Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/29/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/29/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

 Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion, ringing the doorbell and yelling for Theresa about cutting a deal with Kate. Kate then joins her outside and greets her, calling her partner.

Eric sits with Marlena at home, wanting to make sure she's safe and asks about her attack.

Kayla joins Adrienne at the hospital. Adrienne worries about her test for the cancer gene and says she feels alone.

Abe talks with Justin at the station. Justin complains about not having Chad and implies they should've had the evidence sooner.

Theresa is at Eve's to prepare for Paige's funeral as Eve cries.

Nicole tells Kate to get out of her sight and calls her a pathetic piece of trash. They argue until Brady comes home and interrupts, asking what's going on. Nicole introduces Kate as Theresa's silent partner. Brady feels Kate is a great business woman with tons of experience. Brady advises Nicole learn how to play together. Brady heads inside to check on Tate. Kate follows in as does Nicole. Nicole doesn't care what Brady said and insists Kate is out. Kate threatens to sue her.

Theresa encourages Eve about getting through this. Eve remembers that Eduardo will be at the funeral tomorrow. Eve says he reminds her of how everything was a lie. Eve thought she would fall apart when he left them but Paige wouldn't let her. Eve says now Paige is gone and she's alone as Theresa hugs her.

Will and Lucas talk at the club. Will talks about Gabi being back. Lucas asks if there's any word from Sonny but there hasn't been. Lucas offers to go to Paris to talk to Sonny but Will says no since he needs to take as much time as he needs. Will doesn't want to talk about it and asks about Lucas and Adrienne. Lucas changes the subject back to Gabi. Will questions why he's changing the subject and realizes it's going that bad.

Kayla encourages Adrienne that the test will give her an answer and time plus she will have options to consider but Adrienne continues to worry.

Justin tells Abe that certain people may have slowed the investigation. Abe heads to his office where the new hire Lani Price greets him, looking for the briefing room. Abe directs her. Lani is flattered to receive directions from the mayor himself. Abe asks if he knows her.

Eve mocks Theresa's sympathy but then stops and thanks her for helping as she hugs her. Theresa understands the funeral is overwhelming. Eve wants to get justice for Paige her way. Theresa offers to make something to eat but Eve wants to be alone to clear her head. Eve insists that she will be fine. Theresa hugs her and tells her to call if she needs anything as she then exits.

Marlena says something earlier bothered her about Chad. Marlena ponders if Chad was setting her up for an attack with the sessions and feels she should've spotted that. Eric asks why she didn't. Marlena suggests there was nothing to see. Eric asks if she means he's not guilty. Marlena decides to change the subject and asks how Eric does it. Eric goes over losing his vocation then falling in love with Serena who was murdered and before that Nicole, who fell in love with his good friend. Eric remarks about being beat up enough. Marlena asks for the truth.

Nicole tells Kate that threatening a lawsuit won't stop her. Kate says if they drag out the ownership battle then they will throw the company in to bankruptcy. Theresa enters and asks what they are doing. Nicole brings up how Theresa was supposed to be waiting for her and accuses her of lying about Kate being her silent partner. Nicole questions where Theresa was. Theresa explains that she was comforting Eve over Paige so Nicole apologizes. Theresa asks them to try to get along. Nicole calls Kate a snake. Kate reminds her of this sad time and says they need to move past it. Nicole agrees that they have a company to run so they all sit down.

Lucas tells Will that Adrienne wants to take one more try at keeping her family and marriage together. Will thought the divorce was final and says he's sorry. Lucas tells him to stay out of it and focus on Sonny. Will realizes things are awkward but says Sonny gave him chances and he blew every one. Will states that if he had just been honest, he wouldn't be alone right now. Will brings up that Lucas knows about that as he had been alone for years until Adrienne came along.

Eve goes to the station where Justin is looking at a evidence photo of Paige. Eve tells Justin that she wants justice. Eve complains about the murderer not being caught yet. Justin assures that he will be arrested. Eve brings up Paige's funeral being tomorrow. Justin promises they will get Chad. Eve tells him that they better find justice or she'll find somebody who will.

Theresa goes over her design ideas while Nicole and Kate are concerned with the financial state of the company. Kate goes over her three year plan but Nicole wants to go all in. Theresa tries to speak up but Nicole and Kate argue over each other until Brady interrupts and tells them to shut the hell up.

Justin and Eve go to the town square. Justin promises that he will see to it that she gets justice. Eve thanks him as they sit down. Justin talks about his family taking care of business outside of the law for decades and it was always brutal and wrong. Justin encourages her to work inside the law and be patient. Justin assures her that this is going to work out and he would never lie to her about that. Adrienne walks by and sees them together so she quickly walks away. Lucas sees her and follows her out.

Lani introduces herself to Abe. She tells him that she's known about him for a long time as he was one of ten role models that they studied. Abe sends her to the briefing room. Abe stops and asks if she's sure they never met. Lani says no as she would remember and then leaves the room.

