Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/22/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/22/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eduardo walks through the town square where he comes across Rafe, who questions what the hell he's doing here. Eduardo understands Rafe isn't happy to see him, revealing to be Rafe's father. Rafe accuses him of abandoning his family and tells him to go back because nobody wants to see him here.

Brady plays with Tate at home as Theresa comes in. Brady asks how Eve is doing. Theresa says she couldn't stop crying so she thinks going over there made things worse. Brady is sure Eve appreciated her being there. Theresa worries about if anything ever happened to Tate. Brady hands Tate to her.

Eve sits in the club where Kate finishes a call with Victor. Eve remarks that sometimes you have to be a bitch to get by thanks to the Victors of the world. Kate agrees and tells Eve that she's sorry about Paige. Kate knows it's the worst thing a parent can go through and she knows what it feels like to mourn a child. Eve asks Kate what happened. Kate calls it a long story. Eve tells her that she has nothing but time as Kate sits with her.

Kayla calls Joey and leaves a message saying she understands he's mad at her but wants to know if he's okay.

Steve finds Joey on the plane and questions what he's doing here. Joey tells him that he followed him on board because he's not going to let him abandon them again. Steve insists he isn't abandoning them as he wants to be a full time dad. Joey questions why Steve was leaving. Steve says Bo is in trouble and he doesn't believe Bo would just run off. Joey asks why not since Steve did it. Steve says he wouldn't be leaving Salem if he didn't think Bo was in serious trouble as he would do the same for him. Joey tells him that Kayla is going to be pissed. Steve doesn't think she will be if he brings Bo back to his family. Joey declares he's going to help him then by coming with him.

Kate talks to Eve about her ex husband Curtis letting her believe that Austin and Billie were dead so she missed their entire childhood, thinking they were gone for two decades. Kate adds that she blamed herself. Eve questions how she went on. Kate says she had to as she was pregnant with Lucas. Eve doesn't think she'll have any blessings like that. Kate apologizes for comparing her situation as she can only imagine how devastating it must be to lose her only child. Eve says it's mostly the guilt as she wanted to be the mother she never had but screwed everything up. Kate says it's more difficult with no role models. Eve questions what she knows about her. Kate admits that Victor told her about Eve's past as a teenager and reveals that she was in that life too, doing anything to survive. Eve talks about just wanting attention at the time. Kate mentions just ending a relationship with a sociopath. They toast to saying men suck.

Eduardo tells Rafe that he's not here for his forgiveness. Rafe tells him that'd be a huge waste of time. Eduardo understands he hates him but asks what's going on with he and Gabi. Rafe questions him suddenly giving a damn now and not when Arianna was born or during Gabi's trial. Eduardo didn't think he would want to see him. Rafe says he didn't so there is no use pretending to give a damn now. Eduardo insists that he does but he respects if Rafe doesn't want to talk to him but maybe Gabi will feel differently. Rafe warns him to stay away from Gabi. Eduardo just wants ten minutes to talk so Rafe agrees and they walk off.

Theresa feels bad about times when she was snarky with Paige. Theresa admits she was kind of jealous of Paige. Brady encourages her being driven. Nicole enters and asks if it's still a good time to do business. Theresa takes Tate upstairs for his nap. Nicole encourages Brady as a dad. Nicole talks about not having her own child but she promises that Brady won't regret believing in her running Basic Black.

Steve tells Joey that he can't take him with him because it's too dangerous. Joey argues that he got on the plane without Steve, an ex-spy, noticing. Steve thinks Joey has put Kayla through enough but Joey turns it on him. Joey questions why it feels like Steve doesn't want him around. Steve explains that Victor is worried about Bo but Joey still thinks he's looking for an excuse to leave his family again. Steve reminds him there were other reasons that he had to leave Africa but Joey wants to know what.

Brady, Nicole, and Theresa go over Basic Black paperwork. Nicole thought investors would be lining up for the company but the timing worked out for them. Nicole asks Theresa who was gullible enough to bankroll her and why.

Eve tells Kate that she is alone as she's not close with her family and doesn't have friends. Kate encourages that she is surrounded by supporters in people that loved Paige and hate what happened to her. Kate asks about Paige going to Stamford. Eve tells her about Paige wanting to be a doctor. Eve asks Kate if she thinks Paige was punished for something Eve did. Kate knows she can't help those thoughts but they know that's not how it works and they can only blame who did it. Eve vows to make them suffer and pay. Kate bets that she will as they toast again.

Rafe and Eduardo go to the club. Eduardo orders a beer and offers Rafe one but he doesn't want to owe him anything. Rafe asks what Eduardo needs from him, assuming he must want something. Eduardo states that he just had to come back to Salem on personal business. Rafe notes it not even involving he and Gabi. Eduardo says that he had been thinking about reaching out for a long time but he didn't want to hurt anybody or dredge up old stuff. Eduardo is glad he ran in to Rafe and takes it as a sign. Rafe suggests he leave town but Eduardo asks how he and Gabi are doing. Rafe responds that they are great and just fine so they don't need anything from him and he can stay away from them.

Kayla sits at her office and looks at the old wedding photo of her and Steve.

