Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/21/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/21/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve sits at home with boxes of Paige's things. Theresa joins her and brings up the funeral. Theresa tells Eve that Paige's things will be donated to the women's shelter that she used to volunteer at. Eve and Theresa cry together as Eve thanks her for being there and they hug. There's a knock at the door and a man arrives. Theresa assumes it's the man from the shelter but Eve is startled and reveals the man is Paige's father, Eduardo.

Rafe and Hope go over the evidence at the station and talk about Chad having no alibi so he's looking good for both murders. Rafe brings up Chad saying he's being set up. Hope asks if he believes that.

Julie, Maggie, and Caroline meet at the Martin mansion and talk about preparing it for the Salem Bicentennial. Julie and Maggie go to check the ballroom while Caroline is distracted.

Kayla brings Joey to the hospital, scolding him for having to pick him up from the principal's office. She wants to know what happened, questioning why he hit one of his friends. Joey calls it hard to explain. Kayla questions him further but Joey says it just escalated. Kayla wants an explanation. Joey feels she doesn't understand. Kayla asks him what's going on with him. Kayla asks if he's trying to get his dad's attention.

Steve goes to see Victor and tells him that he got a lead on Bo so he's on a plane to Mexico today. Steve tells Victor that he's retracing Bo's steps so he wants to know what set him off. Steve says he found the gap right after Bo took Caroline took California for treatment. Victor calls that nothing and tells him to leave it alone. Steve questions but Victor insists. Steve wants Victor to tell him what he knows.

Bo does pushups in his cell then lies back face down when he hears someone coming.

Steve feels that Victor knows Bo is in danger but he denies it. Victor thinks Bo would get in touch with the ISA or let a family member know. Steve questions where Bo went after California. Victor says it's nowhere that could've got him where he is now. Steve questions why Victor is holding out on him. Victor thinks he's looking for a way out of town. Steve calls him stubborn. Victor threatens him with private security. Steve opens up his tablet and shows Victor footage from a surveillance camera at a bar in Cancun which gets Victor's attention.

Theresa introduces herself to Eduardo. Eve tells Theresa that she can go. Theresa offers to stay but Eve says it's okay. Theresa asks if she's sure she will be okay. Eve responds that she's been waiting ten years for this moment. Eve asks why he's here. Eduardo says he had to come. Eve brings up him ignoring visitation for years. He explains that he never intended it to be forever and always thought he had time to see Paige again. Eve argues that he blew off years that they needed him. Eduardo feels she may need him now more than ever. Eve says she knows everything he says is a lie.

Rafe tells Hope that the case against Chad feels too neat as they talk about Justin wanting the murderer behind bars. Rafe wants to make sure they get the right guy. Hope encourages him and wants to go over things again to charge the right guy.

Julie and Maggie come back to check on Caroline, who says everything is alright and suggests they check upstairs while she checks the hallways. Caroline tells herself to get a grip as she's losing it. Caroline looks in the mirror again and imagines Shawn.

Joey tells Kayla that she and Steve are on their own planets. Kayla tells him that she's never too busy for him. Kayla brings up his suspension. Joey tells her to call later but Kayla wants him to wait in her office. Kayla gets paged on an emergency so Joey tells her that she better run. Joey says he'll try to catch Steve before he leaves or maybe he'll answer his phone. Kayla tells him not to be disappointed. Kayla is sorry that Steve wasn't around for them but she's sure that he puts what he wants ahead of his family.

Victor questions how Steve knows these pictures are real. Steve explains that he reached out to some contacts and there's no movement from Bo after this. Steve says the ISA won't open up to them. Victor calls it ridiculous to think Bo has turned but Steve questions it, pointing out the woman that Bo is seen talking to. Victor argues that it can't be who he thought it was but Steve zooms in closer to seemingly reveal Britta Englund, which Victor calls impossible because she's dead.

Eve tells Eduardo to take his best shot. She wants him gone. He tells her that he came to bury his daughter. She argues that he did that a decade ago. He states that he never wanted a family. He calls Paige an angel and asks who wouldn't love her. Eve responds that he wouldn't. He adds that he wasn't worthy of her but he can't let her be put in the ground. He wants to know her but Eve calls it too late. Eve picks up a box of her things and tells him it's every birthday, picture, science fair, and diary which he missed all of because he didn't show up. Eve is thankful that she stuck around because Paige made her life worth living every day. Eve gives him the box and tells him to go ahead and catch up.

Hope and Rafe look over the evidence and talk about seeing a shadow in one of the photos. Hope gets a message from the florist for the wedding. Rafe asks if they set a date yet. Hope tells him they are looking at doing it with the Salem Bicentennial. Rafe calls it soon and congratulates her. Hope calls it a long road. Rafe says it would have to be after Bo. Hope asks if he's really happy for her. Rafe responds that of course he is as Aiden's a stand up guy.

Aiden sits in the club with the check and paper he stole from the DiMera Mansion. Aiden practices copying Stefano's signature.

