Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole confronts Kate about being Theresa's partner and says Theresa must have knew how she would react. Kate doesn't think it's important but Nicole says there is no way in hell Kate will be a part of Basic Black.

Justin and Adrienne enter the club. Justin thought there was no turning back from the divorce but Adrienne says what's important is that they are here now. Justin says they have no where to go but up.

Rafe doesn't understand Eve telling him that Paige was his half sister but Eve insists, revealing that Eduardo was Paige's father too.

Eduardo walks through the town square and sees Gabi with Arianna.

Ben finds Marlena outside and says he's doing better because of her. She asks what she did. Ben tells her that she did Clyde a lot of good as he's been better since their sessions. Marlena is glad they are getting along better. Ben calls him optimistic for the first time.

Chad goes to the hospital to Stefano's room but finds that he's gone. Abigail comes in behind Chad and tells him that he got taken for tests. Chad admits he was scared for a second while Abigail encourages him. Abigail asks Chad about the hypnosis, hoping he got an answer and an alibi.

Ben tells Marlena that he's really looking forward to planning the wedding and loves spending time with Abigail. Marlena wishes them happiness as she has to get back to the hospital. Ben decides go with her to surprise Abigail.

Chad tells Abigail that the hypnosis is going to be a process. Abigail brings up his freedom depending on this. Abigail believes Chad was drugged. Chad mentions Clyde being there that night but suggests it's a dead end. Abigail encourages him not to give up and says they will find an answer. Abigail doesn't care what anyone says, she knows Chad is stubborn, headstrong, and impulsive but he did not do this. Abigail wants everyone to see the truth. Chad touches her face and they get close until they are interrupted by a nurse coming in along with Ben to see them together.

Adrienne and Justin look at photos that Sonny sent. They miss him and hope he's happy. Adrienne thinks the distance is good for him. Adrienne changes the subject back to this being a date. Adrienne misses hearing about Justin and asks about his new job. Justin admits he didn't like where he was when things ended for them but he feels like he's in a better place now. Justin says he really likes his new job and feels like he's doing what he is supposed to be. Justin brings up getting Chad for murder but Adrienne asks what if he's not guilty. Justin declares he will be the first DA to nail a DiMera and make it stick. Adrienne feels he's using his position to stir up the old Kiriakis-DiMera feud again.

Kate tells Nicole to grow up as she can't get rid of her so they should sit down and work this out but Nicole refuses.

Eve tells Rafe that she heard from Eduardo himself that Rafe was his son. Eve reveals that he was going by the name Larson when she met him. Rafe asks if Paige ever knew him. Eve says Paige adored him then she would ask if he left because of her. Rafe notes that Gabi never really got to know him. Rafe says they were shocked when he left and then angry while Gabi was sad as she never got to know her dad. Eve knows Rafe must be bitter about being abandoned but assures that he doesn't want someone like that around. Rafe questions welcoming him back but Eve says that he plans to leave after Paige's funeral.

Eduardo walks by Gabi as Arianna drops her toy. Gabi calls out to him, asking for his help.

Ben questions Abigail as she tries to explain that Chad was just worried about Stefano. Ben tells her that he told her how worried he was and to stay away from Chad but now not 24 hours later, here he is with his hands on her. Abigail argues that Chad just needed a friend but Ben doesn't want to listen. Ben states that he can't take her word for anything anymore. Abigail tells him that it's just a misunderstanding but Ben calls it Abigail breaking her promise to him. Ben asks why he would marry her when she lies to him so easily. Ben questions what kind of fool she thinks he is.

Justin tells Adrienne that it's not about their families. Adrienne questions him being objective. Justin feels it's a chance for him to do something notable on his own. Justin says people will know to take him seriously. Adrienne is bothered by his ruthlessness and feels he's never sounded more like Victor.

Rafe looks at Paige's photo and can't believe she was his sister that he never really knew and now gets to learn about her this way. Eve praises her but says Paige's goodness didn't reflect on her. Rafe is sorry that she's going through all this. Rafe suggests they could get together and talk about Paige when this is all over. Eve agrees that would be nice. Rafe assures Eve that they are going to find who did this and make them pay. Eve thanks him. Rafe agrees to call as soon as he knows anything while they hug. Rafe asks how old Paige was when Eduardo left. Eve responds that she was just ten as she exits.

Eduardo picks up the stuffed animal for Gabi and comments on Arianna being beautiful. Gabi asks if he has any kids or grandkids.