Steve tells Joey that he wishes he could have done things differently but nothing has ever been as important to him as his family. Joey points out that he didn't answer the question. Joey always wondered if it was he that made Steve want to leave. Steve tells him to never think that. Steve talks about growing up in an orphanage because of a lousy father. Joey can't understand. Steve admits he was scared to be a father because he was afraid he would be just like his dad. Joey questions him leaving because he was afraid he'd hurt them. Steve wants to get it right but Joey screams that he already blew that chance so he can go find Bo and not come back because he doesn't need him. Steve tells Joey that he needs him. Steve says that he loves them. Joey tells him to show it so Steve responds that he will.

Brady guesses Shane bankrolled Theresa. Theresa wonders why it matters who her investor is since it's a silent partner. Nicole jokes about them not being insane or evil. Brady wants to just make the company profitable. Nicole goes over her plan. Brady thinks it's ambitious while Nicole thinks they have to take chances. Brady asks Theresa what she thinks. Theresa says it sounds good and interesting. Nicole asks who she agrees with. Theresa says Brady but Nicole doesn't think she knows what they are talking about. Theresa gives her fashion plan idea which seems to impress.

Rafe tells Eduardo that Gabi wouldn't even know who he was. Rafe says both of his daughters went to jail and blames him for robbing them of a childhood. Rafe talks about his late sister Arianna asking why Eduardo left them. Eduardo apologizes but Rafe says it's late for that. Eduardo tells Rafe that he's proud of him but Rafe argues that he doesn't know anything about him. Eduardo asks Rafe if he ever told Gabi or Dario that he reached out after Arianna's death. Rafe says he didn't because he had enough going on without his crap. Rafe asks if he even knows where Dario is. Eduardo says no but he tried to track him down. Rafe tells him that he's doing great in Argentina. Eduardo would appreciate him telling Dario and Gabi that he loves them. Rafe tells him that his ten minutes are up. Eve and Kate notice their argument. Rafe tells Eduardo to stay away from he and Gabi as he storms out. Kate wonders what Rafe is so upset about. Eve approaches Eduardo and questions what he did to piss off a cop. Eduardo is surprised his son is a cop while Eve is shocked to learn that Rafe is his son.

Steve talks to Joey about when he first met Kayla and how he was a drifter. Steve talks about Kayla changing him. Steve recalls being injured but Kayla patched him up and flashes back to that moment.

Kayla remains looking at their wedding photo and thinks back to being with Steve in the past as well. Kayla turns and goes back to work.

Eve asks Eduardo how many kids he had, surprised to learn that he had another family before Paige and never told her about it. Eve guesses he abandoned them too. Eve says if she knew back then, she would've told him to go to Hell. Eve then says she wouldn't have because then she wouldn't have had Paige which was the best thing he ever did. Eve blames Eduardo for Rafe never knowing he had another sister. Eduardo claims he tried to reach out but Eve tells him to go to Hell and storms out as Kate watches.

Steve tells Joey that they are still fogged in so they won't be flying anywhere any time soon. Joey questions Steve letting nature get in his way. Steve says he has others to think about than himself now. Steve plays his harmonica and offers to teach Joey how to play but he declines. Steve talks about Kayla getting used to it as he plays some more.

Kayla grabs her purse and leaves her office.

Nicole and Brady go over projected financials while Theresa gets a text from Kate, asking how the meeting is going. Theresa tells them that she needs to make a call. Nicole thinks they are done for the day. Brady is sure John will be on board. Tate starts to cry so Brady goes to take care of him. Nicole tells Theresa thst she will see her later and then shuts the door, pretending to leave but then sneaks back to the door way to listen in as Theresa calls Kate and tells her they just finished the meeting.

Steve tells Joey that he was the last person anyone expected to get married and have kids but Kayla is a miracle worker. Steve recalls he and Kayla's wedding, saying he thought it was the best day of his life but he was wrong as he then thinks back to Joey's birth.

Kayla is the town square thinking of the same and wonders where Joey is.

Rafe goes to the station and looks over the evidence in the murder cases. He goes to his computer and searches Eduardo Hernandez. Eve then arrives and asks if Rafe has a moment as it's important.

Nicole listens in as Theresa talks about everything going well. Kate looks forward to meeting to discuss the details. Theresa says to just tell her where and when then hangs up. Nicole comes back in and asks Theresa to get her a glass of water so she goes to the kitchen. Nicole then grabs Theresa's phone that she left behind and finds out she was talking to Kate and says hell no as she sneaks back out.

Rafe wishes he could tell Eve there are new leads in the case. Eve thinks he might be motivated by what she has to say because this is personal. Eve reveals to Rafe that Paige was his sister.

Theresa draws a design as Brady comes back in and tells her that he underestimated her. Brady knows it's a tough time for her and her family but she's worked really hard and he recognizes her true talent. Theresa thanks him and says maybe it won't be such a disaster. Brady suggests they might just pull this off after all.

Kate watches as Eduardo exits the club. Nicole then enters and confronts Kate, saying she should've known she would slither back in to her life to cause trouble. Kate says she doesn't know what she's talking about but Nicole tells her to give it up as she knows she is Theresa's silent partner.

Steve calls Joey their second chance. Joey asks why he left then. Steve talks about what they meant to him. Steve wants to change things now. Joey asks if that means he can come with him. Steve says he can't do that and calls Kayla to tell her that Joey is with him on the plane but he's sending him home to her. Steve tells Kayla that when he finds Bo, that's it as he's done, no more missions. Steve declares that when he comes home the next time, it will be for good.

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