Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/11/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/11/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve turns around and begins kissing Justin. Justin stops and questions what they are doing.

Lucas talks with Adrienne about taking her out tonight but she says she can't do this.

Daniel sits in the club with Parker as Eric enters. Daniel goes to ask Eric how he's doing. Eric responds that he's doing fine and tells Daniel to leave him alone.

Nicole meets Theresa in the town square and asks what she wants. Theresa tells Nicole that she wants to be partners in buying Basic Black. Nicole responds that she must be out of her mind.

Brady questions John joining the ISA to find his parents. Marlena didn't know he was still digging in to his past. John says he's sick and tired of not knowing as he knows he's not an Alamain or a DiMera so he wonders who he is.

Julie, Maggie, & Caroline go to a mansion being remodeled for the Salem Bicentennial. They ask Caroline what she thinks of it then ask what's wrong when she doesn't answer.

Kate and Victor meet outside the town square and talk about Justin no longer being with Titan. Kate comments on the business always changing.

Theresa tells Nicole that she's trying to turn her life around and just needs a chance. Nicole argues that she has zero experience. Theresa says she can learn from her and questions what if Nicole doesn't find another partner in time to buy Basic Black.

Marlena brings up John looking in to this before and questions why try again. John doesn't want to be known as the man without a past and wants answers. Brady asks when he decided this. John admits it was when he woke up from his coma. John knows he's been down this path before but this time he has the tools and experience to find the truth. Brady asks what if he doesn't like what he finds.

Caroline apologizes for spacing out and says she's tired from no sleep last night. Julie talks about the family who used to own the mansion. Julie thinks it's perfect for the Salem Bicentennial and calls it full of memories like Salem.

Lucas doesn't understand as Adrienne tells him how wonderful he's been. Adrienne admits she never would've made it through the past few months without him but she's made a decision that she needs to give her marriage one more try.

Eve apologizes to Justin. Justin tells her it's okay as Eve cries that she's not in the right mind. Eve wishes she could wake up from this dream and have her daughter still be alive. Justin offers to stay with Eve as a friend but Eve states that she needs to be alone and she has to call her dad to tell him about Paige. Justin tells her to text him if she needs anything. Eve thanks him as he exits.

Daniel sends Parker out with the babysitter then goes back to Eric, who is drinking, and questions what he's doing. Daniel tells Eric that getting drunk doesn't solve problems and asks why tonight. Eric says he's decided that he made a lot of decisions that didn't work out. Eric says he tried praying and loving so now has decided to start drinking. Daniel asks if it's about Serena but Eric says it's about trying something new because everything else he decided to do was wrong. Daniel encourages that he has a great family and education but Eric tells him to stop preaching to him. Eric remarks that Daniel got everything he wants and life is good because everything works out for him so he doesn't want to hear his pep talk.

Lucas still doesn't understand and asks if he was pushing too hard. Adrienne tells him that he never did anything wrong so Lucas is confused and doesn't know where this is coming from. Adrienne mentions calling Sonny today and talking about the good times they had as a family. She senses that she could feel in his voice how much the divorce is hurting him. Adrienne wants to give Justin one more chance. She apologizes for hurting Lucas. Lucas admits he's not happy about it. Adrienne thanks him for the past few months. Lucas decides he won't try to talk her out of it as he wants her to be happy. Adrienne hugs him and thanks him then walks off.

Nicole questions Theresa about where she will get the money for her half. Theresa says she has a silent partner but it will just be them making decisions. Nicole admits she can't find anyone else to buy in so she gives in. Theresa hugs her and thanks her, excitedly saying it's going to be amazing and perfect. Nicole says she will text her but has to go so she walks away.

John states that he's not worried about what he will find out. Marlena gets a call from Eve, who says she's so sorry. Marlena asks what's happened. Eve knows she shouldn't call her at home but she needs her help. Marlena asks what's going on. Eve cries that she just found out tonight that Paige was murdered. Marlena decides she will come straight to her at home and hangs up. Marlena tells John and Brady that she has to go but the conversation isn't over as she rushes out.

Nicole arrives at the club. Eric wants her to take Daniel home because he's ruining his buzz by talking. Nicole questions how much he's had to drink. Daniel tells Nicole about Eric's drinking and they decide to take him home but Eric doesn't want to stop. Nicole says they can have drinks together at home. Eric tells Daniel that they will have more drinks at home then as they walk Eric out of the club.

Marlena goes to Eve's. Eve cries about what was done to Paige and having to identify the body. Eve mentions having to tell Shane. Eve doesn't know what to do about never seeing her daughter again. Marlena encourages her that she will get through this one step at a time with family and friends. Eve mentions not telling Theresa yet. Marlena asks her to tell her about what Paige was like as they sit together. Eve says Paige was so sweet and her rock. Eve says they shared everything until she ruined it by betraying her in the worst way. Marlena asks if she wants to tell her what happened. Eve says it's hard to talk about. Marlena understands but Eve feels she needs to and deserves the shame of everyone knowing as Eve admits that she had an affair with a boy that Paige loved, JJ. Eve calls herself a horrible person who destroys everything she touches and thinks Marlena will hate her now too. Marlena responds that she's not judging her but Eve says she should because she destroyed the last few months of her daughter's life and now will never get to make it up to her.

