Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/10/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/10/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John brings boxes in and tells Marlena that he's home forever but Marlena takes it to mean until the ISA calls and sends him on a mission.

Theresa questions Brady stopping her from drinking. Brady doesn't want Tate around a drinking pattern. Theresa informs him that she's not upset and has never felt better.

Daniel calls Nicole, saying he's going to be late for dinner after a complicated surgery. Nicole jokes with him as they hang up. Kate goes to the club where Nicole tells her to drop dead but Kate offers to keep her company.

Hope assures Aiden that she accepted his proposal. Aiden hugs her and declares himself the happiest man in the world.

Justin hugs Eve as she cries at the police station while Rafe looks on.

Aiden talks about how happy Chase will be. Hope says they are going to be a family. Aiden's phone rings but he says it can wait. Aiden officially puts the ring on Hope's finger then asks her what's wrong.

Eve rushes off as Rafe joins Justin and they talk about being unable to imagine what she's going through. Chad is brought in to the room so Justin exits while Chad sits with Rafe. Rafe tells him that the DA is ready to lock him up and throw away the key but he's not jumping to conclusions. Rafe brings up the flower petal found next to Paige's body. Chad doesn't see his point. Rafe explains that the flower isn't found in Salem or even the United States so he checked in to it and found out it is from the DiMera Mansion. Chad informs Rafe that he no longer lives there. Rafe asks where he was this afternoon.

Theresa talks to Brady about being talented at something and that even Abigail had to admit her sketches were good. Theresa shows her designs to Brady who admits they are very good. Theresa thanks him and asks him to let her prove herself to him. Brady asks why she really wants to do this.

Nicole reminds Kate that they can't stand each other. Kate wants her to hear her out. Nicole guesses she's only interested in her money. Kate admits being impressed by Nicole winning that money in her court case. Nicole informs Kate that she gave the money she got from Serena to charity. Kate calls it a tax write off and asks about Xander's share of the settlement. Nicole tells her it's none of her business but wants to know what she wants from her. Kate responds "Basic Black". Nicole questions her. Kate suggests they could get it as they are both interested in buying the company and could take it over themselves.

Theresa understands Brady has reservations. Brady argues about Theresa's schemes and reminds her that he already agreed to front Nicole half the money that she needs. Theresa is upset but Brady ends the conversation there. Theresa tells Brady that she's going to get the money and Nicole can go to Hell.

Hope tells Aiden that nothing is wrong as she just got engaged to the man she loves and kisses him. Aiden says he knows her really well and always wants her to be honest with him even if it's something he doesn't want to hear. Aiden figures it's about Bo. Hope feels she's been honest about everything. Aiden understands she has her memories and assures Hope that he will love her always but if Bo is going to be a cloud over her then this isn't going to work.

Bo is tied up and hung by his hands in his cell where the guard demands he tell them what they want to know.

Hope assures Aiden that she wouldn't have said yes unless she was really ready to marry him. Aiden suggests their own sleepover since the kids are having one. They kiss until being interrupted by Aiden's phone ringing again. Aiden answers and says he'll be right there. Hope understands this is what their life will be like. Aiden kisses her goodbye and then exits.

Brady shows up with flowers for Marlena. Marlena wants to toast to John's new job as she informs Brady that he's going back to the ISA but this time will be different. Brady questions this as Marlena talks about it not being dangerous or away from home. Brady doesn't believe John is taking a desk job. Marlena comments that he seems as happy as she is. John doesn't like them ganging up on him. Brady complains about the ISA. Theresa then arrives at the door and John questions what she's doing there.

Maggie finds Daniel at the hospital. Daniel invites her to join he and Nicole at the club but Maggie wants to keep out of their wedding planning. Maggie adds that she's still ready to throw Nicole an engagement party, feeling it's the least she could do. Daniel thanks her for making Nicole feel welcome which Maggie admits wasn't easy.

Nicole reminds Kate that she doesn't have resources and they hate each other. Nicole adds that she doesn't need her. Kate admits there are issues to work through but Nicole declares she wouldn't work with her if she was the last bitch on Earth.

Justin complains that Rafe was not interrogating Chad. Rafe questions Justin thinking he's an expert on a cop's job. Justin shouts that people need to know this won't happen again. Aiden interrupts, complaining about his client being questioned without him there and demands he be let go now.

Daniel tells Maggie that it means the world to him but she doesn't have to do anything that she doesn't want to do. Maggie says she and Nicole have moved on so welcoming her in to the family is now a pleasure because she sees how happy Daniel is. Daniel thanks her and says Nicole does make him happy, adding that nothing will get in the way of that.

Kate reminds Nicole that she worked at Basic Black and knows how to make it better. Nicole feels Kate would throw her to the curb so she turns her down. Kate tells Nicole that she will regret this. Nicole argues that Kate will regret it and says she made her night as Kate exits.

Doug and Julie go to Hope's where Julie praises Hope's ring. Hope points out that Doug doesn't seem as enthusiastic. Doug knows how difficult it is because she couldn't forget Bo. Hope knows it will be a huge transition for her. Julie encourages Doug that Aiden will be a wonderful husband and great stepdad. Doug knows Hope wouldn't marry anyone that Ciara didn't like. Doug still wonders if she's 100% sure about doing this.

