Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John thinks back to his past under Stefano's mind control and not knowing who he was.

Marlena goes to the club where she runs in to Paul. Marlena asks about his promo tour with Mad World. Paul says he's pushing the new product line but admits it was the worst

Ben and Abigail have breakfast. Abigail tells Ben that she understands he tracked her because he wanted her to be safe. Ben promises to be the best husband and dad as there is nothing he wouldn't do for her. Ben goes to his tablet to get pictures of their new house but he opens it up to see the headline that Stefano is in the hospital after a heart attack.

Chad looks at his passport after preparing his briefcase.

Aiden tells Stefano not to die until the job he's doing for him is finished and he gets his money. Stefano then wakes up and tells Aiden that his debts are the last thing on his mind. Stefano adds that Aiden is on his own. Aiden argues that he's not because Hope said yes so he's getting what he wants. Aiden says he better be debt free when he's walking down that aisle.

Hope questions if Steve is going chasing after Bo. Steve says no one can convince him that Bo turned his back on his family. Hope says she felt the same way but had to accept that she was wrong so he needs to do the same thing. Steve responds that he doesn't know how to do that. Hope tells him that she has something that might help.

Aiden reminds Stefano of their deal and then walks out of the room. Chase and Ciara arrive at the hospital for their checkups to play sports. Ciara questions Aiden coming out of Stefano's room and calls him a really bad man.

Kayla tells Hope that she doesn't have to prove anything to Steve but she wants to and asks Kayla to get the letter. Kayla pulls a letter out of a drawer which Hope explains is from Bo that John brought two years ago. Hope says Steve would even have to admit that it's Bo's handwriting. Hope says she got so mad that she tore it up. Steve points out that she went through a lot to tape it back together because she couldn't throw it away and they both know why.

Abigail mentions Stefano being diabetic. Ben questions if Chad told her that. Abigail reminds him that she works at the hospital. Ben points out her looking upset when he thought she couldn't stand Stefano. Ben talks about trusting her and never doing anything behind her back again. Ben brings up her promise to stay away from Chad which she says she meant. Abigail mentions working from home today as Ben exits for class.

Aiden explains to Ciara and Chase that he is Chad's lawyer so he had to talk to Stefano about the case. Chase asks if he's working on the murder case. Ciara remembers Chad is Theo's uncle and insists that he would never murder anybody.

Abigail texts Chad to ask if Stefano is okay but he deletes the message.

Hope tells Steve that he is wrong as she threw away the letter but realized the decision didn't just affect her but his children and whole family. Hope gives Steve the letter to read. Kayla argues about Bo leaving his wife. Steve says he's so sorry. Hope tells Steve that he has to accept that Bo chose his work over them.

Abigail impatiently waits by her phone for a response.

Steve admits this letter really does sound like Bo so he apologizes to Hope and Kayla. Steve says the letter makes it clear what he put Kayla through. Steve feels he should've been there to talk Bo out of whatever mission it was. Hope doesn't think he could have and suggests maybe he was bored with her. Steve doesn't believe it had anything to do with her. Steve tells Kayla that he still feels she is the love of his life. Steve repeats that he's sorry and exits. Kayla calls it weird as Hope feels he did seem sorry. Hope wonders if he'll give up the idea of trying to find Bo but Steve doesn't think so.

Paul sits with Marlena and talks to her about having to fight off gay slurs since coming out. Paul wishes he had a friend to talk him down so Marlena suggests calling John.

John talks on the phone with the ISA while looking at old articles.

Aiden tells Ciara that he will do everything he can to prove Chad is who she thinks he is. Ciara still thinks Aiden should stay away from Stefano. Kayla and Hope come out and overhear. Kayla questions Aiden drilling Stefano and tells him that he is to have no visitors. Aiden explains himself but Kayla insists on no more visitors. Kayla takes the kids for soccer while Hope jokes that Aiden is in trouble.

Chad goes to leave the mansion when Abigail shows up and says there's no way she is letting him do this.

Joey sits in the town square where Steve joins him. Steve knows it's tough being back and offers to be there if he needs to talk. Joey questions if that means he's staying for them this time.

Hope asks if Aiden got any answers from Stefano but he claims Stefano fell asleep while they were talking. Aiden asks about work. Hope is happy to have Rafe back but they have a heavy workload. Aiden asks if there are any new developments but Hope can't discuss the case. Aiden calls it weird seeing Stefano so weak and frail. Hope asks if Aiden had met Stefano before.

Chad tells Abigail to leave. Abigail says she had to come see him because he didn't respond to her text even though she just promised Ben that she wouldn't see him. Abigail says she had to come stop him from ruining his life by running from the cops. Chad asks what else he's supposed to do when he can't remember the nights Serena and Paige were killed. Chad says they might not want to believe that he could kill someone. Chad screams about all of the evidence and not having an alibi. Chad says it doesn't matter if they believe it because he looks like the guy who did it and he's all out of options. Abigail suggests maybe he's not.

