Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor goes to the hospital and asks Kayla why Caroline isn't there. Kayla tells him there was nothing more they could do for her there and she needed to rest so she's home if he needs to call her.

Caroline goes to the Martin mansion and looks to the mirror where she again sees Shawn's image.

Aiden goes to see Stefano at the DiMera Mansion and asks what the hell he is up to.

Hope and Maggie talk at the Kiriakis Mansion. Hope wants to make sure her wedding doesn't interfere with the Salem Bicentennial. Maggie asks if she's sure she wants it to be a part of all of that. Hope thinks it will make Aiden feel like he belongs. They joke about the Bicentennial doing all of the wedding planning. Hope talks about the hard work lately at the police station. Maggie brings up hearing there's only one suspect and asks Hope if she believes it's Chad. Hope says Rafe isn't convinced so she's keeping an open mind.

Rafe looks over the evidence chart as Lani brings in witness interviews. Rafe asks how her first day is going. She admits she didn't expect to be looking for a murder suspect on her first day but they had no luck. Rafe worries that Chad could be long gone by now.

Chad goes through things at the cabin.

Andre joins Aiden and Stefano, calling it a business meeting. Aiden says he doesn't have business with him. Andre explains that he's handling all of Stefano's affairs while he's recovering from his heart attack. Aiden thought they kept this between them. Stefano tells Aiden to listen. Aiden asks why Andre paid his debts. Andre talks about lightening his burden and found all of the loan sharks. Andre tells Aiden that they own him.

Maggie notes Hope having a lot of faith in Rafe. Hope praises him as a cop and his experience. Hope comments that Rafe has the best instincts as a cop she's seen in a long time. Maggie points out that he's been off the force for awhile. Maggie brings up Justin's excitement for this case and prays they find the suspect soon. Maggie thinks people are making Rafe feel like he has a lot to prove with this case. Maggie comments that it's hard not to protect family. Hope agrees that family comes first always so she thinks Roman understands what Rafe did for Gabi while they call Justin eager. Hope insists that Rafe is going to crack this case open and everyone will see what she already knows in what a damn good cop he is.

Rafe invites Lani to look over the evidence chart and tell him what she thinks. Lani feels she's just a B cop on her first day but Rafe sees her as a fresh mind who doesn't know the victims or suspect so maybe she'll see something they haven't.

Chad puts on old clothes from the cabin and prepares to leave then puts on a hat to be disguised as he exits.

Lani is sure Rafe has thought of anything she could see but Rafe tells her not to hold back as anything could help. Lani feels the two crime scenes feel almost staged as if the killer was trying to make them identical so she feels the killer wants it to be looked at like they were intentional. Rafe notes that she's good at reading a scene and praises her confidence. Rafe goes for a witness interview and tells Lani to stay and look over the evidence board.

Aiden hands Andre the check for $100,000. Andre realizes Hope paid it. Aiden calls it a down payment. Andre laughs at him and asks if Hope thinks that's all the money he owes. Aiden responds that Hope doesn't know and never will. Aiden warns that if Hope finds out about the debts then he has nothing left to lose. Andre brings up Aiden's son Chase. Aiden tells him that he will get the money and that is the first payment. Andre calls it a start.

Victor hopes Kayla didn't tell Caroline that she's getting worse but realizes she already knows. Kayla says she wanted to lie to her but feels Caroline will just be lost and confused anyways. Kayla dares Victor to try to lie to Caroline but he admits that even he has a hard time with that. Kayla tells him that she encouraged Caroline that they would fight this together. Victor feels she said the right thing. Kayla says that Bo always knew the right thing to say. Victor praises her and says no one could've handled it better. Kayla thinks they need to start planning for further care but Victor says they can't give up as he feels certain she can beat this.

Caroline argues with the image that it's not Shawn and it's not her time because her kids need her. Caroline says Bo is in danger so she's not leaving this world until she knows that he's alright. Caroline brings up Steve being back driving Kayla crazy, Sami keeping her kids away from Stefano and being all alone while Will's marriage is going down as well as Theresa not doing well. Caroline yells that it's not her time and for him to go away. Julie finds her as Caroline states that she's not done yet.

Kayla tells Victor about the research on the disorder and there's nothing new to help Caroline so she wonders why he thinks there is. Kayla gets a call from Julie, who tells her that Caroline is in trouble. Caroline continues telling "Shawn" to go away as she's not going. Julie asks Kayla to come. Kayla tells her to keep her there and safe. Victor decides he's going with her as they exit the hospital.

Hope and Maggie talk about the costume planning for the Bicentennial. They talk about a 60s theme and look up dress ideas.

Andre mocks Aiden's debts and says they can move forward easier if he knows he's in danger. Aiden wants to pay them back and make good. Aiden offers to save Chad's life by being his lawyer. Andre says Chad is off limits to him so Aiden asks what he's supposed to do. Andre tells him that they will let him know when he can be of service to them so Aiden exits. Andre tells Stefano they can use him but they first need to take care of their own family.

