Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/28/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/28/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe joins the cops at the docks but there is no sign of Chad. Rafe is frustrated as he feels this is where the DiMeras always escape so he should've had someone there. Rafe then finds Abigail's locket on the ground with pictures of Jennifer and JJ. Rafe wonders when Abigail was there and who she was with.

Abigail joins Chad at the cabin he's hiding at. Chad thanks her and says it means a lot to him that she cares this much about him. Abigail gives him a bag of food and water. She advises him to stay inside as much as possible and be careful. Chad says his biggest problem will be sneaking in to Salem because he has to prove he didn't murder the women. Abigail tells him to let her prove his alibi. Chad reminds her that she and Ben are leaving Salem tomorrow.

Ben wakes up from a dream about killing Serena.

Roman talks with Jennifer at home. Jennifer tells him that JJ is extremely upset. Roman understands Paige's death is painful but complains that JJ is supposed to check in with he or Agent Watts but it's been over 48 hours. Jennifer warns about there being someone who could hurt JJ. Roman argues that they are two different cases as they are positive that Chad murdered Paige. Roman then informs Jennifer that there was an attack at the hospital and he can't give details but she survived. Roman states that Chad is now missing. Roman wants JJ to follow the rules but Jennifer shouts that JJ needs to get out of Salem. Roman asks her if there is something she's not telling him.

Aiden tells Hope that he needs to tell her something that he is ashamed of. Hope wants him to tell her. Aiden admits that he's drowning in debt and the amount is so overwhelming that he made some risky investments after Meredith died. Aiden says everything went bad quickly and he started borrowing. Aiden tells Hope that he went to some lenders who weren't on the up and up so now he's in so deep that he may not survive.

Steve searches an area with a flashlight as he approaches with his gun. He finds the ankle bracelet chained to the wall where Bo was and comments that the monastery has been turned into a prison as he wonders where Bo is.

Bo is stretchered in to a room by two men , who say that he will wish he died a long time ago when their boss gets done with him.

Ben gets up and looks in the mirror with visions of killing Serena. Ben then thinks back to killing Paige. Ben tells himself that he couldn't have done it and that it was Chad.

Abigail tells Chad that she will check on things for him at Salem and they won't leave until the afternoon so she will have plenty of chances. Chad stops her and says that bringing him here was amazing but she's done as he can't have her involved anymore. Abigail responds that she's involved whether he likes it or not. Chad begs her to protect herself and let him figure out how to deal with this. Abigail asks what he thinks he's going to do sneaking in to Salem. Chad tells her that he won't do anything stupid and she should get going as Ben is probably waiting. Chad tells her to be happy as that's all he ever wanted for her. Abigail thanks him. Chad opens the door for her to leave. Chad declares this is their last goodbye. Chad tells her that he will always remember what she did for him and tells her to have a good life as Abigail then exits.

Hope reminds Aiden of everything he had been through since Meredith's death and how he opened up to her about that. Hope talks about feeling he trusted her after that. Hope cries that she's never regretted falling in love with him but she's now finding out that he's been in debt all this time. Hope wonders if he's being honest with her. Aiden admits he was being arrogant and lied to himself as he thought he could make it all back. Hope complains about him lying all this time. Aiden didn't want her to see him as a failure but knows he can't justify it. Aiden worries that she won't want him in her life anymore now. Hope stops him and assures that she loves him. Aiden responds that he loves her too but worries that she wants the details. Hope says they can get to that later as she can see the pressure he's under. Hope asks how much debt he's in. Aiden admits it's $100,000. Hope questions it being a hundred thousand even. Aiden says he can cover the rest. Hope asks who the shark is. Aiden says it's a guy that can't be intimidated and tells Hope about Chase being threatened and watched. Hope says they will take it one step at a time as she makes a call.

Jennifer questions Roman wanting to get in to JJ's involvement. Roman says he just wants to make sure JJ is alright as he can't know until he checks in. Jennifer argues that nothing will ever be alright again. Roman feels he was right that there is something she isn't telling him. Roman asks what really has her so scared and reminds her that she can trust him. JJ interrupts, asking what the hell is going on.

Abigail goes home and asks Ben what's wrong. Ben tells her that he thought she wasn't coming back. Abigail asks why he would think that. Ben apologizes for what he said when he saw her with Chad as he loses all control sometimes. Abigail reminds him that they talked and they are fine since they are leaving Salem tomorrow. Ben knows how hard it would be for her to leave her home and family. Abigail responds that her family will be with him soon and nothing is more important to her than her baby and the baby's father. Ben asks Abigail where she was just now. Abigail claims she was at Jennifer's, saying goodbye.

JJ questions why Roman came over. Roman says he wouldn't have to if he checked in like he's supposed to. JJ worries about Roman blowing his cover. Roman wants to know what's going on and if they are covering something up. JJ informs Roman that Kyle is missing and he has no idea where he is. JJ says that was his only contact so he is now useless. JJ adds that he never found out who Kyle reports to so he can't help anymore and wants out of the entire operation.

