Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/14/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/14/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail is at the club with her tablet where she sees an article about Chad being held by police.

Roman talks to Chad at the station about him being the prime suspect in the two murders.

Justin is on the phone at the station, talking about getting more evidence as Rafe sits nearby. Justin complains about trying to find a judge that isn't in Stefano's pocket. Justin tells Rafe that he'll use everything to go after a DiMera. Rafe tells Justin to let him build the case. Justin argues that Chad being released is putting a serial killer back on the streets. Rafe tries to say they don't know it's him but Justin asks how many bodies it's going to take.

Clyde goes to Ben's and asks if he's up for a late breakfast. Ben says he forgot. Clyde asks if he's not thrilled to see him. Ben calls it a weird day and informs Clyde that Paige was killed last night.

JJ sits at home looking at Paige's photo on his phone and thinks back to Clyde's warnings. Jennifer joins him. JJ recalls being so happy when Paige decided to stay in Salem but he wishes she would've gone to Stamford so she wouldn't have been near him or this mess. Jennifer tries to tell him it's not his fault. JJ turns on loud music and tells Jennifer that he's the reason Paige is dead because he found the head of the drug ring, Kyle's boss, and reveals to her that it's Clyde.

Abigail gathers her things and goes to leave the club then stops and pulls out her phone to call the police station. She asks if Chad can accept visitors but is informed that he's being released soon.

Roman brings Chad to Rafe to prepare his release. Rafe gives him his papers to sign. Chad argues that there is nothing on him. Rafe tells him to go home and stay out of trouble. Chad mentions not having a home since Stefano kicked him out. Justin remarks that he can stay here and questions why Stefano kicked him out. Justin ponders if maybe there's a line with Stefano and accuses Chad of strangling women. Rafe tells Chad that he can always go back to the DiMera Mansion because Stefano always takes his kids back. Rafe suggests Chad have one of Stefano's bodyguards watch him since he doesn't have an alibi. Roman tells Chad that he has a squad car waiting but Chad wants to go on his own. Roman brings up there being threats. Chad questions them being worried. Justin doesn't care as long as he doesn't leave town. Roman walks Chad out of the station.

JJ tells Jennifer about Clyde being crazy. Jennifer brings up Clyde being Abigail's future father in law and how this doesn't make sense. Jennifer says JJ can't just accuse somebody and asks why he thinks that. JJ informs her that Clyde killed Kyle and he was there. JJ explains how Kyle tested him. Jennifer shouts that he can't do this as JJ continues on how Kyle pulled his gun and called Clyde. Jennifer demands he tell Agent Watts but JJ says that Clyde threatened Paige. JJ warns that she's in danger. JJ then shows her the bullet that was on the doorstep when he came home yesterday.

Ben tells Clyde about Paige being found strangled in the shower. Clyde calls it sad for her family. Clyde encourages him to be grateful for every moment and never let go of Abigail and the baby.

Abigail goes to the DiMera Mansion, looking for Chad. Stefano tells her to try the jail but Abigail informs that he's already been released. Stefano explains that this is no longer his home as he has disgraced the DiMera name. Abigail argues that Chad couldn't have killed Serena and Paige. Abigail questions how Stefano could think that Chad could be worse than him. Stefano remarks that he knows evil when he sees it. Abigail questions him thinking Chad is guilty as Chad then enters the mansion when Stefano states that the evidence is very convincing.

JJ worries to Jennifer that they are being watched so they have to keep quiet. Jennifer wants to call Roman but JJ stops her. JJ explains that Paige had something to tell him which is how he found her. JJ argues that the cops can't do anything to Clyde without proof. JJ says their only choice is to keep quiet and he'll tell Agent Watts that he quits since Kyle is gone but Jennifer says that is the last thing to do.

Clyde decides to forget about breakfast and informs Ben that he got him an early wedding present, a new 4 bedroom house. Ben can't believe it and calls it amazing. Clyde informs him that he paid cash and it's all his. Ben calls it too much but Clyde says it's just the beginning as he hands Ben the keys. Ben thanks him and hugs him. Clyde says he deserves it and can now stop worrying and look to the future. Clyde tells Ben that he won against Chad since Ben got the girl while Chad's a prime murder suspect. Ben asks if Clyde really thinks Chad could have killed those women.

Abigail tells Chad that she's glad he is out. Stefano questions why he came here. Chad says the police thought he would be better off but says he can go elsewhere. Abigail offers to take him where ever he needs to go. Chad explains the evidence that they found and how the police don't believe him. Abigail brings up that Stefano could confirm that Chad wasn't even at the mansion. Chad accuses Stefano of setting him up. Stefano feels Chad sounds desperate and guilty.

Jennifer demands JJ call Roman to tell him everything. JJ reminds her of what he just said. JJ argues they don't have enough evidence against Clyde. JJ points out that he'd get blamed if anyone comes after him. Jennifer wants to do some digging but JJ threatens to lock her in her room. JJ adds that he confronted Clyde about Paige and saw his look. Jennifer declares that he's done doing this on his own. Jennifer says the police are going to help them stop this. Jennifer demands again that JJ tell the police everything he knows.

