Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/25/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/25/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve meets with Eduardo at the club and asks what he wants. Eduardo wants to talk and asks about Paige. Eve tells him that Paige hated his guts as much as she does.

Stefano talks with one of his men at home about protecting Chad and keeping him safe. Stefano instructs him to bring Chad in through the secret tunnels. Stefano is then interrupted by his thought to be dead son Andre DiMera!

Aiden and Justin talk at the station about trying to locate Chad.

Hope talks on the phone with Roman about Rafe being in charge of the search for Chad and praises the job he's doing. Hope hangs up and joins Kayla at the Martin Mansion. Hope is excited that Kayla agreed to be her matron of honor. Kayla asks if Hope is taking a back seat to an important case.

Steve meets with a woman named Claudia, who looks just like Britta Englund, and asks her what happened to Bo.

Bo does pushups in his cell and continues working on the wall.

Adrienne talks on the phone at home with her mom and says she'll think about it as she hangs up.

Claudia tells Steve it was a mistake to come here but Steve assures her that no one will find out they talked. She questions believing him. Steve thinks her showing up means she cares enough about Bo to help him. Steve says he does not want to hurt her. She agrees to tell him what she knows.

Eduardo says he and Eve were both at fault but Eve says it's a little late for accusations. Eduardo says he's here now and doesn't want her to have to plan and pay for Paige's funeral all by herself. Eduardo promises not to bother her anymore after they bury Paige. Eve questions him being so caring and sensitive all of a sudden. Eve believes he's putting on a big show for his other kids.

Claudia admits to Steve that she was paid to talk to Bo and told to pretend to be the daughter of Britta Englund. She says she told Bo that Britta was alive and that she knew where she was hiding but that was the end of it.

Hope admits to Kayla that she may be backing off a bit but only to give Rafe the opportunity to remind Roman what a good cop he is. Aiden calls Hope and says he'll meet her at the Martin mansion. Kayla informs Hope that Steve left town today, looking for Bo. Kayla admits she wonders if he's on to something.

Bo manages to break off the socket from the wall.

Lucas finds Aiden in the town square and invites him to join he and Will for a pick up basketball game but Aiden tells him that he has plans with Hope. Lucas wishes him luck with the wedding and walks away. Stefano's man approaches and tells Aiden that Stefano wants to see him. Aiden says it's not a good time but the man warns that it's not a request.

Stefano is shocked to see Andre. Andre states that he's been worried about him. Stefano questions why he's back when he warned him to never return to Salem. Andre thought he needed his help with the family imploding. Stefano tells him that he thought wrong. Andre says they new this moment would happen to save the dynasty. Stefano warns that he's not safe here. Andre feels he is invincible and reiterates that he's worried about him. Stefano states that it will take more than a heart attack to bring him down. Stefano blames the argument with Chad for his heart attack. Stefano insists that Chad didn't kill anybody. Andre assumes someone must be out there trying to destroy Chad. Stefano says Chad is a victim. Andre calls it a good thing he decided to return.

Eve questions Eduardo pretending for his other kids. Eve wants him to know exactly what Paige was like. Eve tells him that Paige got him through the day he left them. Eve says they had each other and no longer needed him in their lives. Eduardo tells her that he's so sorry. Eve responds that he's the sorriest son of a bitch she's ever laid eyes on.

Justin finishes a call and informs Rafe that Stefano is out of the hospital, blaming Rafe for Chad not being in jail now. Justin assumes Stefano has Chad in hiding and worries about him strangling more women. Rafe says they still have no witnesses but Justin brings up Marlena. Rafe explains that Marlena said whoever came after her attacked from behind. Rafe suggests Chad could have interrupted the murder. Justin asks what else he needs and demand Rafe find Chad and arrest him.

Hope didn't expect Kayla to buy in to what Steve's saying. Kayla brings up that Steve called it his last mission. Hope reminds her of Steve leaving them for the ISA. Hope hopes Steve does find Bo but it doesn't change that Bo chose his work over them. Hope adds that she's now met a wonderful, honorable man that she loves.

Andre asks Stefano if Chad knows that he's his long lost brother. Stefano says no and he must not find out. Aiden is brought in. Aiden asks how Stefano is feeling. Stefano says he's still kicking. Stefano asks for his check that Aiden stole from his checkbook. Aiden questions Stefano thinking that but Stefano says he knows he did which is why he called the bank to stop that check so he shouldn't expect to see his funds in his account any time soon.

Steve wants to know exactly where Claudia sent Bo. She calls it awhile ago and claims not to remember but wants to know what's in it for her. Steve promises to make it worth her while.

Aiden reminds Stefano that they had a deal. Stefano tells him that their deal is off but Aiden argues that he lived up to his part as Hope fell for him and divorced Bo which is what he wanted. Andre stops Aiden. Stefano says he can get his money in Hell and he's also firing Aiden as Chad's attorney. Aiden threatens to tell Hope everything then but Stefano says they both know that's never going to happen. Andre opens the door for Aiden to leave.

Kayla doesn't expect Hope to change her feelings about Aiden and just thought she should know. Kayla gets a text from Adrienne asking to meet. Kayla promises to make her wedding the best as they hug.

Claudia suggests that Steve could seduce her but he's not interested. She reveals that all she gave Bo was a phone number to find out where Britta was. Steve offers $1000 for the phone number.