Abigail argues that Ben can't mean this. Chad says not to punish her for having a heart. Ben doesn't want to hear it. Abigail insists that she loves Ben and wants to go somewhere to talk. Ben says he's done talking and storms out. Chad tries to follow but Abigail says he'll just make it worse and it will be fine when he calms down. Chad leaves to go see Marlena then while Abigail follows out. Chad says he didn't mean to cause trouble for her. Abigail tells him that she hopes he makes progress today. Chad adds that Ben is right that she is better off staying away from him as he gets in to the elevator.

Chad goes to Marlena's office and needs her to put him under again as he realized it's not just about him anymore and there are other people involved. Marlena feels he's too agitated and has to put aside whatever has him upset first.

Kate hopes Nicole can get to business as they sit down. Nicole calls it reality that she has no intention of working with her. Kate says they are talking about business regardless of the fact that they will never like each other but together they can get rich. Kate offers her hand.

Eduardo tells Gabi that he doesn't have the magic tough with kids. Rafe walks by so Gabi calls him over. Gabi explains that the nice man just picked up Arianna's toy. Rafe suggests she take Arianna home so she does. Rafe questions Eduardo as to which family he's here to reconcile with.

Marlena begins to hypnotize Chad, telling him to clear his mind completely and relax. Marlena takes him back to arguing with Paige in the town square and asks if it was the last time he saw Paige that day. Chad doesn't know and says his day just ends there then he's back in his hotel room. Marlena decides to go back to the night with Serena and asks what he did after Serena walked out. She asks what Chad sees now. Chad has visions of struggling and fighting someone. Chad can't tell what is happening.

Nicole slaps Kate's hand away and calls her the undisputed queen of blackmail and forgery. Nicole reminds that Kate drugged her brother Brandon and nearly killed Sami and Stefano along with her own son. Nicole questions Kate wanting her to ride along for more havoc. Nicole says she's not in Kate's league of misery and destruction. Nicole questions Kate having no response and asks if she actually got through to her.

Rafe talks to Eduardo about abandoning another family after theirs. Eduardo admits he screwed up twice but says he's sincere in wanting to reconnect with him and his grief over his daughter but Rafe doesn't give a damn. Rafe tells him that he doesn't get to grieve after walking out as that's for people who give a damn. Rafe tells him that he won't get back into his or Gabi's life. Eduardo calls Arianna his very beautiful granddaughter. Rafe says seeing her better last a long time. Eduardo states that he will be leaving soon. Rafe tells him to stick to that plan and stay away from him and his family.

Abigail sits outside the town square and breaks down crying then feels her baby as she gets up and walks away.

Chad complains to Marlena that he was this close to finding something important and wonders who he was fighting with or if it was Serena. Marlena wants to pause and regroup before they try again. Marlena says the information will flow when his mind is ready. Chad thanks her for seeing him and walks out abruptly.

Kate tells Nicole that she didn't hear anything that begged for a response, just Nicole venting and tells her to go ahead and continue. Nicole says she's trying to make it clear that Kate will have no part in this deal and she will regret doubting her. Nicole then exits. Nicole pulls out her phone and calls Theresa, leaving a message asking where the hell she is. Eduardo then enters the club which Kate notices.

Justin and Adrienne walk out of the town square. Adrienne apologizes for hitting the rewind button on their date. Justin assures that he wants this to work too. Justin gets a call and says he'll be at the station. Justin apologizes as Adrienne agrees to rain check but Justin invites her to come with him since the whole night is ahead of them. Adrienne decides just to head home since she wants to take things slower this time. Justin agrees as she exits.

Marlena walks out of her office, leaving the door open while someone sneaks in.

Chad heads to the docks and pulls out his phone. He looks at Abigail's number but stops. Chad then remembers walking to the docks and being attacked which he was having visions of before.

Rafe returns to his office at the station and looks at Paige's photo then at the evidence board as he pulls out his phone.

Marlena returns to her office as Rafe calls her, wanting to touch base on the profile of the killer. Marlena says she hasn't gotten to it yet but as soon as she has information so will he. Marlena hangs up as someone sneaks back in to her office with a necktie like the one used in Serena and Paige's murders.

Justin walks through the town square and stops near flowers.

Adrienne goes home and looks at a photo of Justin.

Eduardo orders a drink while exchanging looks with Kate as they toast to one another.

Eve goes to the docks.

Rafe continues looking over the evidence chart then rushes out of his office.

The killer grabs Marlena from behind and begins choking her with the necktie.

Abigail goes home looking for Ben but he's not home.

Chad goes to the elevator to leave the hospital.

The killer continues to choke Marlena.

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