Julie brings a box of old photos to Maggie and Caroline. Caroline talks about before she and Shawn created the Brady Pub as they flash back to memories of them together. Caroline steps away then looks into a mirror where she imagines Shawn. She reaches towards it but it disappears. Maggie joins her and asks if she's okay. Caroline begins asking where she is then apologizes for being tired and seeing the old photos. Maggie walks her back in to the main room.

Lucas remains outside where Kate finds him and asks if he's okay. Kate notes that he hasn't talked to her in months. Lucas brings up her stabbing him in the back and taking his job. Kate argues that he can't hold a grudge forever and asks if his condition has to do with Adrienne. Kate figures that Justin becomes the big DA so Adrienne runs back to him. Kate tells Lucas that he's so much better off without Adrienne in his life. Lucas mocks her and says her opinion makes him realize how much Adrienne means to him. Lucas decides he will fight for her and walks off.

Nicole and Daniel get Eric home and in bed. Daniel doesn't think Eric should be alone tonight so he asks Nicole to go home to be with Parker while he stay with Eric. They talk about Eric feeling lost and needing a new direction.

Brady comes home to find Theresa asleep on the couch in the living room. Brady picks up some of her drawings and places them on the table. Brady puts a blanket over Theresa.

Eve cries to Marlena that she broke Paige's heart and she died hating her. Marlena tries to encourage her but Eve feels she deserves to be hated. Marlena argues that Paige knew Eve loved her but Eve sticks to the betrayal. Eve talks about always trying to devote herself to Paige's happiness but was a horrible mother. Eve cries that she's not even a mother now but Marlena says she will always be Paige's mother. Marlena knows the feeling of losing a child but life goes on one step at a time. Eve calls Marlena strong while she feels weak. Marlena asks Eve to try to let go of the guilt. Marlena encourages to think of the happy times with Paige and she will get through this. Marlena promises she won't be alone as Eve hugs her and thanks her.

Maggie goes home where Victor greets her and asks about the planning. Maggie admits that Caroline had a few strange moments. Victor says he will talk to Kayla. Maggie is afraid Caroline might be worse than they thought.

Caroline returns to the mansion, calling out for Shawn that she's back. She looks in to the mirror again, asking if Shawn is there.

Justin sits in the town square where Adrienne arrives to meet him. Adrienne tells him that she's been thinking a lot about what they had been through and she's been working hard to forgive him. Justin calls it a surprise and asks what has happened. Adrienne thinks they were too quick to divorce and asks if they could try to make their marriage work.

The following morning, Nicole brings bagels to Daniel and tells him that Parker is off to school. Daniel thanks her and she asks how Eric is. Daniel says he's not so good as Eric wakes up and joins them. Eric apologizes about last night and didn't know Daniel was staying over. Daniel tells him to forget about it. Eric wishes he could. Daniel gets paged to the hospital and exits. Eric is embarrassed. Nicole jokes with him and then asks if he's feeling a little lost because she thinks she has a solution.

Theresa remains asleep on the couch. The article on Paige's murder is on the table nearby. Brady wakes Theresa up and tells her that she can't sleep all day. Theresa can't believe she slept there all night and spills her juice. Brady helps clean it up. Theresa asks where Tate is. Brady tells her that he's with the nanny as it looks like she was working all night. Theresa excitedly tells Brady that she found an investor as she and Nicole are going to buy Basic Black. Brady questions her and declares it will be a complete disaster.

John wakes up and greets Marlena. Marlena says she couldn't sleep and shows him the article about Paige's murder. John realizes she went to see Eve last night. Marlena calls it heartbreaking and it made her realize that family is everything. Marlena has decided that if the ISA means John can find his family then she thinks he has to do it.

Justin tells Adrienne that this is a lot to take in as she seemed so sure when they signed the divorce papers. He asks what changed her mind. Adrienne brings up talking to Sonny and they have such a beautiful family. Adrienne says they have a lot of history and believes there is still love in spite of their problems lately. Adrienne tells Justin that he is so important to her. Justin says she is to him and that will never change. Adrienne thinks it would mean so much to their boys if they could fix what went wrong. Justin thinks he'd really like to try as they hug. Lucas comes around the corner and sees them together.

Caroline continues calling for Shawn then wonders if she's losing her mind.

Victor goes to the hospital and greets Daniel, asking if Kayla is in yet. Daniel tells him that she got pulled in to surgery. Victor decides he will try to catch her later so Daniel goes on to check patients. Victor makes a call to Dr. Salinas, saying he needs to know when the formula is going to be ready for human trials.

Nicole informs Eric that she's going to buy Basic Black. Eric congratulates her. Nicole tells Eric that he should come on board but he doesn't want her charity. Nicole brings up Eric giving her a job at the church when she was at her lowest but Eric doesn't want her help, saying he can manage on his own.

Theresa finds Kate outside of the town square and tells her it's a done deal with Nicole so they just need to talk to John and make a bid. Theresa adds that Nicole has no idea her silent partner is Kate. Kate tells her that she is going to enjoy collaborating with them. Theresa thought she just wanted ownership not to work with them. Kate says she has to keep an eye on her investment and says she will talk to her soon as she walks away.

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