Chad sneaks back to the docks and approaches a homeless woman and gives her his scarf to keep warm. Chad asks about the homeless guy he's looking for but she runs away.

Aiden goes to Hope's office but finds Ciara and Chase playing monopoly. Aiden asks about Hope. Ciara says she's supposed to be there soon. Chase invites him to play with them but Aiden says he has to make some calls. Aiden watches them play as Ciara wins money from Chase. Aiden then says they have to start over if he's going to play. Ciara agrees to beat them both.

Hope and Maggie continue talking about costumes until a man enters looking for Victor. Maggie asks if Victor is expecting him. He responds that Victor flew him in from Peru, saying it's an emergency. Maggie realizes he's Dr. Salinas and he asks where he can find Victor.

Victor and Kayla go to the Martin mansion to see Caroline. Kayla asks if she can help her. Caroline talks about trying to get rid of the old man Shawn and complains that he's trying to drag her to the other side but she's not ready to go. Caroline can't remember Kayla so she starts to cry. Caroline insists that her family needs her so she's not going. Victor agrees that she's not done yet.

Rafe meets Marlena in the town square and asks if she's sure she's up for this. Marlena admits she hasn't slept too well since the attack but it gets better each day. Marlena thanks Rafe for saving her life. Rafe is just disappointed that he didn't catch the guy. Rafe would love to hear her profile on the killer or Chad. Marlena wants to keep it professional. Rafe asks what's bothering her. Marlena responds that it doesn't make any sense that Chad would come to her for help and then try to kill her.

Chad remains on the docks as the homeless guy shows up behind him. Chad finds him and asks if he remembers him.

Stefano tells Andre that he needs to rest. Stefano adds that he's so glad Andre is home. Andre doesn't want him to worry as no one knows he's in Salem but eventually they will have to know he's alive. Stefano says not yet and Andre agrees not if they can help it.

Aiden plays monopoly with Chase and Ciara as he thinks back to Andre's talk. Aiden loses his money in the game and steps away.

Maggie calls Victor and tells him that Dr. Salinas has arrived. Victor tells her to tell him to sit tight and they will meet him at the hospital. Maggie asks if he's there now. Victor informs her that they are taking Caroline there too. Maggie says she will join him there and will bring Hope as Victor says Caroline needs everyone with her.

Rafe asks Marlena about not thinking Chad is guilty. Marlena continues to believe it doesn't make sense. Rafe goes over Chad looking for help and trying to come up with an alibi. Marlena talks about explaining to Chad that it could've taken weeks but Chad wanted to know what happened. Rafe argues that he could still be the killer if he snapped and doesn't remember. Marlena feels the killer couldn't have been in that state with those murders. Rafe asks how she explains Chad attacking her. Marlena says she just saw Chad in her office but it still doesn't make sense to her. Rafe asks her to tell him what Chad remembered under hypnosis. Marlena tells him that Chad remembered having a fight with somebody at the time of Serena's killing.

Chad asks the homeless guy if he remembers him and gives him money. The man admits that he remembers Chad.

Maggie and Hope arrive at the hospital as Kayla takes Caroline to a hospital room. Victor and Julie talk about Caroline not remembering people. Julie explains how Caroline thought she was arguing with Shawn. Hope asks Victor about Dr. Salinas. Victor explains that he's been researching Caroline's condition and has come up with an experiment that could cure her.

Ciara tells Chase about Paige's murder but Aiden suggests they don't talk about it. Chase mentions that everyone at school is. Ciara says there is a serial killer on the loose. Aiden encourages that he will be caught so no one has anything to worry about. Ciara asks what if they don't.

Chad asks the man what he remembers about him. The man says Chad was wasted and he just wanted the time then he freaked out on him. He recalls that it was 2:35 AM. Chad suggests they can help each other out. Chad offers him money to buy his own watch but he first needs to take a ride with him to tell people what he remembers. The man takes the money and asks where he wants to go. Chad says it's just to the police station.

Hope stops Victor and questions him about trial treatments. Victor says he'll let the doctor explain it. Maggie questions it being safe. Victor says Caroline needs treatment right away. Julie agrees. Victor calls it Caroline's only hope right now. Kayla comes back and questions trying experimental treatments on Caroline then says it will be over her dead body.

Rafe returns to the station and goes over the evidence chart. Rafe asks if not Chad, who else? Rafe asks who would want to hurt these women or frame Chad.

The homeless man refuses Chad's invite to go to the police station, not wanting anything to do with cops.

Aiden encourages Ciara about Hope catching the killer. Ciara asks what if someone else is killed. Aiden assures her that she is safe and nothing will happen to any of them as he hugs the kids.

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