Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor appears in Stefano's hospital room. Stefano says he may be on his back but he's not helpless.

Aiden is found by one of the men watching him and he demands the cash from his loans.

Marlena and Will sit in the town square with Arianna. Will talks about missing Sonny and blames himself for everything that's happened. Marlena reminds him that she's always available to talk. Will knows she has a lot to deal with. They can't believe Serena and Paige's murders. Will wonders how it'd even be possible for Chad to be the murderer.

Rafe and Hope go over the evidence at the station. Rafe notes that all the evidence is circumstantial but Hope is not convinced and wonders if Chad could be lying about the blackouts. Rafe suggests he could be being set up. Hope knows Rafe hasn't wanted to pin this on Chad. Rafe insists there has to be more here.

Abigail asks Chad to let Marlena hypnotize him. Chad feels that will make him look guilty but Abigail promises to get him in without anyone seeing him. Chad says he has to tell her something first that is a game changer.

Steve meets Kayla at the club and asks why she wanted to see him. Kayla explains that Joey sounded like they had a decent talk. Kayla asks Steve about making progress with his son when all he wants to do is leave town to go hunting for Bo.

Bo remains passed out in his cell.

Steve tells Kayla that John has been looking into things with the ISA and he can't find anything on Bo as if he never worked for the agency. Steve says that means he's that deep undercover or they have no idea where he was. Steve asks if Kayla just wants him to ignore it. Kayla doesn't know what to say. Steve says he came back to see if there is still a chance for them. Steve wants to bring Bo back, not run away so that she might be willing to give him another chance.

Rafe wants to try and put a profile of the killer together based on everything they know. Hope suggests Marlena which Rafe agrees with. They are glad to be working together again. A bouquet of flowers is delivered to Hope, who tells Rafe that things have changed since yesterday. Hope shows Rafe the card, revealing that Hope and Aiden are engaged.

Chad tells Abigail that hypnotizing him could clear him or it could also help him remember doing it. Chad adds that he could also be getting set up and suggests Stefano. Abigail questions why he would do that. Chad says it'd be punishing him for telling Abigail about his plans. Chad tells Abigail about Stefano's heart attack and how he might have caused it. Abigail insists that Chad has to fight back and prove that he didn't do this. She asks if he's going to let her get him in to see Marlena or not.

Will tells Marlena that Chad has been different since coming back. Will feels he's acted more like a DiMera but assures that he's not a killer. Marlena mentions the evidence and asks what he thinks caused the change in Chad. Will responds that Chad loves Abigail and keeps saying he's over her but he knows he's not. Will insists that there is still something between Chad and Abigail. Marlena asks how he knows but Will can't talk about it. Will hopes Abigail is smart enough to steer clear of Chad if he's involved in this mess. Marlena suggests they trust Abigail and Will trust Sonny while giving him time. Will doesn't know what to do. Marlena suggests he spend time with Arianna and start to work again. Will doesn't want to think about journalism but Marlena encourages him to write.

Rafe guesses that's Aiden's big surprise. Hope mentions telling the kids today as Rafe congratulates her and hugs her, saying he's happy for her. Kayla arrives and apologizes for interrupting. Rafe leaves to go back to work. Kayla wanted to come talk to Hope and asks why she was hugging Rafe. Hope explains that he was congratulating her as she has some news. Hope then shows Kayla the ring.

Aiden promises that he will get the money but the man tells him he's out of time. Aiden tries to explain that Stefano is in the hospital. The man congratulates him on his engagement and then squeezes Aiden's hand in a handshake.

Ben goes to the club and checks his phone. He tells himself it's no big deal as he tries to call Abigail but gets her voicemail.

Marlena works in her office and gets a call from Abigail, who asks if she is alone and has some time. Marlena says yes and she's free until the afternoon so Abigail quickly hangs up.

Stefano asks if Victor came for the chance to laugh at him and tells him to get out. Victor says that's not why he came so Stefano questions why. Victor brings up the murders and how the cops come sniffing around him whenever that happens. Stefano asks why he should care. Victor brings up Chad being the chief suspect then notes that Stefano doesn't seem upset to hear that. Victor suggests Stefano stay in the hospital and look after his health while letting the authorities pick Chad up for the murders. Victor wonders what Chad's ever done for him anyways.

Abigail brings Chad in to Marlena's office. Marlena wants an explanation as to what's going on here.

Stefano tells Victor that he'll think about it. Stefano says since Victor opened up about family, now it's his turn to speak his mind. Victor agrees that's fair. Stefano brings up the situation at Victor's house with two women to satisfy and he hopes he's up to it. Victor tells Stefano that he won't say a word to him about Caroline or Maggie as it's none of his damn business. Victor then walks out as Stefano says to himself that he thinks they are.

Bo dreams of trying to come home to Hope.

Hope asks Kayla if she's upset about her engagement. Kayla insists that she's happy for she and Aiden. Hope senses something has changed. Kayla says it just occurred to her that she won't be her sister in law anymore. Hope assures that she always will be and hugs her so Kayla decides nothing has changed then. Hope asks her about seeing Steve again. Kayla calls it just more of the same. Kayla knows it's not easy for Hope that Steve wants to go looking for Bo. Hope wishes Steve could find Bo to convince him to come back for his children. Hope also wishes she could tell Bo face to face that it's over between them. Hope says she has someone she can count on now in Aiden and doesn't know how she got so lucky.

