Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/18/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/18/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John talks on the phone about a Russian man named Petrov who might be the one to help him find what he is looking for. John hangs up and Steve comes over, telling John that he needs his help about Bo.

Gabi tearfully reunites with Arianna as Will and Rafe watch with emotional smiles. Will never dreamed it would happen this fast. Rafe talks about thinking the case would take longer and now she's out. Gabi thanks them for never giving up on her. Rafe declares this is real that Gabi is out. Gabi says she gets a second chance to be Arianna's mom again and promises to never make another mistake to take her away. Gabi declares she is home for good.

Ben and Abigail talk at home about wedding plans. Ben reminds her that Jennifer is footing the bill but he knows somebody willing to help out.

Marlena begins hypnotizing Chad by telling him to relax and clear his mind. Marlena starts to talk about Chad being with Serena and asks what comes in to his mind. Chad states this is the night she's going to die. Marlena says not to get ahead and take it slowly. Chad recalls the look and atmosphere of the club when he was with Serena. Chad remembers laughing with Serena and then kissing but he wanted more. Marlena encourages him to focus after Serena slaps him. Chad states that he was furious.

John asks Steve if he has proof. Steve explains that he made some contacts and how he talked with Monica, who said she got Bo on her ship around two years ago. Steve wants John to find out if there was any ISA activity in Germany at that time. Steve says maybe it will explain why Bo disappeared completely. John agrees to see what he can find.

Gabi talks about wanting moments like this with Arianna and feels like she's dreaming. Rafe tells her to get used to it. Rafe tells her that she got out because Aiden got involved in her case so she can thank him. Will explains that Aiden found an error in the judge's case. Rafe suggests they all go out to eat as they hug and then happily exit the station.

John finishes a call and tells Steve that the ISA shut down all of Germany after WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden. Steve wonders why Bo would go rogue and if it was a personal thing. John says it explains why he shut Hope out. Steve wonders if Bo was turned since he was vulnerable all on his own. John goes to his computer for more information as Steve calls it like old times to be working together again. Steve heads to the fridge to get them a couple of beers.

Abigail knows Clyde is willing to help but Jennifer feels it's her responsibility. Abigail suggests getting married at the old mansion after it's fixed up during the Salem Bicentennial. Abigail brings up Hope and Aiden getting married there and asks what Ben thinks. Ben tells Abigail that they will do whatever she wants to do. Abigail says what she wants right now is him as they kiss until she feels the baby kick. Ben says the baby must be just as excited as they are about the wedding.

Chad goes over his fury at Serena but Marlena stops the hypnotherapy to calm him down. Chad opens his eyes and says he feels good and relaxed. Chad asks if he said anything useful. Marlena says that he said Serena slapped him and he was angry. Chad complains that he already knew that. Marlena reminds him that it's a process that can take days but she thinks they will find out a lot. Chad thanks her as she didn't have to do this. Marlena brings up Chad saving her life in Italy. Marlena insists that he is not Stefano. Chad says that's about all he has going for him. Marlena wants to see him through this and get the whole story. She promises it won't happen quickly or easily so she asks if he's ready to put himself through it. Chad agrees to do anything. Marlena asks what if he's guilty. Chad responds that he will turn himself in. Chad thinks he's being set up because it's all too neat. Marlena asks who would have the information and resources to do this to him. Chad admits he first thought Stefano but it's not him because he gave his word. Marlena wonders if that's enough. Chad hopes so as he wants to believe it is.

Ben and Abigail lay in bed together. Abigail talks about everything coming in to focus with the new home and baby. Abigail says they are building a family so there can't be any doubts or anyone else. Ben falls asleep as Abigail declares from now on there can only be one to love and no one else ever.

Rafe, Will, Gabi, and Arianna go to the club to eat. Rafe knows it came out of the blue but asks Gabi where she's going to stay since he has a new place and room for her to stay. Gabi thanks him but thought they wouldn't change her routine if she moves back in with Will and Sonny. Will realizes Rafe didn't tell Gabi. Rafe takes Arianna for dessert so Will can talk with Gabi. Gabi asks what's going on and if Sonny doesn't want her to move back in. Will informs her that Sonny is in Paris working for Victor. Gabi calls it sudden and asks if he's coming back. Will hopes so but he doesn't know. Gabi asks about their problems and what happened. Will calls it complicated. Gabi says it has to be huge for Sonny to move away. Will agrees it's a huge problem named Paul.