Lucas catches up to Adrienne outside the town square. Lucas says he saw what she saw and asks if she wants to talk about it. Adrienne says she's fine and just misread the situation. Adrienne understands that Justin was just comforting Eve after the loss of her daughter. Lucas asks what else is bothering her then and if it's that he said she was making a mistake. Adrienne doesn't want to talk about that. Lucas tells her that whatever is going bothering her, he would love to help any way he can. Lucas reminds her that they could tell each other anything so he's here. Adrienne agrees to tell him.

Brady reminds the girls that Tate is trying to sleep while they are shouting. They agree to try to be better as Brady leaves the room. Kate suggests revisiting the budget later. Theresa wants to get started on her designs but they ask her to go get them coffee. Theresa suggests calling Henderson but Nicole tells her to get it herself while Nicole and Kate talk about designs. Theresa angrily exits and mocks them as Brady sits on the stairs watching. Nicole tells Kate that she hoped she could convince Eric to join them.Kate says she has put out feelers to another company but Nicole reveals that she already offered Eric the job. Kate questions why they would hire a fashion photographer who's last job was for the hospital newsletter. Kate wants the best and says they have one opportunity so they have to do it right. Nicole agrees that Kate is right.

Eric admits to Marlena that he's starting to feel a little confused. Marlena praises his passion, integrity, and kindness. Marlena encourages him to go out and take on some new challenges. Eric feels he should've come to her sooner. Marlena decides she will go lay down after not getting a lot of rest last night. They hug and Eric tells her to take care. Eric offers to stay if she wants or if she wants to talk about Chad. Abe appears while Marlena says she doesn't want to talk about that and will text him. Eric reminds Abe that Marlena needs her rest. Abe says he won't stay long and just wanted to check on her as Eric exits. Abe questions if he heard that Marlena doesn't think Chad is guilty and tells her to explain that.

Eve tells Justin that he always seems to make things a little bit better. Justin reminds her that she can always call if she needs or wants to talk. Justin offers to escort her to the funeral service. Eve calls him so kind and thanks him for everything as she hugs him.

Adrienne fills Lucas in on her cancer worries. Lucas is sorry that she's going through this. Adrienne talks about the worry and pressure of it all. Adrienne talks about the preventative measures if she has the gene. Lucas thinks she needs a distraction and takes her with him.

Theresa brings coffee back but Nicole and Kate are packing their things. Kate says she is off to make an offer while Nicole says she will be checking out designers. Theresa questions them leaving her out and shouts that she's the designer. Kate admits Theresa has talent. Nicole suggests waiting until the company is a success then maybe she can get a trial. Nicole exits. Theresa questions Kate. Kate tells her that no one starts at the top so they are bringing in a lt of talented people who Theresa will study under and learn from so she will realize the chance she's been given. Kate says she'll talk to her soon and exits. Theresa throws a pillow in frustration which Brady catches as he enters the room and asks if everything is okay.

Marlena tells Abe that it is very questionable for a person who was guilty to come looking for help. Abe calls it a very smart move that laid the groundwork for reasonable doubt if he got caught. Marlena thinks strangling her would do away with that and points out Chad making multiple appointments. Abe tells Marlena that she can't make any more mistakes like taking Chad on as a client. Abe reminds her that he's here as a friend and Chad is his family but they need to be objective. Abe warns to talk Chad in to turning himself in if he makes contact or else she will be charged with accessory if she tries to shield him in any way.

Eve goes home and sends off the dress for Paige's funeral. Eve sits against the door and cries.

Lucas and Adrienne walk through the town square, joking that he kidnapped her as they took a boat ride. Lucas says he got her to smile which she admits. Adrienne says Lucas always knows what she needs and hugs him as Justin walks by and sees them. Lucas tells her to call if she needs and to let him know when she finds something out. Lucas walks away and Justin approaches. Justin questions her about Lucas but she says they are friends and that's never going to change. Adrienne says they are doing good so she doesn't want to push it. Adrienne gets a call from Kayla, who tells her that her blood work is on a rush. Kayla offers to be with her when she gets the news. Adrienne responds that she will call if she needs her. Kayla tells her to take care of herself and there is a good chance that there is nothing to worry about. Justin asks who that was. Adrienne says it was just a friend and she's all good. Justin walks Adrienne home as Lucas watches from around the corner.

Nicole finishes a call at the club as Eric approaches and asks her if her offer for Basic Black is still available. Nicole is glad he brought it up but says it's not a good time as she is interrupted by another call and steps away.

Theresa complains to Brady that she put the deal together but they treated her like she doesn't exist. Brady encourages that these things don't happen over night. Brady tells Theresa that she will make it as she has the ambition, determination, drive, and talent. Brady adds that Tate will be very proud of her one day. Brady continues to encourage her until Theresa kisses him. Brady stops her and says that was not the reaction he hoped for at all as he quickly walks out of the room.

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