 Hope finishes her call. Aiden feels awful taking money from her. Hope reminds him that they love each other and are getting married so there is no room for secrets ever. Hope asks him to trust her. Aiden apologizes as Hope hugs him.

Steve continues searching the cell but finds nothing. Steve wonders where Bo is now. Steve then spots the hole in the wall.

Bo struggles against the bed he is strapped to.

Roman argues that something is going on but JJ tells him he's out. Roman accepts and says he will tell Agent Watts that JJ is done. Roman reminds him to call immediately if Kyle contacts. Roman then exits. JJ asks Jennifer what happened and if she said anything. Jennifer admits she wanted to but knew JJ had to decide that. Jennifer suggests JJ telling Roman but JJ worries that it's too dangerous after Clyde's warnings. Jennifer tells JJ about Clyde stopping by the other day and then running in to her acting like best friends. JJ realizes that Clyde is so paranoid that he must have planted a bug in the house so he starts searching.

Hope finishes another call and tells Aiden that they are good to go. Hope writes a check and tells Aiden to get it to whoever it needs to get to in the morning. Hope decides they can skip the details until he gets it sorted out.

Ben tells Abigail that he's decided not to leave Salem as he's been doing a lot of thinking and it's not fair for him to drag her away from her whole family and his dad's here too so he'd be walking away from his. Ben wants their baby to grow up with family around so they should stay. Abigail hugs him and thanks him, saying he has no idea how much it means to her. Ben responds that he would do anything for her. Rafe then arrives and greets them. Rafe asks to talk to Abigail alone about police business. Ben decides he has errands to run and exits. Ben stops outside the door to listen in. Rafe shows Abigail the locket that he found at the docks. Abigail admits it is hers and thanks him. Rafe asks what she was doing at the docks while Ben listens in.

JJ searches the house for any bugging device and finds the one on the fireplace that Eve had planted. JJ begins to panic that everything they said or thought was secret has been heard by Clyde. Jennifer stops him and suggests maybe Clyde didn't plant it. JJ questions but Jennifer reminds him about Eve knowing he was working undercover so this could be how she found out.

Aiden meets with the man to give him the $100,000. He questions him and informs him that his debt has already been paid. Aiden is shocked and asks who but the man doesn't know either and walks away.

Chad goes over what he remembers from Marlena being attacked and then remembering his fight with a homeless guy on the docks. Chad says he can't get anywhere without remembering the guy's face.

Abigail tells Rafe that she went to clear her head on a walk to the docks after her fight with Ben. Rafe mentions that they got word that Chad was seen there recently and asks if she saw him. Ben continues listening in from behind the door. Abigail claims she didn't see Chad as Rafe reminds her that they have an APB out on him. Abigail calls it absurd because there's no way that Chad is guilty of murder.

Hope sits in the town square where Aiden joins her and tells her that's all taken care of. Aiden says he needs to thank her again. Hope stops him and says there is something she needs to say to him. Hope needs him to promise that there are no more secrets. Aiden promises her there are none.

Chad goes over what he remembers of the homeless guy that he fought on the docks while drunk. Chad wonders why he can't remember his face and what they were fighting about. Chad thinks back to being interrogated by Rafe and remembers the homeless guy asked him what time it was then tried to steal his watch. Chad realizes he wasn't anywhere near the woods when Serena was killed as he fought the man on the docks.

Rafe tells Abigail that he's not accusing her but he hopes she's not making a mistake by trying to protect Chad because now that he's a fugitive, that would make her an accomplice and it won't help him in the end. Abigail claims she's not trying to help Chad leave the country but it sounds like something Stefano would do. Abigail tells Rafe that she's in love with Ben and is having his baby so they are the two most important people in her life right now. Rafe encourages her to get Chad to turn himself in if he does contact her which she agrees to. Rafe congratulates her and exits. Rafe walks away as Ben hides around the corner.

JJ tells Jennifer that they can't take any chances. JJ admits Eve makes sense but they need to assume it's Clyde. JJ worries that Clyde will come after him. JJ says Clyde won't go after Abigail so they need to make sure Jennifer is safe.

Rafe goes back to the station and talks with Roman about being unable to find Chad. Rafe guesses Abigail knows more than she is saying. Roman wishes him luck and exits. Rafe looks over the evidence chart and wonders where Chad is.

Ben returns home and asks Abigail how things went with Rafe and if she's okay. Abigail says Rafe just asked her about Chad. Ben asks her what's wrong. Abigail claims she's just tired and might be getting sick so she's going to bed. Abigail heads to the bedroom while Ben brings up an article on Chad and declares Chad will pay for what he made him do.

Chad tells himself that there is no way he could've killed Serena so now he needs to find the homeless guy to back up his story then he will have an alibi.

Aiden promises Hope there will never be any more secrets. Hope thanks him and goes to get a coffee refill. Aiden pulls out the envelope and says he still has all this money. Aiden then gets a text from Stefano, saying they have new business to discuss and to contact him.

Steve inspects the wall and makes a call for a DNA test.

The two men watch over Bo and say the boss says it's time to up the game so he's going to find out what pain really means.

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