The guard brings Bo his food tray and rolls him over.

Victor argues it can't be Britta Englund because she's dead and Bo knows that. Steve explains that whoever lured him didn't think Bo knew that. Victor argued that there is no way Bo turned. Steve says maybe not under his own free will. Victor realizes someone has Bo and can't believe they let this happen. Steve tells him that there was no way he could know where to look as even Hope didn't. Steve tells Victor that he can still help him fill in the blanks and asks where Bo went after taking Caroline to California. Victor responds that he was trying to save Caroline.

Caroline asks Shawn why he's there as there must be a reason he's showing up. Caroline worries that she's getting worse and asks if Shawn is getting her ready to die.

Aiden rips up the paper and wonders what he's doing. The bartender comes over and tells Aiden that his card was declined so Aiden pays in cash.

Hope jokes with Rafe that she still can't believe she is marrying a defense attorney. Rafe says that Aiden has made a believer out of him this week. Hope asks how Gabi is doing. Rafe says she's great but still in shock as she thought she would be in prison for another ten years. Rafe says it feels good to have his family back as they are lucky to have the chance. Rafe decides to go check the crime scene. Hope offers to come with him but Rafe says he's got it and tells her to call when the lab results are back.

Victor explains to Steve that Caroline was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease so Bo went looking for a cure and found a Dr. Salinas in Peru who had success with experimental trials but they haven't been completed yet. Victor adds that the family doesn't know and he can't tell them as he doesn't want to give them false hope so they have to stay quiet until there is a breakthrough. Steve asks who else knows about the research. Victor says only Bo and the doctor. Steve hopes it's enough to help Caroline.

Maggie and Julie finish upstairs and go over plans. Maggie worries about pushing Caroline into this, thinking it's too soon since her stroke so she may be overwhelmed. They wonder where she went.

Caroline asks Shawn about getting worse. She mentions sitting in Kayla's office the other day and couldn't remember her name but she didn't tell her. Caroline cries that she can't tell any of them and she's scared. Julie and Maggie find her and ask if she's feeling all right. Maggie suggests taking her to the hospital for a quick check to be safe so they walk her out.

Victor tells Steve that the plane is fueled and ready to go. Victor tells him to let him know if he needs anything else. Steve exits as Maggie comes home. Maggie notes they seemed intense and asks what it was about. Victor tells her that Steve thinks Bo is in trouble and he thinks he's right. Maggie tells Victor that he can't say anything about this to the family as they may have enough to handle right now. Maggie informs him that they had to take Caroline back to the hospital.

Kayla checks on Caroline and tells her that her vitals are good. Caroline asks why she is seeing Shawn everywhere but Kayla doesn't know. Caroline says if this is it, she needs to know because if she's dying, she needs to take care of things. She asks Kayla to be straight with her.

Eduardo looks through old photos of Paige and finds one that he remembers. He asks Eve if he can have the picture. She tells him to take the whole box and then go on home.

Aiden packs up his briefcase and exits the club.

Caroline asks Kayla if there are things that she hasn't told her. Kayla says she's going over lab reports and things aren't progressing, admitting that means worse. Kayla encourages her that they will get through this together no matter what.

Maggie tells Victor that she isn't sure what the next move will be but doesn't think Caroline can live alone or manage the Pub anymore. Maggie says they may have to find a facility to look after an Alzheimer's patient. Victor responds that she doesn't have Alzheimer's but something that looks like it. Maggie questions how he knows this and if Caroline told him. Victor explains that she doesn't know as nobody wanted to tell her that she had a more aggressive disease. Maggie asks who else knows other than Kayla. Victor tells her just Bo and the doctor working on a cure. Maggie questions why he never told her about this. Victor felt there was no point until there was a real cure. Maggie worries now might be too late.

Eduardo asks Eve if she wants help. Eve says she got good at handling things on her own since he left. He calls it an extreme situation that he would like to help her with. Eve asks if he knew that their daughter got in to Stamford but he didn't. Eve calls her a great student. He asks why she didn't go. Eve explains that she met a boy but Stamford keeps wanting her. Eve always thought there would be more time. Eve cries that she'll never make it as he hugs her.

Hope looks over the evidence as Aiden enters so Hope covers up the board. Aiden jokes with her about being the defense and says he just wants to spend more time with her as they kiss.

Steve gets on the airplane and prepares to leave.

The guard stands over Bo and says it won't be long now so he doesn't know why they bother feeding him anymore. After he leaves, Bo rolls over and starts eating.

Eduardo walks through the town square where he comes across Rafe, who questions what the hell he's doing here.

Aiden asks Hope if she's close to making an arrest. Hope says he'll be the second to know. Aiden comments on everything being circumstantial. Aiden states that arresting Chad would be a big mistake. Aiden comments on them being on opposite sides. They understand they have a job to do.

Bo finishes his meal and begins working on removing a socket from the wall.

Steve hears a sound on the plane so he pulls out his knife and pulls open the bathroom door to find Joey hiding inside.

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