigail that he's having trouble putting together a stroller. Abigail encourages Ben that they have time. They talk about this really happening as Ben says it feels like a dream. Abigail says it sometimes feels weird being pregnant on their wedding day but it means that their baby will be sharing the day with them so it will be perfect. Ben agrees and kisses her.

Chad offers the homeless man $50,000 but he demands $100,000. Chad hesitates but agrees to get it, only after he talks to Rafe. The man repeats that they fought at 2:35 AM and agrees to tell Rafe that. Chad warns him that he has a lot riding on this.

Ben looks at a sonogram photo and says he's sorry and it won't happen again but he had to keep the baby safe from Chad DiMera.

Chad tells the homeless man to make sure he stays there and he'll be back as soon as he can. Chad then hurries off the docks.

Abigail tries on wedding dresses with Jennifer. They argue over a certain dress. Jennifer is so happy that Abigail and Ben are staying in town so she'll do anything to make her happy. Abigail talks about having so much to be happy about. Jennifer admits she's not happy that Clyde bought them a house and questions if Ben is always going to go to his dad. Abigail assures her that Ben is doing fine. Jennifer tells her to make sure that Clyde doesn't own them. Abigail says if it gets to be too much, they'll move and sell the house if they have to. Abigail says they won't be trapped. Jennifer asks if she wants to try on more dresses and suggests going to Chicago. Abigail has another idea but worries Jennifer won't like it.

Theresa tells Anne that she's not going out with her tonight. Anne questions what her excuse is and reminds her of the nanny. Theresa reminds Anne that she bought a company. Anne argues that she still has time and wants to go but Theresa repeats that she can't. Anne asks why she's shutting her out. Theresa says she is making changes in her life. Theresa adds that she loves Brady so much and won't get him to fall in love with her unless she can prove she's not a train wreck like she was. Anne thinks she means like she was with her. Anne asks if she's ditching her. Theresa tells Anne that she grew up so maybe she should too.

Abigail reveals to Jennifer that she wants Theresa to design her wedding dress which shocks her. Jennifer questions her. Abigail cries that she just wants a dress that fits, looks nice, and she likes that hasn't been worn before. Abigail begs her to give it a try. Jennifer agrees and hugs her.

Ben goes to work at the nightclub and squeezes a rag which brings him flashbacks of killing Paige. Eve then shows up and orders a drink.

Chad sneaks back in to the DiMera Mansion and goes to the safe. Andre then enters and startles him. Chad questions who the hell he is. Andre reveals to Chad that he is his brother. Andre questions him about being the new golden boy. Chad tells him to tell Stefano that he had to borrow some money and asks if he even knows what's going on. Stefano then appears. Chad tells Stefano that he needed to borrow more money and will pay it back. Andre asks what Chad needed it for. Chad explains about the homeless guy but Andre argues that Justin will destroy his alibi in court. Andre questions Chad. Andre says Stefano mentioned Chad being set up and asks who he thinks it could be. Chad responds that his money is on Clyde.

Anne asks if Theresa is saying she should change. Theresa doesn't want to self destruct anymore. Anne asks if that means she can't hang out with her anymore. Theresa says she didn't bring out the best in her. Theresa admits she made a lot of stupid choices and felt Anne egged her on instead of trying to stop her. Theresa is grateful that Anne gave her a job when she needed it. Anne asks why it sounds like she's saying goodbye. Theresa calls it goodbye to who she was and says she can't go out and get drunk if that's what she wants. Anne warns her that they don't care about her and never will. Anne reminds her that she always had her back, especially when she was a mess. Anne wishes her luck and says this time, nobody will be there to pick her up when she falls. Anne then storms out. Theresa gets a text from Abigail, asking her to come over with her wedding dress designs.

Andre says Chad could be right but asks why Clyde would set him up. Chad explains that Ben is engaged to Abigail and Clyde thinks he's a threat to that. Andre asks if he is a threat. Chad says not now but they love each other. Chad asks Stefano to lend him the money. Stefano tells him to just do it. Andre gives Chad a burner phone. Chad thanks him and tells Stefano that he'll be in touch. Stefano reminds him to be careful as he exits.

Abigail thanks Theresa for coming so quickly. Jennifer welcomes her and tells her that she's sorry about Paige. Jennifer adds that they will be there for the funeral if it's okay with Eve. Jennifer can't imagine her loss. Jennifer asks how Eve is doing. Theresa says she can't even look at a picture. Theresa changes the subject to the wedding dress. Jennifer mentions that Abigail told her she's a great designer which surprises Theresa. Jennifer tells her to just make it pretty. Theresa is surprised that Jennifer is on board with it. Jennifer says it's Abigail's day so she just wants them to have a lot of fun while doing this. Theresa sits down and asks Abigail to tell her everything she wants the dress to be.