Justin tells Aiden that they have witnesses that saw Chad with Serena on the night she was murdered. Aiden argues that he has nothing since Chad hasn't been arrested. Justin brings up Chad and Serena's fight along with Chad's blood on the napkin plus having no alibi. Justin insists on holding Chad for several days and walks out. Aiden tells Rafe that he needs to see his client now.

Kate hides around the corner and listens in to John talking to Theresa at the doorway. John tells Theresa that if she wants to buy Basic Black, she can get the funding herself and then shuts the door. Theresa decides it was worth a shot and walks away. John claims to Marlena and Brady that it was nothing at the door.

Daniel joins Nicole at the club. Nicole tells Daniel about Kate and that Brady is giving her half the money for Basic Black. Daniel questions Nicole not telling him that before and tells her to turn Brady down.

Eve finishes a drink in the town square as she cries. Justin joins her and says he got her text. Eve thought getting drunk might help her forget but it's not possible because all she can think about is Paige. Justin encourages her about memories but Eve cries that she only wants her back. Eve asks Justin to please not leave her alone.

Rafe interrupts Aiden talking to Chad and reminds him they aren't open all night. Aiden brings up Rafe questioning him about the flower petal. Rafe points out that it's only found in his backyard. Aiden orders Chad not to say anything and tells Rafe that it's not Chad's backyard but Stefano's and that Chad had moved out. Aiden brings up others going through that garden. Aiden talks about Serena doing business with Xander. Rafe says none of those points explain why the flower was found near Paige's body. Rafe says he can link Chad to both murders and he hasn't come up with one alibi when he needs two so he questions how he'll talk his way out of that.

Hope tells Doug that this wasn't a sudden decision but realizing that Bo will probably never come home. Hope cries that she just wants to be happy and have a future with Aiden. Doug is happy for whatever makes her happy as they hug. Julie wants to start wedding preparations and pulls Doug away.

The guard Tasers Bo and continues to torture him.

Brady questions John about wanting Marlena to accept him in the ISA and asks what would be so bad about a desk job. John suggests he can talk to Marlena in private. Brady questions John thinking this isn't his business when he's the one that would be there while John isn't. John calls it a celebration but Marlena says it's hard to celebrate when he's determined to go back in to harm's way. Marlena adds that it's hard to celebrate living in fear of John not coming back one day.

Aiden tells Rafe that Chad doesn't owe him an explanation or have to give him an alibi. Aiden tells Rafe not to let Justin convince him to arrest the wrong man or it could end up costing him big. Aiden assures Chad that he'll get him out as soon as possible and advises him not to say a word as he exits.

Eve finishes another drink. Justin feels useless as there is nothing he can do or say and can only just sit there. Eve decides she can't put it off forever and has to go home. Justin offers to drive her home. Eve cries that she's scared as Justin helps her up and walks her out.

Nicole questions Daniel as to why she would turn Brady down. Daniel feels there are too many strings since Brady could micromanage her business. Nicole argues that Brady isn't like that and has to run Titan. Daniel thinks it's a really bad idea. Nicole feels Daniel thought it was a great idea until Brady's name came up. Nicole asks if Daniel is jealous.

Marlena questions Theresa wanting to run Basic Black. Brady admits that she does have design talents. John questions him. Brady agrees that it would be a disaster and she would see less of Tate. Marlena doesn't think they have anything to worry about because she doesn't think Theresa has a chance of pulling it off.

Kate finds Theresa in the town square. Theresa doesn't know why she is talking to her. Kate says they share so many people and enemies. Theresa asks Kate about starting out in business. Kate calls it not a conventional career path. Theresa asks about people trying to stand in her way. Kate calls it armed warfare. Theresa points out that Kate made it big and asks how to make it when everyone is so determined that she doesn't.

Hope meets Aiden at the club and informs him that she told Doug and Julie the news. Aiden is relieved to hear it went fine. Hope says they could see how happy she is. Hope tells Aiden that Julie's idea was to get married along with the Salem Bicentennial. Aiden likes the idea as they kiss. Hope calls it celebrating their past and future.

Kate tells Theresa to stop whining. Theresa comments on everyone hating her. Kate asks what Theresa has. Theresa says she wants to buy Basic Black but doesn't have any money. Kate wants to know what she does have. Theresa shows Kate her designs which she calls good. Theresa thanks her but Kate encourages her to praise her own work. Kate thinks they can help each other.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's not jealous but it's Nicole's instinct to run to Brady and money as a quick fix. Daniel finds it important to be honest from the beginning. Nicole tells Daniel that she is going to prove him wrong about her.

Marlena points out John not talking about the ISA. John wonders what to say. Brady questions why John made the decision and why he won't budge on it or listen to discussion. John suggests it be a private conversation with Marlena. Marlena questions him but John calls it personal. John then states that he is using the ISA resources to find out who the hell he really is.

Justin brings Eve home. Eve wishes she was walking in to Paige as she cries against the door. Eve turns around and begins kissing Justin.

Chad is brought to a holding cell.

The guard tells Bo that he'll back to do this all over again if he's still alive as he leaves Bo hanging.

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