Paul tells Marlena that he thought about calling John but he feels he's dumped enough problems on him and he barely knows him. Marlena states that John feels like he's known him for years through baseball. Marlena feels that Paul is starting to live a whole new life which John knows about. Marlena explains that John never knew his parents which Paul didn't know. Marlena suggests talking to him would do them both good.

John talks on the phone about an old article on Forrest Alamain as he's trying to track down the cop who investigated the case.

Aiden claims to Hope that he had never met Stefano before but got a picture of him from Chad. Hope warns him not to underestimate him. Kayla comes back with the kids and tells that they are all clear. Aiden suggests taking the kids for ice cream but they want to know their secret first. Aiden says they will talk about that later as they leave together.

Steve comments that Joey doesn't sound like he has faith in him. Joey gives him credit for trying but thinks it's late for the whole father-son bit. Steve hopes it's never too late. Steve tells him that he can talk to him. Joey admits he got in Hope's face and told her that she's not family anymore for divorcing Bo but he doesn't even know why he said it. Steve tells him that Bo is the one who left and that Hope waited a long time until Aiden came along to offer her a new life. Joey doesn't get why Bo would just split. Steve says the ISA has all kinds of way to make you want to come back in. Joey is surprised that Bo is part of the ISA like Steve was. Steve assures that he didn't go to work for the ISA because he was bored with them but he can't get in to his reasons. Steve suggests Joey apologize to Hope. Joey asks Steve if he ever thinks Kayla will forgive him.

Kayla goes through her drawer at work and finds an old wedding photo of her and Steve. Joey comes in and asks her for money to buy school supplies. Kayla asks how school was and he says it was okay. Joey questions the wedding photo being out. Kayla says she just found it in her drawer. Joey jokes about Steve's hair in the old photo and mentions running in to him today. Kayla asks what they talked about. Joey informs Kayla that he was a jerk to Hope and he's going to apologize. Joey explains that Steve made him understand that Bo left Hope not the other way around. Joey believes Steve is starting to act like not such a jerk when it comes to his family.

Aiden and Hope sit with Ciara and Chase in the town square. Chase asks what the big secret is. Ciara says she has an idea. Aiden suggests acting it out. Chase records on his phone as Aiden reenacts proposing to Hope in front of the kids. Hope accepts and they kiss. Ciara and Chase run up to hug them.

Paul tells Marlena that he has to go to a meeting with Mad World. Marlena is glad she ran in to him. Paul is too and says she helped put things in perspective. John arrives and greets Paul. Paul tells him that he will call him later as he exits. John asks Marlena if something is bothering Paul. Marlena thinks he will talk to him about it when he calls and says Paul is lucky to have a father like John. John feels lucky to have her and kisses her. John says he's had a good morning and thinks he may finally be on the right path to finding his parents.

Chad questions what Abigail is thinking. Abigail says the big problem is his memory and if he could remember then he could defend himself. Abigail suggests hypno therapy to help remember and maybe Marlena could help him but Chad refuses to drag Marlena or Abigail through this mess.

Victor appears in Stefano's hospital room.

Ciara asks about the wedding date. Hope talks about doing it during the Salem Bicentennial celebration on November 9. Ciara wants to start wedding planning. Hope promises they will get it all done. Ciara wants to start now and pulls Hope away to look at dresses. Aiden tells Chase that Ciara is going to be his stepsister which he calls totally cool. Aiden gets a text message that his time is running out.

Kayla tells Joey that she's starting to think Steve coming back means something. Kayla suggests maybe he does love them since he keeps coming back. Joey jokes with her as they hug.

Steve goes to the club and joins John and Marlena. Marlena says she has to handle something and steps away. Steve tells John that he really needs to talk to him about something. Steve says Hope showed him the letter that John brought back from Bo. Steve knows it sounds like him and is his handwriting but he can't wrap his head around the idea that he left his family. John tells Steve that Bo was working undercover but he doesn't know what he was doing. Steve asks John if Bo put the letter in his hands. John says no as it was delivered and he never said a word to him. John admits he did some digging but never found anything so it's like Bo never worked for the ISA. John hopes the mission didn't go south and the ISA isn't just covering it up.

Abigail tells Chad to at least think about it but Chad says it would look like an insanity plea. Abigail questions running away making him seem any less guilty. Abigail asks him to please find out if Marlena will see him so he could find out what happened during his blackouts.

Ben comes home to find Abigail is gone. Ben picks up his phone but tells himself that he has to trust her.

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