Aiden tells Stefano that he won't only come clean to Hope but go to the cops. Stefano asks how Hope will feel about him after he tells her that he only took her to bed to get his money. Stefano yells at him to get out of his house. Andre walks Aiden out and shuts the door. Stefano calls Aiden an idiot. Andre offers to take care of him but Stefano says Aiden is much more useful to them alive.

Adrienne finds Lucas at the hospital, who got a sprained wrist playing basketball. Lucas asks how things are with her and Justin. Adrienne says they are taking it slow but Lucas feels she's making a huge mistake. Kayla comes out and takes Adrienne to her office.

Rafe talks on the phone with Hope about Stefano possibly shipping Chad out of the country but Hope doesn't think Chad would do that and suggests he keep looking. Hope tells him to ask Roman for more man power. Rafe hangs up as a woman approaches, introducing herself as Lani Price, a transfer from Miami. Rafe welcomes her. She says she's supposed to start tomorrow but thought she would come in early. She asks about Roman but Rafe says he's in a meeting. Lani leaves her number for Rafe to give to Roman. Rafe welcomes her to the PD and says he looks forward to working with her. Lani looks at the photos on the wall of Roman and then Abe.

Aiden walks through the town square and sees the man who fractured his finger with Chase. Aiden asks Chase what he's doing. Chase says he got out early. Aiden sends him back inside and tells him to wait for him to go home. Aiden warns the man to stay away from his son. He warns Aiden that he has 24 hours to come up with what he owes his boss or next time, he will be giving Chase a ride. The man walks away as Stefano's guard watches from behind.

Claudia gives Steve the number. He asks if she's sure it's the number. She swears it's all she was given. Steve hopes she's telling the truth and gives her the money. She hopes he finds Bo and says he seemed like a really decent guy. She exits. Steve calls John and explains that Claudia was hired to set Bo up and sent him in to a trap but he doesn't know where. Steve tells John that he needs to find out who the phone number belonged to a year ago as he feels Bo's life depends on it.

The guard goes to bring Bo his food tray but finds he's not there. He yells that the prisoner is gone as Bo drops down from the ceiling and chokes him out.

Aiden makes it to the Martin Mansion and apologizes to Hope for being late as he ran in to Chase. Hope offers a tour of the Mansion but Aiden says it's fine with him where ever she wants to get married. Hope asks if something's wrong. Aiden says it's not his best evening with Chad on the run. Hope asks what he's going to do about it. Aiden informs her that Stefano summoned him to fire him as Chad's attorney. Hope realizes something else is going on and wants to know what it is.

Eduardo tells Eve that he wants the high school choir to sing for her. Eve argues that he never went to Paige's recitals. They argue until Justin shows up and asks if everything is alright. Eduardo walks out. Justin asks who he is but Eve says nobody then admits he's Paige's father.

Kayla asks Adrienne what's going on. Adrienne asks about reaching Steve because she called and he didn't pick up. Kayla informs her that he's out of town and asks what's going on. Adrienne mentions talking to her mom and she has a tumor but it was caught in time. Kayla says she will call her. Adrienne adds that's not the reason she came to see her but because they told her she should be tested too, admitting that it scares the hell out of her.

Steve asks John what he found out. Steve can't believe the phone number is registered to a monastery in Mexico. Steve wonders why they would lure Bo there and who gave the order.

Bo chokes out the prison guard and searches his pockets to find the key. Bo unlocks his ankle bracelet when another man appears with a gun and asks if he's going somewhere.

Lani sits in the town square, reading an article about Abe becoming mayor.

Kayla encourages Adrienne that she might not necessarily have cancer but Adrienne wants to know one way or another so Kayla agrees to arrange the test. Adrienne asks her not to tell Steve. Kayla promises to take good care of her as they hug.

Justin says that Eve is living every parent's worst nightmare and offers to scare Eduardo out of town if he's making trouble for her. Eve wishes he could but doesn't think anything will make this bearable so she has to find the strength to make it through and hopefully he will leave. Justin asks if there's anything he can do for her. She responds that he's doing it by being her friend. Eve hugs Justin as Lucas walks in and sees them together.

Aiden admits to Hope that there is something wrong and it's not about Chad. Hope tells him that he can talk to her. Aiden says it's so hard for him because of how much he loves her but he has a confession to make and she's not going to like what he has to say.

A cop tells Rafe that they just got a tip that someone matching Chad was spotted near the docks so Rafe prepares to send all possible units.

Stefano tells Andre that it is really good to have him close by again. Andre knew that would come eventually but Stefano is concerned about the danger. Andre tells him not to worry as no one will hurt him or the family. Andre wants to know what's going on with Hope and Bo as he questions why Stefano would hire someone to seduce Hope in to forgetting the love of her life. Andre asks what Stefano is up to. Stefano responds all in good time.

Steve calls Kayla. She asks if everything's alright. Steve says he's just calling to check in and asks how Joey is. Kayla says he's been different since coming back and not so angry. Kayla asks Steve what he said to him. Steve says he just told him all the reasons he has for loving her. Kayla hopes he didn't make any promises that he doesn't intend to keep. Steve states that he made his intentions clear and plans to live up to every word. Kayla asks if he's saying he'll still come home even if he doesn't find Bo. Steve confirms he will and thinks it might be sooner than he expected as he made real progress today. Steve thinks he's on the right track to finding Bo.

Bo is strapped to a board as a man holds a knife to his throat.

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