Anne goes to the nightclub and orders a dirty martini. Anne sits next to Eve and complains to her about Theresa. Eve gets upset. Anne apologizes for her loss but points out that Theresa didn't even mention it as Eve walks out.

Justin arrives at the DiMera Mansion and wants to search the house. Andre tells him to get a warrant. Justin says he will find one and warns that he will bury Stefano and his family if he finds that he's keeping a serial killer on the loose. Justin says he found everything when he helped EJ's takeover so he knows exactly where to look. Justin says he learned how Stefano thinks. Justin asks him to give him Chad and they can call a truce but Stefano tells him that he doesn't know where Chad is. Andre tells Justin to leave and not come back without a warrant. Justin turns to leave but finds something on the floor.

Chad returns to the homeless man on the docks. The man now acts as if he doesn't know Chad.

Eve returns home. Someone knocks at the door which Eve assumes is Eduardo but she answers the door and it's Jennifer. Eve asks what she wants. Jennifer doesn't think she should be alone but Eve says she is and from now on will be. Jennifer argues that people can comfort her. Jennifer tries to encourage Eve but Eve accuses her of trying to replace her. Jennifer believes that Paige would've forgiven Eve in time. Eve yells that all she needs is her daughter. Eve cries that it's not fair. Eve says Jennifer has her daughter, son, and a grandbaby on the way with lots of family. Eve remarks that Jennifer has lost nothing which Jennifer calls not true.

Theresa asks Abigail about starting to show her pregnancy. Theresa talks about her pregnancy and dealing with Kristen. Abigail encourages her having Tate now. Theresa admits it's great that she and Brady can raise Tate together while Abigail's baby will be lucky to have her and Ben.

Will goes to the nightclub and has a drink at the bar with Ben. Will asks about Abigail. Ben says she's great and asks if he's heard from Sonny. Will says he calls to check in on Arianna and is happy that Gabi is out of prison but Will doesn't know if Sonny will ever come home for him. Will mentions trying to get Sonny to talk to Chad. Ben brings up Chad being on the run and he hopes they catch him. Will points out that's if he's guilty. Ben brings up what Chad has done before in lying to Abigail. Will counters with Chad taking a bullet for EJ. Will tells Ben that he's always been on his team and believes Abigail is better off with him. Ben thanks him and talks about their wedding plans. Will asks if Clyde will be his best man. Ben says he wants it to be someone who is friends with him and Abigail so he asks Will to be his best man. Will says absolutely and they hug.

Chad reminds the homeless guy who he is but he talks about a blue car. Chad argues with him while the man rants and raves then runs away.

Justin picks up a fishing lure at the DiMera Mansion and takes it as evidence.

Chad returns to the cabin to hide. Chad's burner phone is on the table nearby and gets a text to leave the cabin because the police know he's there.

Justin goes to the station and makes a call that he knows the lure could only have come from the lake house cabin, realizing that it means Chad is hiding out on Kiriakis property. Justin says he already has a unit on the way.

Jennifer tells Eve that she's right that nothing compares to losing a child but she did lose Jack and he died saving Abigail which she had to carry. Eve points out that Jennifer was there for her so it doesn't compare because she's alone in a way that Jennifer will never understand. Jennifer tells Eve that she's there. Eve pulls away from her and tells her she's done her good deed for the day. Jennifer wants to help but Eve says she can't, nothing and nobody can. Jennifer tells Eve they will be at the funeral tomorrow and then exits. Eve throws her glass and cries.

Theresa draws her wedding dress design in the town square and says it's perfect for Abigail while she has another one that she says she will save for her wedding to Brady.

Police break in to the cabin but report that it's empty with no sign of Chad.

Chad goes to the docks and texts Stefano back thanking him and says he's safe.

Abigail goes to the nightclub where Will informs her that he's the best man. Abigail is excited and hugs him. Abigail tells him how excited she is about her wedding dress. Will says he will see them soon and exits. Ben hugs Abigail as she informs him that she's having a custom designed dress from Theresa. Ben is surprised but says as long as she's happy. Abigail says she is as they hug. Ben then has flashbacks of killing Serena and Paige as he hugs Abigail tight. Ben tells her that he just never wants to let her go as they kiss.

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