Clyde talks to Ben about Chad being a DiMera. Clyde brings up Chad's temper and calls it non Ben's problem, encouraging him to focus on Abigail and the baby.

Chad states that he will get his things and leave but Stefano says that's not necessary. Chad questions Stefano wanting him back. Stefano calls it a big house while he has nowhere else to go unless Abigail wants to take him home. Abigail tells Stefano that she would be glad to help Chad because she knows he's innocent and doesn't understand how Stefano could claim to love his son but think he's capable of this crime. Stefano argues that Chad doesn't deserve Abigail. Abigail tells Chad not to listen to him as she walks him out of the room. Chad argues to Abigail that maybe he's a DiMera that's capable of anything too and maybe he did murder those women.

JJ walks out of the town square in disguise. A man follows behind him but goes the other way. JJ removes his sunglasses and calls Roman but gets his voicemail so he hangs up.

Rafe talks on the phone at the station about the evidence. He hangs up and tells Justin that he can't find anything on the neckties used in the murders. They argue over the case. Justin calls this his priority and wants Rafe to make it his. Rafe questions him giving an order. Justin tells him that he's just trying to help and points out Rafe having a lot to prove with his first case back.

Jennifer talks on the phone about getting an alarm installed at home. Clyde then arrives at the door and introduces himself as Ben's dad. Clyde comments on being surprised they haven't met before now. Jennifer mentions his generous donations to the hospital. Ben says he's sorry to barge in unannounced but promises to only take a minute. Clyde wants to get to know each other as they are about to become family.

Chad talks to Abigail about not having an alibi. Abigail figures someone had to have seen him but Chad says he was drinking heavily so he doesn't remember anything at all. Abigail argues that there's no way he could do something that horrible and not remember it. Abigail believes there has to be an explanation but Chad tells her to get out and stay far away from him. Abigail insists that she knows he didn't do this and is not a killer.

Clyde tells Jennifer that Abigail is a real gem. Jennifer says they love Ben too. Clyde wanted to talk about the wedding and offers any help. Jennifer quickly says they don't need any help. Clyde says he didn't mean any offense. Jennifer assures they will take care of everything. Clyde then tells Jennifer that he bought a new house for Ben and Abigail as a wedding present. Clyde says he really wants them to have a good start.

Ben texts Abigail asking where she is and tells her to come home as he has a big surprise. Ben then goes back to his phone to track where Abigail is and finds out that she's at the DiMera Mansion.

Chad and Abigail get close but Chad steps away and thanks her. Abigail says she just wants him to fight. Chad says he will but if he didn't do it then someone is trying to set him up. They wonder who would do that. Abigail warns him about messing with the investigation while Justin is gunning for him. Abigail tells him to trust Hope and Rafe. Chad admits that Rafe has been surprisingly decent. Abigail tells Chad that she will do whatever he needs to help. Chad tells her to go to Ben and live her life then while staying far away from him. Abigail feels he doesn't deserve this. Chad responds that he'll handle it and asks her to go. Abigail tells Chad that she will never give up on him no matter what and then exits.

Jennifer tells Clyde that they will keep him in the loop on the wedding plans as she walks him out. Clyde says he can't wait to see them get married and offers to give Abigail away but Jennifer says they will have a lot of men in the family. Clyde brings up JJ and comments that he seems like a fine young man. Clyde tells Jennifer that she's lucky to have both of her kids happy and healthy, telling her to enjoy it while she can. Jennifer thanks him for stopping by as he exits.

JJ goes to the police station and tells a cop that he needs to speak to Roman as it's an emergency.

Ben sits in his room upset as Abigail comes home, saying she got his text and asks what the big surprise is. Abigail sees Ben and asks if something is wrong. Ben informs her that he saw her every time. Ben reveals to Abigail the app that tracks her phone so he always knows where she is and when she was at the DiMera Mansion. Abigail tries to argue but Ben demands the truth on if she's still in love with Chad.

Rafe complains to Roman that they can't link the neckties to Chad and no one saw him that night. Roman argues about the evidence. Rafe questions the one piece of evidence being the flower from the DiMera mansion. Roman agrees that it looks like a setup. Rafe isn't convinced. Roman wants it wrapped up and enough evidence to put someone behind bars for good.

Chad goes back in to the living room and tells Stefano that he will send somebody for the rest of his stuff. Stefano tells him that there is no need for him to go. Chad questions him wanting him to stay and says that Stefano is the only person he could think of that would frame him. Chad brings up Stefano letting Sami go to prison in her murder trial so he knows what he's capable of. Stefano gets emotional and cries that he loves him but Chad mocks him. Chad yells about Stefano throwing him out of the house. Stefano then collapses on his chess table.

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