John finds the ship that Bo would've taken to Germany. Steve sends a message to another contact he knows. Steve mentions this wasn't what he was coming home to Salem for. John understands he was coming home to reconnect with family. Steve says Kayla isn't happy while John knows the feeling, adding that he doesn't know how much of the ISA that Marlena will take.

Marlena asks Chad who else could be trying to set him up but he has no idea. Chad argues that he doesn't need to find the killer and just needs to prove that it's not him. Chad says he just needs to give the cops an alibi which is why he wants to continue the hypnotherapy. Marlena agrees to continue every single day. Chad wants to keep it secret but Marlena states that she has to tell the police if they ask. Chad hopes it will be cleared up by then.

Abigail dreams of Chad being in prison.

Steve and John talk about Marlena's feelings towards the ISA. John wants to make things work this time and tells Steve to be careful too because if they screw this one up, they won't get a second chance.

Gabi brings up Will never saying anything. Will admits he was too stunned and ashamed. Will tells her about sleeping with Paul then Sonny getting angry but wanting to work it out but he screwed it up even more. Will complains about Paul. Gabi reminds Will that Sonny loved him. Will knows that now but he's gone. Gabi encourages him to keep trying and Sonny will eventually come home.

Marlena gets a call from John, who checks in as far as when she's coming home. Marlena says she should be leaving soon. John tells her about Steve being over for a few beers but he'll be gone by Marlena comes home as he wants it to just be them tonight. John says he'll see her soon and hangs up. John goes back to his computer and gets information about Petrov.

Marlena prepares to leave her office but is startled as Clyde appears when she opens the door.

Chad goes home to the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink. Chad then calls Kayla, who asks if something is wrong. Chad says he didn't know who else to call as he needs information on some medication. Kayla suggests the internet but Chad hoped she would help him out personally so she agrees. Chad asks what kind of drug would make someone blackout. Kayla says there are several that depend on the person. Kayla asks what's going on. Chad says he's just trying to figure things out. Kayla asks if he thinks something like this happened to him.

Clyde apologizes for startling Marlena, saying she's the last person he'd ever want to scare or upset. Marlena is surprised to see him since he let her go as his therapist. Clyde says he feels fine now and lately things have been happening for him. Clyde remembers he owed her for their last session and he always pays his debts.

Chad tells Kayla that he thinks it could explain what happened to him but he would need to prove it. Kayla guesses there would be no evidence left of it and there would be no trace left in his system. Chad thanks her and hangs up.

Abigail continues to dream of trying to stop Chad from going to prison then wakes up in a panic, waking Ben up. Ben tells her it's okay and asks what she was dreaming about.

Steve gets a message back and tells John that it looks like Bo didn't disappear after all, he just knew how to fly under the radar as he went to Cancun. Steve announces he's going to Cancun and he's bringing Bo back.

Gabi encourages Will to give Sonny time and he will forgive him. Will thanks her, adding that she should definitely move back in. Rafe comes back and agrees that's a good plan. Gabi hugs Arianna and talks about how happy she is.

Ben asks Abigail what she was dreaming about as she cries. Abigail claims that it was a dream about Ben leaving her. Ben hugs her and assures that won't happen as he's never letting go of her.

Clyde writes a check to Marlena for their last session. Clyde talks about things coming easily to him lately and he feels better than ever as life is great. Marlena warns him that feelings of elation can be misleading as sometimes it's the beginning of a downward spiral. Clyde notes her concern for her patients but assures that he will be fine. Clyde knows how busy she is with her patients and consulting for the police so he imagines they have already brought her on board for the murder cases. Marlena reminds him that she's not at liberty to say. Clyde tells her it was nice to see her as he exits.

Chad wonders who would put something in his drink as he thinks back to being at the club with Serena. Chad remembers Clyde approaching him that night and states "Clyde Weston."

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