Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The killer grabs Marlena from behind and begins choking her with the necktie like how Serena and Paige were murdered. Chad comes back through the elevator and heads for Marlena's office. The killer drops Marlena to the ground as Chad opens the door. He turns and knocks Chad over then runs away. Chad rushes to Marlena's side and wakes her up.

Jennifer runs in to Clyde outside the town square and remembers what JJ told her about him. Jennifer notes that Clyde is out of breath and asks if he's okay. Clyde claims he's been power walking as exercise. Clyde jokes that she probably thought he was running from police or something. Clyde is glad he ran in to her and asks if she has a minute because he has something he wants to talk to her about. Clyde shows Jennifer a wedding venue on his phone. Jennifer thinks it would be best to let Abigail and Ben decide where they get married. Clyde feels they are both still kids and they don't always make the best decisions.

Abigail sits at home with her computer and thinks back to the argument with Ben. She gets up with tears in her eyes and thinks back to Ben giving her a gift then to arguing with Chad. Ben then comes home.

Chad tells Marlena that it's okay as it's over. Marlena starts to freak out that it was him but Chad tries to explain that someone else was there as Marlena passes out, worrying Chad.

Rafe goes to the hospital on the phone, saying he's going to check in with Marlena to see if she has any more information on the killer.

Chad finds the tie next to Marlena's body and scrambles out of her office.

Rafe enters Marlena's office and finds her unconscious on the floor but finds she still has a pulse. Rafe calls for medical assistance right away.

Jennifer questions Clyde questioning Ben's decisions. Clyde insists that proposing was the best move Ben ever made. Jennifer tells him that they are going to start their lives and making decisions so the parents need to back off. Clyde praises her as a mother and wants to make up for time he lost as a father. Clyde says he can save money with his business contacts. Jennifer stops him and remarks that he might not even be at the wedding.

Ben notes that Abigail seems surprised to see him. Ben asks why she's still there and what she was just doing. Abigail says she was a million miles away. Abigail says she was thinking about him and the gift he made for her. Abigail tells Ben that she loves him. Ben reminds her that he broke off their engagement. Abigail states that she's here because she loves him and she has to get him to understand that what he thinks he saw between her and Chad is just him overreacting. Ben remarks that it's always his fault. Abigail argues that she doesn't think that. Ben questions seeing Chad touching her face alone in a hospital room being him overreacting. Abigail argues that he saw exactly what he was looking for. Ben repeats that Chad was touching her. Abigail admits that he was and that they have history. Ben argues that Chad keeps hitting on her and she doesn't make him stop. Abigail cries that marrying Ben was sending the message that Chad is not the one she wants. Abigail wants Ben to see that Chad is not his rival or a threat to him. Abigail cries that she loves Ben and wants to marry him and raise their child together. Abigail states that Chad can't keep that from happening but Ben can. Ben tells her that's what he wants more than anything in the world. Abigail thinks he gets in his own way. Ben decides they should fix this right now. Ben says there is only one way to have it how she imagined and that's if she comes away with him tonight and they leave Salem for good.

Chad rushes in to the DiMera Mansion in a panic and goes straight to the safe to pull out the money. Chad knocks over flowers, breaking the vase.

Daniel checks on Marlena at the hospital as John rushes in asking how she is. Daniel explains that she's fine but they need to keep calm. Daniel says they are checking for a concussion but she is going to be fine. John declares he is going to kill the son of a bitch to which Daniel says he'll help him. Daniel steps out and Rafe asks if she'll be fine. Daniel worries on if Rafe didn't get there in time. Daniel can't believe it happened at the hospital. Rafe says there's no sign of him but they did find the necktie. Daniel goes back in as Marlena wakes up and he checks on her. Marlena tells John that she saw him and it was Chad. Rafe follows John out of the room and stops him from saying he's going to kill Chad. Rafe tells John to realize that Marlena needs him and not in jail. Rafe tells John that he will get Chad if it's him. John questions him saying if. Rafe explains that he'll prove it and put him away for life. John talks about Marlena helping Chad but now feels Chad was playing her. John says he has to do something. Rafe tells him to be with Marlena but John wants to go catch Chad. Rafe stops him and reminds him that it has to be done by the book. Rafe says he'll prove it so that he does time.

Clyde questions why Jennifer would think he wouldn't be there for the wedding. Jennifer worries if they decide to elope. Clyde thinks she's just trying to say he's over stepping. Jennifer understands as she wants it to be perfect too. Jennifer reminds Clyde that it's Abigail and Ben's wedding while they are just supporters. Jennifer says she's a protective mother. Clyde repeats that he has a lot to make up for with his kids. Clyde believes he is the only one who can make things right. Clyde calls her a remarkable woman as he takes her hand and says he looks forward to a closer relationship when their kids are married. Clyde then walks away, leaving Jennifer uncomfortable.

Abigail asks Ben why he wants to leave Salem. Ben says it's obvious because of Chad. Abigail asks if he thinks they will move away and he suddenly won't be jealous. Ben argues that Abigail leaving with him will prove that she loves him and that she's putting he and the baby over Chad. Abigail claims she has but he won't accept it. Abigail then agrees to leave with him to anywhere he wants to go. Abigail adds not tonight because she can't just leave Jennifer and JJ without saying goodbye. Ben decides on tomorrow so Abigail agrees and they kiss. Ben hugs Abigail as she cries.

Chad prepares to leave when he hears sirens outside so he rushes out of the mansion.

