Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/15/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/15/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope tells Ciara that she will have very big news for her later. Ciara guesses it's about Aiden.

Aiden talks on the phone and says everything is going according to plan.

JJ goes to the police station and tells a cop that he needs to speak to Roman as it's an emergency. He is told that Roman is in a meeting. JJ says to tell Roman it's JJ as it's important. Clyde then arrives at the station.

Abigail questions Ben tracking her. Ben demands an answer as to whether she loves Chad or not. Abigail questions where this is coming from. She insists she wants to marry Ben, she's having his child and nothing has changed. Abigail asks him not to destroy what they have over something so meaningless.

Stefano collapses on his chess table while Chad thinks he's faking it.

Roman comes out to see JJ. JJ says he just came to find out about who killed Paige. Clyde watches from nearby as Roman asks if JJ has anything to tell him. Clyde interrupts and mentions having useful information as he introduces himself. Clyde remarks to JJ that he's looking forward to being one big happy family. Clyde informs Roman that he saw Chad outside Paige's dorm around the time last night. Roman questions what he was doing there. Clyde claims he was leaving after making a donation. Roman thanks him and says he'll put it in the file and will be in touch if they need a follow up. Clyde tells him to have a good day and exits. Roman asks JJ what's going on as he seems real jumpy and asks if there's anything else he needs to tell him.

Ben accuses Abigail of sneaking off to see another man and lying to him about it. Abigail claims she wasn't sneaking off and it had nothing to do with him or them. Ben accuses Abigail of being the one to destroy what they have by going to see an old lover. Abigail complains that he's acting like a completely different person by spying on her and accusing her. Abigail questions if he trusts her about anything at all.

Chad continues shouting as Stefano struggles. Chad then rushes to check on him. Stefano says that he can't breathe as Chad screams for Harold while making a call.

Aiden joins Hope and Ciara in the town square. Ciara tells him that she knows the big news is about him and asks what it is. Hope says they wanted to talk to Ciara and Chase so Ciara goes to find him. Aiden thinks their news will go over well as they kiss. Joey walks by and Hope greets him with a hug, saying it's so good to see him. Hope introduces Aiden but Joey is not interested. Hope wants to throw him a homecoming party and talks about it being nice to have the whole family back in one place but Joey responds that Hope's not family anymore.

Stefano is brought in to the hospital as Chad worries to Kayla about his condition.

Ben tells Abigail that he wants to trust her but Abigail doesn't know if he believes that she loves him. Ben reminds her that he thinks Chad is the killer but she was lying to him while he told her to stay away from him. Abigail says she was just talking to a friend so Ben asks why she lied about going there. Abigail knew he would react like this and admits sometimes his jealousy scares her. Ben questions her blaming him. Abigail brings up all the times that she's told him that she loves him. Abigail questions him putting that app on her phone. Ben says he wanted to protect her and loves her so much. Ben remarks that Chad already killed two people so he wouldn't let her be next.

Joey complains about Hope divorcing Bo and hooking up with another guy. Hope argues that they will always be family. Aiden adds that the divorce won't change that. Joey doesn't believe them and walks off.

Kayla comes back to Chad and tells him that Stefano is in good shape and should pull through. Steve appears and watches from a distance. Kayla informs Chad that he may have saved Stefano's life. Chad goes in to see him as Steve approaches Kayla to ask what happened to Stefano. Kayla says she can't talk about it. Steve questions Kayla having to treat him. Kayla explains that she's not and assigned a cardiologist to him. Steve hopes a heart attack puts him down for awhile. Rafe appears and asks Kayla about Chad rushing Stefano in to the hospital. Kayla tells him that it looks like he will make it. Rafe wants to ask him some questions. Kayla tells him to go ahead when Chad is done in there. Steve asks Kayla if they can talk in private about Joey so she walks away with him.

Stefano tells Chad that he saved his life. Chad admits he thought he was faking it. Chad says he may have done the noble thing but it doesn't mean he's forgiven. Stefano swears that he did not have anyone killed. Chad feels Stefano is the only one with the resources to frame him like that. Stefano assures that he would never hurt him like that because of how much he loves him. Chad doesn't believe anything he says anymore. Stefano tells Chad to do whatever it takes to find the truth about the murders for himself.

Abigail cries to Ben that she has to stop obsessing over Chad because he's freaking her out. She encourages him to focus on what they have, their future, their wedding, and baby. Ben apologizes and knows she loves him, saying everything he does is for her. Abigail wants him to prove it by removing the tracking app from her phone.

Roman finishes a call and asks JJ what he wanted to tell him. JJ changes his mind and says nothing. Roman asks why he came in the front if he wanted to be private. JJ claims he just wanted an update on Paige. Roman assures him that they will catch whoever did it. Roman tells JJ to get in touch if he needs him and walks away. JJ gets a text to meet at the docks now. Eve then appears at the station and tells JJ that she wishes Paige never met him so she'd still be alive. JJ walks out of the station. Justin then enters and greets Eve. Eve asks if he has a minute. Justin takes her in to his office and assures her that the police are going to find the guy who killed Paige. Justin believes they are very close to an arrest. Eve asks if he has a name but he says he can't go there yet though she won't have long to wait. Eve hopes it will bring closure but doubts it. Eve asks Justin if he could stay with her for awhile.