Aiden goes to the hospital and gets checked out for a fractured finger. Aiden overhears a nurse saying that Stefano should be asleep soon from his pain meds so Aiden sneaks in to Stefano's room and wakes him up. Aiden tells Stefano that his back is against the wall. Stefano remarks that it's not his fault that Aiden likes to gamble and blew his dead wife's inheritance. Aiden tells him not to talk about her. Stefano falls asleep while Aiden grabs his keys from a cabinet. A nurse comes in to check on Stefano so Aiden hides.

Chad talks to Marlena about being drunk when the murders happened and how the cops keep coming after him. Chad mentions the possibility that he's being framed. Marlena feels he sounds like he's not sure if he's innocent or not.

Hope notes that Kayla seemed to want off the subject of Steve rather quickly. Kayla admits things are different when he's in the room. Hope thinks she's still attracted to him. Kayla calls it an old habit that she's going to do her best to fight. Hope talks about looking ahead instead of in the past.

Aiden hides until the nurse exits Stefano's room. Aiden comments that Stefano won't be needing the keys for awhile as he exits with them.

Chad explains to Marlena that he's hoping for an alibi through hypnosis. Abigail asks her to please help him. Chad gives his permission to tell the cops anything that comes out if she needs to. Marlena agrees to do it. Abigail thanks her. Marlena reminds that there's no guarantees and whatever is discussed will be between her and Chad so Abigail has to go. Abigail wishes him luck and exits. Chad asks Marlena what happens now. Marlena tells him to try and relax but they are interrupted when Rafe knocks on the door, asking if she has a few minutes.

Abigail walks through the town square and checks her phone. She sees that Ben has been calling so she better get to the club right away but Will spots her and asks how she's doing with everything happening to Chad. Abigail responds that it's Chad's problem. Will asks her about knowing Paige and Serena. Abigail calls it horrible and doesn't know how JJ will get over this. Will asks if she's talked to Chad but Abigail says she has to go as she is late to meet Ben so she hurries off.

Aiden sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion and searches the living room, finding a check book in a drawer. Aiden takes a check and finds a paper with Stefano's signature on it then puts them in his pocket as his phone rings.

Chad hides behind the door as Marlena answers the door. Rafe asks if she has a minute as he has an idea to run by her regarding the murders of Paige and Serena. Chad sneaks in to the closet to hide as Marlena invites Rafe in. Rafe wants Marlena to try and set up a psychological profile of the murderer but Marlena doesn't think it's a good idea. Rafe wonders why since she has done it before. Marlena says she's just pretty busy but agrees to make time if they need her help. Rafe mentions Chad being a person of interest and hopes that won't cloud her judgment. Marlena thinks he sounds like Rafe believes Chad may be innocent. Rafe notes that Chad is a DiMera. Marlena brings up the DA being a Kiriakis as well. Rafe tells her to take her time and do her best while he will be in touch. Rafe exits so Chad comes back out and questions why she covered for him. Chad asks if it's because he stopped Stefano from trying to kill her.

Steve sits outside the town square and gets a call from his contact Monica. Steve tells her that he is looking for his friend Bo that she met before. He asks if she's seen him since then and is surprised that she did. Steve asks how long ago it was. Steve calls it such good news and asks her to tell him everything she remembers.

Rafe finds Aiden at the police station and tells him that Hope's not here but Aiden is there to see Rafe. Rafe asks about Aiden's finger cast. Aiden claims he hurt it in the elevator and thinks Rafe will be interested in why he's there. Aiden gets a call and says he's with Rafe now.

Marlena tells Chad that she didn't tell Rafe that he was there because he's her patient and it's confidential. Chad apologizes for assuming. Marlena points out Rafe not being convinced that Chad is the killer. Chad mentions not having many people in his corner. Marlena points out that he has Abigail. Chad says he's ready to do this as his entire life is on the line.

Will brings Arianna to the station, telling Rafe that he came as soon as he could and asks if anything has happened yet. Gabi is then brought in and tearfully reunites with Arianna as Will and Rafe watch with emotional smiles.

Steve goes to the hospital and tells Kayla about his conversation with Monica and that she said Bo was on her boat. Kayla is not enthused but Steve insists it's a lead. Kayla questions him possibly getting everyone's hopes up for nothing. Steve asks if she's asking if he'll come back to Salem if he doesn't find Bo. Steve asks her if she wants him to come back. Kayla responds that she doesn't but Steve doesn't believe her.

Aiden talks on the phone outside of Hope's house, saying he has the money and wants to arrange a meeting but Hope arrives so he hangs up. Aiden lies about his finger injury as they head inside.

Bo continues dreaming about trying to come home to Hope then wakes up in a panic. Bo says Hope's name as he remains curled up on the floor next to his food tray.

Abigail goes to the club where Ben asks where she's been as he's been calling her all day. Abigail greets him with a kiss and tells him that she's here now where she wants to be and she hopes that's all that matters. Ben agrees and they hug while Ben keeps a serious look on his face.

Marlena begins hypnotizing Chad by telling him to relax and clear his mind.

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