Daniel explains to Marlena that she has head trauma so they need to keep an eye on her and she will spend the night. Daniel assures that John and cops will be watching. Marlena worries about John going after Chad. Daniel tells her that he and the cops are there for her so that she is safe. Marlena agrees to stay on one condition.

Rafe tells John that cops are on their way to the DiMera Mansion so Chad is going to prison. John argues about DiMeras knowing escape routes. John tells Rafe that he can't stop him. Rafe warns John about how this would go in court so John agrees to do it his way by the law but they are going to do it together.

Jennifer comes home and finds Abigail inside. Abigail asks what's wrong as Jennifer is startled. Jennifer claims she just wasn't expecting anyone to be home. Abigail asks if they can talk. Abigail tells her that she's so sorry but she and Ben have decided to leave town tomorrow. Jennifer is surprised and calls it out of the blue since they are planning a wedding and she's getting ready to have a baby. Jennifer questions whose decision it was. Abigail calls it a mutual decision. Jennifer notes her not being happy. Abigail says it's not easy for her but she needs her to know that this is what she wants.

Clyde goes to Ben's and asks how he's doing. Ben says he's fine. Clyde mentions talking to Jennifer which Ben questions. Clyde says he just ran in to her but she was in a mood, telling him off about taking over his life and the wedding. Clyde sees the suitcase inside and questions it. Ben informs him that he and Abigail are leaving Salem because they don't want to live here. Ben tells Clyde they appreciate him buying a house and everything he's done for them but he thinks if they are going to make it as a family, they have to start out on their own. Clyde tells Ben that he's not going anywhere.

Jennifer asks Abigail if something happened or if she and Ben are afraid of something. Abigail doesn't want to shut her out but calls it just so personal. Abigail says with things happening so fast and with Chad around, they just need time. Jennifer says she can understand that. Abigail assures that it has nothing to do with her or JJ as she doesn't want to get away. Jennifer gets that it's personal and between them so she will always respect that. Jennifer suggests it could be a good thing for them to go off together. Jennifer hugs her as she cries. Abigail adds that it will kill her to leave them. Jennifer encourages her to go take care of herself, Ben, and the baby. Abigail cries that she has the best mom in the world. Abigail promises to say goodbye to JJ before she leaves. Abigail exits while Jennifer prays for her to be kept safe.

Ben tells Clyde that he doesn't follow orders. Clyde apologizes if he sounds like he's trying to take control but he's thinking about them. Clyde says Ben can't tell him he's not leaving because of Chad. Clyde warns that if Ben goes, Chad will follow him. Ben responds that he will kill him then. Clyde explains that he didn't mean physically but that Chad will haunt him. Clyde encourages Ben to stay and watch Chad go down in flames.

Abigail meets Chad on the docks. Chad tells her that he's not the killer and that he's starting to remember that he fought another drunk on the docks the night with Serena. Abigail believes that means he has an alibi but Chad doesn't know anything about the guy. Chad explains that he found Marlena being strangled and he stopped the guy but she thinks he was the one doing it. Chad worries that no one will believe him but Abigail insists that she believes him. Chad says he's here for three reasons, to tell her that he didn't do it, to say goodbye to her, and to tell her that he loves her. Abigail tells him that he's not saying goodbye because no one will believe him if he runs away. Abigail encourages him to tell the police everything he knows but Chad argues that he can't prove anything. Abigail tells Chad to stop feeling sorry for himself as they don't have a lot of time. Chad repeats that he loves her. Abigail encourages him to remember everything about the killer. Chad says he was wearing a mask so he knows nothing. Chad says the cops are after him as they speak so he has to go but Abigail stops him and says that's the wrong choice.

Ben knows Clyde wants Chad arrested but it doesn't mean that's going to happen. Clyde informs Ben that the cops have placed an APB on Chad. Ben asks how he knows. Clyde says something else happened so it's all an endgame now. Ben tells Clyde that Abigail agreed to go away with him since she chose him over Chad. Clyde tells Ben that he's won so it's time to start living happily ever after. Ben agrees and declares that the only place he and Abigail are going is their beautiful new home in Salem.

Daniel tells Marlena that he will tell her the minute John arrives and assures her that she will be safe as no one will let anything happen to her. Daniel says they will find Chad and this nightmare will come to an end. Daniel tells her to get some rest as he exits.

Chad doesn't want Abigail involved but she responds that she is involved. Abigail points out that she just left her fiance in the middle of the night to meet him. Abigail says they need to get out of here but Chad says she's not coming with him. Abigail warns Chad that he's not leaving Salem and if he tries, she'll turn him in. Abigail declares that she's calling the shots so he can thank her later.

Marlena wakes up in her hospital room as Daniel comes back in, scaring her at first.

Abigail brings Chad to a cabin that Jack hid at when he came back to town. Abigail tells him that he'll be safe while they figure out how to prove he's innocent. Chad thanks her and asks her to promise that she'll never come back here. Abigail responds that she won't be coming back because she and Ben have decided to leave town tomorrow so this is goodbye. Abigail kisses him on the cheek and exits.

Jennifer looks at a photo of her and Abigail. Jennifer says she won't get to cry at her wedding but she will be safe and once Clyde is in jail, she will have Ben to protect her.

Ben turns on the TV and sees the report about the APB on Chad as he is wanted for the murders of Serena and Paige as well as the attack on Marlena at the hospital. Ben shuts off the TV and pulls out boxes from under his bed. Ben opens a case, revealing it to be full of neckties as well as a bag of flower petals plus gloves and a mask. Ben puts them all in a trash bag, takes it to the docks and tosses the bag in to the lake to get rid of the evidence.

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