Ben deletes the app from Abigail's phone and his own. Abigail thanks him and asks if they can start over to pretend none of this happened and try to trust each other now. Ben agrees and hugs her. Ben says what he did was wrong and he knew it all along but he was scared for her. Abigail tells him that he doesn't have to be scared as they can't live in fear. Abigail says they have to focus on their future and being happy. Ben agrees and kisses her. Ben asks her to promise him that she will stay away from Chad.

Kayla finishes a call about Stefano in her office as Steve joins her. Steve points out that she hates Stefano but she's looking out for him. Kayla says she has to make sure he gets the proper care no matter what he's done to people she loves. Steve asks if that includes him. Kayla continues that Stefano is a patient of her hospital. Steve praises her as an amazing doctor, mother, and woman.

Rafe goes in to see Stefano. Rafe asks how he's doing but Stefano doesn't want his sympathy. Rafe says he has to ask him some questions. Stefano insists that he didn't kill the two women nor did Chad. Rafe brings up a witness seeing Chad angry and drunk. Stefano argues that Chad is not a killer. Stefano yells for him to take his questions out as he gets upset and starts coughing. A nurse comes in to check on Stefano and tells Rafe that he has to leave. Rafe argues that Stefano would do anything to protect his family. Stefano states that blood is blood. Chad catches Rafe leaving and tells him to just let him rest. Rafe knows Stefano wouldn't say anything even if he knew something. Chad argues that he's being framed. Chad admits he thought it was Stefano but now feels it's not and doesn't know what else to do. Rafe suggests they go somewhere to talk.

JJ goes to the docks and meets Clyde. Clyde questions what he was doing at the station. JJ explains that he went for an update on Paige as it would look suspicious if he didn't. Clyde agrees. JJ brings up Chad being the suspect and says he must have been wrong about Clyde. Clyde says whatever and tells JJ to forget about Paige as bad things happen and it's time to move on because they have work to do.

Justin says he's swamped right now so Eve says she needs to just work on not being so needy and exits.

Rafe and Chad go to the park. Rafe tells Chad that he needs to prove it if he thinks he's being framed. Chad argues that he barely knew Paige. Rafe brings up her being a witness and asks what he was doing by her dorm that night. Rafe goes over the evidence against Chad. Rafe says a weak motive and no DNA being found is all he has going. Chad asks how much time he has. Rafe says not much. Chad asks if he thinks he's guilty. Rafe says it depends on the court and warns Chad to prove he was framed.

Ciara comes back to Hope and Aiden to tell them that Chase is busy playing video games with his friend so she wants the news now but Hope says that would be unfair. Aiden gets a message and says he has to go as Hope leaves with Ciara.

Ben tells Abigail that it's a simple request. Abigail repeats that she doesn't think Chad murdered anyone. Ben says he's still going to protect her no matter what and just wants her to promise that she will stay away from him so that he knows she's safe. Abigail hesitates but promises, though she can't say she won't run in to him. She promises not to go looking for him as Ben hugs her.

Steve and Kayla go over Joey's classes. Steve points out art being the only one Joey likes and that he hates science. Kayla brings up Steve's theories on Bo missing and says it's upsetting everyone. Steve refuses to turn his back on Bo. Kayla complains about Bo abandoning Hope and their family. Steve wonders what if Bo didn't abandon anybody. Steve questions Bo never being heard from again. Kayla brings up the letters but Steve argues Bo didn't write them and questions Bo never responding to Hope's divorce letter. Steve brings up retracing Bo's footsteps which Kayla can't believe.

Aiden goes to the hospital to see Stefano. A nurse stops him and questions him going in there. Aiden explains that he's Chad's lawyer. The nurse tells him to let him rest if he's sleeping. Aiden agrees and heads inside where Stefano is sleeping.

Clyde gives JJ a burner phone and instructs him that it's the only way to communicate from now on. Clyde warns JJ to stay away from the police station and any cops as he then walks away.

Eve sits at home with a photo of Paige and puts it next to a photo of them together. Eve gets up and breaks down crying, screaming that she was all she had. Eve begins throwing everything off the tables while screaming as she drops to the ground crying. Eve crawls to the photos of Paige and holds them.

Ben and Abigail lay in bed together, glad that they worked things out. Abigail credits trust and being open. Ben remembers his news and informs Abigail that Clyde came by earlier with a wedding gift of a new house. Abigail can't believe it as Ben explains that Clyde said they shouldn't have to worry with the new baby. Ben declares the house will be all theirs. Abigail calls it fantastic. Ben tells her that they are going to have a great, beautiful life and will be so happy.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion and looks around the living room. He opens a briefcase and takes books off a shelf, revealing a safe behind them. Chad opens the safe and pulls out stacks of cash which he puts in the briefcase along with a passport.

Kayla questions Steve not thinking she knows what's going on. She accuses him of using Bo as an excuse to go off on one of his adventures which Hope hears as she arrives.

Aiden tells Stefano not to die until the job he's doing for him is finished and he gets his money. Stefano then wakes up.

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